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Vistalegre: Churruca CBD

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Fox: Thank you!!! :golly:

Hazani Pratama: Thank you!!

Schulmanator: Thank you!! I try to keep improving it

ggamgus: I try to show a realistic Spanish-style city, so you'll find something like this :D

TekindusT: Thank you!!! :golly:

Jacob Guajardo: Thank you!!!

grstudios: Thank you!!! I hope there won't be many accidents too :D

SimCoug: Thank you!!!

111222333444:Thank you!!!

hackinosa: Gracias!!!

panthersimcity4: Thank you!!! I remember your CJ San Pedro, one of the first Spanish-styled cities in ST a while ago!

KonstantinII: Parking in streets is normal in Spain :D

mystic_destiny: A roundabout made with LE :D

CRAZYRUSSIANGUY: In STEX and LEX mainly, but you need LotEditor to put that cars on streets, etc

Pampa_uy: Gracias!!!

superjjcarvalho: Only props and then using Lot Editor, textures from NAM.

alerules: Gracias!!!

Mastof: Thank you! :golly:

spursrule14: Thank you! It's an honour to be in the Best of the Best section.

And now we start today's update. We go up the Vía Imperial again (the longest street, remind that) and we reach the Churruca district, where the city's first CBD was constructed. This area began its development in the '70s and it reached its highest point in the mid '80s. Still a bustling area, it has been partly offset by the new CBD in the 2000s, but you can still find restaurants, shops and nightclubs in this area. So let's get started. We'll see firstly the most important buildings one by one.

BCV tower: Built in 1986, it was the last tower of the district, but with 179 m of height, it has been the second tallest skyscraper in Vistalegre since it was built until the 2000s. It hosts the BCV (Banco Central de Vistalegre) headquarters.


Windsor Tower: (the same as the one in Madrid, duh) Built in 1976, it was the first tower in the area. It has a height of 106m. In the lower stories, it has a shopping centre and a nightclub.


Garconsa tower: Built by García Construcciones, S.A. (Garconsa) in 1980, it's the smallest skyscraper, with 72m high.


Plaza de la Libertad: (Liberty Square) It host an underground shopping centre and subway station. It's surrounded by the Mérida towers I and II, both from 1979, and a height of 88m both. Then, in front of it the City Tower, sometimes called "Mérida III", built in 1983, and a height of 107 metres.


Berlín, Viena and Mutua Aseguradora buildings: Berlín (on the left) and Viena (on the right) towers were built both in 1984, and they top 89 and 78 metres respectively. The Mutua Aseguradora building was built in 1980 to host an insurance company's HQ, and it's 124 metres tall. (the one in the back)


Torre Cuzco: Built in 1979, it has a height of 80m, and it has now the largest advert in the city.


Now we ended showing the buildings, let's see the Rodríguez Millán Football Stadium, with 87.000 seats it's the largest in the city (before the new Ciudad del Fútbol stadium will be ended, in 2013) It's the home stadium of the Imperial de Vistalegre, the most laureate team in the whole country.


Team logo:


A view of the residential districts near it...


Stadium and part of CBD overview


BONUS PICS: A helicopter trip near Vía Imperial


Road works ahead. Expect delays.


This update was brought by:


Hope you liked it!! :golly:

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You HOPE we liked it?! You have perfected city building to the maximum! Wow. I really love your CJ. :thumb: The sidewalkand road modds (amazing), The small details (pedestrians, parked cars etc..)
And by that I bow to you (even though I'm not religious hehe) thanks for making me happy for those ten minutes! Good weekend,

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Yet again you impress me.. This is really awesome work as well as your LE talent :) Sadly I have to give this a.. 5/10.. oops missed a '0' make that 50/10 :D

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