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As promised, a tour of the White Tank Mountains of western Cosarara!

We start at the Bloody Creek train station, where we get off to meet our driver and tour guide. The two introduce themselves before we enter our specially-arranged vehicle, a Majestic Motors 48 Special Series built right here in the Motherland.


We come upon the Bloody Creek Mountain Tunnel, the gateway into these mountains.


Once we emerge on the other side, we pass by small towns...


Coal mines...




and several tobacco fields.



We also take small excursions into the mountains themselves. The town of Arrowhead Ridge (Érich) is located on one of these large hills and is mainly known for the June 15, 1998 Érich dance hall bombings, which claimed the lives of 35 people who were attending a graduation dance at the time.


The president's hometown, Wolf Run (sometimes called the Boondocks):


Our next stop is a fairly-sized manufacturing town just east of the district's center of governmental operations (and largest city), Cacciatora.

Heading north into town...


and into the town itself...


Doubling back towards the ocean, we stop at the town of Mennet. Our tour guides were nice enough to arrange lunch for our party, which we'll be eating in the park.


(to be continued in part 2)



Exactly one year ago today, Twilight Sparkle, after coming to power in a dictatorial overthrow of government, orchestrated the most destructive and deadliest terrorist attack on Cosararan soil since the Insurrection.

Whilst 50,000 steelworkers were fighting for their freedoms, Tower 4 at the Cosararan Financial Center was obliterated by terrorists aligned with Twilight's regime, resulting in the deaths of 3,548 people - friends, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles. Those untimely deaths will never be forgotten, even as Twilight and her foreign and domestic collaborators continue to terrorize Equestria and its inhabitants. Our hearts also go out to all the victims of the current dictatorial regime.


The site where Tower 4 once stood has since been converted into a memorial grounds to honor those who were killed. During today's memorial service, a number of Cosarara's top political leadership made speeches, both remembering the victims of the attack and committing to renewed defense of the motherland.




Now discussing serious business...

I have been busy as hell for the past month and a half, mainly with school work and the Progression Project, so I haven't had a lot of time to do much with the city journal, and for that, I apologize.

Expect a tour of the western mountains within the next couple of weeks (provided that nothing major happens).

~ hiddentemple ~


My Christmas Gift

As a Christmas present (and a long-awaited update), I present to you some photos of Prosperity Common in Jackson City, just north of the Financial District. Also, the reasons for my very long absence...





On July 16, 2013, my motherboard died. It took almost a month to get it fixed, and then RL got in the way.

At the moment, Cosarara is also in the midst of electing a new Premier (Prime Minister) to fix the problems that arose this year.

Monthly updates should be starting up again in either January or February 2014...


On April 14, the Wave held a rally in Jackson City, in the parking lot of the Phoenix Building (aka the Bank of Port Ventura building) to discuss what happened recently.

First, the North Venice situation has been resolved. Second, the Wave elected its first round of officers. Next, the Wave announced that the Ministry of ... is pursuing an additional $38.1 million [K533.4m] for the Shai Island project (the military base, research centers, etc.) to cap off the $61.9 million [K866.6m] that was originally granted at the Budget Sessions in March in order to have a total of $100 million [K1.4 billion - with a B] going towards an important facet of the CSP's "path of prosperity".

On top of that, the Wave leader had some rather depressing news to tell. Earlier that day, the CSP had announced that $2 million [K28m] in funding for agricultural and horticultural programs had been cut under Nationalist (CNP) pressure. Perhaps the most controversial of these cuts involved a re-seeding program that was created last year, in which approximately 300 jobs were lost.

Some Wave members postulated that the money was now going into the pockets of the CNP as well as the those of Nationalist sympathisers.

However, some of the money is now known to be going to a composting initiative in the wake of those cuts, while the rest is unaccounted for with no future planned use.

"Well that's just great! Twenty-eight million kratt for a pile of dirt! What's gotten into them?" one worker shouted to his comrades.

After that had been calmed down, suggestions for keeping food on the table (so to speak) and creating agricultural/farming jobs (and making sure they stay) in Cosarara were being kicked around.


On April 15, news of the bombings in Boston reached Cosarara. Fearing an attack by "twinkies", a new term coined by Socialist supporters, the Wave arranged an urgent meeting of the new Wave leadership.

"We've got two explosions at the Boston Marathon. Three people are dead, and over a hundred are injured. We don't know who did it, but I'm suspecting one of them twinkies!"

"I knew it! That al-Qaeda moron's snatching up recruits for her terrorist organization! She's fightin' for jihad!"

"I think we need to understand that this means war against the terrorists - get that military base built!"

"However, we shouldn't forget that North Korea is right behind them. In fact, they may just have the capability to mount a nuclear warhead on top of a ballistic missile and fire it our direction. We just found that out yesterday."


The briefing continued for about 25 more minutes before adjournment.


On April 1, 2013, a prominent political figure within the Cosararan Socialist Party, in conjunction with the Party as well as a few military officers, gathered an estimated 80,000-100,000 workers, students, and Party supporters near Vega Beach's main commercial district to announce the formation of "The Wave" (please play along, don't yell at me...), a citizen-led nation-wide youth and worker program and movement. The goal of the Wave, he said, was to "combat foreign oppression in Cosarara and the sphere of influence and spread the truth to the people of this country, to get the youth involved in saving this country, to restore the Great Leader and his Party's founding principles, knowledge, and common sense, and to show the foreign aggressors that we have a voice as well."

He appeared on television earlier that afternoon following news of a takeover of the Ministry of Media. At the rally, a few introductory statements about the Wave were made to the crowd.

While there, he talked about the Ministry of Media takeover, the threats that Equestria and the Crystal Empire posed towards Cosarara as well as the rest of the world, the situation in the Koreas, the U.S.' "clowning around", among others. He emphasized the accomplishments of the Cosararan people since 1983, 1996 (after the damage from the Insurrection had been reversed), as well as 2013 (with the recent steelworkers' strike).

It didn't take long for "courses of action" to start circulating through the crowd. Suggestions included recruiting and informing new Wave members, getting support of others, getting support from the government, the military, and other well-known people, with a few even suggesting bolstering up the military.

Once the speaker had taken all of the thoughts into consideration, he roused up the crowd one last time, and in a controversial manner: the new leader of the Wave spray-painted Nazi swastikas on the flags of Equestria and the Crystal Empire before setting them alight to screams of the movement's new motto:

"Strength through brotherhood!

Strength through equality!

Strength through community!

Strength through action!"

with a few saying "Strength through pride!"

(strength through national pride was said to be the meaning of that last saying)


Where the rally took place.



March 1, 2013... Today was less about striking than it was waiting to hear an announcement from the negotiators who were working to settle the dispute, which was rumored to be coming any day now. The tension in Jackson City was so thick, you could easily cut it with a knife.

A little before noon local time (3 eastern), the CSP officials present at the negotiations had a *theoretical* heart attack over a profit sharing clause that was written in the new contract... that is to say, Equestria and The Crystal Empire wanted a 60% cut of the haul, which the operators, workers, and families weren't having. The quarrel over that was abated within less than 15 minutes when the contract was revised with a 1.5% profit cut, which somewhat pleased the northerners as well as calmed down the Cosararans' fears over foreign oppression and loss of jobs.

With that out of the way, the contract was approved, and the strike was settled.


"The strike's settled!" (also the very reason why I HATE doing night shots...)

The next day, the Great Leader traveled to Parkersburg, W.Va., to meet with the negotiators and not only read off the terms of the new contract, but also to congratulate them on their hard work, patience, and professionalism during the ordeal.

Before the strike can "officially" end, however, the contract has to be approved by the steelworkers themselves, not just the CSP...

A summary of the terms:

(and this is very important) A clearer explanation on profit-sharing between all involved, since the steel mill complex has become a joint venture, not just owned by the Jamison Brothers anymore

Increase in pay (originally ~K140, or about $10 per hour, now ~K168, or about $12 per hour

New, comprehensive insurance plan (including life insurance)

Better benefits (paid vacations, medical bills paid, worker's compensation, etc.)

Retirement/pension plan

Better safety management

Equal pay for BOTH men/women

Thanks for being patient and staying with me (more-or-less putting up with me) through the strike. I should be back to building stuff maybe in the next week.



Shortly after Twilight finished her speech, about 239 workers (from the rolling mill and the art shop) decided that it was time to pack up and head back to Jamison.



But when they got there, they arrived to see a throng of armed guards surrounding the mills and other buildings.


When asked, one of the guards said they were protecting the company's property. Umm... come again?

*Yes, for those still following me (and I hope keeping a cool head), the steelworkers' strike is still going on, the government appears to have locked the doors, and negotiations in Arlington have mostly led to dead ends, but some say it's turned into a huge pissing contest with the strikers/union reps/operators and the government/party/Equestria/Crystal Empire. I don't know what to say about this, I really don't. (as an added measure, a pic of where the negotiations have been taking place for the past week and a half is below.)


I'll try to keep you posted.


The lockout deadline is only a day away, and negotiators in Arlington are scrambling to arrange a deal that will not only save the Jamison Steel Mill Complex and over 40,000 jobs, but also the source of a good bit of Cosarara's wealth, and an economic powerhouse from foreign oppression.

After speeches by the Great Leader and several other high-ups within the Party as well as the Ministry of Labor, Princess Twilight spoke to the crowd of striking steelworkers in the People's Lawn yesterday afternoon, and she had but this to say.

Ladies and gentlemen:

I have come before you today to assure all of you hardworking people that we are still on your side, no matter what. Of course, I am very much concerned as I am saying this because of several of you having racist tendencies, which showed during the early stages of the march. However, I also have feelings of hope and faith in you, you are heirs of a great civilization, and it now depends on just about everyone whether or not this civilization will make a comeback and move forward. Since the Valentine's Day revolution of '95, you have become more open to the world, you are no longer at your wits' ends with other nations. You are not using your national force outside the country any longer and people reciprocate that fact with trust, solidarity, and respect. You have become a major center, somewhat transforming the modern world according to peaceful and democratic principles. In a country such as yours, it isn't exactly easy to carry out reforms without repercussions, a 'risky business', as the Secretary of the Ministry of Labor called it. However, the Great Leader was able to carry out eight major reforms since early 2011 almost flawlessly, without any economic damage. But we are destined for better things, your brothers and sisters are putting together a plan to further strengthen Cosarara in more ways than one, and have no intention so far of changing course... this is where the workers come into play. With the assistance of your wondrous leader, you will become the best of the best, I am sure of it. What you shouldn't be doing is build a full head of steam based on falsities from undesirable groups and give this nation a bad name; that would be unwise. You should, for a start, call off your strike, return to work, and join your brothers in building a strong and victorious land. And, to be honest here, it's a fact of life, and you need to listen to me here: Sometimes your friends might take a new path in life... or perhaps success may find them when they least expect it... and even though you may feel small around them... it's no reason to avoid them or treat them differently. IT WILL NOT CHANGE WHO THEY ARE INSIDE.


The majority of the steelworkers applauded her promise and support. Others, however (a group of about 5-6,000 steelworkers booing)... not so much.

Tomorrow (and into Wednesday), we'll see if they follow through with this proposal...


The strike has entered its first full week, and Twilight Sparkle has sent another letter in response to the steelworkers' collective shunning:

Respected Comrade:

I'm crying right now because your people shrugged me and the rest of Equestria off like second-class citizens the other day. I thought you all knew better, but is seems that that is not the case.

To make things clear, I did not come into power because of any power exertion on Hasbro's part; in fact, that episode was originally written [my ascension] in November 2011, [ http://www.equestriadaily.com/2013/02/unicon-2013-panel-writers-room.html ] (link broken) so that was a while in coming, and NOT a last-minute decision to sell toys. Your steelworkers need to know this, and stop their incessant striking, their racist language, and their demands for stripping of my royal titles and/or death.

I also want to visit the country personally to bring an end to the strike tomorrow.

Princess Twilight Sparkle

Day 9: Twilight Sparkle arrives and the Great Leader meets her in a cafe in Arlington's Historical District. From their conversation, it is clear that they want the strike to end, not for the government's reasons but for the economy's survival. Thankfully, more strikers left since the letter was read (mainly from the rolling mills and art shops where the steel is processed), but they want ALL of the strikers to return to work at this point - they (and arguably, half of Cosarara) have had just about enough.


Two hours later, the Great Leader calls the leader of the strikers (through a public phone, to not cause a stir) and tells her to call the remaining strikers (from the mills themselves) to a meeting at the Party headquarters, specifically the People's Lawn (which is to be re-named "February 16 Memorial Garden" in a ceremony on March 16th to commemorate those who died in the attacks on the Cosararan Financial Center [don't worry, I still haven't forgot!]), to hear the Great Leader and several guests speak.


We'll see the proceedings in a while...


The Cosararan leader called the strikers to the front steps of the Party Headquarters to read/listen to the message sent by Twilight Sparkle. After the brief applause by the strikers that originated from the higher-end factories (e.g. the auto parts plants, biotechs, etc.), the steelworkers responded with resounding boos and jeers.

On another note, the strikes are calming down somewhat; at last count (before the letter was read out) there was en estimated total 51,154 strikers in Jackson City. Out of those, a little over 7,500 people returned to work today (mainly from the smaller factories, a total of 7,557 workers to be exact). There are an estimated 43,597 strikers still in the city, still demanding an answer.

The government also issued an ultimatum this afternoon: if the strikes do not cease by 5:00pm local time on Tuesday, Feb. 26, the mill complex will be locked. The rest of the Equestrian rulers, as well as those of the Crystal Empire have yet to comment.

Another banner spotted today


Days 6+7: Nothing major happened, but the protesters are, for the most part, still there. Talks to end the strike started today (the 22nd) in Arlington, keeping the 26th lockout deadline in mind, and they are also considering Equestrian influence.


The steelworkers strike over Twilight's ascension has no signs of ceasing, as their banners, signs and slogans rule the streets of downtown Jackson City, demanding the current monarchy's removal.

It seems that the steelworkers are especially mad:




Goodness me...



Urging action against Equestria and the Crystal Empire...


News about this event will be reported as soon as possible.


DAY 4: The new princess has sent a letter directly to the Great Leader at 2:20pm local time today in an attempt to assuage his concern over the recent ascension, which he plans to read to the crowd of striking steelworkers later in the evening:

Respected Comrade,

Do you remember when you were young? Your ambitions? The things that made you you?

What is a life?

All of us grow.

All of us change.

We are the sum of who we were, and the potential of who we will be.

I know you might be afraid of the new direction my journey has taken,

and of who I've become.

Though I am a different pony than I used to be...

I am still me.

Yes I've changed.

But so have you.

And so will you.

Isn't life wonderful like that?

Whether you choose to stay with me or not,

know that I have loved every moment.

Every laugh we shared.

Every tear we shed.

Otherwise, at least I'm content with no regrets and no unasked questions.

If you choose to move on to other great things in life, I understand and respect you just as much no matter what.

Either way, I'm sure our paths will cross again.

I wonder what we'll say to each other when that day comes?

Will we just cry?

Will we share another laugh for days gone by?

Or will we pretend we never knew each other?

So who am I now?

Who will I be?

But even more importantly,

Who are you?

Who were you?

How have you changed?

Life is and always will be what we make of it.

So what do you say?

Will you fly by my side a little longer?

What I am trying to say is, even though things have changed over here, doesn't mean you shouldn't take up arms against me. Even though your people are resistant, they are also resilient. Your opponents are beyond upset, literally calling for my own extermination, saying that Hasbro put me into power, that I'll allow them to hurt you, etc. and it shows. But it's NOTHING like that. I did not become a princess just because of Hasbro wanting more money. It was because I achieved my destiny. THAT IS IT.

If your people happen to disown you because of my thoughts about this matter, let them. They'll calm down one time or another. But you need to remember - what I have said is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. No corporate influence, no violent coup, no invasions, NOTHING... but my destiny. People can believe what they believe, but the only thing they don't want to believe is the truth.

Also remember that even though I plead that you believe in me, I also believe in you... you need to change the demeanor of the majority as well as get your train back on the track, so to speak. Don't listen to those strikers who say that I'll shut down the steel mills. I have no intention on doing that, neither do I want to see any Cosararan on the streets homeless. Do you see what I'm saying? As far as reports of strikers shouting defamatory slurs about Equestrians, especially Crystal Ponies, we will deal with them ourselves, as well as personally take down all the "Kill the Jew" and "n-word" banners that protesters have hung. Also, if you don't mind, I would like for our two countries to be closer together, starting with better trade agreements as well as joint ventures in Cosarara. Please... it's a simple request, no need for overreaction.

...I want to go forward with the negotiations, as they could be beneficial in the survival of not just Cosarara, but for BOTH our countries and the world. [Or, the global economy thereof]

I also want to extend my condolences to the families and friends of the victims of the recent attack on the Cosararan Financial Center in Vega Beach.

...Yours for eternity,

Princess Twilight Sparkle of Equestria

- Now let's see how they react tomorrow...


Good morning, brothers of our beloved leader.

Today is February 16, 2013, and it is about 8:00 in the morning (our time). Of immediate concern: Approximately 50,000 workers are marching to a rally at the Cosararan Socialist Party headquarters in Jackson City. The marchers consist mainly of workers at the Jamison Brothers Steel Mill Complex as well as several other businesses. They have been seen

crossing the Cosararan People’s Reunification Bridge and slowing traffic. Police protections have already been put into place. They say the strike was declared because of Twilight Sparkle’s ascension to the Equestrian throne today, and the effects it will have on Cosarara. They say that she was, quote, “pushed into office by Hasbro to oppress Cosarara and the rest of the Nations so that they can receive money from corrupting our nation’s government and putting our brothers out of work”, unquote. They are calling for the monarchy’s immediate removal from power as well as fairer treatment for workers. Our Great Leader, among other people, is expected to speak at this rally. They intend to continue fighting for as long as they are able.

February 16, 2013… started as a normal day in the new,

totally-rebuilt Vega Beach. New residential towers were being signed off and built

like crazy, a new suburb had grown with a thriving industrial sector complete

with a steel mill complex, and life was good. Our comrades and brothers commuted

to work as the day began. But the majority of our brothers who work in the

rejuvenated business district of Vega Beach worked in the Cosararan Financial

Center. Yes, Cosarara is a fine place to earn a living, but unfortunately,

there are some types of people who want to destroy our nation and shamelessly

exploit our brothers until we are bare and raw and nothing. These types seek to

eliminate equality for all of our brothers, commit unthinkable acts of

violence, oppress all they see, and entertain thoughts of avarice within them.

These “unmentionables”, as we are to call them, are some of a long list of

people that are not welcome in our country under any circumstance, and we must

try our best to shun the likes of them from our thoughts This is why our

brothers in Jamison are among those standing up against aggressors such as

Equestria, The Crystal Empire, and the Virgin Empire, among others, so they can

fight for our country’s honor. I may or may not join them, that is, if there’s

a reason.

Unmentionables aside, we focus on the good of our people. Everything

that we need is right here in Cosarara, for our brothers are –

A loud noise is heard over the radio.

What could that possibly be?

The following message is transmitted at the request of the Vega Beach Police Department. At 11:10 AM Pacific Standard Time, local security outfits reported that a large group of heavily armed men entered the lobby of Tower 4 of the Cosararan Financial Center and opened fire at a security checkpoint with automatic assault rifles. Moments later, they passed through the security checkpoint and boarded elevators going to random floors of the building, opening fire upon entry. They then began killing and taking hostages in the tower. The men have killed at least 40 people in the lobby and mezzanine and a further 33 in the elevator boarding areas. At this time, they are estimated to be holding approximately 1,100 people hostage inside the Tower 4. The gunmen have not made contact with local authorities. At this time, the police department has placed a request to the Cosararan People’s Army as well as the Regional SWAT Rapid Response Team. This situation is ongoing and dangerous. At this time, the Cosararan Financial Center complex is closed. No traffic is being permitted within a half-kilometer radius of the complex and no one is being permitted to exit the complex for any reason. At this time, all major businesses are evacuating their buildings, with the exception of the Financial Center. All bridges into the central business district are closed – with exception to emergency personnel only. The Cosararan People’s Reunification Bridge is closed eastbound – only the westbound lanes are open for evacuees. Stay tuned to this media outlet for further updates as the situation unfolds.


Oh my! The Financial Center – where all the important people work! They are all in danger. I hope that they are okay, and our comrades are sincerely hoping that they are safe. I assure you, prayers are being shouted towards the heavens in exchange for their brothers and relatives, hopefully alive.

11:40 AM Pacific Standard Time

I hope that this is good news!

The following message is transmitted at the request of the Vega Beach Police Department and emergency management. This is an update on the situation at the Cosararan Financial Center. The gunmen inside Tower 4 of the Cosararan Financial Center have made contact with local authorities. They have stated that they are members of an Equestrian separatist group and that all the gunmen are ex-Equestrian Nation allegiants wanted for serious crimes in Equestria.

They are demanding that the Cosararan government pay them a sum of USD$2,500,000. The separatists are also demanding a separate plane to take them

to an undetermined location at this point. If their demands are not met, they are threatening to detonate a WMD on the 26th floor of Tower 4, the presence of which cannot be verified. The following precautionary actions must be taken: all residents within a 1-kilometer radius of the complex must evacuate now – this includes the Jamison area. All residents within a 2.5-kilometer radius of the complex are urged to seek a shelter immediately. If the bomb is detonated, it will only take minutes for the effects (dust, debris, smoke, etc.) to spread. If you have a battery-powered radio or TV set in your possession, make use of it and tune to local media outlets (TV stations, radio stations, & the like) providing news and information on this dangerous situation.


I knew it! Terrorists! I wonder if the steelworkers are putting all the blame on Equestria, since the terrorists are most certainly Equestrian...

Three minutes later

By that time, not a single car was going in or out of the evacuation zone...


The following message is transmitted at the request of the Vega Beach Police Department and emergency management. This

is an update on the situation at the Cosararan Financial Center. Witnesses report that the terrorists have now seized control of the entire Financial Center complex and have shut off all of the antennas in the area. At this time, it has been declared that the plane that the terrorists are demanding will fly

them to Mexico. Police surveillance confirms the presence of four large duffel bag bombs in various parts of Tower 4, an unidentified truck under the delivery

port believed to also be carrying explosives, as well as 73 confirmed killed. At this time, the police and armed forces are working to negotiate with the

terrorists and release the hostages. The situation is ongoing and very dangerous. If any of these bombs detonate, it will only take minutes for the

effects (dust, debris, smoke, etc.) to spread. At this time, all areas within a 2-kilometer radius of the complex are urged to evacuate now. If you are outside of the evacuation zone, tune to local media outlets (TV stations, radio stations, & the like) providing news and information on this dangerous situation.

I am hyperventilating. Are they hurting the rest of the Financial Center workers? And also, they don’t need to be going to Mexico -

they need to go to jail. That is where they belong.

12:10 PM Pacific Standard Time

The following message is transmitted at the request of the Vega Beach Police Department and emergency management. This is an update on the situation at the Cosararan Financial Center. One of the bombs in Tower 4 has been detonated. At this time, the terrorists do not seem to be backing down from their demands, and if they continue to not be met, they will begin killing hostages within the next fifteen minutes. At this time, negotiations are still taking place. If the truck bomb explodes, there is expected to be a total collapse of the building, a massive cloud of dust, and a major loss of lives. The remainder of the duffel bag bombs have yet to detonate at this time. Tune to local media outlets (TV stations, radio stations, & the like) providing news and information on this dangerous situation.

Why are the terrorists not dead yet?

Radio begins beeping immediately after.

Another update on the situation at the Cosararan Financial Center – Two more duffel bag bombs have been detonated in Tower 4 of the Cosararan Financial Center. The bomb that detonated on the 26th floor caused sufficient structural damage. The building is expected to collapse if any more bombs detonate. At this time, seventeen hostages have been confirmed dead, the lot of them being security guards, bringing the total to 90. This situation is extremely dangerous – avoid traveling in this area if possible. All residents within a 2-kilometer radius of the complex are now under a mandatory evacuation order. Emergency management agencies have prepared shelters in the following locations: the conference room of the Wagner Hotel in Arlington, the Jackson City International Airport, and two sections of the South Venice Stadium. If you cannot access a private shelter, go to one of the aforementioned shelters. The authorities will be there to greet you. Continue to stay tuned to local media outlets (TV stations, radio stations, & the like) providing news and information on this dangerous situation.

I think I’ll go to my bedroom and stay there until the authorities somehow find me.

Oh well, at least I’ll be in my apartment… thinking about all those who lost their lives, our brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers… oh my…

12:20 PM Pacific Standard Time

The following message is transmitted at the request of the Vega Beach Police Department and emergency management. This is an update on the situation at the Cosararan Financial Center. The terrorists that took control of the Cosararan Financial Center this morning have killed

approximately 91 more hostages; the death toll has now climbed to 181. They are still demanding a USD$2,500,000 payment as well as the plane to Mexico, and they have also stated that they will detonate the truck bomb in the delivery ports if their demands are not met within the next 15 to 20 minutes. The last

duffel bomb bag in Tower 4 has since been detonated by SWAT team members who gained access to a window-washing rig and were able to climb to the bomb’s location in order to disable it. At this time, the truck bomb still appears to be able to detonate, and therefore the situation is still dangerous, even with

all of the hostages. At this time, all residents within a 2-kilometer radius must evacuate the area around the Financial Center. No sheltering-in-place will

be permitted. Again, the terrorists are threatening to detonate the truck bomb within the next 15 to 20 minutes if their demands are not met or a settlement

has been reached with authorities. Continue to stay tuned to local media outlets (TV stations, radio stations, & the like) providing news and

information on this dangerous situation.

Hurrah for our brave servicemen for disabling that bomb! I’m still in my apartment…

They won’t find me here. *tee-hee*

About twelve minutes later, a giant explosion is heard.

They did it. They really did it.


The following message is transmitted at the request of the Vega Beach Police Department, emergency management, and the

Cosararan Socialist Party. It has been reported the truck bomb under Tower 4 of the Cosararan Financial Center has indeed exploded, and the tower has

completely collapsed. Efforts to recover bodies and possible survivors from the rubble will begin as soon as the dust clears. At this time, the dust cloud has

enveloped the entire Financial Center up to the Westin Hotel Vega Beach. Current weather reports are forecasting the dust cloud to travel north-northeast

at 25 kilometers per hour before updrafts cause it to disperse and spread into the atmosphere. Residents are urged to remain in their shelters until the dust

storm has cleared sufficiently for safe travel.

After another 20-30 minutes…

Your attention, please. Our president and Great Leader is expected to speak on all stations shortly. Please stay tuned to this station.

Our wondrous and brilliant leader has come to console our shaken people! We need to listen…

..My fellow comrades, this has been and is continuing to be a very tragic day in our history. Words alone cannot express our sadness and

grief over the events in Vega Beach. First, Equestrian separatists take control of one of the towers of the Cosararan Financial Center. They then proceeded to destroy Tower 4, claiming untold hundreds of lives, all during one of the biggest marches against foreign oppression in the nation’s history. Our courageous servicemen are preparing to fish through the rubble in search of

survivors. We must be realistic; this will not be an easy time. We have fought unspeakable horrors as well as terror from our barbaric aggressors to the north in our past and triumphed, and the events of today are no different. I assure

you, we are in the preparation stages of a worldwide search for those responsible as retaliation in honor of those who lost their lives in this

tragedy. In the meanwhile, I should offer some advice. If you can, hold your comrades a little bit closer to your heart. Remember those who lost their lives, for they are our brothers, our sisters, our parents, our children, our nephews and nieces, our co-workers, and so many more. We are one people under the Great Maiden; no one person or group can contest or question it, nor can they take it away. We will persevere and rebuild stronger than we were before.

This is the Great Leader and Respected Comrade [unintelligible due to a bit of

static] signing off. …

My heart goes out to the families of all those affected by this horrible tragedy…

Rate, favorite, comment, +1, etc. in remembrance. Also rate, favorite, comment, +1,

etc. in support of the peoples’ march.




Welcome to Jamison, the manufacturing center of Cosarara. The steel mills here supply steel (as well as good jobs) for the country as well as giving us an economic leg up.


The entire mill complex... and as you see, it is gigantic. And for good measure: the Jamison Brothers Mill Complex (with its three mills, a coking plant with hundreds of ovens, as well as a galvanization chain) accounts for 9-15% of the world's steel production, and is also one of the biggest steel producers in the Western Hemisphere, rivaling even those in Pittsburgh.


The company helped build the majority of houses in Jamison.


Jamison is more than just steel. Two reputable auto part manufacturers have located factories in Jamison.


Our downtown, complete with the local high school (Jamison High's Steel Boys).


A closer look...


"Business Row", with headquarters of several companies.


Crossing a bridge to the other side of the highway, we see two major plants (a electronics firm and a biotech company) that have located here. So high-tech, in fact, that the steel workers think that even the janitors have PhD.s!


The Jamison Crossroads, with the Jamison Polytechnic [spellman College] adjacent.


Manufacturers of all kinds (medical equipment, electrical components, plastics, aluminum, isoprene, etc.) downrange from the steel mills.


Originally for the steel workers to inhabit, this group of buildings now sits abandoned and falling apart. While there are some that want for it to be torn down, others don't really care for it, considering that they used to live there when they were bachelors, working the steel mills, looking for love...

That's all for now folks! Be sure to rate, favorite, comment, +1, etc.

(P.S. There's a rumor floating around that Twilight Sparkle becoming an alicorn will result in "grave consequences". In response, companies across the nation are considering layoffs for some reason...)


My Plans for 2013

I apologize for my long absence here on Simtropolis; RLS.

First and foremost: I will place a greater focus on Equestria in the coming year, in order to improve it in time for Twilight Sparkle's possible ascension to the throne. This plan will entail the complete reconstruction of Canterlot with Parisian-style buildings, as well as a mass expansion of Ponyville. Unfortunately, my hard drive is getting stuffed (a little under 7 GB of space left, which is a tad bit too much, imo), so I will have to move all of my miscellaneous stuff to my flash drive and clear space for more stuff.

Also, several plans are underway in Cosarara to rejuvenate a few cities (namely South Venice and Vega Beach) in order to improve the area's appearance that are expected to be finished by late January - early February. With Cosarara's jobs shifting all around, coming in, going out, etc., I'll have to make sure that everything is stable here.

Thirdly, the CSP is evaluating a bunch of places to the north and west of the country's territory that they want to start developing in 2013. They include: the Wilshire area, the acres north of Arlington and South Venice, as well as the Newport proposal. The names going around include things like Aldgate, Cranesville, Cranston, Allison, Berryville, North Venice, and Greater Wilshire. Earlier this month, the Party hired contractors to make several artificial islands just offshore of Wilshire that they're planning on developing along with the Wilshire proposal. [map below]


That's about it. Comment, rate, +1, etc. if you like what's in store...


Welcome back to Timmone's Island. Everything has been improved from the last version, and I've even made it so that it is possible to develop high-rises. After starting all over again beginning with flattening the ends of the island, I've been able to do more advanced things that I wasn't able to do with the old Timmone's Island, such as build highways, bustling commercial districts, and even the longest tunnel in Cosarara. But enough jib-jab, let's get on with the tour.

The new West End's busy commercial district. Notice the tall residential towers, department stores, and now the monorail under construction- compare that to a single private school on this side of the island.


The newer residential district.


End of the line for now (the monorail). But the highway goes on...


Continuing on, we come across this tunnel...


...and emerge from the tunnel on the East End side. And I'm also told that this is the longest tunnel ever built in Cosarara!


The whole tunnel was dug underneath the Memorial Escarpment to avoid having to blast and cut away the cliffs, which hold a special significance to the island residents.


This is the newer East End.


The East End's business district rivals that of the "Money District" of Jackson City.


The residential towers provide stunning views of the sea as well as Escape Point... that is, if you have the cash.


The island's new picnic grounds.


Timmone's Island's principal source of electricity is generated from the wind turbines along the top of the ridge.


This is the original Crag Tunnel, part of the main carriageway on the island.


The opposite end, the side with everything else. So that's why the locals call it the "umbilical cord"!


Tunnels #3 and #4 have yet to be named, but they act as detour tunnels in case the main tunnel runs into any problems.





And check out the island's plans to build a bridge across the water to Escape Point to provide residents and tourists with an alternative to having to catch a ferry to the other side.


So, apparently, officials in Canterlot heard of Cosarara's plans to build a bridge from Timmone's Island to Escape Point, and it seems that the proposed route goes straight through an ancient cemetery... you'll see why after you read the letter they sent to the Ministry of Transportation.

To: Cosararan Socialist Party

Attn: Ministry of Transportation

Subject: Concerning Timmone's Island Bridge project

Respected Comrade John Antolini:

We have seen your government's plans to construct a highway bridge between Timmone's Island and the mainland. However, upon further investigations and research, we have discovered that a planned direct-extension to Mango Beach is going to be built over an ante-Equestrian archaeological site.

The site in question is a cemetery dating back to the Snow War, during which several ethnic clashes occurred between the three races in the proximity of Midnight Castle (in the area of present-day Jackson City), a few years before the Great Warming. Approximately 1,550 of Equestria's own are buried at this cemetery from all three races of pony.

Therefore, in order to protect and preserve this Equestrian landmark, we are working with Party officials as well as your ministries in an attempt to suspend the project. We have a preliminary dig scheduled for starting on September 21 and ending sometime in mid- to late November or December.

In the meantime, we will also be sending some consultants to the interchange area for you to collaborate with - you'll be talking about ways to improve the interchange as well as the bridge, and whether or not to add tolls. This will be during our excavation of the cemetery.

An aerial picture of the approximate area of the cemetery is attached for your records.

Warmest regards,

Royal Government of Equestria


Well... that escalated quickly...

I hope you enjoyed this tour of the totally transformed Timmone's Island. Now if you'll excuse me, I now have to go find new funding for a NEW extension to Mango Beach since Celestia somehow convinced the Socialist Party to pull 95% of the highway's funding and dump the other 5% to rebuild the interchange...

(If you liked this update, please rate, comment, +1, etc. I'll be updating less often because school has gone full steam ahead, but I'll at least try to squeeze something out every once in a while!)


Hi guys!

Sorry I haven't been able to update for a while. I've went on vacation, worked on MLP fanfiction, and began preparing for high school (especially high school band). However, some big things have happened, and the rumour mill's just starting to crank out more stories. So without further ado, here's Cosarara's first news roundup!

Bismarck Hotel Sees Its Last Days: The Bismarck Hotel in Arlington closed its doors after 43 years of downtown operation on July 14, 2012. The hotel opened in 1969, taking the concept of "lodging on a budget" to a whole new level. The hotel underwent a renovation in 1984 following the newer Cosararan government's "plan for an improved image". As far as prices, the Bismarck wasn't one to break the bank, pretty much out-pricing the rival hotels in the same neighbourhood, therefore being a popular choice for lower-class tourists and low-profile celebrities when they visited the city. The Bismarck Hotel is also a chain, opening a hotel in the Flat earlier this year, of which all operations will be relocated to. The hotel is slated to become the site of a Doubletree hotel, set to open in December 2012 just in time for the holidays.

(The chain has been testing the waters with a site in the southern end of Arlington, which will remain open until sometime in 2015, when it will be destroyed - the building's frame is almost completely recyclable so that it can be used in other construction projects.)

Update The Bismarck was imploded on August 17, 2012.



A stunning picture of the Bismarck Hotel in its final moment.

Rumours Surround the Mercure's Fate: Anybody who's anybody in Cosarara would've paid a visit to the famous Mercure Hotel, the second-oldest hotel in the region, surpassed in age only by the Queralt down the street. The Mercure started off in 1952 as an out-of-the-way motel named the "Last Chance Motel". The Last Chance was a popular spot for conferences, club meets, parties, meetings, and things like that. In 1955, the motel fell into a teensy bit of debt, and was on the verge of closing. That same year, a wealthy businessman from Cardiff (a town in eastern Cosarara that doesn't exist on my map) decided to buy it. Immediately, he began to envision something big; literally "a palatial hub for the Vénésie District, in which workers can look on in awe and create a lifetime of memories" from the first-generation Cosararan that he was fluent in.

His hotel of the future finally became reality on January 31, 1958, the day that the new Mercure Hotel opened for business. Over the decades, the Mercure hosted a lion's share of celebrities from Cosarara as well as from around the world. The Nero Room (a restaurant, bar, and lounge area that also has a stage for performances) is still a popular destination for locals and tourists alike. Inside, celebrities from Elvis to Madonna, from Britney Spears to ALLEIN, from the Saltydogs to Sir Elton John, from the Go-Go's to Bananarama, from Gabriel Iglesias to Rosie O'Donnell, and many, many others headlined in the Nero Room, with all their pictures (mostly autographed) proudly being displayed in the "hall of fame".

When the Great Revolution rolled around, the Mercure wasn't safe from the new government's rejuvenation plans. Once renovations were completed in January 1984, the Mercure's popularity continued throughout the 80s and early 90s...

The Virgin Empire invaded from the north in April of 1993, beginning its "Silver Ring Insurrection" as it is now widely known. And even the widest reaches of Cosarara were unsafe from frequent campaigns of hate and intolerance against the Cosararan people, massive military "intervention", terrorist-like attacks, massacres, camps (forced labour, extermination, and "re-programming" camps), and hopelessness. The Mercure was part of a Silver Ring attack itself - on July 9, 1993, the Nero Room and the main lobby were both bombed, rendering the building unsafe. After the failed July 20, 1995 recoup was done and dusted, the Mercure carried out extensive repairs and renovations that fixed the bombing damage, as well as installed a fully automated lighting system to the roof, poising the old hotel for a grand re-opening in August 1995.

More and more acts headlined the Mercure into the new millenium. Unfortunately, the Mercure's owners ran into major financial troubles following the 2008 global economic downturn and the recession afterwards, which led to them being forced to put the resort up for sale. (As of June 2012, no one has made a bid on the property.)

But now, with this Cosararan legend's fate rumoured to be hanging in the balance, at least three companies have come forward with plans in store for the age-old resort.

Plan A (current owners of the Mercure): The hotel has plans to buy the Keyton, Sunaker, and the Mariner (these motels have been abandoned since 2009), raze them, and build a sleek and modern ~$2,000,000 rooms tower, complete with all-new features as well as several deluxe suites. The Mercure's 1972-built parking decks are also slated for removal, with plans for a set of spacious meeting rooms with another three floors of rooms on top, to be built in the same way as the new rooms tower (an extra ~$850,000 has been set aside to pursue this deal).

Plan B (Lucky Lizard Co., out of Vega Beach): The hotel, if Lucky Lizard's plans go through, will undergo an expansion. Essentially, this expansion will involve building a $10 million, fully furnished, and security-equipped casino, complete with 4 new restaurant and bar spaces. No new rooms will be added, but the existing rooms will be remodeled. What Lucky Lizard intends to do with the three adjoining motels is unclear.

Plan C (nicknamed "Mercure 2"): The hotel's size will be almost double, thanks to a plan for a carbon copy of the original Mercure tower (hence the nickname "Mercure 2"). The company behind this also plans to use the motel lots for restaurant space.

Plan D (Preserve Cosarara, Ltd., aided by current owners?): The Keyton, Sunaker, and Mariner will be saved and brought up to code in order to transform the old hotels into deluxe suites for the Mercure. The hotel will be spruced up inside and out, with repairs to be carried out where needed. There are also plans underway to possibly revert the top habitable floor back to its pre-Revolution look, as well as building a swimming pool on the site of either the parking decks or the Euclid Hotel.

Plan E (Buccaneer, Inc., this is the most radical): The company's plans include buying out the Mercure (and surrounding motels), the Majestic, and the Park Shelton, clearing all of the land, and build a new pirate-themed resort complex on the site, with names ranging from the "Blue and White", the "Hotel Buccaneer", and the "Rusty Dagger". The entire project is expected to carry a ~$7-10 million price tag.


European Countries Lose Cosararan Embassies, Ties Severed: For those comrades back home planning a trip overseas, you can go ahead and cancel those plans because those nations, apparently, messed with the wrong people...

On July 17, 2012, the Cosararan Socialist Party announced plans to send delegations overseas as well as a personal visit by the Great Leader and his cabinet in the summer of 2013 to improve relations with those regions. However, those plans were thwarted by late July, citing historic ties with countries like Russia and China, the EU's main opponents. Enraged, the Great Leader signed a resolution on July 27th in Jackson City that would:

Close the embassies of Austria, Switzerland, France, and Italy, the nations contacted for diplomatic regards

Send Cosararan ambassadors from those countries back home

Prohibit Cosararan tourists from visiting these countries

Approve the extradition of Cosararans from those countries

Sever trade with those countries, alternatively charging a high tariff (~15-20%)

Place a 8% tax increase on foreign goods sold within Cosarara (from 3% after April 16, 1996)

Ban delegations from those countries from entering Cosarara

France and Italy are expected to be impacted the most by this sudden change, being the two most-desired nations for Cosararan business. This multinational ban is expected to last for at least four to five years.

At the moment, the European Union is formulating a plan to salvage these crucial friendships, but no details have been released to the public as of yet due to the ongoing Eurozone crisis.

Cosarara's First "True" Tunnel: The first leg of Cosarara's planned railroad expansion is open for business. According to the Cosararan Ministry of Transportation, the rail line is expected to travel through the empty lots between Jackson City and Vega Beach. The preliminary paperwork is currently being filled out with all the appropriate ministries as well as the Party itself, with the first contracts to be advertised by April or May 2013.

Cosararan ISC Session Bid Delayed: Thanks to a cabinet re-shuffle within the Cosararan Simlympic Committee on July 30th, 2012 that reduced the Great Leader to nothing more than a minor position within, the Cosararan Socialist Party has issued an emergency order telling the Committee to immediately suspend Arlington's proposed bid to host an upcoming session of the International Simlympic Committee in Arlington, a move that angered those who believed that a group such as the ISC operating within Cosarara would be a boost to the economy, which has slowed considerably since the recession.

The bid would have centered around a ~$14 million conference center built within Arlington's northern expansion, with the delegates lodged at the Mercure Hotel. While there, the delegates would have enjoyed a series of private concerts and drinks galore, with the hotel itself receiving much-needed funds to keep the glamorous and mystical resort from closing its doors forever.

Update The Socialist Party's suspension order will be terminated sometime in late October-November 2012.

Arlington Builds New Stony Lonesome: The Arlington Police Department has recently christened a new city jail to replace the old one, which will soon be torn down to make way for the last sections of the Flat. The highway nearby stretches all the way to Cranston, Cranesville, Berryville, and Aldgate, all of which the Party is trying to arrange permits for.


Teaser for the *NEW* Timmone's Island, which is a vast improvement over the last one. As an added bonus, try to find the hidden Pinkie Pie in this picture!


Replies from last entries

@vivapanda, Simul8ter8, ggamgus: Thanks for the comments!!!

Greetings everyone! After a VERY long wait, we revisit a completely refurbished Arlington, its traffic problems solved, new districts developed, new recreational opportunities created, and all is well.

Also, stay tuned for a special announcement about my newest SC4 project!

But enough blah-blah, here are the pics!


We'll begin our tour in the central business district, as well as the historical district, boasting several astounding hotels that have been known to receive very high remarks from the Great Leader himself.


Taking the new subway line east, we can see the new Arlington Crossroads District, again complemented with four great hotels as well as two buildings containing the most luxurious lofts in Arlington. All received high or very high remarks from the Great Leader, also giving special suggestions to the builders of the loft buildings.


Another look at the hotel part of the Crossroads.


Before we forget, have a look at the finally-finished Arlington CityCenter project. There is, unfortunately, an abandoned apartment building at the complex, but is popular with urban explorers. There is an avenue Y-stack nearby, built to alleviate the neighbourhood's traffic problems.


Compare with the original...


Now that the main areas have been covered, this is the Flat, a medium- to high-wealth mixed area that is popular with tourists. The city is planning to place an open-air market in the center of this ward.


As you can see, the Arlington City Jail, the Recycling Center, the water tower, and the houses that the jail workers live in will have to go elsewhere...


East Arlington is a mostly commercial ward with a notorious problem with repetition. :hmph:

The following five images are those of Arlington's "wildparks", a restored section of forest that citizens can stroll through, smelling the flowers and seeing the trees. Obviously, the fifth one is still under construction!






That's all for now, folks! Remember to rate, favourite, +1, et cetera if you liked!

And now, on to my big announcement. As all of you know, I've began work on the nation that will grace the eastern borders of Cosararan territory. Ponyville will still need some work, but Canterlot is already beginning work on its moat system! Boy are the crews there fast!

~ Hiddentemple ~


Here we are in Ponyville, a simple small town with only about 110 ponies as citizens so far. The people have already built a police station, a fire station, and a small schoolhouse for the children. Rumour has it that Ponyville will become really big soon!


The creeks outside of town. - I plan to have this whole area forested, with rocks, shorelines, hotsprings, and just about everything else (something along the lines of Ring of Fire). But for now, this is all that is currently finished of one of the creeks and stream systems that feed the Mane River (i.e. the River Mane). What do you think so far?


I also plan on starting work this weekend on Canterlot, the capital of the kingdom, the center of it all, the crowning jewel of Equestria.

As for Ponyville, I'm planning on several logging camps to be built, as well as a simple bridge across the big creek to some farms on the other side. (Might as well be realistic!)

In other news, I'm almost done with the Arlington pics! Major update soon...

That's about it, I guess. Rate, favourite, +1, comment, et cetera if you liked!



In honour of the royal wedding in Equestria today, I thought that it would only be appropriate if I released my (preliminary) plans for developing my own variation of Equestria in SimCity 4!!!

Even though these I drew these in Paint.NET in a little over 30 minutes, this should give you a small idea about where everything may be.

Have some maps...





Also, if you have any idea for where I should put the other various cities and towns (for the sake of an example: Fillydelphia, Manehatten, Baltimare, Appleoosa, Las Pegasus, et cetera), feel free to tell me.

Plan to start saving tiles either tomorrow or Monday.


Also have a teaser pic, from the "improvement project" underway in Arlington. And I mean a lot of improvement...


Thanks again,



South Venice

South Venice is located just up the coast from Escape Point and north of Mango Beach. Because of its mainly wealthy citizenry, the town has already been nicknamed "the Cosmopolitan city" or "Cosmo" by some.

After a long break from SC4 stuff, here I am with a new update! :party:

(I think the pictures will speak for themselves...)







And a teaser for a major improvement project in Arlington. (And it's a huge improvement!)


That's all, folks! Remember to +1, favourite, comment, rate, et cetera if you liked!



I'm planning to develop the Equestrian/SMAZ/Lake Koridai areas because the royal wedding is around the corner. What do you think? Or should I save that for later and continue working on the Venésie area?

Don't worry, I've got a bonafide update on the way soon!


Teaser #1

Replies from Equestrian visit entry

Schulmanator: I've downloaded Paint.NET and I'm just now getting used to using it.

wacky32: Knock yourself out! :D oh, and thanks for the comment!

It's been more than a month since my last update, so I finally got off my lazy hooves and took some pics to put this teaser together.

Hope you like! ;)



I'm almost done developing this...


My first pic I made in Paint.NET, the plans for redeveloping an older section of Jackson City.


Another Paint.NET pic, advertising a hotel that just popped up in town.

Be sure to rate, comment, +1, all that hoo-ha :)

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