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About this City Journal

Shayden V2, now a USNW member and a commonwealth to the glorious Posillipo

Entries in this City Journal

§haÅ--Ñ€ §hÅŽo



Recently I've been very busy, including resigning Matinenda from AIN and getting Shayden into USNW. You should really give USNW a look at, it's a great place. First here is where Shayden is located on Adonia (USNW's alternative Earth): political_map_v6-2.jpg

And here is the USNW site: http://usnw.forumotion.com/

To catch everyone up, Shayden is now as well a Commonwealth of Posillipo. Any other questions just ask me. Now for the CJ update.

Welcome to Harrison City. The bustling Metropolis that has a large community and is an important commercial city! Here are some pictures to ease the mind!




A day shot of the bustling commercial area.


Night-shot of the dazzling commerce area.


Night-shot of the calm residential area.

More to come later, enjoy!

§haÅ--Ñ€ §hÅŽo


Zulu2065: Thanks glad you liked it. Hope you like this preview!

Schulmanator: Not sure how that happened. I use Photoshop and Paint.Net so that may be why.

escilnavia: C.P 19th Century houses. They're on the LEX, I could even show you the link if you wish.

Okay. So I said that I'd need at least a week to get Harrison City done. Well I'll need way more time. I was trying to have all of my buildings grow but the Skyscrapers aren't growing in liked I wished them to. So I restarted today and I'll need another week or two. The good news is is that you get to see a preview of Harrison City.


My screen size is 1366x768, so the size of the picture will differ then my other ones. I'll be back soon with a completed Harrison City, stay tuned!

§haÅ--Ñ€ §hÅŽo


Joe323: Thanks!

sumwonyuno: Thanks glad you liked the feel of the city.

simfreak1998: Thanks, glad to see you like it. I'm hoping it was also realistic enough for you.


The Town Hall where the Mayor lives, politics in Shayden will be discussed later on.




My next update will be on Harrison City. But it will be at least a week because I'm starting over from scratch.

§haÅ--Ñ€ §hÅŽo


panthersimcity4: Thanks, Spartanburgh is meant to be an older city.

TekindusT: Thanks, glad you like it!

ROFLyoshi: I'm starting over from scratch. Glad you like the new Shayden!

k50dude: They are in CP's 19th Century Housing Pack. The Farms are meant to show that it's a smaller city. Hopefully everything was realistic.

I decided to keep the old CJ section for the updates, yadda yadda yadda, so enjoy the post:

Spartanburgh is a smaller town with a population of 136,000. Jobs are plentiful and the city is going strong.



Remember the school right by the crops? Well here it is.



A view of the Solar Panels. These Panels help give this fine suburban city the energy needed keep it's citizens happy, and less of a worry

about pollution that you'd get with urban machines.


Some Windmills that give additional electricity to Spartanburgh. Once again, energy needed to keep it's citizens happy, less pollution to

worry about.


Days Inn Hotel. Apparently this city is so nice that tourists like to visit it. They must like the many shopping areas of Spartanburgh.


Enjoy the city, and stay tuned for more! The banner I haven't been able to get to yet because of me working in Spartanburgh perfecting it. It will come soon don't worry!

§haÅ--Ñ€ §hÅŽo


Blakeway: What you mean, I thought you knew? Matinenda will continue so don't worry.

Bipin: Thanks. Though I was told by some others that it had too much repetition, which I didn't intend on doing.

Schulmanator: I ran Matinenda though. Makes me think that you didn't care for Matinenda.

TowerDude: Thanks, but get ready for better.

Ok so do you remember all of my unrealistic cities in my unrealistic nation? Well I am remaking them. Only this time I am making the cities more realistic. You know how all of my cities had skyscrapers and were always bigger cities? Welp, no more. Spartanburgh is now a suburban city with a calm atmosphere.


As you can see here, a majority of the houses in Spartanburgh were built in the 19th Century. No more big urban city.


One of the few schools in Spartanburgh. The school being right beside the farm is convenient for the kids that work part-time jobs there. They won't have to worry about a long walk or waste gas to get a ride to it.


A shot of some of the many businesses in Spartanburgh. Not much else to say.


Another school but this one being beside a baseball field. As long as it is nice that day for Gym Class, the kids are taken out to the baseball field to play. (The lines on the baseball field are a glitch that is made by my laptop, I apologize for that.)


This was to show what divided the residential from the commercial parts of Spartanburgh, and it is the crops.


Finally one last picture of some of the wondrous houses in Spartanburgh.

Hope you enjoyed this update. I worked hard on it, please comment and tell me what you think!

§haÅ--Ñ€ §hÅŽo

It's back! After 7 months of time away from Shayden, it is back! Now more enjoyable then it was before. With realistic cities, more details of the nation, and beautiful pictures that you may drool over. You don't believe me?? Well see for yourself then:








See? These pictures aren't perfect yet, but my cities are already looking better. So enjoy the first post!

§haÅ--Ñ€ §hÅŽo

Here is the new Glendale Airport:


The new airport, hows it look?


The Terminal. I didn't make this. I found it in a pack and used it.


The Apron, Taxiway, Ramp, the Runaway, and some hangers. On the right are security and a Fire station in case a fire breaks



The Control Center


The Long Term Parking Lot


The Short Term Parking Lot.

So anything else wrong? I hope it's ok now. I worked hard on this. Also: Thanks to everyone who posted on the post with the first Airport. I think the new airport is better, and it's definitly because of the guys that replied on the last topic.

§haÅ--Ñ€ §hÅŽo



joshriddle: I did try to replace the stoplights but they gave me tons of boxes. Can you give me a link to some?

Reikhardt: Thanks, so far I'm actually not doing to well. 3.20 to me is Terrible. But I hope to get it higher.

Glendale Airport (First Custom Airport, so need opinions)

Well I just made a new Airport in Orlean (a Shayden city) and I want to see what you guys think of it. Critism is begged for and comments are appreciated.


Glendale Airport. Sorry for the bad picture, but it's too big to make the picture any smaller.


Glendale Parking lot. The Parking Garage is for the customers and the regular parking lot are for the employees. I know the jet (Red white and Blue one Facing the wrong way) Needs to be fixed, I will when I get on SimCity 4 next time.


The Enterance. Here you enter into the Airport, go through the Medal Detecters Etc.


The Concoarse. When you go to your plane you go into these hall ways and walk out to the fences area, followed by boarding your plane.


Terminal where some of the Airplanes are held in.

That's it for now.

Like said, tell me anything that is wrong with the Airport. I have no idea how it should be so if there is anything wrong with it tell me and I'll fix it.

§haÅ--Ñ€ §hÅŽo


First a Newspaper:


Yes I do admit my last name is Smith. But I only admitted that because there are tons of Smith's in the world. So there's not much of a way to finding out who I am.

Mendanhall: The first Maxis Free City

Mendanhall is now the first city to have used the No-Maxis Mod on it's entire development. So instead of a mix like I first wanted. I downloaded alot of cooler looking buildings and used them. Now I will show you the city and see what you think of it. By the way, like the top banner? Made it on Paint.Net, I like the looks of it. I tried putting text on it but it just didn't look right. It's a picture of Thanz River (the river that goes through Shayden) First here is a region view of Shayden to Show how development has gone along, and to show the Rivers so it won't be so confusing:


Otherwise saying if you can't see this:

R   Wile River (Red)

  Northbrook River  (Yellow)

     Thanz River (White)

Now for the pictures of Mendanhall like said, it's the first Maxis Free city (except for a Mayor House that I still need to tear down, and a Church but I haven't found any good churches yet) See here they are:


A nice little apartment, right on Harold Street


One of our farms. Right Above the farm is a High-Tech



Another High Tech Facility. This facility is reserching

for a V3 to the Air Cleaning Plants

Just a refresh:


Air Purifier v1, somewhat useful but v2 does twice          The v2 of the Air Purifier Series. It cleans up alot of

as much.                                                                    pollution up. So it will be very hard to find a v3 that

                                                                                  does more then what v2 already does.


While were on this subject here is Northbrook Mansion. It's owned by the man who

made the Air Purifiers, his name is Ronald Peterson.


This is the Mayors house. It's a really comfy place and I like it even more then the

other Mayor Houses, not only because it's not Maxis made. But it's a great place

to rest in.


Some houses at night. It's a silent night tonight.



Right now Imageshack is being stupid and won't upload anymore pictures, so once I get it to work I'll post some more if you'd like,

for now just say what you think of it.

§haÅ--Ñ€ §hÅŽo

Here is a dedicated CJ update just for New Chanlor, I even got better pictures this time!

First, here are the two Sports Fields that are used, one is already in use and one will be used in 2011!


Here's the Tennis Arena. It's been used quite a few times. And once Shayden's very own

Lisa Hoff won here, she won 5-3.


Here is Miners Memorial Park. It is currently not used, but in 2011 we plan on using it for

the New Chanlor Slammers.

Now here is some pictures of our Seaport and Marina:


Here's our seaport. It helps us alot with trade, and without it we wouldn't have as much cash as we do today!


Here is the marina. A lot of the tourists visiting New Chanlor love getting on the boats to

take a tour on our majestic waters!

Finally here is a picture of part of our airport:


It really helps us with commercial buissness. It's often heavily used and we had to rebuild it to increase the capacity

it- twice!

Well there you go for now, please post a reponse and tell me what you think of the pictures. I plan on soon making a CJ post for all of my cities. Goodbye for now!

§haÅ--Ñ€ §hÅŽo

A day of living in Shayden.

I'll show you some pictures of what it's like living in Shayden.


It's 6am right now. The start of another great day.


View of the city while the sun is rising.


Some Sim's on there way to



Some Sim's on the commute to work.


Some of the Sim's are enjoying the beach. Most of them are they're at around noon.


Some tanks being test drove

by the military.


A lot of Sims work here, now it's only 2pm but usually

most of them get out at 4.


Travison City Dawgs (4-2-0) @ Harrison City Cougars (3-3-0)

Starts at 3pm.


Some Sims on there way home

from work.


This day is done. Now Shaydians will rest and prepare for tommarow.

§haÅ--Ñ€ §hÅŽo

Shayden is now at 800,725!

We are now populated at 800,725, larger then how much it was before. So here are some pictures that make Shaydians happy:


Spartanburgh Raceway usally consists of 100 laps, making it a 4 hour race (usaully takes 2 minutes per lap). So far  it's only used for National Races. We hope to sign our two tracks up as races for the Formulas.


It's fun to see how big you can make a city. You get to do anything you want, with limits of course. And it's just as important that the Sims are contempt too.


We used to call this area "Ghost Street" Due to everyone abandoning the skyscrapers, funny to say the whole reason why they left was because of too much traffic. But we got it fixed and new skyscrapers have taken the old one's place.


A night view of the football staduims, we have the same exact type of staduim in every city. They are used for college teams, and then afterward if there good enough they go professional.


An air purifier that was made by scientists in the Advance Research Facility. It has pleased alot of Sims and helped move in at least 50,000 Sims. They love clean air.


One more picture of the Nightlife. Pretty huh?


The Smith City Warhawks Staduim. Hope the new home will motivate them to try harder.


Harrison Speedway, the other race course we have, this one is 50 laps but takes 3 minutes to finish a lap. The race starts at 11am and ends at around 5:30pm.

§haÅ--Ñ€ §hÅŽo

Architecture of Shayden




Some more buildings at night.                                                     Here are some Air purifiers, thank our Advanced

                                                                                                            Research Facilities. Otherwise we'd still be living in heavy                                                                                                             pollution.


Some of the Air purifiers in action, and a view of the Smith City Warhawks Staduim!


A closer view of the staduim. Just for when it's needed.


See that Chick-Filla back there? We now have some American Buissness' in Shayden, such as McDonalds, Burger King, Hard Rock Cafe, Taco Bell, Wendys, and Dairy Queen!



Some pictures of close-ups on thew Sims living here.

§haÅ--Ñ€ §hÅŽo

Shayden's Night Life

Just because the sun goes down, it doesn't mean Shaydians do. A lot of them find it the perfect time to head down to the casino and try their luck. Some of the college (minor) league teams play at night to see whos better. So it's all pretty much just a good old time! Here are some pictures from Harrison City, now populated at 240,000!





§haÅ--Ñ€ §hÅŽo

Shayden at half a million!


Today I am glad to announce that Shayden has now surpassed 500,000. Here are some pictures of our newest city, named Harrison City.


Here's the Rugby Stadium, it's pretty right? 1.gif


Here's the new movie studio that moved in. There currently working on a movie called

"Clan Wars"


Here's the Collage League Hocky Staduim. Every City is

required to have a college league Hocky and Football



Here's the Movie Theater. This is where Clan Wars will first

aire at!


College Football Staduim, home of the Buc-os!


One of the many skyscrapers in Shayden!


Another image of Shayden's many skyscrapers!


One last picture of the skyscrapers.

So that's all the pictures for now. Reply on how the pictures are!

§haÅ--Ñ€ §hÅŽo


Here's the Goverment Conference room. If we need to talk about something important then

we come here. Right by the highway. This building is in Spartanburgh.


This is Shayden Speedway. A race track thats used every

Sunday. We are hoping to use it for the F1 races!


Here is Capital City's Streets. Full of small cozy buissness'


Here's the region view to show you how filled it is in the 6 cities we have.

§haÅ--Ñ€ §hÅŽo

Happy 300,000 Shayden!

Shayden is now at 300,000! In 15 days Shayden's population has risen back up to the way it was before the computer crash. I got the game info on the other drive so I'm safe for now. Here's a region picture:


Now here are some pictures of our Military Bases in Shayden!


Here's Fort Randell's Water Navy! Incase of a breach


Now here are some city pictures!


Our seaport, yes there is a problem with it so far, I can't seem

to fix it though, so sorry.


Our Disease Research Facility, incase of a breakout! I have

a feeling we'll need it soon...


A small skyscraper, not sure if

it's a plugin or not.


Some of our residential



An apartment, looks cozy!

That's all for now! So what do you think?

§haÅ--Ñ€ §hÅŽo

Shayden has just recieved presents from America.  Even know it's 1980 (the Cold War is over) they decided to be generous and give us some advances in technology. To welcome us as a country. They  gave us a Stock Market, a Space Station, and an Advance Research Center. That was real genorous of them.  Here are some picures of the new buildings:



The bottom right picture is a view of all the buildings. We hope to do alot with all of these. So thanks America!

Here's a region view:


Population of cities:

1. Spartanburgh            126,371

2. Charleston                   21,129

3. Capitol City                   10,111

4. Travison City                   5,505

Post about America's generousity. Cheers!

§haÅ--Ñ€ §hÅŽo

Happy 107,000 Shayden!!

Surprise, we now currently has 107,000 people living in Shayden! To celebrate let's go to our two cities that made it possible. First it's Travison City, currently populated 5,500!


Next here's Spartanburgh, currently populated at 101,500. I should've added a happy 100,000 for Spartanburgh too...




I decided this time to let the buildings do the talking. So happy 100,000 for Shayden. In six years Shayden has gone up around 99,000 (107,500-8,500= 99,000) Put in a comment about what you think of Shayden.

Oh and remember the theater? It became historical and they've made a sequel to "Aliens in our Hyde", it's called "Idiots in our Hyde"... The sequel is pretty violent though. The city is also still gorged with pollution.

§haÅ--Ñ€ §hÅŽo

It's now 1975, and 70,000 people now live in Spartanburgh. We've done alot. We have skyscrapers and everything. We also have a Minor League Soccor Team, heck we even got a Minor League Football Stadium. We've got more hospitals, police stations, water pollution is gone. We were even able to get rid of our Gas Plant and got more Wind Mills. Pollution in the industrial district is still bad, but it's been worse.



Fort Hampton's Missle Center


Fort Hampton Military Base


Our Apple Trees, so our Citizens can enjoy some good old fashion fruit!


That's one of the first neighborhoods in Spartanburgh, not

too much has changed.

That's all for now.

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