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Glendale Airport

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joshriddle: I did try to replace the stoplights but they gave me tons of boxes. Can you give me a link to some?

Reikhardt: Thanks, so far I'm actually not doing to well. 3.20 to me is Terrible. But I hope to get it higher.

Glendale Airport (First Custom Airport, so need opinions)

Well I just made a new Airport in Orlean (a Shayden city) and I want to see what you guys think of it. Critism is begged for and comments are appreciated.


Glendale Airport. Sorry for the bad picture, but it's too big to make the picture any smaller.


Glendale Parking lot. The Parking Garage is for the customers and the regular parking lot are for the employees. I know the jet (Red white and Blue one Facing the wrong way) Needs to be fixed, I will when I get on SimCity 4 next time.


The Enterance. Here you enter into the Airport, go through the Medal Detecters Etc.


The Concoarse. When you go to your plane you go into these hall ways and walk out to the fences area, followed by boarding your plane.


Terminal where some of the Airplanes are held in.

That's it for now.

Like said, tell me anything that is wrong with the Airport. I have no idea how it should be so if there is anything wrong with it tell me and I'll fix it.

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Sorry to nag, but your runway is WAY too short. It need to be about 3 times longer if you want it to look realistic 

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Well, everything is quite messy here... No offense, but it is still very far to be a realistic airport. I don't want to do advertising, but maybe you find interesting this [link] Omnibus article...

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I infer those two planes in the last pic would somehow go directly onto the runway? Otherwise when they push back they'll hit the terminal buildings. That fence seems a bit close to the end of the runway for comfort, especially if a plane is coming in low
Oh and I notice you have 3 Air Traffic control towers. Needs a bit of improvement but I'm sure it can look like a nice airport in the future

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k50dude: Ok thanks, I'll be sure to fix that. By the way you aren't nagging. I asked for help
TekindusT: Like I said I don't even know how to make a realistic airport, I've used the Maxis ones before. And the link will help a lot. Thank you VERY much.
Frdm920: Yeah. Once I fix it up it'll look better.

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My comments will be (hope it's not too long winded for u)

I agree with the others that your runway is a little too short. You can have a short runway, but your terminal should not be that big. The terminal looks like it should be a municipal airport at least. The sides of the runway should have an excess space of at least 2 square grids to increase realism. Your current looks like the plane's wings will crash into those fences and planes (I use 8 grids) Give access space at the ends of the runways (maybe 10 grids at least)

The smaller planes parking area is fine and i think is well done. Just spread them out a little. The main terminal has a great shape but the concourse didn't serve it's purpose. Expand the distance between the concourse and build aerobridges between them. Why not aim for 10 aerobridges :D The 2 bigger planes should be place nearer the terminal and not so near the runway. Your aerobridge is facing the wrong direction too. And keep the control tower u like best, discard the other 2.

I think it looks pleasant overall. It's not at all ridiculous. I look forward to see your improved one :D Then my airlines will make Glendale Airport our next destination! Good luck!

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If you don't mind (not advertising too) check out my humble airport in my CJ. It's my first attempt after studying many airports through Google Map and learning how to use the modular pieces on YouTube. It's not the best but i think you can take reference if you don't mind. We're all learning too :D I hope to build a better airport than what i have too. Or type airport in the CJ search section, see if you can also check out other's airports

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