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  1. Minimize button remover

  2. Paeng's Modern Water Treatment Facility

  3. Dolan's diner

  4. Toys R Us

  5. Modern Residential

  6. Millennium Residence

  7. Cities: Skyline; A new City Simulator Announced By Paradox

    This game looks great so far. But then again, the SimCity trailer looked great and we all know how much of a mess that game is. But I trust Paradox will create a good game since they have been doing so recently and their last good game wasn't in 2004 like Maxis.
  8. TRP: Flags of the World - Oceania

    Excellent work!
  9. New City Journal should be up soon. Be prepared. ;)

    1. jmsepe


      I am prepared. :P

  10. V • Tale of Shikibu

    Nice update. :P   (Yey, I am a character)
  11. I am §haÅ--Ñ€ §hÅŽo. And this... [grips Shayden] is my CJ. She bears 320 million citizens and fires §200 custom-tooled pictures at 10 pictures per update. [leans in] It cost §400,000 to take pictures...for 12 seconds. [looking somewhat sad] Some people think I will post an update soon. Maybe…[sniffs] maybe. [gets serious] I've yet to meet one that can beat distractions.

    1. jmsepe


      320 Million Citizens?? Woah...

  12. Teiko Real Life Stories: Kirigaya Kazuto - A Life Full of Gaming

    Oh dear, how I love Sword Art Online.   Nice story, and nice update.
  13. (Preview) V • Tale of Shikibu

    Awesome update. :)
  14. Porto Macondo - A little coastal town

    Amazing work! I wish I were able to do that.