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Stone Republic

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About this City Journal

Located in the pacific NW, Stone Republc is an island nation settled by the british in the 1800's. More like Victoria Island, BC, Canada than Hawaii. A showcae with stories.

Entries in this City Journal


Country: Stone Republic

Capital: Clarkbay


[Population, 40,000 currently, soon to be around 50,000]

Population: 210,000

Stadium names must have at least 4:

1. The Inset, Clarkbay. The Inset got its name by the fact that it is one of very few stadiums in the nation which is not built from the ground, but on the ground and its therefore inset into the ground.

Capacity: 15,000


2. Stoneish River Stadium, Stone City. Capacity: 25,000 (MAIN STADIUM)


3. City Stadium, Harbor City: Capacity: 25,000


4. Victoria Overlook, Berryford: The smallest stadium, Capacity: 17,000 for Rugby


Airport size: 2 Regional Airports, Stone Mountains Airports, Stone City and Berryford Airport

2 International Airports, smaller Harbor City Internatonal and the very large Stone City International Airport.


Hotel rooms: 20,000 not including those to be or currently under construction


mascot: Rocky ( Imagine Stanford's Mascot except a Rock

The opening ceremony is to take place at Federal Park in Stone City, home of the National Oval, River Arena, Stoneish Riverfront Ballpark, the Stoneish Aquatic Center, Stoneish National Tennis Center and located just North Downtown Stone City. A few improvements are to be made around the country if the bid is succesful includng the Housing and Traning Center for the teams, to be located in the suburbs of Stone City. It should be noted that it is impossible to drive from island to island, but it is very possible to ferry across the Stoneish Channel, the only games to take place on the Southern Island are in Clarkbay, the rest would take place on the North Island and Highway connects the three, One highway rounds the entire island and another crosses from Stone City to Berryford.

-The Stone Republic

This is also me letting everyone know that what I said a few weeks ago about school, scrap that, try something more like... update maybe every 2 weeks? Much slower schedule now... some challenging courses that will take very much time to deal with so alot less SC4, Stone will stay around but in a much reduced form unfortunatly.



This weekend, the 57th Annual Stoneish Counties Cup began across the Island. The Stoneish Counties Cup is a tournement between the 20 All County squads that represent each county, city or Island across this 1500 square mile stretch of land and sea. In the leadup to the tournament the bottom 4 in last years tournament and the 4 who didn't qualify play round robin against each other and the 4 teams with the most points advance as the bottom 4 seeds in the tournament, the 4 who did not qualify this year were: Palmstead, Brookburg, Portburg and Farmingwich Counties. The Whole competition is home/away except, if needed, Finals game 3 which, if needed, takes place at The Inset, Stone River Stadium, or City Stadium, whichever is not used in Finals game 1 or 2. Priority is in that order. Previous season Top 4 cannot face each other in First or second round matches.
This season, 9 stadiums are being used, The Stadiums are:


1. The Inset, Capital Harbor, Clarkbay
2. Grand Horizon Stadium, Waterfront District, Newich
3. Victoria Channel, Riverfront, Berryford
4. Arnon County High School, Arnon District, Arnon County
5. Victoria Overlook, The Northeast Edge, Eaglegrove
6. Kentscroft High School Stadium, East Tip, Kentscroft
7: St. Vincents High School Stadium, St.Vincents, Pacific Cove
8: Stoneish River Stadium, Downtown District, Stone City
* City Stadium is also used for Harbor City Matches but was excluded from the official list.
So as it goes, The First Round Scores:


Sep 3 Eaglegrove 1-0 Pacific Territory Victoria Overlook
Sep 3 Arnon [P] 1-1 Clarkbay AHS Field
Sep 4 Harbor City 2-1 Channel Territory City Stadium
Sep 4 Berryford [P] 0-0 Waterford Victoria Channel
Sep 4 Kentscroft 0-1 Central Territory KHS Field
Sep 5 Newich 2-1 Vancouver Territory Grand Horizon Stadium
Sep 5 Pacific Cove 3-0 Waterdale SVHS Field
Sep 5 Stone City 4-1 Clarkswillow Stoneish River Stadium

The fact that Clarkbay is now out of the cup in the First round is major. Clarkbay has historically been a poor county squad but has in the past 10 years recieved 4 silvers, 3 bronzes, 4th in 2003 and 2006 and losing in the second round in 2005, however that was to Stone City, who is trying for their seventh straight Cup win.


The 4 Round 2 matches will be:
Sep 10 Berryford Central Territory 5:00 PM
Sep 10 Stone City Pacific Cove 8:00 PM
Sep 12 Harbor City Newich 2:30 PM
Sep 12 Arnon County Eaglegrove 6:00 PM

*No matches will be held on September 11 as a salute to those who lost their lives in the Terror Attacks on 9/11/2001 in the neighboring United States. 

Stoneish Premier League Scores

POS Team Played W D L: GD PTS
1 Clarkbay 25 20 4 1 41 64
2 Stone City 24 15 6 3 22 51
3 Harbor City 24 14 7 3 23 49
4 Roses United 25 12 9 4 14 45
5 Berryford Eagles 24 12 8 4 18 44
6 Clarkswillow 1938 24 10 9 5 8 39
7 St. Vincent Angels 25 11 5 9 1 38
8 Kentscroft 24 8 5 11 - 8 29
9 Arsenel Pacific 24 6 6 12 - 8 24
10 Springmeadow 23 6 6 11 - 10 24
11 Newich 24 6 6 12 - 13 24
12 Elkvale Motors 24 5 8 11 - 14 23
13 Channel United 24 5 6 13 - 17 21
14 Eaglegrove 23 3 9 11 - 17 18
15 Waterdale 23 4 3 16 - 18 15
16 North Waterford 24 2 9 13 - 22 15

Currently Clarkbay has a 13 point lead over Stone City, if Clarkbay can maintain this while Stone City plays their next 2 games, they will clinch the Premier League.

This weeks results

Roses United 1-2 St. Vincents Angels
North Waterford 1-3 Harbor City
Channel United 2-2 Elkvale Motors
Stone City 1-1 Eaglegrove
Waterdale 2-0 Newich
Kentscroft 3-3 Arsenel Pacific

[smiles represent the crowds reaction typically... sometimes the presenters reaction]


[Just play the first 30 seconds]

Sean Watson: And on tonights show, we will be showcasing the Volvo S40 and taking it round the Crossover Loop but first, The Headlines.

Joe Kerr: Elkvale has announced this week that they will be producing a new compact convertable for production in the SR next year but only 1200 will be made.


George Bolton: Fat chance, now, This most recent weekend a Formula one champion was, not declared, that is still a very tight race and May I recommend you tune in Sunday September 12th at noon to catch the footage on STV4 albiet not live unfortunately.

Joe: Also announced this week, Fiat is to begin selling the 500 in 165 US dealerships next year. Specifically, 165 Crysler Group Dealers. Also on that 5 dealers are to open next year in our nation. :)

Sean: And now on to our review. Now the S40, the T5 AWD will be the one we'll be showcasing and... well you'll see....

[Rolling clip]

[Car noises begin]

Sean: The Volvo S40..... Turbo

[Music plays]

Sean: 227 horsepower, Gas powered, comes in front wheel drive but this one is all wheeled, seven dead zero to sixty time and top speed of 130. As for the mileage, if you live in St. Vincents; you'll get great mileage. If you live in Springmeadow? I'd get something else. So far sounds like a car i'd buy though, but is it?

Sean: Yes, its a Volvo. And as its a Volvo, it has to be good, otherwise they call it a Ford, They can go put a Volvo engine in a Fast looking car, stick some turbos on it and it goes faster than any Ferrari I can think of.

Sean: As for the drive, I am a married man, and I do alot of grunt work around the house, therefore I go to the Home Improvement Store alot, but I won't be taking this.

[shot goes to Sean leaning against the rear trunk with it open]

Sean: Nope, there's no space! As bad as that, listen to the A/C 

[Listen to the A/C]

Sean: I take that back, It almost should be called a Ford, at best a bad Lincoln.

[back in studio]

Sean: As promised though, we must send off George onto the Crossover Loop.


Sean: Now as George heads out to the car, We should just let our new viewers know, as this is the first episode of the 43rd season, George is a former Formula Nippon Champion in Japan in the Late 90's, at one point going over to europe and testing for Minardi at one time but has since retired and come back to the Stoneland, now onto that lap.

Sean: 3,2,1 GO!

[Tire squeeling]


Sean: He's going, Up around overlook, quick exiting down to cross the gap, crosses at probably 120?


Sean: Braking hard into Studio, That is swift. That is swift, up into the sector bends, lifting off of course, might could get a bicycle round there flat out or somethig slower like a G-Wiz round there but not much else.


Sean: Round the Double, keeping the throttle steady is he, oh yes, and now we see the speed capabilities of the S40, going down past Elkvale and across the gap again topping out at the 130 i'm sure diving hard on the brakes into Penultimate and into finale,


Sean: Now onto the throttle to power back to the Line and In... now the time.

Sean: Two...

Joe: nod...

Sean: [30.gif]...

Joe: Seven point one

Sean: Thats something to end on I guess, pardon me while Joe and I go out and talk. Night

[Now Just play the last 40 seconds]

[And CUT!]

Bio's and info

Upshift is a Car show, hosted by TV personality Joe Kerr, Car Enthusiast Sean Watson and Racing Champion George Bolton who also sets the lap times as of 2006. The current Track was built in 2008 in time for 2009's season 40 on the same land as the former Test Track in Waterdale. The current track is known as the Crossover Layout while the former track is the Security Layout as it is now mainly used as a ring road around the track. The studios are and always have been located on the same site aswell.

The Show began as a concept by Sam Ashton in 1985 but took 3 years to first produce and season 1 began in November 1988 and ended in March 1989. Season two began in July 1989 and ended December of that year. In 1990 The show began its two annual seasons.The show is due to celebrate season 50 as the first season in 2014 and it is expected that the show will last into 2014.

Sean Watson

Born 26th May 1961 Newich, Young Island

Watson began his career in Cars in 1979 as a worker for John Elkvale's Car Auctions, eventually becoming an auctioneer in 1987 and chief auctioneer in 1995. He was asked in 2001 to join the cast of Upshift. He left Elkvale Auctions and accepted the job.

Joe Kerr

Born 19th October 1964 Harbor City, Edward Island

Kerr grew up in a Thetrical Family in Harbor City and began acting in the Main Street Theatres and eventually began acting in Major Motion Pictures that became large hits such as:

  • "Hiding from Badwater" (1998) with Grace Hurst and Daniel Brennen
  • "Beyond Chaos" (2002) with  David Carroll, Jonathan Robertson and Harriet Cooper
  • "Ain't got Jack" (2007) with Katie Simpson
  • "Badwater 2: Taking the Town" reprising his roles with Grace Hurst and Daniel Brennen
Ker joined the presenters of the show in 2008 after a falling out with

George Bolton

Born 12th January 1975 St.Vincents, Edward Island

Bolton grew up into cars, he was Stoneish National Karting Champion from 1984-1986, Elkvale P15 Champion 1988-1991 and Stoneish F1500 Champion in 1993 and 1994. He moved to Japan in 1995 to race Formula Nippon and became champion in 1997. He stayed there through 1998 before leaving to Europe. There he raced competitivly in Formula Nissan for a few seasons but then in late 2000 recieved a test drive for Minardi at the Dutch Zandvoort Circuit, he lost the seat to Fernando Alonso and afterwards saw his career go down hill from there. Eventually in 2004 he retired from racing. In 2005 he began doing guest appearences on Upshift and went Full Time in 2006.


I've decided what I'm going to do as for the Stone Republic. I'm keeping the same nation and the same Islands as version 1.0 however, I'll be adding a much larger Island to both the South and East (its a purty big island). I have redone Stone City and am redoing the suburbs. It will include an Army Base, the CBD, 4 rivers (1 from the ocean and then it splits into 3), A section of town known as University Park, home of 1 large mall and 1 large university.

The Capitol City will move Across the Stoneish Channel (newly formed Channel) To the North side of the new Island, near to Kentcroft which will also now be in the channel. I'm going to add 5 new cities on the New Isle. I'll post a new update soon on the New Stone City, i'm working on the suburbs now. There's going to be an airport in the West and a small one in the North which is already complete. There are a few updates which will no longer be relevent but some which are still. Due to the redo of Stone City... Adamsbridge, Arnon County. Elkvale and Maycrest will no longer be Stoneish Counties. I'll be keeping some names but as they were before I decided to restart, they're gone. The names will all return but the pre restart counties are gone. Updates are going to restart to 0 and will be less frequent however will still be frequent, the first 4 will probably be posted in the next 2 weeks but after that not too often, School will dictate how much I update and....

the Stone Republic is joining, rather starting a Union, rather restarting a Union. I was originally a part of the AUS but i'm restarting it with permission. If anyone wishes to be in it... auscjs.darkbb.com, It'll be posted there too if anyone is interested. Some cosmetic stuff is coming too, new replies banner as such. As well as on CSG. The Sports Leagues are changing too, The Football System will be changing aswell, obviously there will be 2 teams no longer in it but that'll wait till later.

The new cities will be located in the following locations:
Newich: Southwest Tip, medium sized city
Eaglegrove: Northwest Tip, medium
Clarkbay: Center, across the echannel from Kentscroft
Waterdale: That Island with the Harbor in the South East.

The new island is all large tiles aswell.




I'm thinking of restarting, I'm just not happy with where its going, I thank everyone for their support, but i'm just not happy how things are going. I have a few questions I want to know though from my supporters.


  1. Outside of the Pacific Northwest, where could the Olympic Terrain Mod Work? 
  2. What do you think I need to do better?  I have a slope mod already, got it a few days ago after Pacific Cove.
  3. Anything Else?

Please Respond, either by PM or by comment, I'm not going to be biased, If i'm flat against something i'm flat against it, if i'm on the fence, i'm on the fence. I want peoples opinions on this stuff.



First off, no update today :( Second, Replies

Evertonforever1:- I was going to choose something that was in town and the only thing I could think of was the Shell and the Mcdonalds and Mcdonalds already sponsor Clarksville FC of the Cup League

Shyguy: Thank you :), It is sad but atleast its not like nations going  to war over the game. That is possible and has happened before. The football free zones basically have 2 rules more than any other area in the county.
1. No football related cloting or accessories.
2. No discussion related to football within the zone.
Patrons and students who do not comply with these rules will be asked to leave or change clothing/subjects.

Other than its the same as any other area.

And third, Entry #2 on Stoneish Sports The Stoneish Stock Car Racing Association.

The SSCRA was founded in 2009 by a group headed by Elkvale Motors CEO Edward Elks and was designed to showcase some of the main cars sold in the Stoneish Republic sold as "Hatchback Sedans" The Bodys that are raced are the Elkvale Tigercat, Dodge Caliber, Ford Focus (Euro), Mini Cooper, Chevy HHR and Honda Civic.

Engine: 3.0L V8
Length: 170 in
Width: 72 in
Height: 38 in
Cars have a spoiler on the rear decklid.

Currently the SSCRA races at 7 tracks around the nation.

Stone Motor Speedway (1.0 Miles) Stone Motor Speedway is a purpose oval in Adamsbridge County. It plays host to racing every saturday night April through September to Late Models, Street Stocks, Legends, Bandeleros, UCARs and Sprint Cars.

Waterford Superspeedway- A 1 mile track comparable in design to Milwaukee Mile. Is located in Waterford North near Berryford.

North Waterford Raceway- 3/8 mile track located in North Waterford close to Harbor City. Has an asphalt infield with  an office and victory lane. Same stats otherwise as Stone.

Nationals ArenA. 1/4 mle track located in Stone City. Is actually the outer track at the Football Stadium in Downtown.

City Stadium- 1/5 mile track located in Harbor City. A temporary track inside the stadium. Typically a Football Stadium.

Elkvale High School Stadium- Same as Nationals ArenA except in Elkvale.

Berryford Track Stadium- Track Stadium recently completed in time for the penultimate race of the first season.Located in Berryford, is also a 1/4 mile track surrounding a pitch.

Ironbank Motor Speedway- Under Construction Track in Ironbank to be 1.5 miles in length. Similar in design to Kansas with no true Front or back stretch.

South Waterford Superspeedway- 1.5 mile track to be built in South Waterford near Stone City. Similar in desgn to Lowes Motor Speedway, South Waterford is to be a Quad-oval

2010 Schedule


Nationals Arena Stone City200 200 Laps Stone Sports April 3*
City Stadium Harbor City 250 250 laps Stone Sports April 17*
Berryford Berryford 300 300 laps Stone Sports May 2
Elkvale Elkvale 200 200 laps Stone Sports May 9
Waterford Superspeedway Waterford 400 400 laps Stoneish Broadcasting Channel May 23
North Waterford Raceway Victoria Harbor 250 250 laps Stone Sports June 5*
Stone Motor Speedway Adamsbridge 500 311 (500km) Stone Sports June 20
Nationals Arena Stone City 300 300 laps SBC July 11
North Waterford North Coast 250 250 laps Stone Sports July 25
Waterford Superspeedway Coastal Plains 400 249 laps
(400 km)
SBC August 8
Berryford Elkvale River 300 300 laps Stone Sports September 5
Stone Motor Speedway Stoneish 500 500 laps SBC September 19
* Races are on a Saturday Night

Top Drivers-
# 5 Jimmy James- KFC Tigercat. Age 33 Clarksville
# 17 Nathan Thomas- Kroger Mini Age 21 St Vincents
# 33 Jake Charles- Charles Towing Dodge Age 25 Waterford
#51 Michael Morris- Morris Bail Bonds Ford- Age 46 Ironbank
# 67 Marc Chaney- Whataburger Honda- Age 28 Maycrest 
# 72 Walter Howell- Hooters Chevy- Age 53 Harbor City
# 81 Harry Kraemer- Piggly Wiggly Ford- Age 43 Pacific Cove 
# 92 Bruce Robinson- Robinson Grocers Mini- Age 37 Clarkswillow
# 99 Preston Howell- Howell Car Care/Midas- Age 31 Harbor City
# 02 Michael Duffy- Kroger Dodge- Age 26 Kentscroft

The two best drivers on the tour are Jake Charles and Michael Duffy. Charles holds the current points lead but Duffy has only run 6 races due to the costs of transportinig racing equiptment from Kentscroft to Stone City and then to wherever the race is that weekend.
Walter and Preston Howell both run out of the Howell Motorsports stable. Due to their Grocer affiliations Thomas and Kraemer are bitter rivals. Other bitter rivals are Charles and Duffy and  Chaeney and James.

Official Sponsors
Texaco, official Fuel Provider of the SSCRA

Coverage of the Stoneish 500 will be internationally broadcast.

Shyguy: I will continue daily till round update 25 when i'll scale it back, 1 a day, it does take something out of you :) I'm probably gonna take a day off soon, i'm not sure when but It'll be one soon. Maybe Saturday? Thank you on the marina :), Sonic Burgers are good aren't they? mmm is right :)

Pablobergonci: My bad, Its usually off :)

Political Map :O

Before the update though, news broke today out of Harbor City and the Stoneish National Times has the story, take it away Billy (Billy Thompson, Senior Editor of the SNT):


And finally update time :D

We as always, begin with the new flag of the county we're visiting tonight

Now the story of Clarkswillow is that of a community divided. The County of Clarkswillow is located in the Northwest of the Nation, and it is divided into two villages, the Village of Clarkswillow in the East, and the village of Pacificwillow in the West, Pacific Willow is the absolute western most community in the nation. This divide is not a physical one, but an allegiance. To Football.

Let me explain, in 1902, a man named John Harrold Fish founded the first fooball club in Pacificwillow named Roses United, they were the first and only club on the island... for 36 years that is. In 1938 a former RU player by the name of Jonathan Moore established a new football club in the neighboring community of Clarkswillow named 1938 Clarkswillow FC.

Clarkswillow Village


Roses United Kit

Pacific View Park (Capacity 2,500)

1938 Clarkswillow FC
1938 Clarkswillow FC Kit

Clarkswillow Road

Now how are these two sleepy villages who combine to hold 2,000 people possibly able to be such bitter rivals?

It all started here at the Oceans Pub in Pacificwillow in 1952. At this time the two sides were both mid-table in League 2 but on August 4th, the season was  coming to a close and a promotion spot was up for grabs and a fierce game ensued on the 23rd august and after the game one Clarkswillow player, Nigel Hull, went in for a drink after the tough loss but minutes after he entered, some RU supporters arrived and began tantilizing him, some of his squadmates were arriving late but saw the situation and came to the defenses of Hull but the RU supporters continued and before long an all out bar fight ensued, bringing injury to 2 supporters and 1 1938 player. The situation remained at this level till 1973.

In 1973 a simiar situation occured, it was late August, the season was winding down and there was and this time the roles switched but this time the RU players fought back and what ensued has been known as the 1973 Clarkswillow Brawl.  3 People were injured in the confrontation and this set the stage for this amazing rivalry.

Few places are off limits to agression on this topic, only 3 places have been designated as Football Free zones by the government of the county, Island High School, Pacific Brewery and the Clarkswillow Post Office. One additional place thats kinda off topic is the Lookout Bunker built in 1979 as a lookout since Clarkswillow is the most Western city in the Nation but its not open to the public and is run out of Stone City.

IHS. Island High has SHSAA teams in all sports but Football, Most teams do play at Clarkswillow due to its versatility. It is Football neutral. Field Hockey plays at PVP though :)

Post office is in the North of the Isle.

As a leadout shot I would like to give an architectural explanation, not many will know of this place i'm sure but I have some kin down there and I like the Town Square/ Downtown area of it and the Town Square in Clarkswillow Village had a real life inspiration, Jacksonville, Alabama, USA. Its located in the East, north-northeast of Gadsden
I don't know if anyone cares but I thought i'd offer that insight.

NEXT TIME: Waterford, we'll see :) I expect to finish up on my region soon and I'll post the full sports update then :) After update 12 or 14 (I won't be doing an update 1X, superstitions :)


Update 9: Kentscroft

Shyguy- Thank You :) Expect more jerseys every update, including this one :D I have 42 Clubs and probably between 15-25 counties so upto 67 Jerseys :D While yes it was the name of the city, it is in this case supposed to be the name of the club, thats why its actually dark blue rather than black, thats why I did the Blue seats and put the club logo bottom left too :)  Ty, I have alot of JBsimio and Spa's stuff.

Schulmanator- Thank you, I know you are in high standing in the CJ community so this means alot from you, not that it doesn't from anyone :)

Everyone seems to love that dragstrip, strange that its like "Old Fashioned Rock and Roll," barely made the album and was just used for filler :P

Now to tonights update,



Kentscroft is famous for numerous things, first is it's famed marina on the North.
This would be the home of any future sailing events in any simlympic bid, Kentscroft is somewhat of a wealthy play thing.

second most famous part of the Kentscroftish Culture is The Soccer/Football Club,


Kentscroft plays in League 2 this season but the reserve squad is part of the league (that is , the reserve league) as Kentscroft has historically played in the Cup League.

And the third of this list is the Kentscroft Brewery, brewer of Stoneish Ale, Kentscroft Light and a few other lagers aswell.

Currently another speciality that belongs to Kentcroft and only Kentcroft is the only Hard Rock Cafe in the Stone Republic

No Region Shot but an all city shot will work right?

Next Time: UPDATE 10! Clarkswillow, the most opposite a place can get from another in the SR, Clarkswillow is a typical Pacific NW climate in the NW of the nation but has more of a feel of a Nova Scotian town.



Reikhardt: Thanks, noted  and done :), agreed, slope mods affect it immensely.

DC: Thanks, I have to disgree with you slightly about the region, I have some terraforming fixing to do between berryford, adamsbridge and elkvale. :D

Now I'm doing the updates the same on every site and I promised that I would do something special for 1,000 views so I decided that I would start adding county flags to each update and we are at 1,028 now so here we go :)


If anyone is wondering those are not those soviet things (forget what they're called) in the top left of the soviet flag, its anchors :) And considering the bottom of the flag I think you can figure out where we are going today,

Harbor City

Harbor City is the third city of the Stone Republic, located in the nations Northeast it is the beach town of the nation aswell, also known as "Party Town" due to the university.


Harbor City is also home to two Cup League Football Clubs, Elkvale Motors, owned by the Elkvale Motors Corperation in Stone City is one of them. Originally South Harbor, in 1998, EVM purchased the club during a short stint in the cup league, The team has flip-flopped between the upper two divisions alot during its stint under EVM ownership but is currently in the Cup League (top league). It has won some L2 titles but no CL titles yet. They play at the 6,000 Seat Harbor Park next to the university.

The other is the more famous, the Arsenel of the Stoneish Cup League, historically, behind Nationals F.C. in Stone City, the Stoneish ManU and Berryford the Stoneish Chelsea, Harbor City.

Harbor City plays their home matches at  the 50,000 seat City Stadium in North Harbor, Harbor City.

Harbor City has won 15 Stoneish Cups during their long and illustrious history.

Continuing on the topic of sport, Harbor City is home of the only drag racing track in the Republic, Harbor City Dragway in Airport Road.

Harbor City is steeped in culture, Primarily at Theatre Row, home of the Theatre in Harbor City, You have the Smith, Johnson, Wilson and Howard Theatres all at one location.

Theatre Row is located just off the heart of Harbor City on Main Street. The True heart of Harbor City is some point about 2-3 blocks east of City Stadium but what is known as the heart of harbor city is the corner of Main and Main, that is, Main Street (North/South) and Main Ave. (East/West but pretty short really).

Now on to transport, The main way to go from town to town in the stoneish republic is the Stoneish National Federal Highway System. The main way to get from the Stone Republic to other nations is the Stoneish Airstream system, both of which are prominent in Harbor City.

Harbor City International Airport

SNFHS Highway 73 1st exit to Harbor City (1st exit in the county, I have to do some more surrounding Harbor City).

Highway 73 Exit 2 in Harbor City.

There are 2 highways in H.C, 73 which goes next to downtown before veering West along the coast and crossing highway 43 for the third exit in Harbor City, the "county."The dragway and Airport are off Highway 43.

Region Shot, oriented towards Harbor City.

Sport Teams (Another 1,000 view new feature for new cities)
All H.C. Teams are Domestic

Harbor City (Cup League- Soccer) - City Stadium
Elkvale Motors (Cup League- Soccer) - Harbor Park
Harbor City University (L2- Soccer) - University Stadium (750)
West Harbor United (L2- Soccer) - University Stadium (750)
Raptors North (L3- Soccer) - University Stadium
Harbor City Stingers (SBL- Baseball) City Stadium
Bombers- (Stoneish 8- Rugby) City Stadium
Vipers- (SGL- Gridiron Football) City Stadium
Harbor City High School Lions (SHSAA)
Phoenixes- (SLL- Lacrosse)- Harbor Park

Next time: Kentcroft, i'm getting through all my Cup league cities and typical Cup league cities :)

Update 8 1/2- Sports in general in the Stone Republic



DC- Thanks :)

Coolsim- The super 8 and Red Roof Inn, the super 8 is on a few sites and I got it and almost all of my SG stuff on SC4 devotion.

Shyguy- Expect Arnon County around update 15-20, I am kinda jumping around though so who knows, I know where I plan to go in the next 1-3 updates and a few certain updates down the road, ie. the Regional Flags update, The New Years update and Christmas updates (it will be christmas, not to turn away anyone because of anything religious but its the stoneish holiday mostly :)) and the Football Updates for the stoneish cup and the Counties Cup Finals/


Pacific Cove

This is a multi tile county so map :)



The county seat of Pacific Cove is St. Vincent in the north, home of...


St. Vincent's Church :)

We can't go into our rural communities without looking at the High School Football so I present St. Vincent's High School, home of the Tigers....


(note, we'll see more HS Football later :) )

SVHS is also home of the St. Vincent Angels SFA Cup League Squad.

Those who visit and or live in Pacific Cove and St. Vincent in particular will know Birch's Corner, home of Birch's Resteraunt, Birch's Mini Mart and Birch's Farm.


St. Vincent's is also home to the Elkvale Motors Factory. Elkvale Motors was founded by a group of Elkvale citizens who felt that current cars did not meet their needs so they decided to build some of their own cars, soon other citizens wanted these cars and eventually the company boomed and currently has multiple entities across the nation including the Elkvale Brand of Cars producing numerous models and Elkvale Motors F.C. in Harbor City. The company is headquarterd in Stone City and produces its car out of this factory.


Now we move on out of St. Vincent and we leave you with this shot.


And we go south to... Southern Cove :D

Southern Cove is acutually a district and village in the district along with Pacific Village and Inland Corner. First we'll begin with the High School (told ya we wern't finished with...) and FOOTBALL!!!! Pacific Village- Southern Cove High School is located on Acadamy Road between the two villages. Unlike most of our HS's visited so far, PVSCHS is not home to a professional soccer/football club and if you look at the field you'll see why :).


One of the major points of note in Southern Cove is the Grocers rivalry...

in 1903, Allan Harper opened a Kroger Store on Main Street in the town of Southern Cove, in 1925 another man, Richard "Rick" James opened another grocer next door, a  Piggly Wiggly. The two soon developed a rivalry which escalated to various tactics to steer customers to their store, or atleast away from the competitor. In 1937 the Pacific Cove County Government imposed restrictions to stop their foolish antics. The rivalry has slowed but the two factions still refuse to change alliances to this day. They would rather head to St. Vincents ten miles away than go to the other grocer.


Next to Southern Cove is Pacific Village...


And thats most of what you'll see here in town, lets head on back to the hotel, right?


That about does it for this trek through Pacific Cove, we will leave you with three things, first, a region shot:


second, I will invite you to experiance the Stoneish Football League System, i'll follow up on this at later points but looky if you likey :D It explains the SFA's system and includes a map :D


and finally, we will finally visit the Stone Republic's third city, Harbor City, the Stoneish Beach town but also home of the second largest Stoneish Stadium, City Stadium (50,000).


This will be followed offish to an extent to the CJ itself but I would like to introduce the Stoneish Football System and the Stoneish Cup League. The Season is coming to a close but thats whats so good, we caught it at just the right time :D

I do things complex so before you advance, be sure to devote the next 10-20 minutes to this atleast.

We begin with simply a map of the Teams and the logos.
The star represents where the team plays, The logo/crest/shield represents the teams. Where it has the three stars in the center, the upper one is Elkvale United, the middle is Clarksville F.C. (CFC ;)) and the bottom is East Stone.

And a team list: (teams with a * have either been included in an update or are in a city that has been included in an update)

*Nationals F.C.- Nationals ArenA (23,500) West Stone, Stone City
*East Stone F.C. – East Stone Road (5,000) East Stone, Stone City
*Airship United- Air Field (3,500) South Stone, Stone City
*Stone University- University Park (3,000) University Park, Stone City
*Clarksville, F.C.- ACHS Field (7,500) Clarksville, Adamsbridge County
*Berryford Eagles- Berryford Field (4,000) Pacific East, Berryford
*St. Vincents Angels- SVHS Field (5,000) St. Vincent, Pacific Cove
Harbor City- City Stadium (50,000) North Harbor, Harbor City
Elkvale Motors- Harbor Park (6,000) South City, Harbor City
*Elkvale United- EHS Stadium (2,000) Elkvale, Elkvale
St. Vincent is in today's update :) Harbor City will be update 8.
Soon I'll get some standings up for ya'll :)
The Stoneish System is four divisions deep, the Cup League (see above), League 2 (16 teams) and LEague 3 (16 teams) make up the promotion/relegation levels and an independent Reserves League is also run by the SFA with the 10 historically League 1 teams reserves. This includes Nationals, East Stone, Airship, Stone University, Berryford, Clarksville, Berryford, St Vincents Angels, Harbor City, Elkvale United and Kentcroft (currently in L2 though but historically L1). Elkvale Motors has historically been in League 2 but has recently replaced Kentcroft F.C. in the Cup League. Clarksville is in the Cup League now but is historically a flip flopping team between the CL and L2. One of 2 every year.
There are a few cups that occur each season

Stoneish Cup 42 teams.

  • Playoffs Round: The playoff round is between teams 13-16 in last years League 3 standings play round robin to decide who advances to the group stage, top 2 advance. This is done in December at indoor venues in Stone City, Berryford and Harbor City.

  • Group Stage: The remaining 40 teams go into pots and 1 team from each pot is put into its own group.
  • Pot 1: 10 teams now in the Cup League
  • Pot 2- Teams 1-10 in League 2.
  • Pot 3: Teams 11-16 in L2 and Teams 1-4 in League 3.
  • Pot 4 Teams 5-12 in League 3 and the 2 advancing playoff teams.
  • Relegated to teams go in the upper pot for the current league to replace the teams who were promoted and vice-versa (such as Clarksville will be relegated to League 2 next year and will replace Kentcroft so next year Kentcroft will be #9 in Pot 1 and Clarksville #1 in Pot 2.
  • 1 team from each pot goes into a pool lettered A-J. This is randomly drawn and done at the National New Years Party.
  • The teams play Double round Robin against each other in March and April. Top team advances

  • The teams are then sorted by amount of points followed by goal difference followed by away goals, the President of the SFA then makes an executive decision if it who is seeded where.
  • The bottom 4 teams play a round against each other.
  • The two advancing teams are seeded against the best two group stage teams.
  • Seeds go 1.v.8, 4.v.5, 2.v.7, 3.v. 6.
  • The 4 teams that advance are then placed by seed, highest.v. lowest, high mid.v. low mid.
  • The winning teams face each other in the Stoneish Cup final
  • The losing teams play for the bronze.
  • Medals are formally presented at the New Years party.
League Cup- Top 4 teams in the League play for the League Cup at the end of the season. Champion of League is the one with the highest points total, of the league cup is the one that wins the LC Playoff.

L2 Cup- L2 version of the LC.

L3 Cup- L3 version


Reserves Cup- Reserves League version.

As the season goes, every sunday there is/are Counties Cup Matches. The counties Cup is between the all county or all island teams of each Stoneish County. Historically the victor is typically Stone City but sometimes Berryford or Harbor City wins and occasionally there will be a Giant Killer that miraculously wins.

Stone City- 31 titles
Berryford- 12 titles
Harbor City- 8 titles
Pacific Cove- 2 titles (96', 03')
Kentcroft- 1 title (86')
Arnon County- 1 title (72')
Middlesburg- 1 title (65')
56 Counties Cups have been played. The first occuring in 1948 (Stone City won) but not again till 1951. 4 were then played before the competition was discontinued again after which the competition was revived in 1958 and has occured every year since. The final occurs every year at National Stadium in Stone City's National Stadium (Not Nationals Arena, the club stadium), the 1.v.4 semifinal in Harbor City's City Stadium and the 2.v.3 semi in a smaller city announced at the Stone City New Years festival and the third place match takes place in Berryford's Berryford Field. The semi's usually take place in september and the Finals/third place matches the week of the 15th. The teams play double round robin against all other county teams. If a county team withdraws from the competition before September 1st than all games against them weather the game has been played or not are called a loss for the withdrawn county (1-0 final score) and the team is placed at the bottom of the table with 0 points. If 2 or more teams withdraw then all games against other withdrawn teams are given a loss for both teams so that it is impossible for withdrawn teams to finish tied or above non withdrawn teams.

For my Simtropolis viewers the Pacific Cove update is coming in the next couple hours, for my other viewers who wished to learn about Stoneish football/soccer, You would have found out about this through the update

I'll post some jerseys soon for the counties cup final :).

P.S. I reference the New Years Party alot, the SFA President is given the 8:30 slot for it, he gets about 30 minutes, not the whole party :)


Update 6: Elkvale


First reply is a general note really, each update will be different, Each in the sense that i think will showcase the city best. Historical places will be a large story, scenic places tours (Adamsbridge), major places, more or less will be a big showcase and such.

Maurus: thanks, talked to you in advance.

shyguy: Thanks, and thank god for regular backups 4.gif

Elkvale, home of Elkvale Lake

Elkvale County is located in the north of the Stone Republic, south of Berryford and North of Adamsbridge. Elksvale isn't large but, boy (or girl if there are any female readers) , she sure is beautiful  :(

We begin with the the pinnical of every day life in Elkvale. Typically you will find the local youths at Davis' Mini Mart and Chevron Station on the 91 to 391 Elkvale Bypass. Its located across from Perkins and Elkvale Elementary and next to the Elkvale TSC. To locals it is simply called, "The Station""The Hole" (as in the watering hole) and "The Chevron." It opened in 1979 at the hand of Robert Allan Davis Jr. A lifelong Elkian.

And on the other corner at that intersection is the local burger king. This Burger King has lasted so long in Elkvale that most citizens were not even alive when it opened in 1959. While it is not considered the watering hole in town, it is still the most popular eatery in town.

(Sorry bout the size 45.gif)

Guests have two choices when stayinig in elkvale, the Super 8 just west of town or the Red Roof Inn overlooking the lake.


Typically when you come into town you'll be taking 91 in and exit, seeing the signs on the side of the highway.


And like alot of rural american places you'll quickly see a cracker barrell

The second highest watched sport in our stoneish nation is HS Football (american) and in Elkvale the team is the Elkvale County Knights who play at ECHS's field.

The baseball team doesn't play at the school nor does the professional team the Elksville Railers. They play at Elkvale Park which overlooks the town and the lake.

And on your way out of town we leave you with this

And on your way to the reply button we leave you with this region shot.

Next time: Pacific Cove in the west :) And soon an update on the Stoneish Cup League (Association Football) and update 25 will be special :)

Expect daily updates till around the end of august since I don't do too much with my time.

Nearing 700 views. 150 in 1 day, sweet :D. I'll do something special after 2500.


Shyguy- Gotcha already I'm gonna do a counties flag update after about 25? since thats where my counties will stop. Room included for updates like #3 and kinda this one too.

Zahrul3- I thank you for taking your time to read this and your insight but, one, i'm confused by your wording but if I get what you're saying, I almost lost the region messing with the config.bmp file and I don't want to restart and possibly deal with that so while I thank you for your insight I unfortunatly will not be taking your advice. Maybe i'll do a redo one day but not now. Because of that I had to go to my backup from 2 days before and ended up when berryford was at 7,000 and Stone City at 28,000. Got that upto about 125k now though.

Now as for the update, no Pacific Cove, just Stone Island. Pacific Cove may come in update 7. This update sort of is a spinoff of update 3. (i'm already doing a spinoff update :D)

Stone Island was settled in 1846 by James Young II of Cornwall who landed in the north of the isle and immidiatley built a home on the northside as did many other settlers who came with him as part of 4 ships and founded an establishment of 560 settlers. 5 outlook posts were built in the corners of the isle, a large fort and a farm were built on the isle. in the settlement was a saloon, a bank, a church and a courthouse.


Soon though tensions with the british homeland in the atlantic and the stones in the pacific heightened and on the dawn of the 6th august 1863 the british rose over the horizon and soon, the settlers remaining back at the settment heard the first shots of the battle of South Stone Island fired. Soon though, the british overpowered the Stoneish settlers and began burning some of the stoneish landmarks like the farm and the SW outpost. They also set fire to the local saloon and it caused a fire which burned 2 half blocks and killed 10 residents of the settlement in the Great Stoneish Fire of 1863.

Stoneish Attack Outpost

Stoneish Attack Outpost burned by the brits.

SW outpost burning

Farm Before

Farm After

Stoneish Saloon Fire after the saloon burns

Remains of the 1863 Fire

After the Fire, the brits were in charge and they planned to keep it that way, but the stones didn't. In 1873, one stoneish man, Calvin Thomas, took it upon himself to take out the british and it epically back fired. with Mr. Thomas being taken prisinor by the British and tortured for 5 years before being executed in 1880. This angered the settlers and as a result they took up arms against the british and somehow after seven years of fighting, took the island for themselves. On 15th May 1887 at the West House, the british surrendered to the Stones and the Isle became independent.

gallowsforthethomasexec.jpgThe execution site of Calvin Thomas.

The west house, the center of the three.


Next Update: Elkvale, North of Adamsbridge, South of Berryford. A mountain resort town. With Alps influences to a point. 4.gif

39.gifWoot! woot! We've passed 500 views (499 probably me psycoticly checking back 3.gif) I'm kidding even if I do check back alot. It really does mean alot and thanks.



Update 4 : Berryford


Welcome to the north, Berryford! Berryford is the second city of the Stone Republic, what LA is to New York, What Birmingham is to London, What Milan is to Rome. Berryford is smaller in stature to Stone City in the south, Stone is also much flatter than Berryford, however, Berryford's bridges along the Elkvale River are simply beautiful....


I would even go to say that the last one is spectacular....


But this isn't about bridges, this is about Berryford.

Speaking of which...


While still high up in the downtown skyscrapers but the largest building in Berryford is the Omni Hotel-Berryford. The Pacific is the most massive building... next to Pacific Arena, home of the Berryford Brawlers Hockey Team 1.gif (capacity: 16,000)

Flight is also common in Berryford. Berryford West Airport (This shot is from over the sea in the north 19.gif)


The Airport is only 1 runway and 1 terminal, the airport caters to smaller craft then SCIA down south.



I've expanded Stone City to about 95k and Berryford is59K, Adamsbridge is virtually nothing 17.gif Its only that small Clarksville settlement. The Prime M's retreat isn't res 1.gif New settlement's are coming my friends 4.gif

As for that flag notice/post thingy last night, I followed shyguy's advice...


What do ya'll think?

The strip thing is on purpouse, its not a random gray stripe, its a random white stripe with a gray stripe at the bottom 1.gif

Next Time: A combo, large update: Pacific Cove and Stone Island



This is more of a notice, I am not very creative for some things... like flags, if anyone has seen Toso Arroyo (my old CJ)...



If anyone has nothing else to do soon, I was wondering if anyone would like to do the flag and/or coat of arms? Full credit and the entire Western half of the Berryford Tile (its a large one) will go to you :) I have nothing in mind except for the coat of arms saying ...

Is quisnam est patiens , est laurifer

Thats our motto, I believe it means: To the patient, goes the victory... (I used some translator and I forget what I said now :P)

If you want to do the C.O.A. thats the only request, for the flag, i'd like to see what you come up with. If I get a few then i'll open up a vote

And another random note, the reason that i want to name stuff after people is because I had originally planned a CJ back in early 09 (2 comps ago) in which I would recognize dignitaries and such by having roads and such named after  them. It never even started up :D

We are in upwards of 250 views already and I thank everyone for their support,



Update 3: Stats

As promised statistics and information :)

Official Name: United Counties, towns, cities and villages of te stone republic

National Anthem (As of 2005) :

Capital: Stone City

Largest City: Stone City

Official Languages: English

Demonym: Stoneish or stones

Government: Representative Democracy

  • Prime Minister: Matthew Whitehead
  • Governor of the Congress: Howard Billings
  • Chief Justice of the Courts: Edward Snelling
Congress proposes a bill, majority vote wins, bill advances, Prime Minister yay's or nay's it, if nay, congress must pass with overwhelming majority of 75%, if yay or succesful revote, advances to the courts for yay or nay. The supreme court's decision is final however only congress can vote on new justices. The most experianced Judge on the court  is the Chief Justice.

Independence: 1887 from Great Britain

Area: 422 km

Population: 30,000 (Expected around 1,000,000 or atleast 400,000)

GDP Per Capita: 30,000

Time Zone: UTC -8

Date format: dd/mm/yyyy or dd/mm/yy'

Internet TlD: .stn

Calling Code: +984

Drives on the right


In 1846, James Young II of Cornwall landed on the north side of a rocky island which he named stone. Initially the stone settlement was poor in quality but as time went on, conditions improved, even to where the british soldiers were about to move their Pacific base to stone, but they didn't without a fight, and fight they did, the stoneish people were armed and ready, they told the british as soon as they got the news, there was no way stone was to become the brit's play thing. And finally at the dawn of 6th August 1863 the Stoneish saw the brit's ships on the horizon and as soon as they got within range, from behind the logs and trees along the beaches of stone, they fired. First it should be said that The republic of Stone is on multiple islands and the main one including the one stone city is on is actually Edward's Island, Stone Island is located south of Edward's Island, back on topic. The stones came out with guns blazing but it was not enough and the brits overpowered them. Taking stone, establishing a base in the south and keeping the stones prisinor in the north. A small uprising took place in 1873 in which a stonish man, Calvin Thomas, broke into the British Base on the southside during the night and as the troops came to the armory to take up their arms shot at them at dawn. Two guardsmen subdued him before long and for the next five years he was tortured before being executed by the british in 1880 after two years in prison. This led to the Stonish becoming extremely angry and as such, attacked. The ensuing revoluton lasted seven years and eventually led to the stoneish defeating the british due to mastery of the terrain and achieving independence. The stoneish population eventually extended beyond Stone Island, to Edward Island, Kings Island and Pacific Island before eventually nearly abandoning Stone Island except a small population, still on the north side.

World War II broke out in 1942 in Stone when the Japanese Kamikaze pilots crashed into downtown Stone City, destryoing the tallest buildings and destroying the buildings of Federal Isle. Then Prime Minister Red Ryder was in Adamsbridge at his retreat east of Clarksville (see update 2) and was unharmed. Congress was not in session and, while 5 congressmen were in downtown at the time, most were at their homes or in Berryford (see update 4 tonight) and the courts were not in session for the day so the majority of the government was still fine. Congress took session under the emergency clause of the constitution in the Bunker (undisclosed location South of Berryford).

Emegency Clause states: Under an executive deemed National Emergency, a special congress will meet at at a national bunker location. This congress shall operated with supreme power over the nation and consist of the 4 most experienced congressional officials, the Prime Minister, Governor, Chief of the courts and Commander of the Stoneish Armed Forces

The Emergency Congress called on the armed forces and counter attacked Japan and such fighting ensued until the Americans stepped in and backed the Japanese away in 1944. On November 12th, 1944, Japan signed a peace treaty with the Prime Minister of the Stone Republic to officially end the fighting.

During the cold war, Stone saw much spying between the soviets and americans and was somehow able to avoid the conflict completely and maintain a position of neutrality and as we have reached the new millinium, Stone has developed a wonderful telecommunications industry as well as an automotive industry worth noting. Major General Matthew Whitehead was elected to his first term as Prime Minister in 1997 and was elected to his third term (6 years) in 2009.

Possibly an update on Berryford tonight, may be towmorrow though.



Welcome to Adamsbridge County

Just to the north of Stone City is Adamsbridge County and Clarksville, so what are you waiting for, lets get going :)

Out of the hotel we head up the highway and cross into Adamsbridge county on Highway 91

And as soon as we enter Adamsbridge County we come across...

Stone Motor Speedway! Here every saturday night you can come to see Late Models, Street Stocks, Legends, Bandeleros, UCARs and Sprint Cars. Stone Motor Speedway hosted SASCAR Races in the 70's and is currently host to the SASCAR Weekly Series on the 1/2 mile bullring, Every Saturday Night. We're just looking though since its Tuesday and they aren't racing for 4 more nights :).

So we hit the ol' beaten path again and start our trek up to Clarksville, On Highway 91.

Highway 91 through Adamsbridge is a twisty and windy road, even the exit ramps!

We're exiting right at Exit 2 and like almost any highway exit through appalachia From SE Tennessee to NW Virginia we see Gas, Food and Lodging at the sides of the road we turn on immediatly


So since its here, why not indulge on some Stone Culture? How's bout' chowin down on a West Burger at West's Resteraunt?

We head on round the bends and over the hills and arrive finally in Clarksville

Clarksville itself, isn't much to stop for, however, Clarksville is only the residential establishment in Adamsbridge County, which means its home to the School which is...


Adamsbridge County High School home of....


The ACHS Wildcats have won 12 SRHSAA in Football, a National Record. Although mostly ignored, in Soccer/Football, ACHS Stadium also plays host to Clarksville Athletic of the Stoneish Premier League (of the Stone Association).

But We got here at the wrong time and the players have just gone into the school to practice in the gym due to the searing 110 degree heat there is in Clarksville so lets head on, although off the beaten path, the most famous attraction in Adamsbridge would have to be right next door to the school and yet due to its most famous event, is somewhat the least appropriate attraction in Stone.

Valley Arena, home of the Annual Adamsbrige Musicfest, the closest that the Stone Republic comes to Woodstock, the typically small Clarksville becomes one of the largest cities in the Stone Republic one weekend a year, typically hitting numbers up to 60,000 in attendence or more.

Now I've found a road, just off the main road and round a corner from the High School and downtown (can I really call it that?). I don't know where it leads, but there are no top secret government facilities over this way so lets check it out? why not?

Head on up the hill and what's this cabin? Oh my gosh! Its summer home of Matthew Whitehead 6.gif You don't know who Major General Matt is? Only the Current and in his third term as the Prime Minister of the entire Republic and popularly regarded as the one who will be considered the best there will be. And guess who answers the door when we knock, yup, the Prime Minster himself....'s Security Guard :P

The guard says that I can stay and chat with the Prime Minister on around at his Tennis Court as i'm pretty good friends but says that unfortunatly ya'll have to leave the compound with the risk of being shot if you don't by the Oval Office (and thats not a room in this case) so on  ya go on the route I typically take to the compound....

behalf of the County of Adamsbridge, the City of Clarksville and Prime Minister Matthew Whitehead (sorry bout that, aparently you need a security clearence 30.gif) We hope you enjoyed your trip through Adamsbridge County.


redcross.gif(Note:This is a large update consult your doctor before viewing ;):P )

Note 2: This is a story and I did all this today so I know where all the roads lead :P

NEXT 2 updates/Entries into the Stone Republic

1. Towmorrow Morning- You'll get the stats on the Stone Republic as of 9:00 A.M. EST (14:00 GMT) for the Republic and....

2. Towmorrow Night- We visit the second city of the Stone Republic, Berryford in the Center of our wonderful Republic.

The top 5 supporters in my opinion (it'll be as equal as A human can make it but it will be an opinion thing really) are going to get a city named after them, until the 15th. And if you wish for a section of town to be named after you ( Current avalible sections, 6 sections in Berryford, 5 in Stone City and a possible 1 in Adamsbridge County. Lots of streets to be named though :) PM or comment to reserve a street and on that note, I figure ya'll deserve a region shot...


Next time we'll be out of the shot a little ways though so might not have one next time just a city shot :)




Welcome to the stone republic, an english speaking nation in the pacific northwest. We are a small yet proud nation and with open arms we welcome visitors to take notice of our culture. We begin in the south, the capital city of Stone City.


Our visitors fly in to SCIA (Stone City International Airport) from the east or west. The Asian/Oceainic  nations fly in through Japan Airlines to Terminal B and then take a shuttle from the concourse to the terminal where they can take their choice of transport to the hotel while the Terminal A and C concourses are attached directly to the terminal.

And then you head up through East Stone to highway 26 at which point you ride down across the river to downtown.


And you get your choice of hotels to rest your weary head... except you'll probably arrive mid day :) So you've got about 6 hours till your sleep right?

Learn the intricicies of the Stone Republic government :)


Or have some fun and catch a game nearby at the stadiums...


You can go next door to National Stadium, a block away to Hilton Arena (10% off tickets for Hilton Honors members and guests at the Doubletree or Embassy) or go to Adamsbridge Road and see a Capitals F.C. Game or a Wildcats softball game.

Next Time We visit the mountains and highways of scenic Adamsbridge County, Stone City's Rural Northern Retreat.

If you have any questions, notes etc. just ask... Streets are unnamed to this point so if you want a street or section of town (some are reserved), just ask (PM or comment). My top 5 most intense followers will get entire counties and or cities named after them (with their permission of course).


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