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Update 1 of Version 1.1: Stoneish TV: Upshift on STV4

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[smiles represent the crowds reaction typically... sometimes the presenters reaction]


[Just play the first 30 seconds]

Sean Watson: And on tonights show, we will be showcasing the Volvo S40 and taking it round the Crossover Loop but first, The Headlines.

Joe Kerr: Elkvale has announced this week that they will be producing a new compact convertable for production in the SR next year but only 1200 will be made.


George Bolton: Fat chance, now, This most recent weekend a Formula one champion was, not declared, that is still a very tight race and May I recommend you tune in Sunday September 12th at noon to catch the footage on STV4 albiet not live unfortunately.

Joe: Also announced this week, Fiat is to begin selling the 500 in 165 US dealerships next year. Specifically, 165 Crysler Group Dealers. Also on that 5 dealers are to open next year in our nation. :)

Sean: And now on to our review. Now the S40, the T5 AWD will be the one we'll be showcasing and... well you'll see....

[Rolling clip]

[Car noises begin]

Sean: The Volvo S40..... Turbo

[Music plays]

Sean: 227 horsepower, Gas powered, comes in front wheel drive but this one is all wheeled, seven dead zero to sixty time and top speed of 130. As for the mileage, if you live in St. Vincents; you'll get great mileage. If you live in Springmeadow? I'd get something else. So far sounds like a car i'd buy though, but is it?

Sean: Yes, its a Volvo. And as its a Volvo, it has to be good, otherwise they call it a Ford, They can go put a Volvo engine in a Fast looking car, stick some turbos on it and it goes faster than any Ferrari I can think of.

Sean: As for the drive, I am a married man, and I do alot of grunt work around the house, therefore I go to the Home Improvement Store alot, but I won't be taking this.

[shot goes to Sean leaning against the rear trunk with it open]

Sean: Nope, there's no space! As bad as that, listen to the A/C 

[Listen to the A/C]

Sean: I take that back, It almost should be called a Ford, at best a bad Lincoln.

[back in studio]

Sean: As promised though, we must send off George onto the Crossover Loop.


Sean: Now as George heads out to the car, We should just let our new viewers know, as this is the first episode of the 43rd season, George is a former Formula Nippon Champion in Japan in the Late 90's, at one point going over to europe and testing for Minardi at one time but has since retired and come back to the Stoneland, now onto that lap.

Sean: 3,2,1 GO!

[Tire squeeling]


Sean: He's going, Up around overlook, quick exiting down to cross the gap, crosses at probably 120?


Sean: Braking hard into Studio, That is swift. That is swift, up into the sector bends, lifting off of course, might could get a bicycle round there flat out or somethig slower like a G-Wiz round there but not much else.


Sean: Round the Double, keeping the throttle steady is he, oh yes, and now we see the speed capabilities of the S40, going down past Elkvale and across the gap again topping out at the 130 i'm sure diving hard on the brakes into Penultimate and into finale,


Sean: Now onto the throttle to power back to the Line and In... now the time.

Sean: Two...

Joe: nod...

Sean: [30.gif]...

Joe: Seven point one

Sean: Thats something to end on I guess, pardon me while Joe and I go out and talk. Night

[Now Just play the last 40 seconds]

[And CUT!]

Bio's and info

Upshift is a Car show, hosted by TV personality Joe Kerr, Car Enthusiast Sean Watson and Racing Champion George Bolton who also sets the lap times as of 2006. The current Track was built in 2008 in time for 2009's season 40 on the same land as the former Test Track in Waterdale. The current track is known as the Crossover Layout while the former track is the Security Layout as it is now mainly used as a ring road around the track. The studios are and always have been located on the same site aswell.

The Show began as a concept by Sam Ashton in 1985 but took 3 years to first produce and season 1 began in November 1988 and ended in March 1989. Season two began in July 1989 and ended December of that year. In 1990 The show began its two annual seasons.The show is due to celebrate season 50 as the first season in 2014 and it is expected that the show will last into 2014.

Sean Watson

Born 26th May 1961 Newich, Young Island

Watson began his career in Cars in 1979 as a worker for John Elkvale's Car Auctions, eventually becoming an auctioneer in 1987 and chief auctioneer in 1995. He was asked in 2001 to join the cast of Upshift. He left Elkvale Auctions and accepted the job.

Joe Kerr

Born 19th October 1964 Harbor City, Edward Island

Kerr grew up in a Thetrical Family in Harbor City and began acting in the Main Street Theatres and eventually began acting in Major Motion Pictures that became large hits such as:

  • "Hiding from Badwater" (1998) with Grace Hurst and Daniel Brennen
  • "Beyond Chaos" (2002) with  David Carroll, Jonathan Robertson and Harriet Cooper
  • "Ain't got Jack" (2007) with Katie Simpson
  • "Badwater 2: Taking the Town" reprising his roles with Grace Hurst and Daniel Brennen
Ker joined the presenters of the show in 2008 after a falling out with

George Bolton

Born 12th January 1975 St.Vincents, Edward Island

Bolton grew up into cars, he was Stoneish National Karting Champion from 1984-1986, Elkvale P15 Champion 1988-1991 and Stoneish F1500 Champion in 1993 and 1994. He moved to Japan in 1995 to race Formula Nippon and became champion in 1997. He stayed there through 1998 before leaving to Europe. There he raced competitivly in Formula Nissan for a few seasons but then in late 2000 recieved a test drive for Minardi at the Dutch Zandvoort Circuit, he lost the seat to Fernando Alonso and afterwards saw his career go down hill from there. Eventually in 2004 he retired from racing. In 2005 he began doing guest appearences on Upshift and went Full Time in 2006.

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Recommended Comments

Towerdude, That was just for the entry credits, don't mind a'tall :) Not so much of a race, its kinda based of the british show Top Gear. I tried to get the clip in at the end too but it didn't wanna be at the end apparently :P

n_wilson: Thank You, I plan on doing a few TV broadcasts they have on the stoneish networks including Stoneish Superstar (Football/Soccer) and King of the Island (American Idol Spinoff :P) Its chancing alot with V1.1 and there will be alot more backstory stuff involved.

Thank you,

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