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Stone Republic

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Update 5: Stone Island 1846- 15th May 1887, Pacific Cove note inside

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Shyguy- Gotcha already I'm gonna do a counties flag update after about 25? since thats where my counties will stop. Room included for updates like #3 and kinda this one too.

Zahrul3- I thank you for taking your time to read this and your insight but, one, i'm confused by your wording but if I get what you're saying, I almost lost the region messing with the config.bmp file and I don't want to restart and possibly deal with that so while I thank you for your insight I unfortunatly will not be taking your advice. Maybe i'll do a redo one day but not now. Because of that I had to go to my backup from 2 days before and ended up when berryford was at 7,000 and Stone City at 28,000. Got that upto about 125k now though.

Now as for the update, no Pacific Cove, just Stone Island. Pacific Cove may come in update 7. This update sort of is a spinoff of update 3. (i'm already doing a spinoff update :D)

Stone Island was settled in 1846 by James Young II of Cornwall who landed in the north of the isle and immidiatley built a home on the northside as did many other settlers who came with him as part of 4 ships and founded an establishment of 560 settlers. 5 outlook posts were built in the corners of the isle, a large fort and a farm were built on the isle. in the settlement was a saloon, a bank, a church and a courthouse.


Soon though tensions with the british homeland in the atlantic and the stones in the pacific heightened and on the dawn of the 6th august 1863 the british rose over the horizon and soon, the settlers remaining back at the settment heard the first shots of the battle of South Stone Island fired. Soon though, the british overpowered the Stoneish settlers and began burning some of the stoneish landmarks like the farm and the SW outpost. They also set fire to the local saloon and it caused a fire which burned 2 half blocks and killed 10 residents of the settlement in the Great Stoneish Fire of 1863.

Stoneish Attack Outpost

Stoneish Attack Outpost burned by the brits.

SW outpost burning

Farm Before

Farm After

Stoneish Saloon Fire after the saloon burns

Remains of the 1863 Fire

After the Fire, the brits were in charge and they planned to keep it that way, but the stones didn't. In 1873, one stoneish man, Calvin Thomas, took it upon himself to take out the british and it epically back fired. with Mr. Thomas being taken prisinor by the British and tortured for 5 years before being executed in 1880. This angered the settlers and as a result they took up arms against the british and somehow after seven years of fighting, took the island for themselves. On 15th May 1887 at the West House, the british surrendered to the Stones and the Isle became independent.

gallowsforthethomasexec.jpgThe execution site of Calvin Thomas.

The west house, the center of the three.


Next Update: Elkvale, North of Adamsbridge, South of Berryford. A mountain resort town. With Alps influences to a point. 4.gif

39.gifWoot! woot! We've passed 500 views (499 probably me psycoticly checking back 3.gif) I'm kidding even if I do check back alot. It really does mean alot and thanks.


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Great CJ, keep It up and keep it going :D I want to see how does Stone Republic looks like these days ;)

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600 views now :). Maraus, first off, thank you for your support. Elkvale is right between Berryford and Adamsbridge so you'll see it again :). Unfortunatly I had a small mishap when I was messing with the bmp.config file and I ended up accidently wiping my region clean but was able to restore an earlier version from... Tuesday? but unfortunatly the population was only 36K on tuesday so I had to go in and hit the super fast button, which, isn't too hard for Stone City becasue the zoning was the exact same so I got it back upto 95K in no time. Berryford was zoned a little different though and it was only at 7,000 but got it up to 30,000 pretty quick. Adamsbridge hasn't change any since it was backed up. The current Stone Republic is the same as in my current backup :) Which warrents saying, backup everything!


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This is an awesome piece of history! Very nice. Aww. I can't believe you almost lost this awesome CJ. Good thing is was just partial damage. lol Keep the updates coming! oh, and by the way, your town looks very cool and i love the fort!

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