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Stone Republic

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Update 2: Visiting Adamsbridge County and Clarksvile

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Welcome to Adamsbridge County

Just to the north of Stone City is Adamsbridge County and Clarksville, so what are you waiting for, lets get going :)

Out of the hotel we head up the highway and cross into Adamsbridge county on Highway 91

And as soon as we enter Adamsbridge County we come across...

Stone Motor Speedway! Here every saturday night you can come to see Late Models, Street Stocks, Legends, Bandeleros, UCARs and Sprint Cars. Stone Motor Speedway hosted SASCAR Races in the 70's and is currently host to the SASCAR Weekly Series on the 1/2 mile bullring, Every Saturday Night. We're just looking though since its Tuesday and they aren't racing for 4 more nights :).

So we hit the ol' beaten path again and start our trek up to Clarksville, On Highway 91.

Highway 91 through Adamsbridge is a twisty and windy road, even the exit ramps!

We're exiting right at Exit 2 and like almost any highway exit through appalachia From SE Tennessee to NW Virginia we see Gas, Food and Lodging at the sides of the road we turn on immediatly


So since its here, why not indulge on some Stone Culture? How's bout' chowin down on a West Burger at West's Resteraunt?

We head on round the bends and over the hills and arrive finally in Clarksville

Clarksville itself, isn't much to stop for, however, Clarksville is only the residential establishment in Adamsbridge County, which means its home to the School which is...


Adamsbridge County High School home of....


The ACHS Wildcats have won 12 SRHSAA in Football, a National Record. Although mostly ignored, in Soccer/Football, ACHS Stadium also plays host to Clarksville Athletic of the Stoneish Premier League (of the Stone Association).

But We got here at the wrong time and the players have just gone into the school to practice in the gym due to the searing 110 degree heat there is in Clarksville so lets head on, although off the beaten path, the most famous attraction in Adamsbridge would have to be right next door to the school and yet due to its most famous event, is somewhat the least appropriate attraction in Stone.

Valley Arena, home of the Annual Adamsbrige Musicfest, the closest that the Stone Republic comes to Woodstock, the typically small Clarksville becomes one of the largest cities in the Stone Republic one weekend a year, typically hitting numbers up to 60,000 in attendence or more.

Now I've found a road, just off the main road and round a corner from the High School and downtown (can I really call it that?). I don't know where it leads, but there are no top secret government facilities over this way so lets check it out? why not?

Head on up the hill and what's this cabin? Oh my gosh! Its summer home of Matthew Whitehead 6.gif You don't know who Major General Matt is? Only the Current and in his third term as the Prime Minister of the entire Republic and popularly regarded as the one who will be considered the best there will be. And guess who answers the door when we knock, yup, the Prime Minster himself....'s Security Guard :P

The guard says that I can stay and chat with the Prime Minister on around at his Tennis Court as i'm pretty good friends but says that unfortunatly ya'll have to leave the compound with the risk of being shot if you don't by the Oval Office (and thats not a room in this case) so on  ya go on the route I typically take to the compound....

behalf of the County of Adamsbridge, the City of Clarksville and Prime Minister Matthew Whitehead (sorry bout that, aparently you need a security clearence 30.gif) We hope you enjoyed your trip through Adamsbridge County.


redcross.gif(Note:This is a large update consult your doctor before viewing ;):P )

Note 2: This is a story and I did all this today so I know where all the roads lead :P

NEXT 2 updates/Entries into the Stone Republic

1. Towmorrow Morning- You'll get the stats on the Stone Republic as of 9:00 A.M. EST (14:00 GMT) for the Republic and....

2. Towmorrow Night- We visit the second city of the Stone Republic, Berryford in the Center of our wonderful Republic.

The top 5 supporters in my opinion (it'll be as equal as A human can make it but it will be an opinion thing really) are going to get a city named after them, until the 15th. And if you wish for a section of town to be named after you ( Current avalible sections, 6 sections in Berryford, 5 in Stone City and a possible 1 in Adamsbridge County. Lots of streets to be named though :) PM or comment to reserve a street and on that note, I figure ya'll deserve a region shot...


Next time we'll be out of the shot a little ways though so might not have one next time just a city shot :)


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Recommended Comments

Since you say this region is located in the Pacific Northwest, I would suggest using the Olympic terrain and tree mods to make the region better resemble one in the PacNW.

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Very nice rural community. I noticed something in the first pic that I liked. The fact that the neighborhood connector goes downhill is very cool IMO. Can't wait for more updates!

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@ Houston Fan- Thanks for checking my CJ outs :) I already am using the Olympic Terrain Mod and, since I have no rural beaches or anything . Check back towmorrow night because I expect Berryford to show that better, speaking of which, i'm working on that now :) But You

@ Shyguy-  thank you lol :P, I'm kinda terraining it as it goes and I hit reconcile edges and thats just how it went :)

Day after towmorrow expect some aquatic rural pics in the tile next to Adamsbridge and Stone City. And possibly Update 6 on saturday or as update 5 friday morning may simply be a planning map for what's to come:\.

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Hey your town looks good in between the mountains. Just a tip, maybe you would want to set your images all to (800px by 600px) ? It'll be bigger and nicer to see. :D

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Thank you, I probably should shouldn't I? I'll have to deal for this update i'm bout to post but I will do that in future updates :)

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I love the story about the Prime Minister LOL! :)
Nice town though I like to see small communities once in a while.

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I don't do too many massive cities, I'm getting started on update 7 now and it takes us out west to a small county out there.

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