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Introduction to stoneish football/soccer

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This will be followed offish to an extent to the CJ itself but I would like to introduce the Stoneish Football System and the Stoneish Cup League. The Season is coming to a close but thats whats so good, we caught it at just the right time :D

I do things complex so before you advance, be sure to devote the next 10-20 minutes to this atleast.

We begin with simply a map of the Teams and the logos.
The star represents where the team plays, The logo/crest/shield represents the teams. Where it has the three stars in the center, the upper one is Elkvale United, the middle is Clarksville F.C. (CFC ;)) and the bottom is East Stone.

And a team list: (teams with a * have either been included in an update or are in a city that has been included in an update)

*Nationals F.C.- Nationals ArenA (23,500) West Stone, Stone City
*East Stone F.C. – East Stone Road (5,000) East Stone, Stone City
*Airship United- Air Field (3,500) South Stone, Stone City
*Stone University- University Park (3,000) University Park, Stone City
*Clarksville, F.C.- ACHS Field (7,500) Clarksville, Adamsbridge County
*Berryford Eagles- Berryford Field (4,000) Pacific East, Berryford
*St. Vincents Angels- SVHS Field (5,000) St. Vincent, Pacific Cove
Harbor City- City Stadium (50,000) North Harbor, Harbor City
Elkvale Motors- Harbor Park (6,000) South City, Harbor City
*Elkvale United- EHS Stadium (2,000) Elkvale, Elkvale
St. Vincent is in today's update :) Harbor City will be update 8.
Soon I'll get some standings up for ya'll :)
The Stoneish System is four divisions deep, the Cup League (see above), League 2 (16 teams) and LEague 3 (16 teams) make up the promotion/relegation levels and an independent Reserves League is also run by the SFA with the 10 historically League 1 teams reserves. This includes Nationals, East Stone, Airship, Stone University, Berryford, Clarksville, Berryford, St Vincents Angels, Harbor City, Elkvale United and Kentcroft (currently in L2 though but historically L1). Elkvale Motors has historically been in League 2 but has recently replaced Kentcroft F.C. in the Cup League. Clarksville is in the Cup League now but is historically a flip flopping team between the CL and L2. One of 2 every year.
There are a few cups that occur each season

Stoneish Cup 42 teams.

  • Playoffs Round: The playoff round is between teams 13-16 in last years League 3 standings play round robin to decide who advances to the group stage, top 2 advance. This is done in December at indoor venues in Stone City, Berryford and Harbor City.

  • Group Stage: The remaining 40 teams go into pots and 1 team from each pot is put into its own group.
  • Pot 1: 10 teams now in the Cup League
  • Pot 2- Teams 1-10 in League 2.
  • Pot 3: Teams 11-16 in L2 and Teams 1-4 in League 3.
  • Pot 4 Teams 5-12 in League 3 and the 2 advancing playoff teams.
  • Relegated to teams go in the upper pot for the current league to replace the teams who were promoted and vice-versa (such as Clarksville will be relegated to League 2 next year and will replace Kentcroft so next year Kentcroft will be #9 in Pot 1 and Clarksville #1 in Pot 2.
  • 1 team from each pot goes into a pool lettered A-J. This is randomly drawn and done at the National New Years Party.
  • The teams play Double round Robin against each other in March and April. Top team advances

  • The teams are then sorted by amount of points followed by goal difference followed by away goals, the President of the SFA then makes an executive decision if it who is seeded where.
  • The bottom 4 teams play a round against each other.
  • The two advancing teams are seeded against the best two group stage teams.
  • Seeds go 1.v.8, 4.v.5, 2.v.7, 3.v. 6.
  • The 4 teams that advance are then placed by seed, highest.v. lowest, high mid.v. low mid.
  • The winning teams face each other in the Stoneish Cup final
  • The losing teams play for the bronze.
  • Medals are formally presented at the New Years party.
League Cup- Top 4 teams in the League play for the League Cup at the end of the season. Champion of League is the one with the highest points total, of the league cup is the one that wins the LC Playoff.

L2 Cup- L2 version of the LC.

L3 Cup- L3 version


Reserves Cup- Reserves League version.

As the season goes, every sunday there is/are Counties Cup Matches. The counties Cup is between the all county or all island teams of each Stoneish County. Historically the victor is typically Stone City but sometimes Berryford or Harbor City wins and occasionally there will be a Giant Killer that miraculously wins.

Stone City- 31 titles
Berryford- 12 titles
Harbor City- 8 titles
Pacific Cove- 2 titles (96', 03')
Kentcroft- 1 title (86')
Arnon County- 1 title (72')
Middlesburg- 1 title (65')
56 Counties Cups have been played. The first occuring in 1948 (Stone City won) but not again till 1951. 4 were then played before the competition was discontinued again after which the competition was revived in 1958 and has occured every year since. The final occurs every year at National Stadium in Stone City's National Stadium (Not Nationals Arena, the club stadium), the 1.v.4 semifinal in Harbor City's City Stadium and the 2.v.3 semi in a smaller city announced at the Stone City New Years festival and the third place match takes place in Berryford's Berryford Field. The semi's usually take place in september and the Finals/third place matches the week of the 15th. The teams play double round robin against all other county teams. If a county team withdraws from the competition before September 1st than all games against them weather the game has been played or not are called a loss for the withdrawn county (1-0 final score) and the team is placed at the bottom of the table with 0 points. If 2 or more teams withdraw then all games against other withdrawn teams are given a loss for both teams so that it is impossible for withdrawn teams to finish tied or above non withdrawn teams.

For my Simtropolis viewers the Pacific Cove update is coming in the next couple hours, for my other viewers who wished to learn about Stoneish football/soccer, You would have found out about this through the update

I'll post some jerseys soon for the counties cup final :).

P.S. I reference the New Years Party alot, the SFA President is given the 8:30 slot for it, he gets about 30 minutes, not the whole party :)

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Stone City breeds all the dominant players since its the biggest, its like you have ManU (Stone City), Arsenel (Berryford), Chelsea (Harbor City) and then all the other counties :), Arnon is about equal to Blackburn? (whoever won something in 95) so don't be disappointed, its like that america won their world cup group :D The final is coming up after the final few matches so just wait :), Arnon might win title 2.

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