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Stone Republic

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Update 3: Stats

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As promised statistics and information :)

Official Name: United Counties, towns, cities and villages of te stone republic

National Anthem (As of 2005) :

Capital: Stone City

Largest City: Stone City

Official Languages: English

Demonym: Stoneish or stones

Government: Representative Democracy

  • Prime Minister: Matthew Whitehead
  • Governor of the Congress: Howard Billings
  • Chief Justice of the Courts: Edward Snelling
Congress proposes a bill, majority vote wins, bill advances, Prime Minister yay's or nay's it, if nay, congress must pass with overwhelming majority of 75%, if yay or succesful revote, advances to the courts for yay or nay. The supreme court's decision is final however only congress can vote on new justices. The most experianced Judge on the court  is the Chief Justice.

Independence: 1887 from Great Britain

Area: 422 km

Population: 30,000 (Expected around 1,000,000 or atleast 400,000)

GDP Per Capita: 30,000

Time Zone: UTC -8

Date format: dd/mm/yyyy or dd/mm/yy'

Internet TlD: .stn

Calling Code: +984

Drives on the right


In 1846, James Young II of Cornwall landed on the north side of a rocky island which he named stone. Initially the stone settlement was poor in quality but as time went on, conditions improved, even to where the british soldiers were about to move their Pacific base to stone, but they didn't without a fight, and fight they did, the stoneish people were armed and ready, they told the british as soon as they got the news, there was no way stone was to become the brit's play thing. And finally at the dawn of 6th August 1863 the Stoneish saw the brit's ships on the horizon and as soon as they got within range, from behind the logs and trees along the beaches of stone, they fired. First it should be said that The republic of Stone is on multiple islands and the main one including the one stone city is on is actually Edward's Island, Stone Island is located south of Edward's Island, back on topic. The stones came out with guns blazing but it was not enough and the brits overpowered them. Taking stone, establishing a base in the south and keeping the stones prisinor in the north. A small uprising took place in 1873 in which a stonish man, Calvin Thomas, broke into the British Base on the southside during the night and as the troops came to the armory to take up their arms shot at them at dawn. Two guardsmen subdued him before long and for the next five years he was tortured before being executed by the british in 1880 after two years in prison. This led to the Stonish becoming extremely angry and as such, attacked. The ensuing revoluton lasted seven years and eventually led to the stoneish defeating the british due to mastery of the terrain and achieving independence. The stoneish population eventually extended beyond Stone Island, to Edward Island, Kings Island and Pacific Island before eventually nearly abandoning Stone Island except a small population, still on the north side.

World War II broke out in 1942 in Stone when the Japanese Kamikaze pilots crashed into downtown Stone City, destryoing the tallest buildings and destroying the buildings of Federal Isle. Then Prime Minister Red Ryder was in Adamsbridge at his retreat east of Clarksville (see update 2) and was unharmed. Congress was not in session and, while 5 congressmen were in downtown at the time, most were at their homes or in Berryford (see update 4 tonight) and the courts were not in session for the day so the majority of the government was still fine. Congress took session under the emergency clause of the constitution in the Bunker (undisclosed location South of Berryford).

Emegency Clause states: Under an executive deemed National Emergency, a special congress will meet at at a national bunker location. This congress shall operated with supreme power over the nation and consist of the 4 most experienced congressional officials, the Prime Minister, Governor, Chief of the courts and Commander of the Stoneish Armed Forces

The Emergency Congress called on the armed forces and counter attacked Japan and such fighting ensued until the Americans stepped in and backed the Japanese away in 1944. On November 12th, 1944, Japan signed a peace treaty with the Prime Minister of the Stone Republic to officially end the fighting.

During the cold war, Stone saw much spying between the soviets and americans and was somehow able to avoid the conflict completely and maintain a position of neutrality and as we have reached the new millinium, Stone has developed a wonderful telecommunications industry as well as an automotive industry worth noting. Major General Matthew Whitehead was elected to his first term as Prime Minister in 1997 and was elected to his third term (6 years) in 2009.

Possibly an update on Berryford tonight, may be towmorrow though.


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couple more hours :), that was more of a random teaser or such but, thanks :), Berryford is coming along nicely, it has a skyscraper downtown but I did some lotplop ing and it has some stuff that Stone City doesn't, again thank you :)

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Good lord Will you could have told me you started another journal...  As far as I just read, it's a very good history! You don't see that kind detail everyday  Nice start.

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Thanks K50, i'm thinking about attempting to join up with the AIN but i'm expecting to fill out my region to all city tiles before I do that though. So far i'm at ... 3 :P, Its kinda late round here but, i've expanded the population alot today... now at 154,000 :P. Expect Berryford towmorrow, still averaging an update a day. Ya'll should see the bridges , you'll be laughing towmorrrow :) I did a little post in one of the simlympic qualifying threads saying that it might be the last games for central texas.

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