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Update 10: Clarkswillow Island, How Football Can Change Everything

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Shyguy: I will continue daily till round update 25 when i'll scale it back, 1 a day, it does take something out of you :) I'm probably gonna take a day off soon, i'm not sure when but It'll be one soon. Maybe Saturday? Thank you on the marina :), Sonic Burgers are good aren't they? mmm is right :)

Pablobergonci: My bad, Its usually off :)

Political Map :O

Before the update though, news broke today out of Harbor City and the Stoneish National Times has the story, take it away Billy (Billy Thompson, Senior Editor of the SNT):


And finally update time :D

We as always, begin with the new flag of the county we're visiting tonight

Now the story of Clarkswillow is that of a community divided. The County of Clarkswillow is located in the Northwest of the Nation, and it is divided into two villages, the Village of Clarkswillow in the East, and the village of Pacificwillow in the West, Pacific Willow is the absolute western most community in the nation. This divide is not a physical one, but an allegiance. To Football.

Let me explain, in 1902, a man named John Harrold Fish founded the first fooball club in Pacificwillow named Roses United, they were the first and only club on the island... for 36 years that is. In 1938 a former RU player by the name of Jonathan Moore established a new football club in the neighboring community of Clarkswillow named 1938 Clarkswillow FC.

Clarkswillow Village


Roses United Kit

Pacific View Park (Capacity 2,500)

1938 Clarkswillow FC
1938 Clarkswillow FC Kit

Clarkswillow Road

Now how are these two sleepy villages who combine to hold 2,000 people possibly able to be such bitter rivals?

It all started here at the Oceans Pub in Pacificwillow in 1952. At this time the two sides were both mid-table in League 2 but on August 4th, the season was  coming to a close and a promotion spot was up for grabs and a fierce game ensued on the 23rd august and after the game one Clarkswillow player, Nigel Hull, went in for a drink after the tough loss but minutes after he entered, some RU supporters arrived and began tantilizing him, some of his squadmates were arriving late but saw the situation and came to the defenses of Hull but the RU supporters continued and before long an all out bar fight ensued, bringing injury to 2 supporters and 1 1938 player. The situation remained at this level till 1973.

In 1973 a simiar situation occured, it was late August, the season was winding down and there was and this time the roles switched but this time the RU players fought back and what ensued has been known as the 1973 Clarkswillow Brawl.  3 People were injured in the confrontation and this set the stage for this amazing rivalry.

Few places are off limits to agression on this topic, only 3 places have been designated as Football Free zones by the government of the county, Island High School, Pacific Brewery and the Clarkswillow Post Office. One additional place thats kinda off topic is the Lookout Bunker built in 1979 as a lookout since Clarkswillow is the most Western city in the Nation but its not open to the public and is run out of Stone City.

IHS. Island High has SHSAA teams in all sports but Football, Most teams do play at Clarkswillow due to its versatility. It is Football neutral. Field Hockey plays at PVP though :)

Post office is in the North of the Isle.

As a leadout shot I would like to give an architectural explanation, not many will know of this place i'm sure but I have some kin down there and I like the Town Square/ Downtown area of it and the Town Square in Clarkswillow Village had a real life inspiration, Jacksonville, Alabama, USA. Its located in the East, north-northeast of Gadsden
I don't know if anyone cares but I thought i'd offer that insight.

NEXT TIME: Waterford, we'll see :) I expect to finish up on my region soon and I'll post the full sports update then :) After update 12 or 14 (I won't be doing an update 1X, superstitions :)

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Hahahaha. Better than BP Anyways, once again, your jerseys are very cool, Too bad there's violence involved with the sport and that areas had to be declared free from such. Great update anyhow.

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 This is a little off topic but I find it kinda weird seeing this because i live right on the island in Duncan BC

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lol :P I hope that V1 kinda did the area justice then, Probably not though since I hear Victoria is a 5 start town I have never been there though so I hope I'm not lacking in doing it justice. :)

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