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About this City Journal

My version of Pittsburgh. Im using the idea and making it a little different.

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Updated East End

The city of East End has been the most dynamic city in the region. What used to be farmland is now the product of suburban sprawl. I-76 cuts along the southern edge of the city. The newly renamed I-376 and remodled tunnel that cuts underneath the huge plateua of the Capilano Mountainside heads towards the northeast suburbs. The city has added a new Hospital. The Capilano Center for Cancer & health. Also talks about potential highway improvements are being studied for the I-76 corridor as traffic continues to increase with almost 30,000+ traveling back and fourth across the city.

A nice city shot shows some major development along mountain Blvd that cuts through the city and merges with I-376. Mountain Blvd has major traffic issues, but due to development over time has haulted future expansion unless business owners cave and sell out and move to newer areas.


Major Development just off I-376 has resulted in major traffic issues. The hensworth development was built quickly to help accomodate the rise in residential demand, Not pleasing to the eye, but useful for low income workers needing to live somewhat close to the city center.


Thanks for reading!! New Updates tomorrow 3/5/13!! (Region View & updated Pittsburgh Suburbs.)


Well as my first update in almost 2 YEARS I decided to start back where it all began. Downtown Pittsburgh. Once a sleepy little farm town, is now the tip of the converging rivers of the Capilano mountain range. Once a Industrial zone, is now a center for finance, health, and education. High Technology is struggling to hold on to what expansion it once had on the city.

Once a intersection a small intersection among small single family homes and farmland is now the intersection of I-76 and the beginning of I-176. I-176 is the newly named expressway to the Airport and services the suburbs along the way, including the Toyota Center and the Univeristy of Pittsburgh.


If you asked the senior citizens what Pittsburgh would be like in the future, most would have said a sleepy town among the mountains. This shot is the current picture of the center of finance. Modern & old historic buildings mix to create Pittsburgh's Iconic downtown Skyline.



Northeast Hills

Northeast Hills is located just north of downtown Pittsburgh. It is unique for a few reasons. The first reason is the University of Pittsburgh is located along highway 76. The second reason is the city has the most unique highway interchange in the entire metro area. The third reason is the city has the second biggest bridge crossing, where I-76 crosses the shallow north ridge river. The fourth reason is the city is the leading area for new development. Before anything really gets decided the city gets tested on. If it fails then whatever was built either gets torn down or left and re modled. The city just recenlty finished I-76 and now you can travel from the furthest suburbs through downtown and on to the airport without getting off the highway and traveling through downtown Pittsburgh. Many citizens were very angered when this project came into affect, but city leaders discussed with residents saying that the region is growing and they needed another way to travel around the city.

The city



The interchange between I-76 and Highway 76 east.



I-76 is now complete. A few on and off ramps re done.




The old bridge.


The New Bridge





The Toyota Center Pittsburgh. Toyota built another stadium in Pittsburgh in 1993.






Just a few hot spots along I-76 heading towards the airport. In recent months many new areas are being planned all along I-76 throughtout the Pittsburgh area.







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Fosterville is located 45 miles downstream from Pittsburgh.With a population of just 3,500, it doesn't play a big role in the region with people, but the city is making up for it by producing so much more commercial. The city is home to Capilano Race Center, and soon to be home to the Verizon Wireless Communications Center (location tba). The city is also a big movie making area in the region. Due to its beautiful mountains, and small town feel, with big city shopping, and culture the city is a prime location for actors and actresses to come and shoot movies. Fosterville is in the early stages of gaining an airport. The size and location havent been discussed or who and how it will be payed for. The city has one suburb. Foster Hills. Located 4 miles Northwest of downtown. The city is home to the Lowes Distribution Center, and the Tractor Factory Outlet distribution center. Fosterville is also in the works for zoning a new industrial park for some HT industry. (high tech.) Citizens of Fosterville are known as: Fostonians. 3.gif


Downtown Fosterville


Capilano Race Center


Fosterville Track and Field Center  


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South Pittsburgh

South Pittsburgh is a mid sized city along I-76, 8 miles south and east of Pittsburgh. Originally a small farm town, the city quickly began changing as I-76 was extendend to Highway 25. The city currently has 23,000 people and is quickly growing. I-76 crosses the Capilano river on a trussel bridge, built in 1977. But due to its growing rust and problems the city ordered it to be re built with a more modern bridge with less weight on top. South Pittsburgh is currently working on building a large park in the hills, to help boost tourism.

A city shot of South Pittsburgh




One of last few large farms in south pittsburgh


After the farms were demolished new parkings lots were built and soon came new office buildings. With that came new high end development.


The original I-76 bridge crossing the Capilano River.


After almost 4 months of removing the truss' and re paving the road, the new bridge was finished and opend to full 3 lane traffic. On a daily average, about 15,000 cars travel from the left part of the screen to the other. and the other way around 12,000.


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Foster Hills

Foster Hills an up and coming suburb. Currently the small city is in the middle of a huge discussion on whether it should be a suburb of Pittsburgh or Fosterville. THough it is closer to Fostervill, Fosterville is not large enough to hold a suburb. The city of Foster Hills is connected to the region by Highway 76 which turns into I-76.


more city pics will be coming soon! Thanks for looking. please rate and comment on what you think of Pittsburgh so far...feedback is always appreciated!! 9.gif


Dantes Peak

Dantes Peak is a small remote town located 45 miles from the center of Pittsburgh. Located along the north end of the Pittsburgh River, it has the regions only beach, which attracts lots of tourists to the city area. The cities population is around 1,300. The city has a small school and a high school. The city does have history of earthquakes. Located along the Capilano Fault, the city is prone to medium sized earthquakes. The city also has a potential to having a hidden volcanoe, but no one has ever found the location of this un-known volcanoe.

Dantes Peak. (sorry the picture is so big, it wouldnt let me make it smaller)


The Beach


The Dantes Peak tunnel. The only way to civilization, if anything were to ever happen to this, the only way to the city would be by foot over the mountain.


The madness begins with a 7.0 earthqauke.


The shaking quickly moves down the mountain and slams into the city with full force collapsing the high school within seconds.


The dormant volcanoe emerges from its resting place, with a spew of ash and lava! The volcanoe has been dormant for almost 255 years, and since then mountain sides have shifted over it hiding from any human eye, and machines.


The lava quickly flows down the steep hillside into the crazy city below.


The aftermath


Re building the section of city.


If the city of Dantes Peak would have known about this volcanoe...it might have gone along the lines of this. Watch and enjoy. (sorry for the subtitles)

Comment and let me know what you think of this update? Rate and let me know how im doing. Thanks again for looking. 1.gif


East End

East End is the closest cuburb to Pittsburgh. The cities population is 35,000 and growing fastly. I-76 and I-376 travel right through the city. The city is currently in the works for getting a new university and a new medical center to help with the over crowding of patients.


This strecth of I-76 is the #1 traffic headache zone. Over 15,000 cars travel through each section everyday. Meaning its a parking lot for awhile. I-376 begins and travels through the foothill of Capilano Mountain.


I-376 and the Capilano Blvd interchange.



Schuamberg is a mid sized suburb 15 miles northeast of downtown Pittsburgh. Today it stands as the leading center for retail and business. Schuamberg is home to the Pittsburgh Center Mall, the first Wal mart supercenter, sams club, home depot, and many other famous chain stores and restuarants. I-376 also cuts through the city, and heads due east towards the Capilano valley Mountains.

Interchange between I-376 and Mountain Blvd, which connects to Capilano blvd or old highway 76. Lowes built there first store in 2011 shortly after the land value shot up in this section of the city. Intense competition from Home Depot keeps these stores thriving.


In this picture below, you can see Walmart and Target are the anchors to each side of the shopping centers. Many financial and advisor companies like fisk financial and lundmark advisor trading (big office tower in the center of the photo) have made this once sleepy suburb their home. Orginally located in downtown they moved out due tot he overwhelming travel times for many workers.


Capilano Valley Center

Located off Capilano Blvd. Capilano Valley Center is the second largest shopping mall in the valley. Built in 1988 with three department stores: Sears, Hechts, and Nordstrom. In 1999 a pizzeria was built on the east end of the center. Today the shooping center has overgrown its original boundaries and now spreads for a few miles in each direction along Capilano Blvd. and Mountain Blvd.

Highland Community College (located ont he bottom left hand side of the photo) opened its doors after construction finished in 2011. The Arizona based company opened its east coast headquarters in Pittsburgh just a few months prior to opening. Their office can be seen in the current downtown photo located along I-176 blvd not far from the Chase tower where they do their banking. Highalnd community college prides itself in being a clean, affordable, and challenging college experience. The main degrees range from business, to architecture, thanks to the last minute plans to add a seperate, but adjacent building, accoutning, pre med, pre dentistry, pre law, and manufacturing degrees.




Creekwood is the furthest suburb from downtown Pittsburgh. It was first settled in 190 as a small stop on the way to fosterville. It quickly grew when new developments bagn coming into effect in South Grove for a new shopping center. Creekwood is a small town but with big city shopping. It's one of the richest suburbs to live in Pittsburgh.





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Riverton is located about 10 miles west northwest from downtown Pittsburgh. It serves the city for one purpose; it has the privelege of having the cities International Airport. The city also has the largest inlet suspension bridge in the U.S.A and the western Hemisphere.



The Liberty Bridge.


Pittsburgh International Airport.


2/11/10 UPDATE 

Pittsburgh International Airport (remodled) 

The new and improved airport. Now serving non stop destinations across the world! 

The first re development of the airport, city members found it to be too boring and lacking flare.


The Final Product! Hope you enjoy! The airport is serviced by the cities 2 bus lines, which both end and start here at the airport.




Pittsburgh is a mid sized city in the shallow valley of Capilano Valley. The city has a rough population of 25,000 people. The metro area has over 57,000 people, and growing very fast. The city of Pittsburgh was first settled at the tip of the two main rivers that run through the region. The characteristic shape of the city's downtown is a triangular tract carved by the confluence of the Allegheny and Monongahela Rivers, where the Ohio river forms. Pittsburgh is well known as being the major industry town of the old mountain area, but when the great depression struck, the city began to slowly lose jobs. Pittsburgh was in major trouble, and so they quickly decided to build 2 things: the cities convention center, and the cities newest hospital center. These quickly brought new jobs and facilities for the city. Pittsburgh today is mainly known for healthcare, Finance,  Education, and technology. The city has been on many top 10 best places to live for many categories. One being the best place to live in forbes top 100 list. Pittsburgh has 2 major highways, I-76 and I-376. I-376 is a by pass around the east side of the city to the furthest suburbs to the far eastside. Pittsburgh is serviced by Pittsburgh International Airport. Located in the small town of Rivertown to the west about 10 miles.

old Pittsburgh photo. Just after this a huge industrial boom happened and the entire flat area on the right side of the river was full. Notice the port of Pittsburgh. The only port located in a very mountainy place. 6.gif


Current photo of downtown Pittsburgh. Tallest building (by occupied floor) in the region is the Chase Tower right along the bay drive.


Here lies the cities convention center..soon to be remodled, and the Pittsburgh County Medical center. The city also has the Pittsburgh county Disease research center located right next door.


I-76 Bridge with the twin brides on both sides.


2/20/10 UPDATE!!!


Downtown Pittsburgh before I-76 was built.





















Thanks for looking. 9.gif


Region Overview

NEW Update at the bottom!! 2/25/10

Region Overview


A close up of downtown


Region Transportation Map


Close up of downtown


2/11/10 UPDATE!!

Satelitte View  

Sorry there not 800x600 it wasn't letting me do it that small.



2/12/10  Update!! 

The city of pittsburgh has just recently finished the long awaited freeway project. I-455 or the Bay freeway connects downtown Pittsburgh with the cities airport.The freeway does end at Pittsburgh Blvd right by the bay bridge and connects the downtown area via the blvd. (sorry for the stupid boxes everywhere the game has glitches)


Pittsburgh Metro has just passed over 300,00!! The current population has grown to 303,452 thanks to 2 new high rise condos in downtown Pittsburgh!

(sorry for the dumb boxes, my cities have some glitches)


Transporation Map View!!


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