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Back to School

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Whoa! Lots of comments!

TowerDude: Thanks for your comment!

kelistmac: ¡Gracias por tu comentario!

k50dude: Thank you for your comment, my friend! I had never thought of the host as the only free piece of bread for blackwaterians...

DrumMaster4: Thanks for commenting!

Retep Molinari: Thank you for your comment, glad you liked it!

lesgaz: Thank you for commenting! There are still some things I'm not happy with their realism, though...

dghh70: Thanks for your comment! I realized that I had some buildings that "shouldn't" be on Blackwater, so I thought "Why not make an update with them?"

the00guvna: Thank you for your comment!

CTMandR: Thanks for commenting, my friend! Same as dghh70... this is how this update was born.

figgy: Thank you for your comment, hope you like this CJ for a long time...

Reikhard: Thanks for commenting! We all have seen these people who say that we lived better in the past but in the Blackwater's case... they're right!

Alejandro24: ¡Gracias por comentar! No sé si la decadencia es interesante, aunque viendo algunos CJs por ahí puede que tengas razón. I don't know if decadence is interesting, although seeing some CJs out there maybe you're right.

Just one thing, if you want to write in Spanish it's great, but try to translate your comment if it's long, in order to allow all the users to understand it.

jj88: Thank you for your comment! Well, I haven't tried the other power plant, I decided not to download it because I thought it was too "western-like"... I mean, with the refrigeration towers and all this stuff, I was looking for something more like Chernobyl...

teopodon: Thanks for your comment! I always have to implement the NWM after building, as I never play with the NWM in my "regular" gameplay.



All students have to go back to school after their vacation, including myself. I began my college lessons this last Monday and I came across with an idea for an update.

Sylvia had just finished packing all her stuff and she was checking she had everything ready. She was going back to the university after the Summer vacation. It had been some sad holidays for her, she had discovered that nearly all her childhood friends were out of Blackwater, were on drugs or in the worst cases, were dead. She was the only attending at the Metropolitan University thanks to an state scholarship she was granted because of her extraordinary high marks.


Her mom was laying on the sofa, she had been drinking too much for breakfast; she couldn't even keep her eyes open to see her daughter leave. Sylvia wished her father was still alive to say him goodbye. He was a good man until he was accidentally killed on a bar fight. Or this is what police said.

Sylvia placed the two boxes and the suitcase on the car's trunk; a '92 white Ford Fiesta. Sylvia wasn't feeling to have a "fiesta" right now, she just closed the door and turned on her MP3 player connected to the car's radio cassette by an special device. Then, she began driving to take the highway.

On her way to the university, she took the on-ramp and then, the right lane on the interchange to take the Second Peripheric Highway (A2 for friends). Sylvia thought in all what she had to do this days, she had to buy a ton of books and begin printing stuff for the classes.


There was an small container ship passing below Blackwater Bridge and traffic was heavy on the other direction, there may have been an accident somewhere...


Near the Blackwater district limit, the highway becomes a three-lane highway and it is bordered by three huge liquified natural gas storage tanks. Sylvia thought that in case they bursted, the explosion would reach other storage tanks across Blackwater's industrial part and everything would become a red hot inferno. Nice.


Sylvia left behind Blackwater's district limit, but the industries don't finish exactly here. She passed besides a massive steel mill which had some clonic tenement buildings in front of it, blocking all the morning sun. From inside the car, she could see how trains were loading and unloading cargo. 

[sorry for the lack of automata, I couldn't get to work the traffic generator properly. Click for full resolution!]


A couple of kilomteres later, she left the highway and took University Avenue. She was just in front the Metropolitan University campus. The large statue of "Wisdom" (popularly called "The Sword Chick") was greeting all students who were coming to the university one day before begginning the lessons. One of the traditions in the campus was walking clockwise five times the path that encircled the statue to have good marks the following semester.


Sylvia drove through the campus to get to her dorm building, while watching some freshmen trying to orientate looking at the campus map. The Metropolitan University was designed to be absolutely symmetrical in a north-south axis, all students have had the experience of feeling completely lost the first days.


Finally, Sylvia reached Marie Curie Hall, her dorm building, and parked the car on the nearest parking lot. She unloaded the suitcase and the boxes and carried them to the building. She was happy again, with her roommate, her friends and far away of Blackwater for an entire semester.


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 Nice to see something green in this CJ too :D Awesome entry again, i really love your storytelling and great city buidling skills

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Great update! The rest of the city looks like a dump (in a good way) but the university looks impressive. Nice to see you using fukuda' steel mill as well - a favourite of mine.

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I have seen a lot of good universities, but that one easily takes the cake, it looks great! Although I think it would have looked better in Barnanova than in this journal (BTW, you need to update Barnanova.... It's been all summer!) Either way, I liked this update! I am glad to have the storytelling side back from you.

Few questions, firstly, those last two pictures seemed sort of "tilted" what did you do to achieve that (also why is the little white box on the bottom right side instead of the bottom left?) Also, the train yard and the ship, can you link me?

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@k50dude: Thanks for your compliments! The train yard is coming with the same lot than the whole steel mill, you can take it here [link] and the ship is made by SOMY, you can find it along with all the other seaport stuff here [link].

About the white box, it appears in the right because I've flipped two of the university pics with the GIMP. I love flipping the pics, because with a simple trick you can have great visual effects. I mean, SC4 has only four fixed view perspective angles; but flipping the pics you can get four new view perspective angles. IMO; it makes the pics less SC4-like and gives a little bit more realism. I learnt this trick from ecoba and Amerikaner, both use it extensively on their mosaics and the effect is amazing.

And Barnanova... I've been working in some projects lately (the T&R CJ, an unfinished transit map, a brand new city, a couple of airports, even an Omnibus tutorial!) and I haven't had many time for taking the pics and writing for Barnanova.  The Torch Relay inspired me, so I think I'll be updating Detective Cabrera late september/early october if I have enough time...

And after this rant, I only have to say that personal replies for all will come with the next update!

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Ah, así se siente cuándo uno regresa a clases, la mayor parte del tiempo fuera de casa (en mi caso, cruzo la ciudad de este a oeste todos los días). Muy buen capítulo.
Ah, so you feel when you come back to class, most of the time away from home (in my case, I cross the city from east to west every day). Very good chapter.

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   I have to say that this is one of my FAVORITE CJs well done look forward to the next update. Still need to reinstall SC4 and maybe i will start one ofmy own
Happy gaming!

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