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25. The Heart of Steel - Turgikorsk Industrial Area (season finale)



This is the last entry on Denairsk. Unfortunately there is no schedule for the next update…Originally I would like to make a Spring season but I am afraid the plan has to be postponed.

I would like all of you to know that I really appreciate your support and comments.

To sum up this season. I have wanted to build a soviet-style city for a long time. By combining knowledge from classes, inspiration from literature, and a cold winter that everyone was experiencing recently. Denairsk was born - a cold, quite depressing but 'grand' city. Luckily I didn't experience great difficulty in building or finding related plug-in. The resources for this type is actually quite abundant.

One great challenge is the problem of repetitive architecture. In my imagination such kind of city would have a vast area of similar-looking apartment blocks, but the result is not very satisfactory, it was hard to take a good angle on such repetitive cityscape without making in boring. I should study more on this but this time I just focus on several area instead of taking a whole picture. Another problem is the functionality of the city. I actually have more different type of apartment blocks in my folder but I wonder why some of them are so hard to grow, causing there are only 3 to 4 different apartments blocks that is truly 'residential' in game.

I would not comment on the snow effect more, sometimes I find it looks like volcanic ash more than snowing anyway.

In general I guess this experiment on snow and soviet city is kinda successful? I get the atmosphere, and I also have that urban structure.

Anyway, please enjoy the last entry. Comments are welcome :)


Turgikorsk Industrial Area


Denairsk didn't come from bare land. The fact is that the city lays at the bottom of Deradoro Mountains - where mineral and natural resources are abundant. This entry introduce the industrial sector of Denairsk.

Timber, Stone and Coal


The Deradoro Mountains have vast area of Coniferous forest, which is considered as the main timber supply of the Nation. Thus forestry and timber-working is one major sector in the economy of Denairsk.


The government needs to building a fixed amount of pre-fab housing every year-plan, so where do all the materials come from? The quarry provides aggregates and stone for the signature material of pre-fab building: concrete.


The entire city is powered by coal. The coal deposit is more than enough for running the electricity for Denairsk and the surrounding cities. The coal mined here also support the growth of the local industry.

The Heart of Steel


When it comes to the most important industry of Turgikorsk, steel production stand out. Raw iron and coal from local or national supply come here for processing. It is said that steel production of Denairsk hold an important role in the economy of the Nation.


Production and target increases every year-plan. To meet the target the industrial zone expands very rapidly. After all, trees and stone removed for expansion go into the production account books, and it strength the heart of worker and the economy.


High production have some costs - including the polluted atmosphere. However by comparing with the bright numbers and the guaranteed bright future, the government, thus the people, has chosen the latter.


Trains of steel products are sent to construction sites and new cities in the border. With blocks and blocks of concrete apartments, tons and tons of new road and rail and the never dropping numbers from the Economy Department, all people in the city are content -- yes, their sweat is the founding stone of the Nation, and the future is always bright and joyful --- propaganda from the national broadcasting channel, every 15 minutes once.


This is the end for Denairsk, thanks for viewing and the support.


Gugu3, gigius76, MilitantRadical, Schriefer, TekindusT, Magneto: Thanks you very much!

Leszczyk: Sure it is!

tankmank, KaZZ: I think open area is like a motif of this style.

Nirwanda, UndercoverNinja12: Well I can say that the city welcomes everyone -- provide that you show your loyality, LOL

Alex_1210, jmsepe: This takes some time and practicing. Basically I use photoshop, Image -> Adjustments -> Replace Color, and replace all the 'green' tone with white. I also replace some grey with white as well for the roof and road. Sometimes when the result is not very satisfactory I would have to merge parts of the original image with parts of the 'snow' image. Once you know the degree of tuning it gets faster and faster for each image, and generally it may take 10 or 20 minutes for me to tune the colour of each one.

MatTSW: Thanks, and the Polish building is very helpful in such theme. There is a hospital on the top of it and I consult Google for that word, which means 'health' I guess? I don't speak Polish myself so correct me if I am wrong!

rewright: yeah…huge amount of empty space :S

SimRico, Benedict, spursrule14: The People of Denairsk are honored.

Bastet69008: Thank you for the appreciation! I am pretty happy with the atmosphere here.


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What an industrial area it looks gritty yet realistic, i would agree that sometimes the snow looks like volcanic ash, very grey in colour and not white but that could be due to the pollution  

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its my weekly vacation Around The World In CJ TIME!.First stop: Turgikorsk, I like the industrial look and my city could use the upgrade some day. Thanks forthe hospitality and am now inflight to my second destination.


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what snow mod that u use? Great work for your cj :)


And rail yard ? I'm very interest in your work!

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Wowowowowowowow. These snow effects and snow terrain, just love'em! Are you using a terrain mod for that or is it just PS effects? In any case, you make it seem so natural and how the city looks so cold. The atmosphere is really well executed!

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Great CJ.  I especially like the coal mines and coal washing picture.  It looks very realistic.  Keep up the great work.

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what snow mod that u use? Great work for your cj :)


And rail yard ? I'm very interest in your work!

Thankyou! I Photoshopped the snow effect. For the rail I use SFBT Rail Catenaries (http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=925), SFBT Rail sidings (http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=1905), these will need specific prop packs as well.



Wowowowowowowow. These snow effects and snow terrain, just love'em! Are you using a terrain mod for that or is it just PS effects? In any case, you make it seem so natural and how the city looks so cold. The atmosphere is really well executed!


Thanks! I didn't use snow mod, personal I use Sudden Valley Terrain pack in game.



Hi! Love the your work! And where did you get the Surface mining props? cant find it.


Thanks. That involves several things. 

The rotary mining machine and several other props are from SimCity Polska, http://www.simcitypolska.pl/index.php?action=downloads;cat=5


Gravel Heaps from SFBT MMPs, http://sc4devotion.com/csxlex/lex_filedesc.php?lotGET=2304


And I don't really remember where did I get the others... sorry about that

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