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TMW - Rakhana System | "As Rakhana Fades"



Overview ~

Rakhana, the arid homeworld of the drell was a once world to behold, before their exodus from the planet by their first contact saviors, the hanar. Though stretched with harsh badlands and scarce water sources, the drell fared in the low billions on the planet in the later pre-millenia centuries. But as the industrial age dawned, their rapid expansion and technological advancements as well as rapid overpopulation and growing demand forced their world and civilization into a devastating self-destruction. Witness the despair and poverty the drell faced before the inveitable ecological destruction of their homeworld.



Thanks, and yeah, the rain on Sirona really is a downer :P


Thanks, and I'm actually not too sure, but I'll try to keep an eye out for it - and the domes had no nightlighting b/c of a -- black out from the lightning strikes. The lack of nightlighting was intentional :P


Thanks, but they weren't actually slums since those prefabs provide a way higher standard of housing quality then your typical 'slum'. Though I guess, with the building placement and all, it does kind of give of that slum feel :P


Thanks, and maybe -- I'll look into it :P


Thanks, and I usually make it for my own use, but I ponder on releasing them on the STEX, but again, they're usually incomplete (usually no nightlighting :P) I'll probably release them sometime soon though :)


Thanks :)


Thanks, and I'll see I about uploading them sometime


Whacky huh? Thanks? :P


Thanks a lot, always great to see you stopping by :)


Thanks :)


Note: This new episode is focused on a vaguely described planet known as Rakhana, the homeworld and native origin of the drell which, before the complete self destruction of their homeworld, were saved from extinction by the hanar and formally reside on the planet Kahje, with over 300,000 drell co-existing with their first-contact saviors. This depicts the despair and poverty they faced on their homeworld as they slowly destroyed their planet in industrial expansion, and without interstellar travel capacity, could not save their kind from inevitable extinction.



1024 px x 7841 px




Rakhana. The arid homeworld of a reptilian-like humanoid race known as the drell. Adapated to a world of harsh climate, scarce water and few natural resources, they fared well over thousands of years, and in the later centuries before 2000 CE, managed to serve their population that sat in the low billions. But as the industrial age dawned, rapid industrial expansion and technological advancement began to take shape, causing an upsurge in employment across the planet, and saw their quality of life rise in swaths of modern drell civilization. But their rise to technological mastery became their sudden downfall. As industry expanded rapidly, the scarce resources of Rakhana were gradually exhausted, from their world's mineral wealth, to its natural surface resources. Pollution and toxic industrial waste began to plague water sources, and the exhaustion of underground aquifers and above ground reservoirs caused mass water shortages for prolonged periods, far longer than the average drell can fare through. Weeks without water sometimes became months, and only with the alarmingly increased rate of floral and fauna extinction across Rakhana did it become obvious that their world no longer had the capacity and resources to support any kind of life. Years passed, and food shortages starved billions, and with the rise of overpopulation, their growth from low billions to 11 billion pushed the drell goverments of Rakhana to the edge.

As their situation grew dire, untold violence in an increasingly divided society saw the world split into the rich and the poor. Affluent drell afforded the necessities, water and food that was no longer in reach of the general populace. Governments slowly moved into aristocracies, and unemployment skyrocketed on ever exhausted planet. Almost mined out of minerals, the once thriving industries began to thin into a few chains of companies that dominated the planet's resources and almost non-existant economy. The impoverished underclasses and unemployed resorted to dwelling in make-shift slums houses, which engulfed their once beautiful cities, and often would develop large city scale slums within a matter of months.

The drell at the time lacked the capacity for interstellar flight, and with no means of saving their own species from self-destruction, they were left to a dying planet with 11 billion desparate people. Their civilization was rapidly deteriorating, and they had few means of saving their world, Rakhana from its inevitable descent into lifelessness. The kind of world humanity in the late 2000s narrowly avoided through the discovery of Prothean FTL travel and Mass Effect technology was what the drell had fallen into, a world of poverty and resource exhaustion, with Rakhana's ecological system and biospheres failing and slowly disappearing. Where violence and mere survival became the primary reason to live. Where slums dominated vast swaths of land.


Amefaas City. Now dominated by slums built by the unemployed and lower working class. Violence is widespread across this city, where homicides, suicides and turf wars are rampant in the streets of the slum districts of Amefaas. Factories that helped destroy the planet's environment lay in between the patchwork homes of locals. Tall, slum arcologies formed when space ran out on the ground. Filled with markets and housing, these arcologies became widespread across Rakhana's great cities. Dry lakes, rivers and reservoirs like the one above taunt the thirsty, as water becomes one of the most precious and most expensive commodities in drell society. On a planet that didn't have as much water to start with as on Earth, it has become a serious battle for what little resources on Rakhana remains. Electrified chain-link fences topped with barbwire lined the perimeter of the water reservoir site, where water pumps sinking into underground aquifers brought water up for surface distribution. Though very little of this water was likely to go to the working drell and below.

Drell society was bottoming out faster and faster, and solutions were difficult to search for in a still technologically primitive society. And time on the life-bearing Rakhana was short. Civilization couldn't hold out much longer, and nor could their homeworld.






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Wow great update, i really liked the mosaic :D

But i don't get why people have the impression that corporations are always evil and will go out of their way to pollute and destroy. lol
Don't agree with the story line of this entry, as this outcome is extremely unlikely. 

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Your CJ remind me of The Matrix and other classic futuristic!  Was going to save posting till my Weekly Around The World Tour of Featured Cities, but man this is NICE I gotta post a comment NOW.

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