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Mass Effect: Beyond

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TMW - Awanur System | "Behind The Rocks"



Overview ~

On the desolate world of Awanur, suprisingly neighboring the human colony of Ekera and blanketed by vast barren deserts of rock and sand lies a batarian-operated mining facility. Striking at the vast deposits of copper, tin and aluminum, the batarians of Awanur's Takolik Unorac Mines remain oblivious to the construct behind the ring of rocks, having not detected its presence, due in part to their lagging technological advancement, and partly due to their ignorance. Solely focused on the mining operations, and often closely watched by the Hegemony, they mine and refine and ignore the humans of the barren neighboring garden world Ekera, keeping cold but tensionless relations to keep the peace and non-aggressive co-existance of batarians and humans in the same star system; a phenomenon that rarely presents itself in the Milky Way.



Thanks a lot :)


Thanks a lot, the Wow's appreciated :)


There not actually necessarily futuristic slums per se, given drell tech at that specific period would've been equivalent to the early 20th century on Earth. And I'll see if I can upload them sometime, but they're not yet ready :P


No, these pictures aren't from Mass Effect; they're from SC4. I just recreate the same environments and locations from the game in SC4, and as such, tell a story as well :)


Thanks a lot :)


Thanks for the epic comment :)


Thanks :)


Lol, they are, but they aren't exactly 'smokestacks'. They're supposed to be Arcology-like slum superstructures -- pretty much slums going up :P


I thought you'd like it, just that touch of grunge, ghetto and rust :P


It wasn't exactly intended on being futuristic -- I was trying to portray a bit of primitive alien society, but whatevs, Thanks a lot :)


Realistically, corporations care little for their consumers, even if they attempt to create an image that seems customer-friendly. I'm not generalizing that they all are bad, but for corporations, profit comes first. It's like why oil companies dominate over green tech, they try to quell the advancement of green tech and buy the favor of governments with prospects of wealth from obtaining oil. Profit always comes first, and if it means swaying governments and stalling the development of alternative energies to make bucks out of the depleting reserves of oil and coal by tearing through the environment, they'll do so with little hesitation. The actual company might tell you otherwise. And if that isn't evil, I don't know what is. And if people are always getting that impression, and the storyline is far from unlikely, considering the Earth's already damaged biosphere due to heavy exploitation.


Hey, it's really awesome of you to comment! Thanks :)

GeometryMath Algebra

Beacuse the existence of slums demands it. Thanks :P


Thanks, and I do hope so too -- not my preferred way of living :O


Thanks, it's just me to enjoy reading the codexes and then translating them into SC4 :P


It's what I aimed to do! :)


Thanks, that's quite the complement :)


Note: This episode features a batarian colony established in the same systems as a human colony. Yes. The galaxy is just begging for trouble. But low populations on both worlds mean nothing's gonna happen. Phew. I guess it'll be a war to fight another day huehue.

And to be a very typical episode of ME:TMW, it involves a mosaic. I actually only realized that the majority of all ME:TMW episodes contains at least one mosaic. Oh the results.





Teytuuna in a region of insignificant space, hardly drawing the presence of pirates, and lacking any true social and political instability. Despite the odd and rare phenomenon of neighborly batarians and humans; on planets right next to each other (Yet still millions of kilometers away from each other), little tension exists between them, and given the rocky history between humans and batarians in the previous wars in the Skyllian Verge, conflict, whether violent or passive aggressive, would have every reason to exist in Teytuuna. But no. It remains a zone of indefinitely calm relations, triggered by the distant, stone cold interactions between the batarian colonists of Awanur and human colonists of Ekera. Keeping quiet and distancing each other is the one thing that keeps the peace within the system.

As human colonists of Ekera remain out of watch of the Alliance, the batarians of Awanur remain a little less fortunate, being under the constant guard of the Hegemony. While still attempting to breakaway from batarian space, the batarians of the system mostly mine as an occupation. Although Awanur's atmosphere has a detected composition of oxygen, the quantities are still far below that of any species to be able to breathe easily on the planet. The heavier presence of carbon monoxide doesn't better the possibility of breathing outside of environmentally controlled areas; and with gravity two times that of Earth's, one could feel quite heavy and weighed down on the planet. Fortunately for the batarian miners of the planet, the corporation heading operations spared no expense on mass effect field generators.


Mining for the vast deposits of tin, copper and aluminum, Takolik Unorac Mines is one of Awanur's largest mining operations, composed of a worker population of both paid employees, and traded black market slaves, ranging from races such as humans, turians, elcor, asari, and even batarians. The facility operates for hours on end, and given the planet has a 40 hour day and night cycle, it gives superiors plenty of reason to overwork their employees, going for over 24 hours in a single Awanurian day.


After 20 hours of daylight from Teytuuna, 20 hours of night follow, and the mines light up to break the eerie darkness. Takolik Unorac employees still have another 4 hours of work to go in mining operations, not to stop until their 24 hour shift is complete.


Only a few more hours until worker shifts are shuffled, but on Awanur, it seems like a lifetime.






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Hey, you didn't reply to my comment in your last entry. Feeling kind of left out here lol. I wanted to know if the smokestack towers you were using were your creation. Anyway, I like what you've done with the mmp rocks to create the planet surface it creates a very interesting alien terrain.

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