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TMW - Origins | Ashley Williams #1



Overview ~

Ashley Williams was a serving Alliance marine and a crew member of the SSV Normandy SR-1, under the rank of Gunnery Chief. Born on the colony of Sirona to a large family with three sisters and her parents, she took after her father, and took interest in his career in the marines, though had almost rarely seen her father. Her life saw her move to more than just one colony, but being born on Sirona, it made it her first home and her own 'homeworld'.



Thanks a lot Terring! It's great to see you around, reading ME:TMW again. :)


Thanks, the mosaics were quite a lotta fun to make :P


Lol, thought so. I tried to get it as best as I can, but it was hard to get the brightness right without losing the rest of the Lens Flare effect to the right. Thanks though :)


No, thank you for the comment :)


Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it!


Huh, I didn't think you'd favor such a plain image :P Thanks!


Hehe, on Tiptree? Not a lot :P

Hazani Pratama

Thanks a lot :)


Thanks :)


Note: There's been a spell of bad weather across my latest episodes lol. Not any better that the next colony is quite a wet world. In this Origins episode, the character featured is; Ashley Williams, an Alliance marine reassigned to the SSV Normandy SR-1 after the Geth attacks on Eden Prime. She is born and raised on the colony Sirona, living in quite a large colony in the planet's vast native forests. In this update, the year is in the early 2150s.

1 of Undecided Origin Episodes: Ashley Williams.





A large colony on Sirona. In the depths of vast native Sirona forest, the planet's vastly humid surface has created a lush planet; And as humans discover Sirona through Prothean derived FTL technology, these forests, undisturbed for thousands years, are cut down to make way for new human colonies. But wary of the delicate environment, and still having vaguely familiarized with the local ecology, the ecological damaged one to the planet is minimized by regulating allocated land and constructing arcgologies.

But in the low density zones of a colony city on Sirona, is a very young Ashley Williams, born to a large military family who serve the Systems Alliance. And despite not seeing her father as often, being that he's stationed to other systems and locations off-world, having three sisters can make what would be a quiet prefab, rather busy.


She lived among a sea of prefabricated living modules, littered across the deforested extra-terrestrial land. It oftened rained in her area, though it never stopped her from getting out of the house to do something outside, be it play or run around town.


She would often run through the vast side-streets and walkways between prefabs, talk with friends and when her father was here, would often spend time together outside of the house; one on one, or with her sisters.


Sometimes, she would run up to the labs on top of the hill to get a view of the colony. Even when it rained.


The hill wasn't at all too high, but it was rocky and steep in areas, make it challenging to find a decent and yet fast path up without having to go the full way around.


As it continued to rain, local weather stations forecasted that the storm would get worse by the evening. And with that, people got into their prefabs and locked themselves in, bracing for the storm to come. So did Ashley, once her mother called her in.


And worse it did get. Thunderstorms began plaguing the colony. Because the prefabs were constructed out of metals, the sturdy prefabs didn't budge against the wind, though the electricity around the colony didn't fare as well when lightning strikes began overloading local power station.


The only light that illuminated the colony that night was the lightning strikes that manifested from the clouds above.






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I really like the picture with the trail of chopped down trees. Where did you get those tree stumps?


Oh yeah and I like the golf ball buildings too. They could use some night lighting.

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Looks great, reminds me of some futuristic, off world almost slum, with the cramped buildings and seemingly hap-hazard way in which they're located.  

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