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Selbring County

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Port Altanorch | The Selbrinian Underground

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Welcome back to Selbring County. Telling you what you can and can't do since 1936.



Lol, sure it is! :P


Huehuehue :P


And now you can thank Selbring and PyroCorp for the soiled turkey :P


Thanks a lot :)


Thanks :D


Thanks, but I doubt even Batman could sweep this city clean of crime, let alone the world :P


Lol :P


Thanks a lot marsh :)


Both simultaneously :P


Haha, dystopian christmas' ftw :P


Really? It's a crazy world out there in Selbring though :P


It's really just an advent 'calendar' of some sort really, not necessarily my idea :P


Thanks Will :)


Thanks a lot. And why yes, they do sever Onimay, they even have factories in Vallence :P

Tonraq #2

Ikr? :P

spursrule14 #4

Just use one of the filters on Photoshop to create that reflective effect.


Thanks :)


You and hundreds of thousands of other people too :P


Thank you :)


Thanks a lot :)


Thanks, I honestly gotta agree with your statement. :)

KonstantinII #2

Sorry, didn't have the will to see it through. It got tedious after Dec. 7 :P


Note: I know i'm not the best lotter out there, but please don't hate on the poor lotting. I tried my best

:P And also, there's a bit of a Mass Effect: The Milky Way easter-egg in the update, though some might say there isn't, it's just that I used one of my ME:TMW BATs as a Selbring/Mass Effect cross-over. It seemed to fit well in the situation, so have fun figuring out what in the update is ME:TMW elements.



Old Port Altanorch. The main harbor that once allowed the flow of goods to easily pass through its warehouses and cranes. In a world where trade between the companies that rule the planet was easy, but the road to creating the goods was brutal and painful. But after decades of use, the late 20th century called for a more 'in-the-now' port that was far more advanced and would allow for greater cargo capacity and the latest in management technologies. So PyroCorp chose to shutdown and abandon Port Altanorch, and construct the new Altanorch Harbor, closer to where the skypscrapers of the rich stand.

And when the previous tennants left, a group of new tennants decided to move in...


A pro-democracy rebellion, The Red Flags are one of Selbring's notorious revolutionists. Dubbed a 'terrorist organization' by the PWA, the Red Flags are group of resistance fighters from all over the PyroCorp land claim, working in the so called 'Underground', an even wider resistance organization that has proven difficult to monitor by the PyroCorp Intelligence and Surveillance Agency or PISA. Though some of their movements are quite obvious, there plans at large are have been found difficult to connect with the various locations and scrubbed bases that they inhabit, leaving little evidence in either a fiery explosion, or quick-sweep and run. Fortunately, for the Red Flags, and the Selbrinian Underground, PyroCorp's defenses and monitoring systems are lowered over most of the abandoned and derelict areas of the Old Port Altanorch. This gives the Underground leeway to move in raided ships from other Underground organizations across the continent and the world to ship in much needed resistance supplies, arms and rations, as well as comm messages.


Stolen corporate tanks, arms and tech are often at the heart of the transport operations and trades between Underground organizations, but they come at a high price in a competitive and broken world. And just as night falls, the importance of the mysterious white van and an aged 1980s sedan riding along the port road begins to dawn on a planned operation against the 'big corporations'.

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Nice gritty look. Plus, I see the Easter egg (i think). It's the pod at the end of the pier, next to the tank ship sitting on top of the containers.

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Did some editing of comments here. Let's remember that there are things best handled outside the public areas of the site - and should be.

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