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Selbring County

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District of Dis | The Price of Revolution



Welcome back to Selbring County. Mobilizing private armies against disobedient civilians since 1951.



Thanks, and there's a chance. I've heard rumors of talks between Selbrinian leaders and Queensfery superiors. :P


Thanks a lot :)


Thanks :D


Thanks :)


Thanks, and it was pretty fitting for the scene. It's also why I made the update :P


Dead on :D and thanks :)


Thanks :)

spursrule14 #1, #2

Thanks :)


Lol, thanks for the .gif :P


Lol, yeah, it's blended in pretty well with the shipping containers :P


Thanks, but I guess that's just the effect SimCity has on people :P


No probs.


Thanks, and sorry to disappoint, I'm horrible at setting up transit networks :P


Thanks, I'd thought the lotting was pretty poor, but I'm glad it's not as bad as I thought it was :)




Thanks :)


Thanks Ben. It's so hard to juggle different types BATs and CJs all at once, especially with an unorganized plugins folder (a reason why I can't grow cities cause they turn into an architectural melting pot :P ).


Note: Sorry for these Low Quality, lacking updates. I can only churn out a few pics at a time, especially since they're haste-sandbox cities that require extra BATing, and while at the same time, managing three active city journals, it becomes quite hectic. I'm going round to updating all my active CJs this week, starting with R&R (), Selbring County () and finally, by about Friday or Saturday, Mass Effect: The Milky Way.

:PSo. Many. Themes.

Also on a side note, I've always wanted to use Washington Tower somewhere in one of my CJs, and I've never been able to for years since I could never find the dependency. After being able to find it, and me regarding it as one of the best BATs out there, I thought I'd use it now




Earth. 2049 CE. And broken. It's practically the wrong time to be a lower working class individual as atrocities and crimes against humanity are virtually everywhere, rampant and uncontrolled. In order for Aristocrats of the world to keep a tight hold on global power and domination of resources and vast populations, violence becomes one of the primary points of keeping entire states and empires in check.

Violence against others never seems to be going 'too far' in the minds of the super wealthy. But if it keeps them on top, the needs of the poor are beyond them.

So when a revolution of any kind arises, from peaceful protests to provocation of civil war, mobilization follows immediately. No hesitation.


Surveillance Attendant - Sir, I'm getting a Vigil-8 on one of my surveillance monitors.

Surveillance Officer - Where?

Surveillance Attendant - Z10-9382.

Surveillance Officer - What? How the hell did they get into New Alister?


Surveillance Attendant - Facial recognition is identifying approximately 350 Individuals, all GDs.

Surveillance Officer - We have to disperse th-

[Door swings open]

Frederick Robertson - Hey, great job you guys are doing here. I just applaud the work Surveillance does to keep...have nots, from our streets. But I'm curious.

Surveillance Officer - Uh, Mr. Chairman sir! What are you doing here?

Frederick Robertson - Oh, well I thought I'd go all the way here to confirm some reports about an illegal and restricted public protest at New Alister. Of all the monuments in the city, the GHETTO DWELLERS choose the one in New Alister and are currently ON RESTRICTED PREMISES.

Surveillance Officer - SIR! We're getting right to the situation. We've alerted the Selbring Operations Center and they're mobilizing immediately to New Alister.

Frederick Robertson - Well that's great! But that's not the end of it. Open up the comms to the SOC. I'll be making some...cautionary measures to aleviate the situation as much as possible.

Surveillance Officer - On it SIR. Mason. Contact the SOC. Now.


Protester - Our dignity has been degraded long enough! Let not the hellish establishment that is the Pyro Corporation reign with an iron fist that strips the wealth from the class the serves those who sit on there a****s while we slave away under conditions that would kill a human within a matter of weeks! I say, TOTAL FREEDOM FOR THE WORKING CLASS! AND LET DEMOCRACY SET FIRE TO THE SELFISH LIKES OF ARISTOCRACY.

The protesters gatthering is short-lived as within minutes of PISA finding out about the gathering, the mobilization of Selbring's private military causes them to disperse. Protesters are reluctant to stay, running immediately for the district walls, evading the tanks and assault units that attempt to chase them down and apprehend them. Some are even shot dead on the ground. But the horror doesn't end that night.


As morning breaks over the county, The Ghetto District of Dis, where the majority of the Protesters originated from, patrolled and tormented by Selbring's military dispatch. Tanks and soldiers being marching into the district, while locals watch in horror.


Unsure of what's to come next.


Especially when a military occupation is on this scale.

Assistant - Sir, I've got some reports from the SOC, and they've established a foothold on the District of Dis. No retalliation so far. But the military dispatch is doing as per your request.

Frederick Robertson - That's some good news. Thank you for getting me the reports.

Assistant - That's not all. The new artillery development project line for PyroCorp's private military sector's been completed. The artillery is being shipped to several outposts around the region.

Frederick Robertson - Excellent! Everything's going according to plan. Get me on the line to the manufacturers and transporters -- and open up the SOC channel, I need to insure that this project isn't halted. I'm going to need a tight military perimeter around the factories and supply routes. Nothing is going disrupt my plans.



Adelboro - Green, serene...too good to be true?


I'll just let you think about it for a sec.


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