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Nothing but Al-Qu




@MilitantRadical: Thanks! Sure you're a VIP for tonight's session!

@KonstantinII: At the LEX, here [link].

@Huston: Thank you! Only a few people pay some attention to them when city-building, I am one of them who actually pays attention!

@k50: Thanks for commenting! Like father, like son, right? ;)

@Schulmanator: Get a second round of it today!

@Gugu3: Thank you!

@city89: Thanks for asking; see my reply to KonstantinII!

@Ultimate727: Today another world-class DJ has the honour of playing at Zenith...

@slickbg56: As a butcher's knife!

@cityguru: Thanks! I am one of them, so no problem!


A world-class city with a world-class club meets a world-class DJ. Our reporter spends a day with David Guetta, who plays in one of his favourite clubs.

Nothing but Al-Qu

Pierre David Guetta (Paris, 1967) is considered by some the world's most famous DJ. Usually, DJs don't work from 9 to 5, and Guetta is not an exception. Some days are like just one more day in the office, but, as we will see, playing at the Zenith makes the day for any DJ. Even if it is the most famous.

14:08 - We are approaching the small Sheikh Saud Regional Airport of Al-Qurayyah, the second airport of this tiny emirate. While Al-Qurayyah World Airport looks like neverending from the sky, Sheikh Saud Airport couldn't be more discreet. Specially designed for those who arrive by private jets. One of them is David Guetta, who can't stop staring at the oil-fueled emirate through the window.


The small Gulfstream V we are flying on begins its approach on that isolated private airport. Several minutes later, Guetta, his entourage and me land safely.

14:15 - The small jet enters leaves the runway, while Guetta looks more relaxed now.


14:25 - We finally all arrive to the terminal building. A couple of suitcases are taken from the cargo area and loaded in a mini-van. It will take Guetta and I to the city. Most of the interview will be held on the way to Al-Qurayyah city center.


P: So, David, are you used to that treatment in the cities you go?

DG: Well, this mini-van stuff is part of Zenith's "standard" procedure. They always pick me up in a very discreet minivan. -laughs.

P: Do you like it?

DG: Not really, but picking a taxi is always risky, anywhere you go. Al-Qurayyah's suburbs coming from this side don't look dangerous, but other cities can't say the same...

P: Are you looking forward tonight?

DG: Oh, definately! It's going to be my third time at Zenith, and I literally couldn't sleep tonight thinking on that.

P: Really?

DG: I promise. Playing at Zenith... is something above special. You can't simply describe it. I guess it can be like a formula 1 driver feels when overtaking their highest rival, or winning an Oscar. But the difference is that you keep that euphoria sensation for 4 straight hours.

P: Why on Zenith?

DG: Simply everything! The club, the placement, the people... The highest club in the world, in a breathtaking city like this... Also, people who come to Zenith aren't just looking for party or to get drunk. They really want to dance, they know about music, they want to enjoy with the session. Not many clubs in the world can say these two statements. And you feel this on the cabin. There is energy flowing between you and the dance floor, I don't know. And yeah, the treatment they give to the VIPs and the DJs is quite good...

P: And the salary?

DG: Are you asking me how much I'm going to earn with tonight's session?

P: Yes.


DG: No problem. Zenith is one of the best paid clubs in the world, perhaps the best one. Today's session is quite extra-large so the salary is quite extra-large too. I think it is roughly 400.000 euros. But I don't mind having an extra-large session at Zenith. Hours look like minutes up there.

P: How can it be profitable for the club?

DG: I don't know... But I guess the tickets for today are around 35 euros, so you only need 10.000 people there inside to cover my wage. And they drink, and everything so... I have no doubt they will generate profit today.

P: Not many people can say they earn 400.000 euros in a single night...

DG: And this is why I feel priviileged. I earn a ton of money doing a job I simply love, travelling around the world and trying to make people have a good time. I give thanks everyday for that.

14:56 - We finally reach the city of Al-Qurayyah, our mini-van runs through the city's main avenue, Sheikh Rahim bin Al Attiyah Road. The southern district surrounds us. At the left, the 1001 Nights Hotel, which hosts the also very famous club Scheherezade.


P: Have you ever played at Scheherezade?

DG: No, not yet. I'm willing to if I get a reasonable offer. I have heard about their Ibiza-like parties, looks like a cool place...

P: The thing is to be back at Al-Qurayyah, right?

DG: Yeah, that's it. I truly love this city. It charges my batteries.


15:11 - We finally arrive to the hotel where Guetta is staying, the Jumeirah Al-Qurayyah hotel, at the very city center, and just a couple of blocks away far from Al Burj, the tower where the Zenith club is placed.

21:02 - Finally, the sun comes down, and Guetta has his dinner as any other person at this time. The city is actually shining.


23:56 - After relaxing a bit on his room, it's the time to depart to the club. We enter the Al Burj on the other side of the building, and take a private-use elevator bringing us to the two last floors of the Tallest Building on Earth. The sights from the VIP room atop of this structure are far from something one can describe. I begin to understand why David Guetta speaks like does about Zenith.


All lights are on to make of Al Burj the tallest lighthouse on Earth, a lighthouse for the party-seekers. A place for peregrination for those who can't wait for the night but don't get into bed.

01:00 - David Guetta begins his session, and the audience just goes mad. No dancers, no other entertainment than him and the strobe lights. The people on the dance floor would just jump out of the window if Guetta said so from the DJ cabin.


Frenzy is a good way to explain what goes on inside Zenith for four hours any given Friday night, when a world-class DJ is invited. What we see today, is one step above that. Not even the VIPs can resist the impulse of going all-out, in conjunction of what's happening at the massive dance floor.

05:00 - Guetta finishes his session punctually, exhausted. But happy, as he says. Five minutes later, we are out of the Zenith. The temperature is way lower than it was then the sun was up. Guetta and I enter the mini-van, where the DJs stuff were already loaded. Now, finally, was having a rest, while the sun's first rays hit his face. A well-deserved rest.



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Fantastic job!!  I really like the airport.  It looks very realistic.  And the picture at 21:02 is just astounding!!  Also where did you get the building in the forefront in the 21:02 picture?

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Love the sunken highway and the close ups of the buildings, very nice work.


The airport looks great and surprising different from anything seen in the game before, the way it is slightly angled .. well done on creating something that standouts and makes you think twice about it.


Beautiful region as always from you.

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Awesome scenery, and I really like the interview motif to help show it off.  I'm going to steal that part probably later this year or next year, whenever I'm ready.  Cool, cool update.

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