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Ring of Fire

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Coastal Mosaics




37. Coastal Mosaics

Welcome back, folks! As promised, here's a couple mosaics from Cannon Beach. Warning: these are big, the second being ridiculously huge, so you may need to save the picture or open it in a new tab/window or something to appreciate it.

Region: Somewhere on the shore of the Great Sea.

Area/Tile: Cannon Beach.


Mad props go to Paeng for showing me the easy way to blend tile transitions in photoshop. These are multi-tile mosaics at zooms..... i think it's 2 then 3, maybe 3 then 4. Whatever.

1280x3100: (clicky for full)


The next closer zoom, 2200x7000: (again, clicky for full, if you dare)


Thanks again for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed the mosaics. Please feel free to drop your comments below, and if you can't think of anything to type, you can always pound the little +1 thumbs up button on the bottom right.


Wow, all kinds of comments last week. Nineteen is a second highest so far :)

@Jacob Gaujardo: Thanks, the real Cannon Beach is a pretty cool place. It's very cool to watch the waves crash on the rocks during storms.

@sHnozZa: Thanks for your comment.

@nedal2001: Thank you, sir! That's high praise. And you are indeed correct; the real world equivalent is here.

@vivapanda: Thanks! yeah the updates have been sporadic, so i hope i'll have more for everyone to stop by and see.

@runnerguy347, USA Patriot: Thanks to both of you for your nice comments.

@Eclipticalstorm: Thanks a lot for your comment. The gravel is simply the beach texture from Lowkee's excellent Appalachian terrain mod.

@grstudios: Thank you, sir! The fences are part of the SPAM, i believe they are from the spar addon. They are fences on lots with transparent bases and are found in the verrrrrrrrrrry bottom of the Transportantion->Miscellaneous menu.

@hammysonata: Much thanks. Waves on the shore are peaceful :)

@Hazani Pratana: Thanks for your comment!

@NMUSpidey: Thank you, sir! Yeah the friday updates seem to get pushed down the page pretty fast, and the submitted feature sometimes gets cycled through fast with all the activity these days, so some updates are almost stealthy.

I'm a west coast guy, so we're on opposite sides come rose bowl team. I don't have a team per se, since me alma mater WSU always sucks at football. I root for my pac12 to do good against the other conferences (last week was great, however rare). But mostly i root against the filthy SEC and for whoever is playing against USC. I hate USC, except when they represent in the rose bowl.

@thorbald: Thanks; i think i like that pic best too, which is why i chose it for the feature image.

@packersfan: Thank you, sir! But not as awesome as the Wenzel street map ;)

@Mithrik: Thanks a lot for your comment!

@AprilAero: Thank you. The terrain is Lowkee's terrain mod from sc4devotion. The water is shoktherapy's Brigantine 2.0. The trees are from c.p. and giraffe, also availible at sc4d. The small stuff is mostly from giraffe and the VIP team, availible both here at the STEX and over at sc4d. If you want to know any other stuff, buildings and whatnot you'll have to be more specific.

@Huston: Thank you, sir. I love those kayaks, and especially that bonfire lot by nbvc.

@woodnava, Kruness: Thank you both very much for your kind words!


Recommended Comments

Woah! :O That is amazing! You are the king in nature-sculpturing...
How did you get sand to be shown further in shallow water?
:thumb: +1 5/5 Entry. Wish I could rank it higher.

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It is at once humbling and wonderful to see images such as the ones contained in this journal. Just awesome, once again, blunder! You make your screen name a misnomer.

Good luck to your PAC12 guys! Looks like the Big Ten (BIG?) is continuing its slump. Ah well, it happens!

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