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  1. Mapping

  2. May, 54EL: Recovery

    I'l go with 4
  3. Greyson Bridge

    Nice City, You have some really great highway there, If you want longer bridge though for your shipping I would recommend this one http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/24543-rhw-4-compact-suspension-bridge/ its by Blue Lightning
  4. Introduction - Izumo

    I really like the second one! and the rest of course.
  5. Update 11 - Hiroshima-eki

    (5)5) !
  6. May, 49EL: Coast

    4, Because then there will be more farms and development.
  7. Update 10 - Fuchū-chō

    Wow! I really like that coastal path and the way the bridges just come straight from the level of the land without a approach.
  8. The City Of Portland.

    . Today we visit Portland, the largest city in the region of south (at the moment) The city is a major port town, in fact thats how it was founded. Over the years it slowly grew out from the peninsula and into the surrounding farmland, Its down town is very dense as well as its north coast area. Most of its power comes from offshore wind turbines near the northern half of the city. It has a larger railway station and a large industrial base. Today we will journey around the city to see sight, and stay for the night. Here we are going through a industrial zone just after entering the city. We continue on and see this nice park, which is called The Flags park. A rougher area. Here we begin to drive along the beach front. We stop here to look at the beach. Oh! but what's this it seams to be the turbines. We should take a closer look. And still going along the beach, here is the tri tower beach condo's. The Portland bay lighthouse. Okay turning back now, we head down Dunsmuir Ave, some other time we will head farther north. Here we are again, but now we will go south. Down south Dunsmuir Ave, by the old school. Here is the port of Portland. It is now time to turn down Main road which will lead us to Downtown. The station. We travel by condo's and office towers. The road splits up here right at Summers square, named after the city founder and great explorer, it is a nice place to stop for a bit. Summers Square. Ah this will be our hotel for our stay here. At the end of the peninsula there is Portland city park. Just a aerial view. Walking around a bit we find this old historic building with a nice cafe in it. The lovely waterfront is a nice place to spend the day. More of City park. Thats all for today, next time we visit the rest of town.
  9. Update 9 - Yaga Shinkansen Depot

    I agree I think Imgur works very well. its really simple.
  10. From Portland Pass to the City Of Portland.

    As of last entry we traveled to historic Lavender valley farm, today (and the next day and the next) we travel to Portland. But first we must stop of at Portland Pass: Portland Pass is a old mining town that dates back to the 18 hundreds, but around 1940 the mines shut down so from then on the town relied on only logging. Today however the town has a booming tourist economy. The town has many old buildings and it has a new resort hotel up on a hill nearby. Now we will have a look at it. On our way to the town we turn onto highway 15 Here is some logging we pass by. Here is the newish resort hotel, with a path winding near it. We are staying here for the night! At this road we now turn onto main St which is the one with the median. We now stop at the bank The local main St park, this a were number 1 mine used to start. Here is a few shots of downtown. Here is the end of Main Street, time to turn around I guess. After leaving town, we start the climb to the real Portland pass. We stop at the top of the pass. Now we are heading by Granite Bluff. We pass by dear road in Dear Valley. We now turn off highway 15 onto the Trent Portland freeway. We go under the Geoburg highway road which signifies entry into the Portland Valley. And finally some farms. We have now entered East Portland, here is its small commercial core. We turn into it at the exit. Ah at last we reach the hotel. And here is some malls along with the train station. And now! That can wait till next entry.
  11. The City of Trent, and the town of Chase

    [quote name='16minuteman' timestamp='1349304836'] really good work i like it can u tell me where to find the regional hall? [/quote] Yes, thanks. It's actually the Small Town USA town hall. when you download it it comes with some other versions as well. [url="http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/16389-smalltownusa-town-hall/"]http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/16389-smalltownusa-town-hall/[/url]
  12. The City of Trent, and the town of Chase

    Today we finally Visit Trent, Trent is a larger city which was established as a farming village, however there is now no farms at all in this area. Trent is at the start of the Western railway, and the Western freeway, it has a good sized downtown with a few historical buildings. In 1980 a large dam was built to supply water and power to Trent and its surrounding area, it is in Broadview. We will stay in Trent two nights and then continue on to Chase. This is the high wealth area which we see as we enter Trent. Because our friend is taking us on a tour we can see more stuff. here is a historical building called the Wooward Cafe This is a lovely old building in downtown. Okay here is the hotel. In the morning we have breakfast here, and then get some money out of the TD bank. This is the tallest building in Trent. The Trent regional education area. Here is the Trent regional rail station, high speed Super rail trains come from here. Overview of downtown Trent. And we arrive at the Best Western hotel. This is the Trent road and Western freeway interchange which we see in the morning. Later on we take rest here and watch a train go by. Now We arrive in chase, Chase was established in 1898 and grew rapidly when the railway was put in, it is now a national historic downtown. Here is the interchange where we turn off the highway and head into Chase. This is historic downtown. our friend insisted we went here, and I'm glad about that now. The Chase regional hall Can you guess our destination? Yes here is the book store. One of the many historic houses. After leaving Chase we stop here at Lavender valley historic farm. Next time we head to Portland pass, and maybe the outskirts of Portland.
  13. Show Us Your Small Towns

    This is one picture of the small town of Ark Canion, I have been working on this town to try to make it seem very rural.
  14. Broadview A Suburb of Trent

    . Well first of today we will stop at the tiny settlement of Warner Springs (pop 16) were we meet a friend who will take us on the tour of the Lower South district. The suburb of Broadview was established in 1966 when Trent was quickly expanding to become a larger city of about 40,000 people. Here is an over view of Warner springs with highway 5 going around it. Everybody here works in Broadview or Terra. Here is our friends house. Here we arrive in Broadview and turn of Highway 5 onto Bushery ave. (not the 4 lane road) and we head towards downtown Broadveiw. Wow! its a 4 lane road, we have not seen one of those in South yet. it is in the industrial area of north Broadview. Here is Downtown Broadview along Bushery ave. It does have some slightly historical buildings. Its a freeway! at the Bushery AVE interchange with highway 5 (now the Trent Portland freeway) Here is were we have been. Now we head to the Mount Bushery suburb area just to the east of Broadview. The Suburb area of Mount Bushery has many sprawling malls and medium wealth and high wealth area's. However as it is a suburb there is not much else to say. Here we are shortly after entering Mount Bushery. There is a Walmart. Our friend is taking us on a tour, here is some residential area's Many of which are being turned high wealth. We now head down West road, which is six lanes, were do you think it leads? We might have to find out.
  15. BRF Tunnel And Slope Mod

    I quite like this mod, however I need to uninstall is and I cant, how can I do that?