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The Region of Rodentia: Squirrelton Establishes Arts Center, Mayor Nutter Takes Up Oil Painting




With a steady population of 6,439 residents, a small arts community in Squirrelton has emerged. Mayor Nutter, eager to get back into the community’s good graces, has enthusiastically embraced Squirrelton’s visual artists and musicians and their creative endeavors. After reading the local painter Gerbily Kandinsquirrel’s treatise Concerning the Squirrel In Art, the mayor himself has become an avid painter and student of the never-ending quest to visually articulate the Sublime. Or so he claims.

Pictured below is the Bushy Tail River Center for the Performing and Visual Arts, comprised of a museum, art gallery, and outdoor concert hall. All concerts are free to the public and financed through charitable endowments and a city-wide Hipster Tax.


The Arts Center is located in close vicinity to the heart of Alderperson Pelosi-Groundsquirrel’s district. On warm summer nights, residents living nearby can hear the sounds of Mousegang Amadeus Mozart’s Symphonie Concertante, 1st Hamster being played in the distance.


Concern remains regarding the true motivations behind the mayor encouraging a Squirreltonian Renaissance, however. Residents were somewhat alarmed by the lavishness of Mayor Nutter’s recently completed house and grounds.


The mayor recently exhibited one of his paintings titled “The Soul of the Two Squirrels and How They Jump At Dusk.” He explained the subject matter examines “the trajectory of the aesthetic critique in Rodentian Art and how it impacts art and the process of art-making.” The Squirrelton Inquirer’s arts reviewer Holland Cottontail called the work “rubbish” and “an offense to every single part of my eye.”


Creative types aside, most residents still commute to Squirrelton’s Rat Tail Peninsula for work.


Blue-collar townspeople like Old Craftsman PJ prefer to hang out around the bars near the fishing docks. Although a skilled draftsman and sculptor himself, PJ feels unease among the champagne and caviar crowd. “I’ll go to those art gallery openings for the cheese, sure. But that’s it,” he says.


Despite the thriving arts scene and growing population, Squirrelton still remains a sleepy small town that holds the traditional values of Rodentia dear: a love of nuts and berries, unequivocal reverence for rodents, and a hope in a future filled with outbreaks of plagues of mice and rats.



Credits: Mods are SimPeg (Paeng’s Parks, MTP, OWW, SPAM, Pond, Stream, Lighthouse, Rail Mod, (lots and mayor-mode ploppables)) Murimk’s rocks, ALN Pasture Flora, Cycledogg trees, SFBT trees, NAM & SAM, Lowkee33’s Appalachian terrain, SHK HD Rock Mod & HD Brigantine 2.0, Riverside Beach Mod, Euro sidewalk texture mod. Various RLS houses by Sim Goober & FishTale Pub by Sim Goober, Shmail’s Commercial Finals, JB SmalltownUSA, CLC Outdoor Concert.


Replies: (I replied in the last Journal’s entry but this seems like a better way to go about it) :)

@Mastof: thanks. You would think with all of the cliffs bungee jumping would be really popular in Rodentia but strangely, not so :)

@NMUSpidey: Hey thanks so much! Ah, I miss walkmans. The iGopher, however, does easily fit in one's pocket ;)

@Blakeaway: Haha, I see what you mean now. Is it the scene where Faramir and his gang are snooping around while Gollum is swimming in the pool?

@Schulmanator: Thanks, it's the SHK Brigantine 2.0. At first I tried their Silt variation but the original seems to match best with PEG's ponds and streams

@emperordaniel: hahaha, thank you :D If the Balrog did appear, Mayor Nibbly would probably have to unleash AutoSaurus Wrecks and hope they work out their aggressions on each other.


Thanks for looking at Squirrelton and The Region of Rodentia! :)


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This is like a beautiful ode to urban growth on the most interesting, rugged terrain imaginable. I love it every time I see it! And yeah, I'd probably just go for the cheese, too. Love me some good cheese.

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