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The Region of Rodentia: Enter Ratsfjord



Perhaps in reaction to the rapid succession of technological and artistic advances being made in Squirrelton as of late, certain residents of Rodentia have established a new pastoral village adjacent to Michael Nutter’s up-and-coming city. Ratsfjord, named for both the body of water that runs through its steep cliffs and the proliferation of Brown Rats that nest in its hills, has established itself as the breadbasket of Rodentia. Although half of every harvest is allocated for the collective rodents of Rodentia, (as legally mandated by the Hamster Carta) there is still more than enough crop to sustain the people of Rodentia for many years to come.

The mayor of Ratsfjord Ishmael Rotte, has earned the begrudging respect of mayors Nibbly Murphy and Michael Nutter, perhaps because of his perseverance in rising above his humble beginnings as a miner’s son from Gopher’s Pocket. Naturally astute in both navigating politics and understanding human nature, Mayor Ishmael is aware of Rodentia’s dependence on Ratsfjord for foodstuffs and often uses that as leverage in his trade deals with Marmot Hollow and Squirrelton.


Representatives and power players from Squirrelton are often sent to Ratsfjord to broker deals with Mayor Rotte or entertain the townsfolk. Chase Nutly, the Squirrelton High School Fighting Squirrel mascot will make weekly visits, as Ratsfjord doesn’t yet have its own secondary school and so residents follow and participate in Squirrelton’s sports leagues.


Mayor Rotte has built himself an ostentatious fortress in which to reside. There he holds court, oversees the governing of Ratsfjord, and sponsors Ratsfest- an annual autumn festival where the citizenry imbibes massive amounts of cider and then holds a contest to see who can find and adopt the most pet rats.


Rotte hopes his castle conveys the full extent of his political power to visiting dignitaries. The residents of Ratsfjord, however, are free to wander the grounds at will. A Ratsfjord favorite pastime is to visit and marvel at the innumerous muskrats (and regular rats) swimming in the moat and marshes surrounding the castle.


Pigsfarmer PJ feels secure living behind the protective walls of the castle complex. The pigs do as well.


Pictured below, upper left is Shadowfax Stables: Lord of All Equestrian Riding Schools. To the right is Shadowfax Creamery: Lord of All Dairy Farms.


The town center of Ratsfjord. St. Pellet serves as religious center and also as a theatre for locally produced plays. Last week’s stage adaptation of Willard proved controversial but eventually was deemed a critical triumph.


To the left are the newly-discovered ancient ruins of what was once believed to be a shrine devoted to incisors. This finding shatters the previous notion that Rodentia had never been inhabited until recently. Where did all the people who once lived here go? The only clue so far has been found on a segment of the apse with the words “Sim Nation” hastily scrawled into it. Rodentia’s academia is left puzzled.


Ratsfjord and Rodentia remain tranquil places overall, however. Herds of capybara often can be seen ponderously munching on vegetation along Ratty Brook, enjoying the fresh air and thinking rodential thoughts. 2bc4d595.jpg


Credits: Mods are SimPeg (Paeng’s Parks, MTP, SPAM, Pond, Stream, Lighthouse, Rail Mod, (lots and mayor-mode ploppables)) Murimk’s rocks, ALN Pasture Flora, Cycledogg trees, SFBT trees, NAM & SAM, Lowkee33’s Appalachian terrain, SHK HD Rock Mod & HD Brigantine 2.0, Riverside Beach Mod, Euro sidewalk texture mod. Various RLS houses by Sim Goober, Shmail’s Commercial Finals, Castle AD 1100, Nexis Ruins, JENX Burg Eltz, Lapinkirkko church, Old Mine Co.



@Jacob Guajardo: thanks! Hopefully as their populations get bigger I’ll be able to hold on to my authority ;)

@nedal2001: Michael Nutter greatly appreciates your comment :)

@Schulmanator: You would think with all of the rodent talk the mayor and the citizenry would all be rodents but they are actually all just people who happen to have an extreme fixation on rodents. Mayor Nutter is worried about Mayor Nibbly and now Ishamel Rotte both spying on him while he paints.

@emperordaniel: Haha, thanks! :) Rodentia is rather new so it seems Squirrelton is trying to recapture the glory of last year.

@Mastof: Rodentians do like boating. Their favorite outdoor activity is Hoarding ;)

@Blakeway: The school busses get stuck on the hill about once every two weeks. Nutter gets some sick sort of glee from it but no one knows quite why.

@Jetty Jockey: Thank you! The default night lighting is a little too bright for me so I adjust the night photos with Photoshop a little and it seems be better.

@blunder: That does sound fun. It was rather a challenge to terraform and put the street on it though :D

@NMUSpidey: Haha, me too. They do usually have good cheeses though. Sometimes I luck out and find hummus and pita chips as well :)


Thanks everybody for looking at Ratsfjord and my City Journal The Region of Rodentia! :)


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The lotting for that castle is awesome, great job once again. Sim Nation, you say? Sounds like a mystery, better get your best historirats and archeolorodents on the case.

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