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With the aid of her rather apathetic ally Chief Mole Vole of Vole Atoll, Nancy Pelosi-Groundsquirrel’s city the Isle of Mouse has become a center of trade and commerce in southern Rodentia. The unemployment rate is down (including those who have dropped out of the workforce) and both the public and private sectors report productivity is up (although this may be because of the new and wildly popular “Bring-Your-Rodent-To-Work Day” program held on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays). At 6,128 residents, Isle of Mouse has become second only to Squirrelton in population. Out of obligation, curiosity, and a vague sense of feeling threatened, Mayor Michael Nutter of Squirrelton traveled to Isle of Mouse to offer a resentment-tinged congrats to his fellow mayor Nancy-Pelosi-Goundsquirrel this week.

As pictured in the Isle of Mouse Tribune, mayors Michael Nutter of Squirrelton (who seems to be breaking the forth wall) and Nancy Pelosi-Groundsquirrel of Isle of Mouse discuss the governing of Rodentia. Although the Rodentian leaders may look an awful lot like the current mayor of Philadelphia, PA and House Minority Leader of the 112th US Congress, Isle of Mouse’s Center for Paranormal and Normal Rodent Studies assures us that the two who exist in the United States are actually doppelgangers of their Rodentian counterparts.


An aerial view of Isle of Mouse.


While the mayors were on a boat tour of the city, there was a graphics glitch on one of the passenger ferries but Mayor Nutter tactfully chose to not mention it.


Pictured below are the three most profitable stores in all of Rodentia.


The islet of Isle of Mouse is home to an exclusive yacht club. “This is where my yacht The Minnie is docked,” Nancy Pelosi-Goundsquirrel noted to Mayor Nutter. “Say, where’s yours?” Michael Nutter mumbled an unintelligible reply and quickly changed the subject to the status of municipal bonds.


Seeking to make up for her previous disregard for sports, Nancy Pelosi-Groundsquirrel was quick to show Michael Nutter the new football field, home to the Isle of Mouse’s High School’s football team The Mighty Fleabags. Pleased, Mayor Nutter predicted many good match ups between The Mighty Fleabags and Squirrelton High’s Fighting Squirrels.


As evening drew near, Mayor Nutter stopped into a tattoo parlor along the boardwalk and impulsively got an “I Heart Rodentia” tattoo on his left forearm.


Much to Mayor Nutter’s delight, the aviary (pictured below left) hosts an impressively-sized flying squirrel colony.


Mayors Pelosi-Groundsquirrel and Nutter were going end the visit by taking a night tour of Isle of Mouse via helicopter. At the last second, Pelosi-Goundsquirrel flaked, citing an unset stomach and slight fever. Disappointed, Mayor Nutter spent the evening eating microwave popcorn in his hotel room and watching The Secret of Nimh.



Credits: SimPeg (MTP, SPAM, OWW, CSK, Pond, Stream, lighthouses, (lots and mayor-mode ploppables)) Murimk’s rocks, ALN Pasture Flora, Cycledogg trees, SFBT trees, Godiva MMPs, HBS Tropical flora, NAM & SAM, Lowkee33’s Appalachian terrain, SHK HD Rock Mod & HD Brigantine 2.0, Riverside Beach Mod, AGS Taylor Field, BATs are from MadHatter, Sim Goober, Cobb Harbor Villiage, GDV Yacht Club, Aviary Dome Park by RafaRivera



@Paulobergonci: thanks! I love finding new MMPs to try out.

stunning nature, great work

@Schulmanator: Haha, thanks. Yes, Rodentia has yet to come up with any feline-type cat repellant ;)

@NMUSpidey: Thanks—Hahaha, yeah—Chief Mole Vole and Nancy Pelosi-Goundsquirrel did not hit it off particularly well, kind of like Obama and Netanyahu ;)

@Hazani Pratama: thanks so much, so glad you like it :)


@Jetty Jockey: Thanks! Will try ;)

@SimCoug: thanks, it’s fun to try to think of the most ridiculous ideas I can think of and incorporate it into my interest in playing SimCity ;) Yeah, I’ve been really into the tropical plants MMP by nbvc, as I can place them in shallow water too.

well done, and improving with each update.

@nedal2001: thanks!

@urbanconstanta: thanks a lot!

@MilitantRadical: thanks so much, having a lot of fun developing a weird City Journal ;)


Thanks everyone for looking at my City Journal The Region of Rodentia :)


After her ill-received fireside chat (and then indulging in an all-night viewing of numerous Ingmar Bergman films), Mayor Nancy Pelosi-Groundsquirrel had a crisis of faith and so traveled to a previously unexplored area adjacent to Isle of Mouse in order to regroup and recharge. There, she discovered an unknown, isolated tribal village. Noting the thousands of pet voles the tribespeople had domesticated as pets, a fascinated Pelosi-Goundsquirrel asked the chieftain Chief Mole Vole where all the voles had come from. “They come from everywhere,” the chieftain answered, “but mostly from the lagoon, which is why we call this land Vole Atoll.” Pelosi-Goundsquirrel was struck by Chief Mole Vole’s wisdom and vision (and desperate for allies) and so invited the tribe and Vole Atoll to have a seat at the table in the business of governing Rodentia. “Meh… why not,” he replied. And so the official founding of Vole Atoll commenced.

“What do your people call the ocean that surrounds our isles?” asked Nancy Pelosi-Goundsquirrel. “We call it the Hamster Water Bottle Sea,” answered Chief Mole Vole. “Huh. That’s weird, that’s what we’ve been calling it too,” Pelosi-Groundsquirrel then said. An awkward silence followed.


Chief Mole Vole’s tribe is stationed near an ancient crumbling ziggurat, as seen in the upper right. Though unsure of exactly when this structure was built, the tribe’s creation myth tells of a giant vole descending from the skies to sculpt the land and this ziggurat served as an earthly pedestal. Interestingly, modern Rodentian archeology research has only strengthened this theory.


In addition to voles, Chief Mole Vole has a keen interest in keeping giant naked mole rats.


Across the lagoon that is the source of the many voles that inhabit Vole Atoll, Chief Mole Vole has, with the assistance of generous subsidies from Isle of Mouse, built a hydro dam and lighthouse. Commuting to and from Isle of Mouse is easy, thanks to the new passenger ferry.


The lighthouse, designed by famed architect Frank Vole Wright, is fashioned after the Anvil lighthouse in Oblivion, a video game Chief Mole Vole enjoys playing from time to time.


Farming is essential in Vole Atoll. Not only do the crops feed the thousands of voles and tens of people, parts of the harvests are also exported to Isle of Mouse for a handsome profit.


The water in the lagoon that takes up a large portion of Vole Atoll’s territory is believed to contain healing properties…


…but only for turtles.



Credits: SimPeg (MTP, SPAM, Pond, Stream, Hydro-dam, (lots and mayor-mode ploppables)) Murimk’s rocks, ALN Pasture Flora, Cycledogg trees, SFBT trees, Godiva MMPs, HBS Tropical flora, NAM & SAM, Lowkee33’s Appalachian terrain, SHK HD Rock Mod & HD Brigantine 2.0, Riverside Beach Mod, BATs are Wild West, re-lotted Mayan Ziggurat, Yekelele huts, BLAM’s Anvil Lighthouse, nbvs turtles

Again the reputation points I gave out are gone for some reason. I guess it's a glitch. Sorry guys.



@hahei: Hey thanks! :) Eventually I want to make Isle of Mouse one of the more heavily-populated cities in Rodentia.

@MilitantRadical: Thanks. It was fun to make.

@mystic_destiny: thank you :)

@Hazani Pratama: thanks, so glad you like it!

@Schulmanator: haha, yeah, that’s what Mayor Nutter et al are hoping! ;)

@NMUSpidey: QBs Peyton Marmot and Degu Brees felt the same way! :D

@SimCoug: hahaha “Aberhamster Lincoln.” Thanks, adding all of the different flora and rocks has almost become my favorite part of playing ;)

@PhatHead: hey thanks :) Wow, was not aware of the Heidi Bowl incident before you mentioned that! Even though I’m a football fan, it kind of would have been worth it to have been watching during that time :D

@boisemetro: thanks! Haha, I got the sim to stand on top of the building by making vague threats of more fireside chats.


Thanks as always everybody for looking at my City Journal The Region of Rodentia! :)


Legions of football fans in Rodentia were disappointed and subsequently enraged this last Sunday when they eagerly turned on their televisions expecting to catch the broadcast of the Squirrelton Fighting Squirrels playing against their division rivals the Marmot Hollow Woodchippers and instead were treated to a three-hour long fireside chat by the mayor of the seaside town Isle of Mouse Nancy Pelosi-Groundsquirrel (not to be confused with Rep. Nancy Pelosi- D. 8th District, CA, US House Minority Leader). Political pundits and policy wonks lauded the event, calling it “evocative” and “a brave move that will surely reframe the political discourse in Rodentia.” Michael Nutter, mayor of Squirrelton (and avid Fighting Squirrels fan) dismissed the event, huffily telling reporters “Well, it was a game changer.” Here are excerpts from her (strangely familiar) speech:

“Good evening, friends and fellow citizens of Rodentia. Fourscore and seven years ago our fathers and mothers brought forth on this regional map a new nation, conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all rodents everywhere must be treated with respect, valor, and utmost regard.”


“The mayors of Marmot Hollow, Squirrelton, Ratsfjord, and Gopher’s Pocket have been spreading unfounded rumors involving Isle of Mouse and my political career and they seem to be testing whether Rodentia or any nation so conceived and so dedicated can long endure. Isle of Mouse remains a town faithful to rodents and not, as mayors Michael Nutter, Ishamael Rotte, or Nibbly Murphy would have you believe, turned to the worship of sea urchins and horseshoe crabs.”


“Both Isle of Mouse and I, Nancy Pelosi-Goundsquirrel, have only struggled tirelessly to advance the interests of rodents, as rodents have consecrated Rodentia far above our poor power to add or detract. Our town, although maritime in orientation and tropical in clime, remains faithful to all species that have ever-growing incisors.”


“It is true coconut and banana trees grow freely along our many sandy shores and beaches. But, friends, I assure you those fruits are used to feed rats, mice, and cavies rather than dolphin, manatee, or coconut crabs.”


“Let us not allow the voices of mayoral disgruntlement and envy stray us from our path. Even as we of Isle of Mouse sleep in our beds at night, listening to the waves of the Hamster Water Bottle Sea, it is rather for us to be dedicated to the great task remaining before us.”


“Despite the tensions present between mayors in Rodentia, I assure you, friends and fellow citizens, under my tenure as mayor the Isle of Mouse and Rodentia shall have a new birth of freedom, and that government of the people and rodents, by the people and rodents, and for the people and rodents shall not perish from the earth.”



Credits: Mods are SimPeg (MTP, SPAM, OWW, Pond, Stream, Lighthouse, (lots and mayor-mode ploppables)) Murimk’s rocks, ALN Pasture Flora, Cycledogg trees, SFBT trees, Godiva MMPs, HBS Tropical flora, NAM & SAM, Lowkee33’s Appalachian terrain, SHK HD Rock Mod & HD Brigantine 2.0, Riverside Beach Mod, BATs by Matt325, MadHatter, JB

Pelosi-Groundsquirrel’s wording in her speech is heavily borrowed from Lincoln’s famous Gettysburg Address Speech. Minus my corny rodent humor, the actual Gettysburg Address is actually a pretty incredible piece of writing. One of my favorites in US History, second only to James Madison’s Federalist No. 10 :)



@Schulmanator: Oh Nooo! “Isle of Cat” :O Me too, because it’s not hard to guess who would win that one :D

@hahei: Thanks! Cats not liking water is the same principle behind Squirrelton’s defensive aerosol product Cat-B-Gone, which contains only water. ;)

@Hazani Pratama: Thank you—so glad you like it :)

Sep 27, 2012 - 11:43 PM

@Hellken: Thanks so much! This is the first city tile I tried to have more of a tropical climate-feel to it.

@Jacob Guajardo: Hey, thanks! I live in a pretty large urban area so I guess I miss nature so it comes out in my City Journal.

@SimCoug: Thanks. You and Paeng are kind of my SimCity role-models so your comment is much appreciated! Pelosi-Groundsquirrel keeps most of her money in off-shore accounts and has yet to disclose her tax returns so the nature and extent of her wealth is questionable ;)

@urbanconstanta: thanks! :)

@Blakeway: Glad you’re back, Lord! ;)

@NMUSpidey: Thanks! Hahaha, MOUSECAR may very well become an extremely popular event in Rodentia. A lot of bankers and ambitious young lawyers in Squirrelton are already caught up in the Rat Race, however :D


Rumors of a small chain of islands hidden away in the southern reaches of Rodentia have caused a small exodus from Squirrelton. Led by the charismatic politico Nancy Pelosi-Groundsquirrel, the migrants have decided to name their new settlement Isle of Mouse.

There was some concern over the remoteness of Isle of Mouse. Many wondered how the settlement’s location would impact regional trade routes and if it was strategically a defensive weakness. Mayor Nutter worried that its distance would make spying on Nancy Pelsoi-Groundsquirrel (as he collects regular intel on all other current mayors) impossible.


The Isle of Mouse is technically several islands surrounded by the Hamster Water Bottle Sea. The islands were believed to be formed by volcanic activity, although the volcanoes have been dormant for thousands of years.


Being so new, Isle of Mouse is still quite underdeveloped and townspeople are still in a constant battle with nature, constantly clearing the encroaching brush and jungle from roads and paths. Rumors exist that hint of a spiteful Mayor Nutter secretly traipsing around in the dead of night, re-planting all flora cut the workday before.


The most significant export of the Isle of Mouse is the Ignatius rock found all throughout the bays and capes. Once extracted, shipped, and combined with the Alfalfa Ore found in Gopher’s Pocket and the technology chips made in Squirrelton, the rock, metal, and electronica form the Industrial Music genre.


Residents naturally take advantage of their nautical location, relying on seafood as their main food staple, and so pastoral farming is in less demand. Seen next to Pelosi-Groundsquirrel’s mayoral estate is a banana farm. The bananas are used solely for feeding the thriving house and door mouse population.


Fort Del Raton provides naval defense, as well as functioning as a suitable port of entry for island visitors and future citizens. Mayor Ishamel Rotte of Ratsfjord recently visited Isle of Mouse via boat. When asked for his full name at a processing checkpoint, he replied “Call me Ishmael.”



Credits: Mods are SimPeg (MTP, SPAM, Pond, Stream, Lighthouse, Rail Mod, (lots and mayor-mode ploppables)) Murimk’s rocks, ALN Pasture Flora, Cycledogg trees, SFBT trees, NAM & SAM, Lowkee33’s Appalachian terrain, SHK HD Rock Mod & HD Brigantine 2.0, Riverside Beach Mod, Cobb Seaside Villa, BSC temple, GDV tropical beach, HBS tropical flora.

(Unfortunately !) Didn’t have too much time for SimCity this week so I guess this is a mini update. Mainly wanted to just try out a somewhat different climate type.


Replies: @chrisul10: Thanks! It was pretty fun finding all the custom lots and piecing them together.

@Schulmanator: Me too re: archeology! Dr. Wrecks is hoping to delve into palaeontology. Need more dinosaurs :D

@thejokerangel: thanks, will do, sir!

@Blakeway: Nooo, come back! Thanks for liking the entry though ;)

@supercitys354262: Dr. Wrecks is deeply disturbed by your comment :D

@NMUSpidey: Aw thanks! Yeah sometimes at work or when I'm out and about I'll think of a particularly good rodent joke but by the time I get home it's gone :D

@MilitantRadical: Thanks! The Argonath statue has definitely been the most unique file I've found on the LEX so far. It'd be funny if it was the size of an entire city tile, with room only for a windmill and one or two houses.

@Mastof: Thanks! When I find new MMP rocks and plants, I get excited as a rat in a dumpster.

@emperordaniel: Hahaha, thanks! I was (perhaps too) pleased with myself when I came up with Hammy Rabi :D

@blunder: thanks. Had fun with them, it strains my brain to think of the work involved with BATing them :O

*For some reason, all of the reputation points I gave out and that were given to me have been erased from the last entry. Sorry about that but not sure why-- could be a glitch in the system or perhaps an insecure, disgruntled teen? :D


As always, thanks for looking at Isle of Mouse and my City Journal The Region of Rodentia! :)


Recently discovered ancient ruins in the tiny farming community of Ratsfjord have caused an archeology craze to sweep across Rodentia. Dr. Autosaurus Wrecks, highly-esteemed author of the seminal book Squeak!: The Historiography of Rodentology in Quattrocento Venice and winner of this year’s Rhodents Fellowship has decided to station in Ratsfjord for a year and focus his scholarship on the town and its historical trove of treasures.

Each morning, Dr. Wrecks first checks in at the mill from antiquity, taking careful notes on research assistants’ progress and findings. After months of work, he feels confident enough now to tell his colleagues at Marmot Hollow Community College 1) the mill is old and 2) it’s no longer being used.


From the mill, it’s just a short walk to the train station. Given Dr. Wreck’s reputation, Mayor Ishmael Rotte has allowed him an infinite number of free Day-Passes on the Ratsfjord Area Transit System (RATS).


The ancient statues along the Vermin River are mysterious, yet strangely familiar to Wrecks.


Ah, he thinks he gets it now.


A well preserved but long-deserted settlement was found on the west side of Ratsfjord.


Dr. Wrecks has controversially hypothesized that these ruins are part of an elaborate Habitrail system that once ran all through Rodentia. Critics point out Habitrails have only recently been developed and these ruins obviously predate their invention. “Have they?” Dr. Wrecks retorts.


In the same complex, a building that Dr. Wrecks believes once functioned as a governmental center has also been uncovered. The prize find within has been fragments of a stele that, when pieced together, form a tablet of codified laws. Dated from over 2,000 years ago, translators say that the stele proclaims “I, exalted prince Hammy Rabi, have been called on by the God Nibbler and his consort and Mother of the World Nibblette, to bring about the rule in this land.”


Dr. Wreck’s research has become an all-consuming task. He often skips meals and if rumor has it right, bathing as well.


Given Ratsfjord’s historical significance it is unlikely that Rodentian law will allow for unchecked development to occur in the town. Mayor Ishamel Rotte is confident Ratsfjord will continue to thrive, however, given its ample dairy farms and scholars’ penchants for fine cheese.



Credits: Mods are SimPeg (MTP, SPAM, Pond, Stream, Lighthouse, Rail Mod, (lots and mayor-mode ploppables)) Murimk’s rocks, ALN Pasture Flora, Cycledogg trees, SFBT trees, NAM & SAM, Lowkee33’s Appalachian terrain, SHK HD Rock Mod & HD Brigantine 2.0, Riverside Beach Mod, Nexis Ruins and Gothic Bell Tower, UNW ruins, Sim Goober’s Argonath Monument.

Not sure why I have so many Lord of the Rings references in my City Journal. Even though it’s not my favorite movie or anything (more of a Taxi Driver/One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest type of movie fan) for some reason I’ve watched the three LOTR movies countless times so I guess it’s permanently embedded. The book was quite good but still… :D



@IL.: Thanks! I like terraforming a lot so hoping that the new Sim City next year will have it.

@NMUSpidey: Thanks so much. Alfalfa Ore Ice Cream is rather good too :D

@Schulmanator: Did I mention that the Cedar Bedding flavor is available in gelato and Water Ice as well? :D

@emperordaniel: Mayor Nutter and Mayor Nibbly are in constant conflict and competition with each other, like Nixon and JFK or Petco and Petsmart ;)

@Blakeway: For Christ’s sake, thanks! I feel blessed (by the other Jesus, of course) :D

@blunder: :O !!! hahaha. As you can see, I decided not to work on a larger city this time, although I did move away from the Squirrelton tile. Their only defense against Schulmania currently is a rather weak aerosol product called Cat-Be-Gone. Chemical composition analysis reveals it’s only water.


Thanks all for looking at Ratsfjord and my City Journal the Region of Rodentia :)


After the passing of the North Rodentia Free Trade Agreement, all (four) cities in the region of Rodentia have gained significant financial boosts, with positive growth reported in every sector of the economy. The historic pact was not made without drama, however, and with the strong (i.e. megalomaniacal) personalities of mayors Nibbly Murphy, Ishmael Rotte, and Michael Nutter all forced to assemble together in days-long meetings, the drama was certainly predictable. In the end the three were able to temporarily set aside their egos and work for the good of the future of Rodentia. Or at least for creating a stable society where there is less of a chance of the electorate voting them out of office next election.

NRFTA has certainly benefited Squirrelton and Michael Nutter is popular as ever, the public having forgotten his previous mistakes (like him calling them all lazy idiots). The town now has 9,102 residents. The newly developed Bushy Tail River trail is well-liked by residents. They do find the architectural repetitiveness of their housing somewhat irritating though.


On Squirrelton’s Rat Tail Peninsula, companies specializing in IT, logistics, and real estate investment are numerous. Even so, the largest employer of Squirrelton still remains Hammy’s Hamster Wheel Inc., employing about 89.9% of the population.


On the weekends, residents enjoy strolling along the Rat Tail Peninsula’s modest boardwalk, eating ice cream and taking in the slight breeze coming from the river. Alfalfa & Sunflower Seed is the most popular ice cream flavor, followed closely by Cedar Bedding.


Alderperson Pelosi-Groundsquirrel’s district has become a trendy night spot where young, urban professionals gather to socialize, drink craft beers, and brag about how much Simoleons they make.


Soccer moms of Squirrelton’s Walnut Hill neighborhood love that their soccer field is within easy access although over-eager young players often accidentally kick the ball into the pond or down the hillside, causing frequent delays of games.


Recently Mayor Nutter invited Mayor Nibbly (of Marmot Hollow and Gopher’s Pocket fame) to take a riverboat tour of Squirrelton. Mayor Nibbly left insanely jealous.


After his visit, Mayor Nibbly emailed Mayor Nutter, begging him to disclose the secret of Squirrelton’s success. Nutter simply replied “It’s the economy, stupid.”



Credits: Mods are SimPeg (Paeng’s Parks, MTP, OWW, SPAM, Pond, Stream, Lighthouse, Rail Mod, (lots and mayor-mode ploppables)) Murimk’s rocks, ALN Pasture Flora, Cycledogg trees, SFBT trees, NAM & SAM, Lowkee33’s Appalachian terrain, SHK HD Rock Mod & HD Brigantine 2.0, Riverside Beach Mod, Euro sidewalk texture mod, masrast’s embankments. Various buildings by Sim Goober, Shmail, Don Miguel, and nofunk, JB SmalltownUSA.



@Jacob Guajardo: Hey thanks! It's the JENX Burg Eltz by xannepan.

@ Schulmanator: Thanks! :) Mayor Rotte hopes that it has enough room to hold thousands of rodents and then some.

@Blakeway: Chase Nutly of the Squirrelton High Fighting Squirrels works hard at being intimidating :D

@emperor daniel: it may lead to a revelation revolving around an ancient prophecy, the future of Rodentia, and cheese. :D

@Hazani Pratama: Thanks-- glad you enjoyed it! :)

@NMU Spidey: thanks! Argh: "historirats and archeolorodents": you beat me to it! :D

@IL: thanks. I don't think I have the same level of pure city-building skills as some of the other city journalers on here so I just try to make mine especially wierd :D


Thanks for looking at Squirrelton and my City Journal the Region of Rodentia! :)


Perhaps in reaction to the rapid succession of technological and artistic advances being made in Squirrelton as of late, certain residents of Rodentia have established a new pastoral village adjacent to Michael Nutter’s up-and-coming city. Ratsfjord, named for both the body of water that runs through its steep cliffs and the proliferation of Brown Rats that nest in its hills, has established itself as the breadbasket of Rodentia. Although half of every harvest is allocated for the collective rodents of Rodentia, (as legally mandated by the Hamster Carta) there is still more than enough crop to sustain the people of Rodentia for many years to come.

The mayor of Ratsfjord Ishmael Rotte, has earned the begrudging respect of mayors Nibbly Murphy and Michael Nutter, perhaps because of his perseverance in rising above his humble beginnings as a miner’s son from Gopher’s Pocket. Naturally astute in both navigating politics and understanding human nature, Mayor Ishmael is aware of Rodentia’s dependence on Ratsfjord for foodstuffs and often uses that as leverage in his trade deals with Marmot Hollow and Squirrelton.


Representatives and power players from Squirrelton are often sent to Ratsfjord to broker deals with Mayor Rotte or entertain the townsfolk. Chase Nutly, the Squirrelton High School Fighting Squirrel mascot will make weekly visits, as Ratsfjord doesn’t yet have its own secondary school and so residents follow and participate in Squirrelton’s sports leagues.


Mayor Rotte has built himself an ostentatious fortress in which to reside. There he holds court, oversees the governing of Ratsfjord, and sponsors Ratsfest- an annual autumn festival where the citizenry imbibes massive amounts of cider and then holds a contest to see who can find and adopt the most pet rats.


Rotte hopes his castle conveys the full extent of his political power to visiting dignitaries. The residents of Ratsfjord, however, are free to wander the grounds at will. A Ratsfjord favorite pastime is to visit and marvel at the innumerous muskrats (and regular rats) swimming in the moat and marshes surrounding the castle.


Pigsfarmer PJ feels secure living behind the protective walls of the castle complex. The pigs do as well.


Pictured below, upper left is Shadowfax Stables: Lord of All Equestrian Riding Schools. To the right is Shadowfax Creamery: Lord of All Dairy Farms.


The town center of Ratsfjord. St. Pellet serves as religious center and also as a theatre for locally produced plays. Last week’s stage adaptation of Willard proved controversial but eventually was deemed a critical triumph.


To the left are the newly-discovered ancient ruins of what was once believed to be a shrine devoted to incisors. This finding shatters the previous notion that Rodentia had never been inhabited until recently. Where did all the people who once lived here go? The only clue so far has been found on a segment of the apse with the words “Sim Nation” hastily scrawled into it. Rodentia’s academia is left puzzled.


Ratsfjord and Rodentia remain tranquil places overall, however. Herds of capybara often can be seen ponderously munching on vegetation along Ratty Brook, enjoying the fresh air and thinking rodential thoughts. 2bc4d595.jpg


Credits: Mods are SimPeg (Paeng’s Parks, MTP, SPAM, Pond, Stream, Lighthouse, Rail Mod, (lots and mayor-mode ploppables)) Murimk’s rocks, ALN Pasture Flora, Cycledogg trees, SFBT trees, NAM & SAM, Lowkee33’s Appalachian terrain, SHK HD Rock Mod & HD Brigantine 2.0, Riverside Beach Mod, Euro sidewalk texture mod. Various RLS houses by Sim Goober, Shmail’s Commercial Finals, Castle AD 1100, Nexis Ruins, JENX Burg Eltz, Lapinkirkko church, Old Mine Co.



@Jacob Guajardo: thanks! Hopefully as their populations get bigger I’ll be able to hold on to my authority ;)

@nedal2001: Michael Nutter greatly appreciates your comment :)

@Schulmanator: You would think with all of the rodent talk the mayor and the citizenry would all be rodents but they are actually all just people who happen to have an extreme fixation on rodents. Mayor Nutter is worried about Mayor Nibbly and now Ishamel Rotte both spying on him while he paints.

@emperordaniel: Haha, thanks! :) Rodentia is rather new so it seems Squirrelton is trying to recapture the glory of last year.

@Mastof: Rodentians do like boating. Their favorite outdoor activity is Hoarding ;)

@Blakeway: The school busses get stuck on the hill about once every two weeks. Nutter gets some sick sort of glee from it but no one knows quite why.

@Jetty Jockey: Thank you! The default night lighting is a little too bright for me so I adjust the night photos with Photoshop a little and it seems be better.

@blunder: That does sound fun. It was rather a challenge to terraform and put the street on it though :D

@NMUSpidey: Haha, me too. They do usually have good cheeses though. Sometimes I luck out and find hummus and pita chips as well :)


Thanks everybody for looking at Ratsfjord and my City Journal The Region of Rodentia! :)



With a steady population of 6,439 residents, a small arts community in Squirrelton has emerged. Mayor Nutter, eager to get back into the community’s good graces, has enthusiastically embraced Squirrelton’s visual artists and musicians and their creative endeavors. After reading the local painter Gerbily Kandinsquirrel’s treatise Concerning the Squirrel In Art, the mayor himself has become an avid painter and student of the never-ending quest to visually articulate the Sublime. Or so he claims.

Pictured below is the Bushy Tail River Center for the Performing and Visual Arts, comprised of a museum, art gallery, and outdoor concert hall. All concerts are free to the public and financed through charitable endowments and a city-wide Hipster Tax.


The Arts Center is located in close vicinity to the heart of Alderperson Pelosi-Groundsquirrel’s district. On warm summer nights, residents living nearby can hear the sounds of Mousegang Amadeus Mozart’s Symphonie Concertante, 1st Hamster being played in the distance.


Concern remains regarding the true motivations behind the mayor encouraging a Squirreltonian Renaissance, however. Residents were somewhat alarmed by the lavishness of Mayor Nutter’s recently completed house and grounds.


The mayor recently exhibited one of his paintings titled “The Soul of the Two Squirrels and How They Jump At Dusk.” He explained the subject matter examines “the trajectory of the aesthetic critique in Rodentian Art and how it impacts art and the process of art-making.” The Squirrelton Inquirer’s arts reviewer Holland Cottontail called the work “rubbish” and “an offense to every single part of my eye.”


Creative types aside, most residents still commute to Squirrelton’s Rat Tail Peninsula for work.


Blue-collar townspeople like Old Craftsman PJ prefer to hang out around the bars near the fishing docks. Although a skilled draftsman and sculptor himself, PJ feels unease among the champagne and caviar crowd. “I’ll go to those art gallery openings for the cheese, sure. But that’s it,” he says.


Despite the thriving arts scene and growing population, Squirrelton still remains a sleepy small town that holds the traditional values of Rodentia dear: a love of nuts and berries, unequivocal reverence for rodents, and a hope in a future filled with outbreaks of plagues of mice and rats.



Credits: Mods are SimPeg (Paeng’s Parks, MTP, OWW, SPAM, Pond, Stream, Lighthouse, Rail Mod, (lots and mayor-mode ploppables)) Murimk’s rocks, ALN Pasture Flora, Cycledogg trees, SFBT trees, NAM & SAM, Lowkee33’s Appalachian terrain, SHK HD Rock Mod & HD Brigantine 2.0, Riverside Beach Mod, Euro sidewalk texture mod. Various RLS houses by Sim Goober & FishTale Pub by Sim Goober, Shmail’s Commercial Finals, JB SmalltownUSA, CLC Outdoor Concert.


Replies: (I replied in the last Journal’s entry but this seems like a better way to go about it) :)

@Mastof: thanks. You would think with all of the cliffs bungee jumping would be really popular in Rodentia but strangely, not so :)

@NMUSpidey: Hey thanks so much! Ah, I miss walkmans. The iGopher, however, does easily fit in one's pocket ;)

@Blakeaway: Haha, I see what you mean now. Is it the scene where Faramir and his gang are snooping around while Gollum is swimming in the pool?

@Schulmanator: Thanks, it's the SHK Brigantine 2.0. At first I tried their Silt variation but the original seems to match best with PEG's ponds and streams

@emperordaniel: hahaha, thank you :D If the Balrog did appear, Mayor Nibbly would probably have to unleash AutoSaurus Wrecks and hope they work out their aggressions on each other.


Thanks for looking at Squirrelton and The Region of Rodentia! :)


Gopher's Pocket:

As Squirrelton is left reeling and Mayor Michael Nutter is left scrambling from the PR disaster that resulted from The Squirrelton Inquirer’s Day in the Life Of… (See last CJ update), Mayor Nibbly Murphy seizes the opportunity to expand his territory and establishes the tiny settlement of Gopher’s Pocket. It is said his behavior bordered on gleeful as he hastily buried his ceremonial shovel in the ground to commence the building.

“Marmot Hollow is my queen and Gopher’s Pocket shall be my rook,” Mayor Nibbly exclaimed to a Marmot Hollow Gazette reporter. “And you can quote me on that,” he added mischievously. Michael Nutter declined to comment in response to Nibbly Murphy’s thinly-veiled insult.


With only 417 residents, Gopher’s Pocket is basically a Mining Town. Two-thirds of the residents named The Molly Maguires as their favorite movie. Coming in second was Groundhog Day.


Workers in Gopher’s Pocket sometimes wonder if they are delving too deep and waking a nameless fear. Regardless, they excitedly named the mine Moria.


Seen in the upper right is a vein of Alfalfa Ore, a mineral that forms the backbone of the Rodentia economy at this time. It is used in everything from computer chips to oven cleaner. Residents also gnaw on it to comfort themselves in times of stress.


Not far from the mine, however, many natural wonders remain.



On their one day off work, miners will often picnic with their families near Lake Nuts and Berries. The lake is named after the many nuts and berries that grow near the water. Where do all the nuts and berries come from? Perhaps from the great blue grid.


The tiny town center of Gopher’s Pocket. To the right is Shepherd PJ’s sheep flock. From afar, they often are mistaken for albino hamsters. PJ is often seen guiding his sheep safely through the cliffs of Gopher’s Pocket while continuously listening to Jefferson Airplane’s “Good Shepherd” in his iGopher.



Credits: Mods are SimPeg (Big John’s Mine, MTP, SPAM, Pond, Stream, Rail Mod, (various lots and mayor-mode ploppables)), Cycledogg trees, SFBT trees, NAM & SAM, Lowkee33’s Appalachian terrain, SHK HD Rock Mod, Riverside Beach Mod, Euro sidewalk texture mod. Various RLS houses by Sim Goober, Shmail’s Commercial Finals, JB SmalltownUSA, BSC UK Village Church, ALN Pasture Flora, Wild West series, Murimk’s rocks, Old Mining Co.

Moria mines reference from Tolkien ;)

Took a break from Squirrelton while I figure out how I want to build it up more. Will be upcoming!

Thanks for looking at my City Journal and Gopher’s Pocket! :)


A public relations debacle has struck the office of Mayor Michael Nutter, originating from Squirrelton’s tiny bi-weekly newspaper The Squirrelton Inquirer. The paper recently began a column called “A Day in the Life Of…,” inviting various prominent town residents to share a typical day’s events with its readership. Naturally, Mayor Michael Nutter was the first guest columnist, jumping at the chance to easily improve his mayor rating by easy, “soft news” means. Unfortunately for Nutter, he accidentally sent The Squirrelton Inquirer the first draft he wrote, revealing a previously unknown side of the mayor- a side that holds the public with a certain amount of contempt and displays an alarming number of Machiavellian tendencies. The Squirrelton Inquirer’s editors published the draft. Predictable outrage followed. Seen below is the unabridged column:

A Day In the Life Of… Mayor Michael Nutter by Michael Nutter

5:30 a.m- I wake up with the proverbial early squirrel, long before any sheeple members of the industrious community of Squirrelton drag out their lazy hides rise from their slumbers.


10:00am- After reviewing press junkets, meeting with Monique Diamond, and spying on Marmot Hollow’s Mayor Nibbly via hidden tree-cams hiring a new clerk for the Accounting Department, I like to stroll along the river in order to get away from these idiots who surround me replenish my mind so that I may be a better steward to the beloved populace of Squirrelton.


12:00pm- Meet with Alderperson Pelosi-Groundsquirrel to discuss median income disparities in her District. She is incredibly annoying ceaselessly passionate about ensuring her reelection community thrives. At the meeting, I smile and pretend to listen listen earnestly.


3:30pm- Again, back out to the forest, home to many deer. How I wish the people of Squirrelton would go away but still pay me could likewise take frequent trips during the workday out here but they’d ruin it not get too much work done I suppose.


6:30 p.m.- As Squirrelton settles into evening, I revel in the electorate’s passive complacency the majestic beauty of the setting sun reflecting on the Bushy Tail River. I will read a few census reports to debrief and look forward to a night of heavy drinking penning my memoirs by the fireplace.


10:30pm- Another day done and finally I can drink my scotch while I craft plans to become dictator of Rodentia reflect on the deep love and pride I feel for Squirrelton. Being mayor is not enough a singular experience and I hope my destiny is to govern it for many years to come but as a wise man once said, “Fortune is a woman and if she is to be submissive it is necessary to beat and coerce her.” “With great power comes great responsibility.”



Credits: Mods are SimPeg (MTP, OWW, SPAM, Pond, Stream, Canals, Rail Mod, (lots and mayor-mode ploppables)), ALN Pasture Flora, Cycledogg trees, SFBT trees, NAM & SAM, Lowkee33’s Appalachian terrain, SHK HD Rock Mod, Riverside Beach Mod, Euro sidewalk texture mod.

Thanks for looking at Squirrelton and My City Journal of Rodentia! :)


Several decades have passed since the founding of Squirrelton and through a bizarre series of scandals, seemingly perpetual confusion regarding voter I.D. laws, and the enactment of countless popular policies, Michael Nutter still holds the office of Mayor. Some believe this is evidence of Fortuna smiling on both Mayor Nutter and Squirrelton. Others believe it’s just smart governing, such Nutter’s push to repeal the much-detested Peanut Butter & Birdseed Tax.

With the Pax Squirrelton, technology and innovation is flourishing along the western banks of the Bushy Tail River. Internet start-ups crop up daily. Popular websites include HowToAttractMiceToYourHome.com and Rodentropolis.


Scientists recently have discovered a (previously only hypothetical) subatomic particle that behaves and appears very much like a squirrel. There was debate, however, as to whether the behavior would be described as squirrel-like or chipmunk-like. It was finally decided to name the particle the Squirrmunk boson. Will this discovery unite the Theory of General Hoarding with Quantum Scampering? It’s hard to say.

The Squirrmunk boson only creates more questions about the universe. Below, resident astrophysicists have constructed an observatory and satellite dish to search for answers.


Mayor Nutter felt acute agitation when the first new constellation cataloged was not named after him but kept the feeling to himself.


Along the river, heavy fog has become a frequent problem. “High pressure system coming in from the coast is causing a disturbance in the upper atmosphere” has become a favorite phrase of the town old timers like Old Craftsman PJ.


When not musing on the weather, PJ spends his time perfecting the plans of his Mystic Squirrel Portal. Seen below is an early version. With the contraption, he believes he can summon the temporal form of the star grouping of Sciurus.


On sunnier days, scientists and artists alike enjoy spending time on the wilder parts of the riverbed, communing with nature and counting squirrels.



Credits: Mods are SimPeg (MTP, OWW, SPAM, Pond, Stream, Lighthouse, Rail Mod (lots and mayor-mode ploppables)), ALN Pasture Flora, Cycledogg trees, SFBT trees, NAM & SAM, Lowkee33’s Appalachian terrain, SHK HD Rock Mod, Riverside Beach Mod, Euro sidewalk texture mod. Various RLS houses by Sim Goober. Observatory by shmail, embankments by Marrast, Ishani’s Large Radio Disk.

Mystic Squirrel Portal illustration by me :)

Trying to get some custom high tech growables to…uh, grow but no luck yet (guess I need more squirrels). Anyways, thanks for looking at Squirrelton and my City Journal of Rodentia!


Squirrelton: As the Squirrel Turns


Squirrelton’s Mayor Nutter has developed the eastern shores of the town. Current population statistics: Number of residents- 1,345; Number of squirrels- 56,012.


“Little Squirrelton,” as the east shore is called by locals, hosts a Starbucks that enables literary-minded Simdents to stay up into the wee hours of the morning. One local playwright is penning a script with a working title of “The Taming of the Squirrel.”


Taking advantage of Squirrelton’s plentiful rivers, new fishing docks and a chowder house have been built. Older residents such as craftsman PJ remain suspicious of it and have written a series of disgruntled letters to the Squirrelton Inquirer’s editor. “Squirrels don’t even like seafood,” they argue.


They’ve not too much to complain about, however, as Mayor Nutter also has built a squirrel-friendly park. Eastern Grey Park sponsors an annual writing contest called “If a tree falls in Eastern Grey Park and no one is around but squirrels, does it still make a noise?” and runs the highly successful adopt-a-squirrel program.


Pictured left is St. Rocky of the Epiphany in Upper Rodentia. Here, Squirrelton residents come to contemplate mortality and to make offerings of cheese, nuts, and lettuce to the Rodent gods.


Squirrelton at night. Strangely, the most common reoccurring nightmare residents report is drowning in the Bushy Tail River.



Credits: Mods are SimPeg (MTP, OWW, SPAM, Pond, Stream, Rail Mod (lots and mayor-mode ploppables)), Cycledogg trees, SFBT trees, NAM & SAM, Lowkee33’s Appalachian terrain, SHK HD Rock Mod, Riverside Beach Mod, Euro sidewalk texture mod. Various RLS houses & FishTale Pub by Sim Goober, Shmail’s Commercial Finals, JB SmalltownUSA, BSC UK Village Church.

Thanks for looking at Squirrelton and my City Journal The Region of Rodentia! :)


Growing tired of Mayor Nibbly’s insatiable and reckless spending, certain residents of Marmot Hollow have decided to settle into an adjacent plot of land in Rodentia. They have stayed true to their Rodential roots and after spotting a multitude of squirrels in this new land, they have aptly named their new town Squirrelton. Citizen Michael Nutter (rumored have had previous mayoral experience in a certain City of Brotherly Love) was voted in as mayor after running on a promise to increase the squirrel population of Squirrelton x100.



Of note are the various waterways that run through Squirrelton. Mayor Nutter wistfully called the island in the middle “The Bunny.”


Squirrelton now boasts 503 residents. Mayor Nutter boasts daily when he calls Mayor Nibbly, describing Squirrelton’s coastal potential in great detail to the mayor of the neighboring land-locked town.


The High School’s mascot Chase Nutly of the Squirrelton High Fighting Squirrels is allowed to scamper freely throughout the town. Residents are encouraged to spread peanut butter on their lawns in order to increase the chances of Chase blessing the baseball team. The current season record between the Fighting Squirrels and the Marmot Hollow Woodchippers is 2-3.


Further up the cliffs, craftsman PJ has built his workshop. He specializes in creating wooden and stone sculptures of squirrels. Other rodent species are available on special commission. Please allow 5-10 years for completion.


Other residents prefer riverside property. It’s a pleasing scene to wake up in the morning and catch a glimpse of Chase Nutly wading ponderously in the Bushy Tail River.


Seen here are offices in the town proper. Recently Rodentia’s first law firm Walnut, Hazelnut & Acorn LLC opened its doors. First case taken was M. Nutter v. Craftsman PJ’s Dog.


Nutter Park is pleasing to the eye yet is suspected of being the source of a booming mosquito population that torments Squirrelton at dusk. Michael Nutter has proposed the importation of bats as a natural form of bug control. “Sure they’re not rodents. But they’re like rodents. With wings,” he said.


Credits: SimPeg MTP, SPAM, Pond (lots and mayor-mode ploppables, Cycledogg trees, SFBT trees, NAM & SAM, Lowkee33’s Appalachian terrain, SHK HD Rock Mod, SHK HD Brigadine, Old Mining Co. buildings. Squirrel was photoshopped ;)

Thanks for visiting Squirrelton and my Region of Rodentia! :)


Marmot Hollow

Excerpt From Mayor Nibbly’s Personal Diary:

October 1, 1915- Ah, life is grand in Marmot Hollow! The town population is steady at 1,226 residents and every day my power and influence grows seemingly ten-fold. I’ve added some photos to this entry, Dear Diary, so that if in many years from now Rodential posterity seeks the governing acumen of their ancestors, they will find it in both words and image.

The town has carved itself far into the mountains. When we raised the final walls of the final house, hoards of mice came up from the ground, sensing it in their infinite wisdom and driven by their noble, never-ending quest for foodstuff.


A few residents of Marmot Hollow have founded factories, manufacturing everything from spare Habitrail parts to Squirrel-Friendly birdfeeders. I feel great pride when I walk among the workers, a feeling I imagine a father would feel when glancing at his son earnestly perfecting a school science project.


The “$0” is strange: whenever I am aboard a helicopter or jet and look down on Marmot Hollow from above I see it yet I never see it while walking around the town. Is Monique Diamond toying with me somehow? Note to self: look on Diamond’s laptop for clues.


October 5, 1915- Diary, what a stressful day! It started well enough. Certain residents were irritated by the combined noises coming from nearby train tracks and Farmer PJ’s lettuce field. They were easily appeased, however, by publicly-funded picnic benches placed 50 meters from their homes.


Then, however, there was a surprise visit from The Dali Degu! With such an esteemed guest visiting Marmot Hollow, I frantically dialed Neil Fairbanks for protocol/etiquette advice. He did not answer. Note to self: check Fairbanks’ computer for suspicious correspondence with MD.


Of course The Dali Degu brought his kids too. I didn’t even know he was allowed to have children but I suppose you learn something new every day.



Credits: Mods are SimPeg (MTP, SPAM, Pond (lots and mayor-mode ploppables), Cycledogg trees, SFBT trees, NAM & SAM, Lowkee33’s Appalachian terrain, SHK HD Rock Mod.

The degus were Photoshopped in but hopefully that’s not too obvious. Definitely room for improvement on that front though ;) Thanks for looking at Marmot Hollow and the Region of Rodentia! :)


Marmot Hollow:

A mere handful of years have passed since its founding and Marmot Hollow currently has around 760 residents, all of whom pledge their allegiance to the justice, prudence, and fortitude embodied by Rodentia (both Region and order). Mayor Nibbly of Marmot Hollow attributes the town’s rapid population growth to recent arrivals from Sim Nation. “They come to see the marmots and stay for the cheese,” he was quoted as saying in Tuesday’s Marmot Hollow Gazette.

Seen here is Marmot Hollow Area Community College during its Phase 1 of construction. Mayor Nibbly initially presented the plans for a college while Marmot Hollow’s population was at 67 residents. Monique Diamond was not pleased.


The idea of burrowing underground domiciles was tossed around at the last town meeting but was finally deemed too expensive4ad8afc4.jpg.

Mayor Nibbly’s home and gardens. The job position of chamberlain is currently vacant. Duties include supervising house staff, ordering new dinnerware as the need arises, and taking a daily census of Mayor Nibbly’s 123,602 pet mice.


The Community College has helped establish a pragmatic yet thriving middle-class in Marmot Hollow: concerned with the environment yet still reverent of traditional values such as tending to dairy cattle for sacred cheese. Mayor Nibbly somewhat compulsively mentions this fact whenever Monique Diamond is in the room.


Credits: Mods same as last time: (SimPeg MTP, SPAM, Pond (lots and mayor-mode ploppables), Cycledogg trees, SFBT trees, NAM & SAM, Lowkee33’s Appalachian terrain, SHK HD Rock Mod. The construction scene has Hole Digging Lots V2, for visual effects.

Thanks for viewing Marmot Hollow and my City Journal of Rodentia! :)


The Region of Rodentia

In 1895, a plague of rats and mice ravaged the Sim Nation countryside. Countless stores of grain were destroyed and although no deaths resulted (due to a massive emergency distribution of the nutritional drink Simsure), rodents quickly became public enemy #1. Some Sims, however, interpreted the plague as a sign of rodents’ innate dominion over simkind and sought to elevate the standing of rodents to, if not a god-like, then at least to a mythic status. Naturally, tempers flew and the amicus rodentia soon found themselves treated as objects of both ridicule and disgust. After an unfortunate and highly-publicized incident involving a mousetrap, three blocks of brie, and the Secretary of State, the “Simdents” (as they likened to call themselves) decided to depart Sim Nation for good in search of a new, more rodent-friendly world. These brave settlers charted unfamiliar lands, fought off feral housecats and packs of Ratting Terriers, and discovered several previously unknown species of rodents (family: Sciuridae). Finally, five years to the day after the great plague (The Incisor Awakening as it is called by Simdents) they reached a region with lazy, endless rivers, pristine mountains, and err…soft, rolling hills. There, they decided to stay and name their new nation Rodentia. First city: Marmot Hollow.

Rodentia’s Motto: “That one island looks like a hamster, mayor.”


Marmot Hollow

Year 1900. Marmot Hollow is founded. The mountainside is believed to be carved from an ancient glacier, no longer present but whose vanished streams and waterfalls sculpted the land to what it is today.

Citizen Nibbly Murphy is unanimously voted in as mayor and quickly goes on an ambitious building spree. As it stands today, Marmot Hollow has a fledgling population of 156 Simdents but some 200ish marmots.

The Town of Marmot Hollow. Marmots abound.


Clockwise From Upper Left: a small residential area, the town center, the hamster wheel factory, and a farm.


Punxsutawney Phil Elementary School educates the youth of Marmot Hollow and is located a short walk from home.


The Hamster Wheel Factory is on the right. The cow farm was immediately established soon after Marmot Hollow was founded, due to a high demand for cheese that is used in both religious ceremonies and everyday consumption.


Residents of Marmot Hollow have cultivated their recreational spaces to be a habitat most conducive to marmot living spaces and for marmot-watching.


Credits: I use a lot of mods but the main ones featured here are from SimPeg (PPonds, SPAM, terrain detailing ploppables), NAM & SAM, SFBT trees, and Cycledog’s Trees. The terrain is Appalachian by Lowkee33 and the rock mod is SHK HD Rock Mod 1 (both are absolutely amazing).

Thanks for checking out my region, more updates in the near future! :D


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