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Burj Al Arab & Jumeirah Beach




The Emirate of Dhahran has experienced remarkable growth over the last two decades and it is often claimed that Dhahran is the fastest growing city in the history of the planet. One neighbourhood that has been at the forefront of this growth is Jumeirah which up until recently was mostly empty desert and uninhabited beaches. Today, Jumeirah is a fashionable residential neighbourhood where many of the wealthy foreign workers reside, and also a popular tourist hub with numerous hotels and resorts lining the coast.



Burj Al Arab is perhaps the worlds most famous hotel and certainly the most luxurious. At 321 metres it is the fourth tallest hotel in the world and its completion in 1999 officially announed Dhahran to the world. The revolutionary 'sail' design and construction on an artificial island was implemented upon orders of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum who wanted the hotel to be iconic.



Upon entering Burj Al Arab, guests are immediately struck by the large atrium which runs the full height of the hotel.


The Burj Al Arab is unique in that every room is a luxury suite, the largest being 780 square metres, the smallest being 169 square metres. Prices of the suites vary from $1,000 per night to $27,000 per night. The Royal Suite is perhaps the most luxurious of them all.



Wild Wadi waterpark is situated on Jumeirah Beach across from Burj Al Arab and is one of the most popular destinations for tourists looking to relieve themselves of the intense heat of Dhahran. Wild Wadi contains numerous swimming pools and boasts the largest water slide outside of North America.


Next to Wild Wadi Water Park is Jumeirah Beach Hotel and Apartments. Built in 1997, Jumeirah Beach Hotel was the first major resort hotel in Dhahran and its wavy design is inspired by the sea and nicely compliments the sail shaped Burj Al Arab. Previously this stretch of Jumeirah Beach was home to floating oil storage tanks and ship wrecking yards so the transformation of the beach is nothing short of remarkable and further shows the growth of the Emirate. The hotel also contains a separate conference center located right in front of the main hotel buildings.


That is all for today, we will continue our tour of the Jumeirah district next time. Remember also that replies are now at the bottom of the previous entry.


Recommended Comments

Wow. All that is absolutely amazing. :)

Sorry for not commenting for a long time. I have been viewing your entries, but I was kinda too lazy to login and comment. But I'll be more active on Simtropolis now, so I'll definitely comment. :D

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[color=#ff0099][b]Awesome .. loved every single image from ingame!![/b][/color]

[color=#ff0099][b]Makes me want to stay there again.[/b][/color]

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Awesome! The Hotel is just fantastic!

ps: If someday you wake up with that feeling "man, I wanna help someone today"... please, send us the link os that BAT!

Congratulations, great work!

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Hello! I actually live in the real Jumeirah... in Dubai (of course) i seem to see that your designs and look of the city is so great and it really looks like the original textures and designs of buildings and villas here in Jumeirah... Im very impressed... If someone could do the Downtown Dubai, and the airport area... only thing to say is I'm amazed and impressed! Well done! keep the great designs up!

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Sorry that I missed it before your feature showed up Eugene. You better not forget that I gave you those hotels in the last picture :P

Nice work, that last mosaic is phenomenal :)

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[b]ggamgus:[/b] Glad to have you commenting again.
[b]b22rian: [/b]Thanks for your kind comment.
[b]Frex_Ceafus:[/b] I like the beaches too.
[b]Hazani Pratama: [/b]Thanks!
[b]Evillions:[/b] I am always happy when people notice the effort I put into the Lotting.
[b]111222333444:[/b] Thanks!
[b]TowerDude:[/b] you will need more than a week to experience Dhahran.
[b]Fox:[/b] Have you stayed at the real Burj Al Arab?
[b]TekindusT:[/b] I agree, lotting makes all the difference.
[b]MilitantRadical:[/b] That building is by davidluart a.k.a. dmscopio and is called Heywood Inn Version 2 I think. It is no longer available but if you really want the file PM me.
[b]dubaidude303:[/b] Thanks for visiting.
[b]10000000000000:[/b] Atlantsia acts as a good inspiration for me.
[b]titanicbuff:[/b] Thanks!
[b]fernando.arquiteto:[/b] PM me if you want the file for the hotel BAT.
[b]SimCoug:[/b] I am glad someone noticed the Water Park.
[b]lew1984:[/b] Thanks!
[b]Markus J:[/b] Glad you like what you see.
[b]lesgaz:[/b] Paradise can be found in Dhahran.
[b]DanPeterson:[/b] The Burj seawall is Gurry's Sea Walls (no longer available), and the one around the docks is a seawall by nbvc which can be found on the STEX.
[b]JohnDaniel17:[/b] Wow, you really live in Jumeirah! You are so lucky. I will do the downtown and airport areas in good time. Eventually you will see the whole city in its entirety.
[b]KonstantinII:[/b] I use majhost or imgur to post images.
[b]k50:[/b] Thanks for sending me the hotel file, you can see that I put it to good use.
[b]Robalinho:[/b] I was hoping it looked like the real world.

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