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Emirate of Dhahran




The Emirate of Dhahran is the wealthiest member of the Zouérat Islamic Federation with an economy based around oil, real estate, and tourism. Dhahran, which is essentially a city-state, lies on the Arabian Gulf and has long been a city of historical importance due to trading routes, pearl diving, and more recently, oil. The earliest settlement known as Dhahran was established in 1833 by Sheikh Maktoum bin Buti al Maktoum who convinced about 800 people to follow him from Saudi Arabia and establish a new settlement. In the 20th century, Dhahran was mostly under British Governance until independence was granted in 1969. The discovery of oil in the 1960s quickly transformed Dhahran from a sleepy fishing village to the modern Emirate it is today. The growth of the Emirate has accelerated at an unprecedented pace over the last 20 years as Dhahran has diversified its economy due to the limited supply of oil. It is often said that a third of the world's construction cranes can be found in Dhahran!

Dhahran General Information



Official Name: Emirate of Dhahran

Short Name: Dhahran

Demonym: Emirati

Ruler: Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum

Crown Prince: Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum

Currency: Zouérat Dirham

Official Language: Arabic

Official Religion: Islam

Population: 2,250,000

Nationality: Indian (35%), Emirati (17%), Pakistani (13%), Bangladeshi (8%), Filipino (2.5%), European (2.5%), Sri Lankan (1%), American (1%), Other (20%)

Internet TLD:.dh


Dhahran has a very hot arid climate. Summers are very hot and humid, with temperatures averaging above 40 degrees Celsius. Winters are warm with an average temperature of 23 degrees Celsius. Rainfall is sparse, Dhahran averages about 250mm of rain per year.


Dhahran is a Constitutional Monarchy which has been ruled by the Al Maktoum family since 1833. The Emir, Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, has absolute power over the Emirate.

A couple of preview shots of what is to come. Also, replies will now be done at the end of the comments section of each page.




Recommended Comments

[color=#ff00cc][b]Looks familiar .. Great update and love how you've showed off this beautiful Dubai building.[/b][/color]

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[quote name='IL.' timestamp='1342893378']
the pictures are broken

Not for me they aren't, not sure why you can't see them.

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[quote name='elavery' timestamp='1342908730']
IL., on , said:

the pictures are broken

Not for me they aren't, not sure why you can't see them.

No problem I can see them now :D

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Nice work there, and is good to see that you make a nice use of the Burj Al-Arab there, putting it in an artificial island, just like in real life really adds in to the Dubai-esque style you are making here.

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[b]Simul8ter8: [/b]Thanks, I love your CJ also.
[b]Evillions:[/b] There are certainly alot of Dubai-like CJs to compete against these days.
[b]MamaLuigi945:[/b] I hope this CJ keeps you interested in Middle-eastern CJs.
[b]111222333444:[/b] Thanks for visiting.
[b]Fox:[/b] To say Dubai is an inspiration for this CJ is an understatement.
[b]TekindusT:[/b] I look forward to your middle eastern CJ updates also.
[b]IL.:[/b] Glad you liked the pictures.
[b]Mithrik:[/b] Burj Al Arab is such an awesome building!
[b]dudaidude303:[/b] I figured you would like Dhahran.
[b]chamakh_7:[/b] The Burj Al Arab is available on the LEX over at SC4Devotion.

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