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Ionica - Veritas: South East Art District

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Simul8ter8: *shaking head* Ugh... this... thisss...thing.... IS SOO DANG GOOD!!!

Golly, thanks Simul8ter8!

dubaidude303: WOW! This looks very good! :)

Hey dude, thank you very much, there is much more to come from Veritas, it has been build for a while, just polishing it up right now.

Schulmanator: Great new stuff !This rox!

Thanks Shulmanator!

Hazani Pratama: Amazing Night!

Glad you enjoy it, I have a few nice night pics in here as well.

keenan1695: awesome! where did you find the train station in the third picture?

Hey keenan, thanks. That train station is actually tricky to find and it took me a while to track in down in the ST/Exchange. I found it when I was using the search term 'expo'. The station is called Estacao do Oriente, just click on the link.

AusBoy94: I want all of this! ~The outdoor theatre (Chicago I think?) ~The Samsung building ~And the elevated rail station! :)

You can find it all on the ST/Exchange, but if you still need help finding them I could try to track them down for you.

SimCoug: So many different BATs!  I was looking at the far zoom pic and I was having trouble finding two of the same building - and that is a lot of buildings!  Nice job - I'm looking forward to your MMP ponds :)

Hey SimCoug, thanks. Yeah, I have a whole lot of BATs, so hard to keep track of them. I have a little notebook with some hilarious scribbled notes of lot sizes and names. I should take a picture and show it some time. There is a small example of a paeg free water pond in this entry, it isn't as good as another one I've got going in a zone I'm currently building, it is just a taste.

MamaLuigi945: That is one beautiful metropolis! It has a nice mixture of trees and buildings/plazas, and the variety of buildings is stunning. And that mosaic...Great work. :)

Thanks MamaLuigi, stay tuned, Veritas has a lot more to offer.

IL.: Great work :O This is amazing. It looks like a futuristic city :D Very futuristic indeed.5 from me.

Hey IL, nice to hear from you. Thanks, I wish I could make it even more futuristic, I guess it is kind of a not so distant future. There needs to be a flying car mod.

tastycakes - very very pretty. 5 stars


burnzie_16: must have taken so much time! wow

Yeah it most certainly did, especially since on my computer it takes at least 15mins to load a big zone like this one and I've lost a lot of progress due to random crashes. Thank God I backup my region and plugins.

cesarisaias95 Beautiful city!

Thank you cesarisaias.


This is all I know...


Veritas - Art District

Located in the South East Area of Veritas, the art district provides unparalleled access to the world's greatest artists an their works. The Guggenheim Ionica is One of the most admired works of contemporary architecture, the building has been hailed as a "signal moment in the architectural culture", because it represents "one of those rare moments when critics, academics, and the general public were all completely united about something." (Matt Tyrnauer, Vanity Fair)

The museum notably houses "large-scale, site-specific works and installations by contemporary artists and displays the work of Basque artists, "as well as housing a selection of works" from the Foundation's modern art collection.

The exhibitions change often; the museum generally hosts thematic exhibitions, centered for example on Chinese or Russian art.Traditional paintings and sculptures are a minority compared to installations and electronic forms. The highlight of the collection, and its only permanent exhibit, is The Matter of Time (also referred to as Snake), a series of weathering steel sculptures designed by Serra, which is housed in the 430-foot Arcelor Gallery. The collections usually highlight Avant-garde art, 22nd century abstraction, and non-objective art.

There is also the Museum of Meso-Ionican Art where you can find the world's largest and most extensive collection of pre-Altherionic art. Directly behind the Museum of Meso-Ionican art is a restoration of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, an art galery dedicated to the natural art created by our world, flora.

If you are looking for the classics you can find them at the Ionican National Art Gallery or the Iupiter Temple Gallery located south of the Museum of Meso-Ionican Art. There are also many independent galleries, most of which can be found in the sunken plazas in front of the Guggenheim Ionica.


The mosaics are nice an high-res, I recommend you click on them.










Thanks for stopping by!

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[color=#ff0099][b]Awesome City.. really love the pictures of dusk/dawn and the night picture .. the second and third picture.[/b][/color]

[color=#ff0099][b]Love the use of the[i] [/i]Spinnaker Tower, it's a bat that isn't used very often.[/b][/color]

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