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Ionica - Illium (v.3) Preview

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Welcome Back,


Jetty Jockey: Wow, those Ionicans really know how to throw a party ! A truly overwhelming spectacle of sight and sound. Hey, mind if I use your background on Avalon for my Avalon, a real life island in southeastern New Jersey?

Thanks Jetty, glad you enjoyed it. Feel free do use the historical description of Avalon, it isn't mine

SimCoug: That is one amazing spectacle! I especially like the panorama. Awesome update!

Hey SimCoug, thanks.

Schulmanator: Wow! Great party!

Thanks Schulmanator.

Fox: Another awesome update .. thanks for sharing all those pictures. Love the mosaics at the end.. wow! Now it's time to go party!

Sweet, you're welcome Fox. Hope you had fun. P.S. I finally registered to simcity.cn, thanks for showing me that.

hahei: What an amazing job! Just asking, how did you add the fireworks in PhotoShop?

Yeah, I used fireworks brushes in layers then I applied outer glow to them. Thanks.

Simul8ter8: Oh La La!!!

Merci, Merci.

mystic_destiny: Pretty stuff O:

Thanks mystic.

dubaidude303: Awesome!!

Thanks dude.

westy177: wow awesome pictures PS a tip for the btm which you are using its not installed properly just chuckit in your nam core folder with zzz_ in front and the cantenaries and pylons will appear :))

but still loved the fireworks

Hey westy, thanks for pointing that out. I just fixed it recently and I'll have a pic in here to show you.

magalenin: I love Ionica :) Absolutely awesome!

Glad you enjoy it, thanks!

rone: is this downloadable??

It isn't downloadable. What you need is all the buildings and the plugins which will require a lot of searching and downloading.

Mastof: Congrats!

Thanks Mastof.

supercitys354262: I love ionica , have a nice next 100 years. Like!

Awesome, I appreciate it. Ionica is going to be at least 4 to 5x bigger 100 years later.

I_am_One: Nice metro area



While doing renovations to Avalon i did a little terraforming and that caused me to want to have the zones right next to Avalon conform to those changes, the problem is that when you conform the edges of your zone to another zone stuff tends to get destroyed. This lead me to restart Illium, a Zone on the south west edge of Avalon, for the second time. Illium was one of the first zones I built and when I rebuilt it first time the Rialto Spire and kd5rax's Taipei 101 were it's main features but those later became centerpieces in Veritas and so it was no longer necessary to feature them.

Also, westy177 pointed out that my Bullet Train Mod wasn't properly installed and I have corrected that error thanks to his help.

Illium (v.3) - Population 173,526

I'm not showing everything yet because there is still some work to be done in some areas. I don't know the name of the arena I used because I downloaded it from some Asian website. in my next entry i'll do a before and after comparison of this version and the older version of Illium.

I apologize in advance for the UDI, I wasn't really paying attention, I don't even notice it, but I will turn it off next time. I know how much some people despise it.






Thanks again westy177.


Thanks for visiting.

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Sweet! Where did you get that building in the 3rd photo, the one on the left in front of the HSBC building? I like it :).. Nice work!

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hey! hi there! i always enter to this page and see the amazing worlds users create, congratulations for that but where do you find those buildings??

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yeah.. i see baiyoke tower & [color=#000000][font=sans-serif][size=3]Millennium Residence[/size][/font][/color]

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[color=#ff00cc][b]You are welcome for the link to the site.[/b][/color]

[color=#ff00cc][b]There's lots to look at and download there, and the CJ's.. there are some great ones.[/b][/color]

[color=#ff00cc][b]Another awesome update ..love the highrises.[/b][/color]

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