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Ionica - Celebrating 200 Years



Welcome back,


Schulmanator - Super sweet! Thanks

ggamgus - Excellent. Hope I can hold my spot.

Blakeway - lol, will do Blakeway.

Simul8ter8 - Thanks.

keder - Pleased to hear it, thank you.

Fox - Hope the actual celebration can live up to the guide lol, I just kinda threw everything at the wall in my last entry. Thanks.

westy177 - Thanks westy.

TekindusT - If you're eating what they serve at El Celler de Roca at home you're lucky!

gman28 - Yeah, while doing the food section I was constantly tantalized by all the pictures of good food I saw. I had to treat myself. Thanks.

Cobra_nVidia - Thanks

usfighter15 - Don't say that. CJs are all about learning and inspiring. It took me a while for my city to get this 'good' and I'd say Avalon is pretty novice compared to some other Zones in my city and other CJs I've seen.

Chief393 - The Xenia Hotel is a fictional hotel in the Burj Khalifa, you can find that building here.

A Word from Militant:

I just want to give a quick thank you for all the comments, suggestions, and encouragement that have helped me build and improve my city. Being part of this CJ community has really helped me 'up my game' and I hope that I can continue improving and learning new ways to use the great tools provided in the ST/Exchange.

A New Century is About to Begin


Avalon was once just an idea in the minds of the free Sims of Ionica, an idea so fragile that it could only be whispered. It was the first Congress of Ionica that helped set into motion this great vision and Avalon has now become the shinning beacon of light at the heart of Ionica.

Avalon (from the Welsh word afal, meaning apple) is named after a legendary island featured in the Arthurian legend. According to Geoffrey of Monmouth in the Historia and much subsequent literature which he inspired, Avalon is the place where King Arthur is taken after fighting Mordred at the Battle of Camlann to recover from his wounds. Welsh, Cornish and Breton tradition claimed that Arthur had never really died, but would inexorably return to lead his people against their enemies. The Historia also states that Avalon is where his sword Caliburn (Excalibur) was forged.

The heart and soul of thousands of Ionicans were poured into building the great edifices which now stand as monuments of their ambition to reach the heavens. However, the road ahead is still long and let it be remembered that this celebration is not the middle, or the end of our great journey, it is the beginning.











Put this song in my CJ last week but it has grown on me a lot for some reason over the past week. You don't have to like it, but I do. :P





















Have Fun! Thanks for Visiting!

Now that this is done I'm going to set Avalon aside and concentrate on building my Airport and new zones for my city, see you next time.


Recommended Comments

Wow, those Ionicans really know how to throw a party ! A truly overwhelming spectacle of sight and sound. Hey, mind if I use your background on Avalon for my Avalon, a real life island in southeastern New Jersey?

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[color=#ff00cc][b]Another awesome update .. thanks for sharing all those pictures.[/b][/color]

[color=#ff00cc][b]Love the mosaics at the end.. wow![/b][/color]

[color=#ff00cc][b]Now it's time to go party![/b][/color]

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What an amazing job! Just asking, how did you add the fireworks in PhotoShop?

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wow awesome pictures PS a tip for the btm which you are using its not installed properly just chuckit in your nam core folder with zzz_ in front and the cantenaries and pylons will appear :))
but still loved the fireworks

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Can you PPLLLLLZZZZZ give me the links or "how TOs" on how to get these fireworks???? i would GREATLY appreciate it

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