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Ionica - Illium (v.3) part.2

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dubaidude303: Sweet! Where did you get that building in the 3rd photo, the one on the left in front of the HSBC building? I like it. Nice work!

Glad you like it. Unfortunately I don't know where I got that building. I was doing some scavenging in the 'Can't find' forum post and I didn't favorite the website I got the building from but I think it is called Cocoon Tower from Japan. I'll try to trace my steps as it were to try and find it again.

ggamgus: AWESOME. All I have to say.

Thanks ggamus.

Jimmy Buzaid: Amazing city. Great work!!!

Thank you.

Schulmanator: Awesome stuff... a Mickey D's moment... I'm lovin' it!!

Much appreciated, thanks.

westy177: always glad to help anyway nice update

You had a good eye, thanks.

ImanRafidin: cool, really really great, how you mixed the building, palcing some plaza, and transportaion network.

I'm still working on diversifying the buildings. My city is a mix of styles rather than unified one.

lucianmop:hey! hi there! i always enter to this page and see the amazing worlds users create, congratulations for that but where do you find those buildings??

There sure are a lot of great CJs here and you can easily find all the mods and buildings on the ST/Exchange on this website. Many of the buildings and mods I have come from there.

Kevenbro: Really nice bro!


woodnava: yeah.. i see baiyoke tower & Millennium Residence

Yup, those are in there.

Hazani Pratama: where you download baiyoke tower

Sorry, like I said to dubaidude, I didn't keep track of where I got a couple of buildings from it from, that one included.

Fox: You are welcome for the link to the site. There's lots to look at and download there, and the CJ's.. there are some great ones. Another awesome update ..love the highrises.

Thanks Fox. It will take me a while to scan through all the stuff on that site, but I have already found quite a few good things there.

Mastof: You got a great update here, can't wait for more!

Thanks Mastof - delivering, I hope.


Over the past week I've been gathering resources for the expansion of my city. I downloaded a lot of canals and I've also downloaded a lot of flora to try my hand and some MMPs and to integrate some more nature into my city. I'm also designating a few Zones for a few slightly more suburban areas, but that is not going to materialize just yet. I need to download one of those menu management mods because the list of things to choose from in my menu continues to expand.

Illium (v.3) Continued - Population 182,472

I still need to diversify the buildings a bit more to avoid repetition, but that will come later.











Thanks for visiting and commenting!

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Recommended Comments

Very lively city; I like the night shots.

The second to last pic is my favorite. Nice use of plazas and a good variety of BATs. ;)

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wow i love the bright vibrant colours and epic buildings and dont worry i wont pull you up about that maxis highway you have but if maarten was here look out lol. anyway youll be getting a +1 and 5stars good job :)

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[color=#ff00cc][b]Stunning update! Love the mosaic![/b][/color]

[color=#ff00cc][b]I also love the little bridge section in the second picture .. that just draws my attention.. it looks great.[/b][/color]

[color=#ff00cc][b]Such variety in buildings too .. great job![/b][/color]

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Very nice, I always say night shots are just wonderful to look at. The towers are nice, of course, but I think the real gem here is how sensational your parks look, those ones down beneath the slopes in the second picture are really, really cool.

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The photo editing of the mosaic is brilliant, and I really like how you mixed the retaining walls with the plopable rocks in the second picture. Very creative and it looks very natural.

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