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New Chandler III

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XV Simlympic Bid



Though it's not the largest CJ entry in the history of all the versions of New Chandler (that belong to an entry in New Chandler 2.0), it is the largest in New Chandler III (the current version). I'd recommend you play the Cee Lo Green song (it's clean lyrics unlike his other, more popular song

:P and it's good music) while viewing this one. Don't forget the banner and the mosaic too ;)


newchandlercity2011post.jpg - official banner (it's 1604x1357)

official bid song - "bright lights bigger city" by cee lo green

This is the Simlympic Bid for New Chandler City. The official bid on Simsports also includes pictures from the previous entry, #36. Those pictures will NOT be repeated in this entry (except for the picture of Highway 880).


Simlympic Stadium

Location: Simlympic Gardens

Miles from Central Core: 7 mi.

Capacity: 92,000

Events: Opening and Closing Ceremony, Athletics


D'egiralamo National Stadium

Location: Simlympic Gardens

Miles from Central Core: 6 mi.

Capacity: 63,000 (top sections closed off)

Events: Rugby Sevens


Simlympic Indoor Stadium

Location: Simlympic Gardens

Miles from Central Core: 7 mi.

Capacity: 20,000

Events: Badminton, Boxing, Judo, Table Tennis, Taekwondo, Westling, Weightlifting


Simlympic Aquatics Stadium

Location: Simlympic Gardens

Miles from Central Core: 7 mi.

Capacity: 18,000

Events: Aquatics


New Chandler CityDome

Location: Between the Hotel District and Regal District

Miles from Central Core: 1 mi.

Miles from Simlympic Gardens: 8 mi.

Capacity: 68,000

Events: Archery, Rugby Sevens


BankNC Arena

Location: Central Core/Regal District

Miles from Simlympic Gardens: 10 mi.

Capacity: 24,000

Events: Basketball, Handball


Streets of New Chandler City

Location: varies

Miles from Central Core: varies

Miles from Simlympic Gardens: varies

Capacity: -

Events: Triathlon run, Marathon, Cycling


Simlympic Field Hockey Stadium

Location: Simlympic Gardens

Miles from Central Core: 6 mi.

Capacity: 32,000

Events: Field Hockey


Don Mafazar Tennis Stadium

Location: Simlympic Gardens

Miles from Central Core: 6 mi.

Capacity: 20,000

Events: Tennis


Simlympic Beach Stadium

Location: Simlympic Gardens

Miles from Central Core: 7 mi.

Capacity: 20,000

Events: Beach Volleyball


Sangerwind Country Club

Location: McCall District

Miles from Central Core: 8 mi.

Miles from Simlympic Gardens: 3 mi.

Capacity: -

Events: Golf


Solvanese Ocean

Location: in Rockaway, a city farther south

Miles from Central Core: 596 mi.

Miles from Simlympic Gardens: 603 mi.

Capacity: -

Events: Sailing


Heritage Lakes National Park

Location: In the mountains, west of New Chandler City

Miles from Central Core: 38 mi.

Miles from Simlympic Gardens: 31 mi.

Capacity: -

Events: Cross Country Running (for triathlon and pentathlon), Canoeing, Kayaking, Rowing

NOT SHOWN: Venues for Baseball, Shooting, or Equestrian


Athletes Village

The Resort at Sangerwind Country Club has just been massively expanded. The Simlympic athletes will be the first tenants in the new rooms at this high-end hotel nearby The Lake. It's also less than three miles from the Simlympic Gardens.


International Broadcast Center

An older convention center on the far west end of the Simlympic Gardens has recently be converted and remodeled to act as the International Broadcast Center. The building itself is relatively small, as New Chandler's bidding committee hopes to broadcast primarily from the Simlympic Gardens' grounds, not from inside the IBC, to showcase the beauty of the country to the billions.

New Chandler Highway 880 connects the Central Core and Hotel District to the Simlympic Gardens, as well as Winchester and Raintree. Shown here is it's eastern terminus with Highway 5E (at the bottom)


Nicknamed the Simlympic Freeway, New Chandler Highway 813 connects Highway 317 to Highway 880 passing through the Simlympic Gardens. It continues north toward the Port of Winchester.


The bisector of New Chandler City, New Chandler Highway 317, one of the most traversed roads in the entire country, cuts through the Central Core, the Hotel District, the Lafayette District, and brushes the south end of the Simlympic Gardens. It ends in the Winchester Hills.


New Chandler Highway 100, usually just called "The Loop", is a small freeway looping around the Central Core to the south and the east (the 5E loops around the west and the 317 to the north). It is scheduled to be widened in the near future.


Thank you for viewing this bid :) I know it's incomplete and I'm missing three venues (I'll post them in my CJ section sometime in the next week just so you can see them) but I wanted to give you a big thank you with a mosaic featuring three highways and three districts you saw above. I had to resize this bad boy four times (I think?) to upload it to Imageshack so I hope you enjoy what there is of it :P It's still pretty big though (900x3381).

Click here.

Good luck to everyone I'm going against too, may the best bid win :)


Recommended Comments

Magnificent bid! There's only one thing that I still don't like much and I'll talk about it later; but let me say that the ISC members will go absolutely crazy with the bids placed for these next Simlympics. Trying to decide between New Chandler or Maine is like choosing who do yo love the most, mom or dad (I have to admit that Siam is the weakest bid for me).

About what I haven't liked; I think you still lack some indoor venues. I mean, some time ago I had to decide if I was ready to bid or not (then I chose bidding for an ISC Session) and I realized that in the real Olympics, every event is held in a single venue, only sometimes two or more events are shared in a single venue. You'll be hosting in the same venue up to 7 events, this is very much knowing how tight is the real Olympics schedule (take a look here [url="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2008_Summer_Olympics#Calendar"][link][/url]). Just my two cents, I know that the bidding time closes tomorrow, but maybe you still can change some details...

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Whoa!11 lane RHW???Is that photoshopped or is it actually the real deal? Anyways, looks amazing!

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I sort of expected a lot of questions about the second picture after the featured picture got to the front page :P It is photoshopped, normally it's an [s]RHW-8 with an RHW-4[/s] [i][[b]EDIT:[/b] it's actually an RHW-4 and an RHW-6S][/i], all I did was add in a lane between them. I'll probably make a tutorial on how to do it sometime soon.

Thanks for all the comments too!

[b]TeknidusT:[/b] Yea, I'll probably add in another venue if I win so they aren't all in that one little arena :P Thanks for the support.
[b]RedLexington33:[/b] Normally it would appear on [url="http://www.davidluart.com/"]http://www.davidluart.com/[/url], but it appears the site is down :| It shouldn't be too hard to find though if it comes back up (just click the HTML site button).
[b]keder:[/b] All that downtown traffic going to the games needed one big highway :D
[b]Andrey km:[/b] It's on [url="http://27.pro.tok2.com/~chilitomato2/"]KS's site[/url]. Hit "BAT/lot" then "stadims".

Thanks for all the support guys!

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[font="Comic Sans MS"][b][img]http://img199.imageshack.us/img199/733/bestofthebestsmall.jpg[/img]
[size="2"]CONGRATULATIONS!! THIS ENTRY WON [url="http://www.simtropolis.com/forum/journals/2774/entry-12866-week-2-82211-82811/"]BEST OF THE BEST! - WEEKLY EDITION[/url] FOR THE CATEGORY [i][color="#0000FF"]UNIQUE[/color][/i] [/b][/size][/font]

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Thanks all of you guys so much! The ISC session is this weekend, that's when we will see who wins, me or [url="http://www.simtropolis.com/forum/journals/1909-republic-of-llithustania-dependencies-ain/"]Llithustania[/url]. :)

[quote name='Murdock813' timestamp='1314801750']
That is really great work! I hope your bid is successful :DBy the way, where did you get that tennis stadium?
[/quote]It's normally on [url="davidluart.com"]davidluart.com[/url] but the site is down, so I can't help you, sorry :(

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