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  • 1 hour ago, rivit said:

    That range is used in the Maxis set (simcity2.dat) - corresponding to grass used in the Golf course and some parks

    Aaaah. Thank you ! So does everyone have that Maxis set, meaning I don't have to list it in a list of deps ? Or do I list it just to be sure ?

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    SimCity_2.dat is one of the files necessary for the game to run.  You shouldn't have to list anything that comes with the game as a dependency.   If anyone has taken simcity_2.dat, or any of the the other SimCity_X.dat files out of there game installation folder, my guess would be that their games are not working...period.

    However, anything else released by Maxis after the game such as bldgprop_vol1.dat, bldgprop_vol2.dat, and any of the Landmark Plugins should be listed.

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  • 2 hours ago, T Wrecks said:

    An easy check would be to test the lot using these textures with a totally empty plugins folder: if the textures display just fine, then they're obviously no third-party content, but Maxis default (no dependency).

    @twalsh102 also ) : inDEED ! *:)


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      • By alejolopez13

        About this file:
        This is a Beach Mod in HD resolution (1024x1024) to be used with Sudden Terrain Valley.
        In order to utilize hd textures you must be rendering in hardware mode, otherwise you may experience a crash to desktop.
        Unzip to your zzz_terrain_sudden_valley folder. To avoid conflicts ensure you have no other beach mods installed.
        Sudden Valley Terrain Mod (Recomended)
        Gobias, Rivit, me.
      • By rivit
           Since GoFSH has been around since 2011 its probably fitting that it has a dedicated support topic. It will probably contain Tips and Tricks and Examples of things that can be done with GoFSH and Bender. However, I'd also like to use this topic to talk about making textures in general. I envisage this topic to be both informative and contemplative (hence the title). Please feel free to contribute your questions, insights and knowledge. I know there are many great texture wranglers in this community.
        Its almost exactly 12 years since I first dared to submit a modd for SC4. The HerringboneBrick Streets were made the hard way - all manual and using a program called FSHMan which didn't always work as expected. There was a lot to learn. It took me about three months to make just one set of $$$ wealth street textures but it was worth it. Eventually this has led to GoFSH and a number of new mods as my skills and productivity improved.
           For anyone interested below is the original High Quality Herringbone Brick texture - feel free to use it in BATs or other textures - maybe a Euro sidewalk mod or replacing some hackneyed Lot Texture/Overlay. These are appropriately scaled for SC4, but you may want to adjust colors or rough them up a bit to fit your purposes. There are three sizes in the zip 128x128, 256x256, 512x512. They will tile without seams.
      • By Null 45
        This is a tool that I wrote to create multi-image textures.
        It can also add images to a fsh file in an existing dat.

        If no image exists clicking the "Add" button or dragging and dropping a group of images onto it will create a new image adding all the selected bitmaps.
        If the file name begins with 0x it will use the file name as the Instance.
        If a dat has been loaded and the image to modify has been selected from the list additional images may then be added to the fsh using the "Add" button.
        The "Generate new Instances" option generates new instance id when saving into an existing dat, if it is not checked it will overwrite the existing files.
        Additional documentation is in the Readme.
        Download Multi Fsh Tool
      • By DarkMatter
        FiSHMan is a new FSH file management and tweaking tool. This tool allows you to probe FSH files, add and remove sub images and palettes, and even includes a batch processing tool that allows you to quickly and easily generate multiple .fsh textures compatible with SimCity 4.
        UPDATED DECEMBER 27, 2003:
        1) Fixed bugs with auto name generation. Names no longer get truncated if you don't put a number in the output filename. (i.e. use doc.fsh, not doc1.fsh).
        2) Alpha map requirement has been removed from the batch processor. A default fully-opaque image will be used if you don't select an alpha map, or, if your base image is a .png, the .png's alpha map will be used. ALPHA MAPS ARE ONLY USED FOR OVERLAY TEXTURES.
        Updated August 5, 2003: Updated the batch processor. It is now much more flexible in how it handles files and sequences of files. Clicking the Batch Add button no longer processes the batch, it just adds files to the list. Added a new checkbox to enable or disable the automatic generation of scaled bitmaps for base and overlay textures. Now you just have to create the largest image, the 128x128 version of the texture, and FiSHMan does the rest for you. Added a save batch feature, which will save the list of files to be processed to one of two formats: .fbatch,
      • By Null 45
        This is a tool that I wrote to create multi-image textures. It can also add images to a fsh file in an existing dat.

        The instance range in "instRange.txt" must be changed to your assigned range from the BSC Texture Index. Additional documentation is in the Readme. The support thread is Multi Fsh Tool

        The .NET Framework 3.5 Client profile is required on Windows Vista and XP.
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