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  • 1 hour ago, rivit said:

    That range is used in the Maxis set (simcity2.dat) - corresponding to grass used in the Golf course and some parks

    Aaaah. Thank you ! So does everyone have that Maxis set, meaning I don't have to list it in a list of deps ? Or do I list it just to be sure ?

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    SimCity_2.dat is one of the files necessary for the game to run.  You shouldn't have to list anything that comes with the game as a dependency.   If anyone has taken simcity_2.dat, or any of the the other SimCity_X.dat files out of there game installation folder, my guess would be that their games are not working...period.

    However, anything else released by Maxis after the game such as bldgprop_vol1.dat, bldgprop_vol2.dat, and any of the Landmark Plugins should be listed.

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  • 2 hours ago, T Wrecks said:

    An easy check would be to test the lot using these textures with a totally empty plugins folder: if the textures display just fine, then they're obviously no third-party content, but Maxis default (no dependency).

    @twalsh102 also ) : inDEED ! *:)


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      • By SimGoober
        This is obsolete.  Please use this file, on SC4Devotion.

      • By SimGoober
        This file is Obsolete.  Please use ; 

      • By north country dude
        Rail Yard and Spur Textures, Mega-pack 1. This pack takes the place of Vols 1, 2, & 3 of the same name.
        In this mega-pack are base and overlay textures used in the creation of more realistic railyards and industrial rail lots. Included in this set are rail spurs, multi-track switches, roadcrossings, and some miscellaneous base and overlay textures.
        The primary use for the base and overlay textures is for prop placement within the lot you are trying to create. So far, all props work normally no matter where they are placed on the tile, eg; train cars and locomotives used as props will appear and disappear according to their schedule if that is what they are supposed to do. Static props will remain..., umm..., static.
        I have created mainly BASE textures so that road overlays can be used with the track textures that have room for them, eg. track textures that use 1/2 or less of the tile space. It is understood that you can place more than one overlay texture on a tile, but this increases the number of objects used by the SC4Lot file. The ability to use a single base texture with only one overlay cuts down the number of objects used by the lot file, enabling you to place more props.
        Special Note on Textures used in the Lot Editor:
        Please keep in mind that textures by themselves CAN NOT be 'transit enabled', only lots can be 'transit enabled'. Also, you can transit enable the lot that uses these textures, but the game's automata will only use the 2 tracks in the center of the tile if it is used for Stations(Freight and Passenger).
        The game will ignore the tracks on the left and right side within the tile and if you transit enable a tile with only a single track running through it, you may see train automata running across empty ground.
        The only exception is custom made Path Files, which is beyond the scope of this Texture Pack. Future lots using these textures will possibly have custom Path Files.
        Let me know what you think. Be Constructive!
        To install:
        Just place the DAT file in your C:\Program Files\Maxis\SC4\Plugins directory.
        To uninstall:
        Just delete it from your Plugin directory.
        I use the Program Files directory because that is where I keep all of my texture/prop/game mods.
        If you use this texture pack, please give credit where credit is due.
        [Edit: found extra texture IID# that didn't belong. no worries, thing didn't show up in LE, so nobody really used it anyway.]
        north country dude, aka: Arf of the North
      • By Duco
        Here I have got two pictures. One of me, after I download my own lot and the other picture is from somehow else who downloaded the lot. As you can see, it has no front square and it looks like something is missing. With I live reader I have looked which dependencies I needed and those I wrote down.
        Is it possible that I live reader can 'miss' a dependency? Can this be another problem. For myself I have no idea others than it is a missing dependencie. Someone with more knowledge about this than I have, yes, I would love to hear you. Thanks.

      • By LBT Team
        This file is now obsolete, only use if you have to follow dependencies; you can find the newer release here:
        A texture dependecy pack for current and future LBT creations.
        Updated 24th August 2017 - updated file obsolete message + fixed dependency link
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