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Escape and creation. Something I used to do a lot when I was a kid, and I refuse to stop it even after 32 years of life, is creating my own states and escape from the misery of our reality. States where the past, the present and the future co-exist. Where "realism" and "being normal" are just jokes and not the rules. With solutions instead of problems, and adventures instead of stagnation. Great thing can happen, even in a state smaller than a room.
















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Oooooh, I had that Micro Machines city-van and city-toolbox when I was a kid!! I think they're both still somewhere at my parent's place... They gave me the toolbox as a present when I was still a bit too little and didn't really know how to play with it, the gas station, the diner, or the street lamps were gone after the first years. I cared much better of the city-van, that I got when I was like 8 years old, and looks just like yours.

Also, spotted many of the Micro Machines I had. For some reason, my grandma liked them a bit too, and carried one in her purse (I think she still does) as a kind of reminder of her grandson (me).

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Oh, this post makes me so happy.  I had a lot of that, too, I fondly remember the toolbox playset.  Unfortunately, none of them survived my childhood...  But a lot of my Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars and Legos did!

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  • Original Poster
  • Upgrades, updates, new ideas and designs, new challenges and solutions *:golly:


















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    I remember when I was about 6, maybe 7 I did something like this! it was after I got my first glimpse at SC4 at a cousin's house and of course my folks wanted to see me finish the 4th grade (I'm assuming the equivalent is Year 5?) before I could gain my copy. I used a lot of crude Lego towers, hot wheels and one of those wooden rail sets from Brio. I even made way for a model ship that I poorly painted and reglued some broken masts on!

    The little kid in me wishes he could visit you for old time's sake! The 3D puzzles are a nice touch! Looking back, I would have offered to bring over my 'other' Tomy trainset to chip in an efficient rail system!

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    Between my brother and I, I think we had every one of those Micro Machines sets (probably about twice as many!) except for the motorcycle shop; that one doesn't look familiar.  I used to "close" that big orange bridge and run detour routes.  What a dork.  Amazing the things you remember that you thought you had forgotten!

    Also, I presently have several of those 3D puzzles - Sears Tower and Empire State and I believe CN Tower, Citicorp and Flatiron buildings to go with it.  Had the US Capitol way back as well.  (Similarly, I have a collection of about 30 of these puzzles, most of which I picked up on eBay about 10-15 years ago.  Only one had a missing piece, which I actually managed to somewhat competently reproduce using a copy of the box cover.)

    I used to supplement the MM sets with poster board/construction paper skyscrapers that I'd probably laugh at now if any survived in any photographic evidence.  They ended up being more for show in the end as it got to be impossible to actually push a car through them without knocking the whole assembly down like a bunch of dominoes.

    On 7/22/2017 at 10:37 PM, NMUSpidey said:

    All those flights must begin and end with a prayer.

    That was another thing.  Always having been something of an avgeek, I quickly tired of that tiny little airport with its V/STOL runway barely suited for that little 2-seater 747 and "replaced" it.  I remember doing some kind of urban renewal on that site but I don't remember what.  Its replacement was a 2- or 3-wing terminal I built on a piece of foamcore, probably about 2'x4' in size, maybe 3'x5'.  The thing had so much poster board, paper and Elmer's glue that I probably could have stood on it.  It was darn near indestructible.  For airplanes I had maybe 10-15 of those Wooster desk models (example) and the runway was a string of about 8-10 Lego straight road bases.

    Ahh, the days before virtual airlines...

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      • By RandyE
        Previews: (1) Clouds (2) Stars (3) Forest (4) Streets (5) Ocean (6) Snowfall (7) Cityscape
        17 Folders of Background Sets for SC4 These are 17 sets of backgrounds for the City (Mayor) view that are easily installed, changed, or switched back to the default blueprint grid background that comes with the game.  I've included a high contrast version of the default so the grid can be seen clearly. Each of the 5 background files in each folder corresponds to a zoom level from the widest overview to narrowest close-up view in the game.
             The default backgrounds included with the game are found in the form of 5 .png graphics files named Background3D0.png through to Background3D4.png in the SC4 install directory under Plugins. Before using the replacement sets of backgrounds make a backup copy of the 5 default files that come with the game. I zip them up in a zip folder and leave them in the Plugins folder for easy access.
        Further Instructions for Installing Region and City View Backgrounds
        Initially, I found a set of solid color backgrounds which demonstrated how easy it is to create and switch backgrounds, so for the basic instructions and a solid color set refer to the file Custom Region View Backgrounds which includes solid colors for the region view as well as the city view.     Custom Region View Backgrounds  
        Creating the Backgrounds The cloud and star pictures were adapted from seamless background textures found in the commons. All other pictures are adapted from SC4 graphics, and previews as created using the in-game terra-former.
             The following details are not necessary for installation and use of these backgrounds but are provided for further interest in the topic. City View Backgrounds Technical Details There are 5 backgrounds in each folder for each of the 5 zoom levels from 0 to 4. In the game there are actually 6 zoom levels but the same background is used for zoom 5 (4) and 6.

        For the cloud backgrounds and mostly for the star backgrounds I did not adjust magnification as the sky and stars normally appear fixed in the sky from ground perspective.

        The cloud backgrounds are high brightness which may be further adapted using a paint program. The textures will maintain their form for a variety of changes to saturation and hue, brightness and contrast.

        Each zoom level 'in' from the outermost zoom is 2x in magnitude, so each zoom 'in' is twice as close as the previous zoom. The backgrounds are 128x128 pixels .png formatted at 16m colors.
        The magnifications are 2048 (16x), 1024(8x), 512(4x), 256(2x), 128(1x) for the canvas sizes. 512 pixels = 1 kilometer and 2048 pixels = 4 kilometers total for the large tile.
        The picture you start with will be transformed into the isometric view in the game. Vertical and horizontal lines are shifted to an isometric flat plane background so some adjustments must be made to keep lines vertical and horizontal.
        Vertical lines are achieved by subtracting 22° (90°-23°=67° ). So if you have a picture that has right angles, vertical shapes that you want to appear vertically in the city view, subtract 23°, or rotate 23° to the left to get the picture upright.
           Horizontal lines change slightly with zoom level above zoom zero, they will appear parallel at zoom 0, but slightly obtuse from zoom 1 to 4. The horizon can be brought back parallel by subtracting 5° from zoom zero through to zoom 3. I did not bother adjusting the horizontal as my backgrounds conform to the isometric horizon of the game view, skewed only slightly by 5°.

        Isometric angles:

        Zoom 0: 30° (isometric)
        Zoom 1: 35°
        Zoom 2: 40°
        Zoom 3 and 4: 45°

        The city view rotation is around a square as similar to the axis of a compass. The vertical lines become horizontal when rotated east and west, but remain vertical north and south.

        I noticed a slight stereoscopic effect at zoom 3 on the Heavy Starfield background.
        If you focus your eyes beyond the screen you may see SC4 in 3D field perspective.
        The effect is similar to autostereograms: "An autostereogram is a single-image stereogram (SIS), designed to create the visual illusion of a three-dimensional (3D) scene from a two-dimensional image."
        Please use the comment section below or PM if any questions, critiques or problems installing and using the backgrounds.
      • By AmiPolizeiFunk
        Ok this is a mystery to me. Here are two city service buildings relatively close to one another. One spits out a train of ambulances, alls fine and hunky dorey! The other claims it is "Operating normally," but it is yet to spit out a single fire truck. I've consistently had this problem. I've rebuilt all of the streets in this area. What gives? Why does Mass Transit show NO ROUTES to this fire dept.? There have been fires at its doorstep and it just sits there.

        Working as intended. 

        has never even considered working 
      • By matias93
        Let's play a new game, a mix between a Show Us thread and a typical forum game.
        Game Rules:
        The first user posts an image of a city of their own, made on any city-building game (or even on another game that allows cities to be built), asking what the next person would fix or change on the image, with the idea of improving some aspect of it, to make it more functional, realistic, beautiful or fun. The next user has to propose a fix briefly, in no more than 7-10 lines (or in no more than 5 lines if including an image). The proposal has to be civil and constructive (even if literally consists on demolishing some structure). Remember that everybody is always learning and has the right to make errors. To finish their post, the next user has to include their own image of their city, to be fixed by the next user. If an image stays unfixed by five (5) days in a row, it will be considered as un-improvable, and the user will have won the round. Any other user could add their own image to restart the game. ____________________
        To start, I'll put an old image of mine, even if that tile isn't active anymore. I choose it because that tile was super buggy and I had to remade it several times, so I'm curious of how much we'll coincide on this.

        So, what would you fix on this image?
      • By vivarenedius
        Sphere Game Studio released Spacecity to Appstore and Android
        perfect to simmars 

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