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Ok so, first off, this is my first time making a city journal, I hope I do make things right (quite a nervous newbie here).


So, I am working on with a new city, Teiko Metropolitan Area, although technically it is not that new since I have already created a dozen districts in the region already. I just decided to make a CJ because I also want to track the growth of the region, a lot of fresh green lands at the right side that has not been touched yet! :thumb:  Furthermore. you will notice that all of the names are in Japanese well this is because I'm taking the names from my favorite anime (if you are a fan, you probably know it from the title of this journal). Also, I am not very good with terraforming so I usually just use pre-made regions, I am more concerned with creating realistic cities and giving them dynamics. Anyhow, enough introduction, let's get down to business. I should probably start with a little journey through the city. 


This is Teiko Metropolitan Area, a region in a making, current population is 678,664 inhabitants. 




I would like to show you all the districts but first off, I will start with Kaijo District since this is the first district in the region and is one of the major industrial centers. If you are looking for it above, it is exactly to the right of the middle of the image. 


Welcome to Kaijo District.


First off, there are two ways to get into the city.


1. Most people ride automobiles through the highway or via road connections. This one is the connection to Kamata South (2nd largest district in the region so far, though not quite it look like because it somehow looks peaceful, it actually isn't, one can simply imagine the hell traffic this road is going through).




2. People can also the district via ferry, Kaijo has one of the busiest of waters in the metropolitan region. The image here is the north harbor. Oops seems like the ferry is not that visible, it is on the left side of the picture anyway. 




Ok, time to get a little trip around town. Note: Please forgive me if there are little to no cars in the pic, I had actually forgotten to change the settings. Anyhow, bon voyage.


1. Kaijo has the third largest industrial center and has the two nearly up to full capacity seaports working, making it the busiest (so far). Here is a snapshot of the industrial center close-up. Most of the factories are hi-tech and the the ones shown are into software production. 




2. Here are random shots of the city center, although it only has a population of around 50000 (estimate), it does exhibit some tall commercial buildings which are somehow grouped into this one big cluster.


The district enjoyed major economic boom that led to the construction of many office buildings. This is one of the commercial areas in the district.




This trio is the heart of the commercial center. Well, it has nothing to do with being the center or being the tallest, it simply is that these three buildings are among the first set of 'high-rises' in the town. The blue glass building to the right is the former HQ of SZT Laboratories but the company has since transferred to a new location (Don't worry, I'll show you where.., I promise.  :yes: ). It is now occupied by Kaijo Animation and Arts Inc, the largest modeling agency and animation production company in the district. It is also among the biggest companies in the whole metropolitan region but still quite a pint compares to SZT Industries. 




This is the town plaza, though technically one of the town plazas but most people refer to this place as the bookworms hub, you can totally see the library at the right. This place is where most bookworms hang out.




3. And here are some residential... Quite a silent district anyhow.... This district has the biggest area for low-rise housing in the whole region (so far).


Most of the people in Kaijo prefer low rise housing, well for some odd reasons they want to live in huge mansions that elegant penthouses. Yup, you got it, most of the people living in the low density area have high density of cash. 




This is one of the two high schools in the district, it is named Avenue High School. It was simply named after it because it was built along an avenue, weird huh?  :rofl:




Here are more random shots around the town.


1. This school is the premier Kaijo High School, currently the largest and the oldest in the district. It is also the best which most of the sims say. Well but it has certainly lived up to its reputation, now this school has produced top government officials and pro athletes in the past 40 years by the way. Among the notable alumni would be Kise Ryouta who is a famous model and a proud Kaijonese. Why he so famous? You'll about to know.




2. The avenue overpass. That highway is a circumferential one, you'll get what I mean in my next update while the avenue is a local thoroughfare, it is named Kise Avenue, named after a famous model in the town because he usually does his photo shoots either at the green lush areas of the place or along the sidewalks of the avenue, well one simply cannot live without asphalt eh? :rofl: . That avenue leads to the Kaijo University to the right BTW. (Sorry, I really want to use NAM but computer can't handle it for a moment, especially for big cities. Also for this reason, I don't add any mods at all except for a few building plugins).




Lastly, this is an aerial view of Kaijo District taken from a plane landing in the next district. There is still only one airport in the whole region (so far). 





That's it for now folks! Thanks for visiting I hope to see you again. Will be posting other districts soon. :D


Please post your comments down below....  :yes: 

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Kidding, for a vanilla cj and for your first cj i would like to congratulate you. My first cj looked really bad and very organized. You actually have a planned street layout (im guessing) and even though you have alot of slopes, it looks decent and not all messy. Only suggestion is that you don't show the ui in your pics, and try a little terraforming, the slopes look good but also very steep, smooth them out a little.

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    Replies to the comments:


    coolwiththecool2: Thanks for the input. I might really have to improve my terraforming skills a little. 

    Benedict: Thanks with the warm welcome.

    Schriefer: Finally, I had a hard time removing the panel. Thanks for the tip!  :yes:



    UPDATE 1.0



    Greetings. I am Akashi Seijuro, premier of Teiko Metropolitan Region.




    First off, I would like to apologize for an undeniably late reply and I appreciate all the comments written down. I will try my best to post an update once in a week excluding exams (did I just say exams?), no I mean during our diet general assembly which happens 8 times in a year. Anyhow, moving on...


    I just arrived at Kamata South Regional Airport with my PA last night to attend an opening event scheduled tomorrow.




    Sorry, I forgot to mention that Kamata South is west of Kaijo. Here is a short guide: Take notice that it is named Kamata South because it is below Kamata West. The district north of Kamata West is Kamata North, BTW. Sometimes naming districts with directions can be easier and more convenient. 




    Kamata West is the largest district in the region (so far, wait till we get to finish Rakuzan or Seirin perhaps which are on the other side of the area). It has a population of around 108,000 inhabitants and has the largest business district which is home to many company HQs, commercial population is at 54,000, I guess. It is also currently the only district to have an operation airport and a convention center which makes it more appealing for business. So, I'm quite bored on my way to my hotel so I took some photos. 


    This is the grand hotel and this is where I am supposed to be staying but something caught my eyes so I had the pilot tour me around the city first. 




    And I was right, I was shocked by what I have seen....




    This is the area heading to the industrial district and this...




    This is somehow close to the CBD and this...




    and this...




    AND THIS!!!





    SHEESH... It's road rage everywhere!  :lost:


    So, I called my PA to schedule a meeting with the district mayor and discuss the disgusting traffic I have seen and here is his reaction...  :rofl:




    Oh don't mind my Kouki, he's just a coward when it comes to public relations I don't even know why he's my PA. I might need a new one soon.  :thumb:


    So I wonder how the discussion will go but I'm pretty sure that this bloody traffic has to be organized. I need to think now of cleaning up the roads and I need to get some sleep, ugh, it has been ages. Why can't anybody just fix this before I arrive? Stupid people.  :]


    Anyway, this is the sad part but tor now, thank you for your continuous patronage and I apologize for a very short update. I'll probably have more time tomorrow to tour the city by then I will posts pictures of this so heavily congested district. Sayonara.  :D


    Note: I wonder if they have plans for mass transit?  ;)


    Please posts your comments below, they are well accepted!  :yes: 

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    For a city with little mods, it's pretty darn good! Nice job, only suggestion if you're open to it is a slope mod to help you out with some of those really steep slopes.


    Keep it up.

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    Replies to the comments:


    Hi!! I am so glad to meet all of you. From now on, I'll be taking over this CJ. Ne, ne, don't worry it is still the same, it's just that Akashi-sama is so busy lately and he wanted me to take care of this blog. Whooop! Before we start, I should thank you all for the support and I promise that the whole team behind this journal is making its best to entertain you. Off we go then!! 


    One more thing, if you have been reading this CJ form the first update then you have already come across my name. I am Kise Ryouta, BTW, Teiko's one and only ambassador of goodwill.




    Benedict: Thanks. I don't usually do night modes too. Some of the plugins does not have light at night.  :no: 

    Markus J: Yay! I learned you also make cities without mods too, looks like I'm going to agree with someone here! Anyway, where do I get that slope mode and what are the requirements?

    Ceafus 88: Thanks for the compliment. I will definitely check that mod when I got a copy of it.

    Schriefer: Oh, you've been visiting this thread twice! Thanks for the replies. I will try to make it better and more appealing too but that traffic has to go a little bit toned down.  :ohyes: 


    UPDATE 1.1



    This update is divided into three parts and will be the longest update so far. The first part will be about the said traffic around the region. Second will be about the data that the Teiko Regional Statistics Office (TeRSOf) have gathered, nah, I know you don't like numbers but what can I do, I'm just tasked to do it. Lastly, there is a big hot announcement which is at least worthwhile noticing if you are a true Teikonian. Yup, that's right Teikonian, oh don't mind how silly that sounds.  :D


    So off to the first. I'm going to assume you have seen the traffic in the former posts lately. They say that traffic is good but that was on a super high level. You don't believe me? Okay, how about if I say that the commute time in that district was over 140? Fine, never mind, moving. So, anyhow, that view made Akashi-sama very sad and angry, so next time I knew I was already in the congress hall instead of the movie house. 


    The congress hall is located at Kogomo North District. See that white building over there? Oh, please do not mind how ugly the place looks, its going to have a big renovation going on but for now, let's stick to that.  :P




    The congress session lasted for a day, or technically 13 hours, 45 minutes, 32 seconds and 2 microseconds. The topic? It's all about the motion "Rush Hour". Although, it sounds so naive, that bill is actually been vetoed 10 times already because that motion is too expensive! But times have changed and this time and for the first time in a decade, the bill was approved in Teiko Regional Congress. I'll post about the region's government in a different update soon. Here is the result of the recent voting:




    That is 47 for, 5 abstain and 18 against. It actually just passed with a slim margin of 1 vote, have it not got that, we will all be enduring the danger of that traffic dilemma again. So what does it do? Read the rationale of the Rush Hour Motion other wise known as Bill No. 2014-0001 below.



    BILL NO. 2014-0001 also known as RUSH HOUR MOTION



    That a new system of transportation roadworks and mass transit be implemented that will limit the commute time of citizens living in the dense crowded areas and far-flung suburbs of the region. That the expense of the construction of a new system be taken both from the regional and district budget. And that the Ministry of Transportation and Works be reorganized by adding a commission of Mass Transit.



    1. To create a rail system (either high or low) that will connect all district of Teiko Metropolitan Region.

    2. To add new inter-districts high ways that will be connected to the existing circumferential one.

    3. To pass an ordinance, making sims travel in the least amount of commute time.

    4. To establish bus routes that will effectively lower the amount of private cars plying in the roads. 

    5. And lastly, to concrete, widen or change into one-way, all roads and streets that have a high volume of vehicles of equal or above 300.


    So, we might be expecting big changes to come. For a teaser, construction yards have been seen around different districts lately. Looks like a decade of waiting is finally the worth!  :party:


    This one is in Kogomo North:



    This one is in Kaijo:



    Lastly, this one is in Too. Oops looks like there is something long going on there!



    So, keep stay tune about this. I'll try to get updates soon. At least for the record, the government moved fast!


    The second update is all about numbers. Yeah, it's all about numbers. I don't want to post it but I guess there is no helping. Here is some fast facts about the region. Oh, by the way, I also tasked to update this monthly so it looks like I gotta have to love them too! 


    This first pic is a consolidated update of the Teiko National Stock Index otherwise known as TeNSI. Their main HQ is somewhere I can't remember. I'll tell you when I remember it. Stocks have been going a bit stagnant lately, thanks to the great traffic. 



    The next picture is a report of the GDP and Monthly Income of the 14 Districts of Teiko. Please notice that the figures are in nominal value. 




    For now, I think those pics will suffice. I believe TeRSOf has yet to publish their full report. I'll also try to grab more data once they are publicly released. Oh, this is the last one I guess. Just a full recap.  :thumb:



    Moving on the last. I hope I have not bored you yet which I believe I am. There is a big launching that happened yesterday. Remember when Akashi-sama said he was going to attend an opening? Oh, although not really an opening this was the event he attended to - the launching of the Devon News Online Journal (DNOJ). So what is this all about? it's actually an online journal created by Devon News. 


    I know you quite don't get it, so let me explain. This is Devon News HQ is Kamata South.



    It's that black building. Devon News is the largest and the only legitimate media service providing company in the whole region. Nah, don't ask why. So lately, they have launched their new website. For more info about this better visit the site:




    So, here is a snapshot. 



    This website is very informative. If you want to know more about what's happening in the city from a different perspective say a local camera man and reporter, then the site is for you. Updates there and here will be different although if the story is big, it might actually coincide. Nah, just give it a try and visit it!  :thumb:


    Now, this is the sad part. I am going to leave you guys again. I hope I kept you entertained with what's going in this city. I love this region so much but I love Kaijo even more (of course I'm from there!). So, anyways, this will be the end of the update and I look forward to next week again. I hope you feel the same too! 


    Oh, before I go. Let me give you a teaser. Didn't I say that the Regional Congress Hall is going to be demolished. Here, it is. I wonder what they will do with that sloppy side of the town. I myself don't have an idea either. Hmmm....  :yes:







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  • 4.

    Replies to the comments:


    Schriefer: Thanks for following the website and as for now, Devon News will be also be posting images of their hard copy here! Yay!

    Ceafus 88: Haha. That was really a steep hill ssu! But nobody got hurt during the construction, thank god!

    Benedict: Thank you! Happy Chinese New Year too! Kung Hei Fat Choy!  We, on Teiko will also be celebrating but on a different way.



    UPDATE 2.0



    Teiko Region has been doing well lately. There is really not much to update. Wait, that's quite wrong. Actually there is a lot to update! This update is divided to three parts, no I think its four. Nah, never mind, just read ahead and be informed of the latest events and developments around town.


    Oh, this is still me, Kise Ryouta BTW, I will definitely be the one posting in this blog unless noted.  :thumb:


    1. Remember that demolition in the Kogomo North? Yeah, that was the last picture in Update 1.1. Guess what, you totally won't believe me but something huge is going to be built in that place. Why don't you take a guess.... It definitely isn't a mall, it is not a residential or commercial area either. Believe it or not, it is actually an airport. Yup, that's right. IT IS AN AIRPORT! Wooo!  I wonder where they got that idea. Here is the picture of the area. Once completed it will be the second airport in the region.  :yes:  Great job by the government on the paving of the slope...  :rofl:




    Looks like someone is a bit too excited here! Ooops. That sign is too early to be put up...  :no:




    Well, were done with the updates. Just kidding!  :P


    The second part will be on the newest developments in the other side of the metropolitan area. If Kogomo North District is the northernmost point in the region. Then Josei District is the southernmost point. Although technically not. Hahaha, sometimes I wonder if I am not crazy. Please refer to the map in my former updates for more specific location. 


    There is a lot of things going on in that district. 


    1. It has been losing a lot residents lately. Last week, the district lost a whopping 22% of its population. Kinda like the D city in the USA.  :rofl:  I don't know but a recession is really happening in this area. Look at all those abandoned buildings. Meh, I wonder what the government should do, I'm just a freaking ambassador of goodwill anyway!  :ohyes:




    That my friend is really a disheartening view.  :lost:


    2. Anyway, for a better news, a portion of the area with abandoned buildings have already been demolished. A group of minority in the people had already planned to settle there. I hope this soothes down the growing crises in the district. 




    Moving on, the next update will be on the Kaijo. This district became the first to taste the rush hour motion. Although, there are still no trains plying the rail tracks it won't be long until there will be. The construction are now in its final stage and the train is ready to roll anytime!  :]  This is the one near Avenue High School. 




    And this one is the completed one near the commercial area. Oh look at that construction mayhem. Now, now, that's definitely the opposite of Josei! Oh don't mind that weird house with a weird logo on top!  :D




    Now, there is always an end to my update but fret not, there are still one more and this one will be quite amusing (at least for me, hahaha). For more details, here is a copy of the Devon News Journal last week. Please click the image for bigger fonts! 



    And here is the second page!




    So that's it! For more and more details please visit the Devon News website below.




    Another end of an update but bigger things are still coming next week. Of course, more than anything else this Teiko, I mean the TEIKO, where the city never sleeps and wakes up!  :lol:


    Well then, see you soon guys, there might be earlier updates this week since I am not that busy but of course it also depends on the mood. Ja mata!  ;)


    BTW, one more thing, the Ministry of Internal and External Communications are looking for potential sister cities, anyone willing to be in partner with Teiko?  :ohyes:

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    Yeah, a slope mod would be nice. Imagine driving up a road with a 90 degree ascent in RL. :lol:

    And yeah, it does look like you need the NAM. It's available in Simtropolis Exchange, and also available in ModDB and SC4D.. Be sure you have this and this installed. (Install the former one before the latter one... :D And yeah, the NAM can install fine with the former one installed, but I'd encourage you to download the latter one too because that enables nightlightning on BATs.)

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    Replies to the comments:


    Schriefer: Hmm. Well see about that but maybe that space is not enough for a custom airport but soon Teiko will have one!

    Ln X: That slope mod was awesome. Updates about it will be posted soon, thanks for a tip! Here is a free gift cheque  of 100 Simoleons for you and your friends from Metro Mall!

    GeometryMath Algebra: Woah, that's a lot to install. I'll tell the council about it! But for the NAM, I guess there is no chance for that yet until we get our system improved. 









    Woah, its time for this already? Okay fine. You noticed the change in the heading? That's fine because this is no ordinary update. Before anything else friends, Special Reports are not regular updates and they may come depending on the availability of information (blame Teiko Regional Statistics Office [TeRSOf] for that) but reports like this are also in depth and can be very long so please don't go away and stay tune! For people who don't like numbers I'll do my best to let you appreciate it!


    For a start, Special Reports are also named as State of the Region. This time, the report will be all about commuting and I hope you enjoy this update. BTW, this was also the same report presented to the Teiko Regional Congress during the hearing on the Rush Hour Motion. As much as possible, we in the Ministry of Internal and External Communications wants to bring you closer and closer to Teiko, in here bugs don't bite!  :rofl:


    In a clear sunny day where everything seems to be perfect, the only thing that can destroy your good mood is bad traffic, no worst traffic.  :angry:




    Above is a snapshot of the National Highway, Too Central Exit in Too District and below is a shot taken from Park Avenue cor. Clovis Blvd. in Kogomo North.




    For a trivia, that intersection above is the most congested in the region with more than 15,000 cars plying the road everyday despite the fact that there is a subway station near the vicinity. 


    In the recent days, commuting in Teiko has become an infinite loop.  :rage:




    According to statistics, the volume of commuters in the region has been steadily increasing for the past 4 years with the total volume this year trying to breach the 700,000 threshold mark.  :O




    in 2014, majority of the commuters prefer to travel via cars with mass transit being the least popular.  :(  




    In volume, more than 600,000 cars drive across Teiko roads and thoroughfares every day that is for 2014 alone. 




    This caused the average commute time from residence to work to swell in the past years given the increase in population also. As of January 2014, average commute time is around 4.63 hours




    In general most commuters travel around 7:00-7:59 am. with generally most males working earlier than females. (No sexism here okay just plain facts.) 




    As a bonus trivia, as calculated by our very good TeRSOf. We have been able to gather the lowest average speed in a road in miles per hour. Although Main Avenue in Kogomo North is the slowest, three of the five roads are located in Josei District. 




    As a final addendum, take a look at the analyzed satellite image from Takao Station. Red means severe to very heavy congestion, Green means moderate to heavy congestion while Orange signify low congestion. 




    Indeed commuting is not fun in Teiko but thanks to the open-minded councilors, rush hour motion is passed just imagine the hell each and every commuters will go if not for that.  :thumb:


    Since we are still in the process of constructing new roads and transportation systems, I will just leave with a simple image of a train.  ;)




    This is in Kamata West BTW and that train is heading for the downtown district. 


    I hope you enjoy my special report and I will apologize if it is long but as I have said, special reports are in depth updates so they will really be long! Whoops!  :D


    That's all for this report and thank you for supporting Teiko Metropolitan Area. We are still open for potential sister cities!


    Please leave your comments down below for they are very well appreciated!  :party:


    COMING UPDATE: Devon News New "Eye-friendly" Template and More!

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    It's good you got the slope mod sorry I didn't get the info to you fast enough. Keep the growth up. And yrs in terms of mods I have only two Nam and Cam, everything else is just Bats. Game runs faster :-)

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    Replies to the comments:
    Schriefer: Thanks! TeRSOf is really reliable when it comes the region's statistics. They should get a big applause! #standingovation  
    Neto Dari: Muito obrigado! Esperamos vê-lo aqui mais vezes!  
    ThirtyThree: Nope, sorry for the delay of the news but the concert was a go! In fact it was overwhelming, see below for more details! (In Teiko's world)
    Markus J: It's okay, the slope mod was really useful but the limitations also are quite annoying but then again we definitely can't get everything in life.   
    UPDATE 2.1
    Yay! This is already our 5th update! The Teiko Regional Council extends their appreciation to everyone with a release of a new poster featuring the most popular tourist spot in Teiko - Meiho District. Wait I think this is released by the Ministry of Internal and External Communication (MIEC otherwise known as MICE), oh yeah never mind that just enjoy the picture below (that's Teiko Concert Grounds during the Nirvana Concert which overlooks the longest beach line in the region). 
    So, for this update. This most probably will be a showcase of all the preceding projects that have been stated in the former updates. It's not good to leave your people hanging with just construction kits!
    Before anything else, I will share a recap first of the Nirvana concert in Teiko Concert Ground in Meiho District. The concert went smoothly as a  breathtaking 1,500 people jampacked the place last February 3! Below are shots of the concert.
    Before the concert proper, many people are already waiting on the grounds with more people coming.
    A picture of Kurt Cobain singing! 
    And just a random photo during the concert at night..
    Nirvana did a great and awesome performance. Not bad for a first concert in Teiko, it was also the debut concert for the Teiko Concert Grounds and for the now the main developments around town!  :D
    First off and by no doubt the biggest occurrence for the week is the opening of the new airport in Kogomo North - Kogomo North Regional Airport. It is quite a letdown for myself (although I'm just an ambassador of goodwill anyway) and the government that it is not a custom airport but then again the size for the area is not feasible for such. :noway:   Here are some shots of the recently opened airport.
    Here is some exterior shots.
    Airport during it's first night.
    Airport during the day.
    And some interior. I've got to admit this new airport is classy.  :yes: I wonder how much the government had spent for this new airport? I wish my house was also carpeted!  :D
    Right wing passenger's departure and arrival area.
    Second, do you remember that demolished block in Josei District? I think that was on update 2.0. Well, it has now been turned into a JapanTown (Oh people from Teiko are fond of Japanese. Well that's probably because, we came from the same ancestral tree though. :yes:  ). The place which was full of abandoned houses before had become a busy districts with people plying the pedestrians everyday. Here is a tip: it's good to go shopping here, take it from me!  :thumb:
    and another in an angle. 
    Here is a street-level shot.  :]
    Speaking of Shopping, the newest renovated harbor in Kamata South is also a good choice! This was also in the former update in 2.0 inside in the Devon Newspaper, it is has an article my friend. Here you can find a lot of good stuff and good meals not to mention you can get to enjoy an awesome view of the sunset afterwards. If you want to go shopping with a taste of the sea (that wasn't literal, okay.), then KS Harbor District is a very good! Take that from me again!  ;)
    Here is a much closer shot of the KS Harbor District shops.
    For a treat, I will give you a picture of the sunset I took myself during my visit.  :D
    Appealing isn't it? That's my yacht BTW. Of course, I own a yacht, I'm not also a model and actor for nothing!  :rofl:
    But when it comes to indoor shopping, the largest mall and privately owned business district in Teiko which just opened last week is the king! Limketkai Mall and Business Park, a 30 Hectares land development located at Kyoritsu District has it all. From high-end shopping to low-end bazaars, stand alone shops, hotels, restaurants, etc, etc, etc. They even have their own police and fire stations. Now, with most of the buildings completed, Limketkai Corporation is busy decorating the place with nature to attract more costumers. BTW, this mall had a lot of recently opened new tenants such F&F, Marks and Spencer and their new Cinema which is still under constriction!
    Here are some inside pictures! Wee!  :D
    This is the rotonda which is in the middle of the mall.
    The newly opened Marks and Spencer at the East Wing! First in Teiko Region.  :P
    Here is the F&F at the green lane, another first in the Teiko Region!  :lol:
    And lastly, this is a lane where a lot of shops will be opening soon. Who know's it might your shop that will next open here! Please comment down below if interested.  :ohyes:  The management of Limketkai is very open for your suggestions.  :thumb:
    I hope you enjoy shopping in Teiko, so book a flight now and experience the difference! For those from Eucadia, there is a limited promo tickets for our debut flight to the region courtesy of Teiko Airways. 100 Simoleons back and forth. I repeat, 100 Simoleons back and forth! Ins't that enticing? So what are you waiting for?  :D
    Note: In behalf of the MIEC (MICE) and DNC, we would like to apologize for the delay on the Devon News new outline. We currently ran out of ink and we are in the process of procuring another one. Thank you for understanding. In the meantime, visit the online website here!
    Disclaimer: Some pictures are not mine, all of them are credited to their rightful owners. They are used under the fair-usage policy. If you want your pictures removed, feel free to message me. 

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  • 7.




    Oceanic Airlines Flight Bound for Kamata South Crashed



    In what could turn out to be the worst aviation disaster in Teiko's history, Premier Akashi Seijuro has called for a moment of silence and prayer for the 452 fatalities (as of press release time) in the recent Kamata North Crash. Below is a screen shot from Devon News Online Journal depicting the only picture of the site (the government has been trying to censor media related images and press releases to avoid panic).




    A closer shot of the image.




    It is noticeable that this flames still engulf the wrecked plane despite this photo taken 5 hours after the incident. Also, it is worthy note-taking that the Ministry of Transportation have given no official details to the accident thus the reason for the plane crash is still unknown. As of the current time, Teiko National Stock Index (TeNSI) have plunged by 50.823 pts. (around 10%) and the Simoleon has weaken against the dollar (closing at $.54) after the incident. 


    As the day of the heart approaches, Teikonians for a long time since the great earthquake have to spend their Valentines in dark. The traditional hearts and chocolates are now slowly being replaced by candles in respond the grave tragic accident. Please help send in your prayers  for the victims of the tragedy.




    More updates on this news report here.


    - Ministry of Internal and External Communication (Public Relations and Information Dissemination Arm)

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