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@raynev1Sailing: v.i. Slowly going nowhere in a cold shower tearing up $20 bills. 

But yes, the whole family enjoyed it.  My son was the youngest in Canada to ever get a restricted marine radio operator's permit.  Unfortunately, we belonged to a self-help club, and that bottom that had to be painted every year was getting to be too large, so we eventually sold it.  Hung a four seasons sun room on the house with the proceeds.

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What a great view. I recently visited the DPRK, or more commonly know as North Korea, this February. It has taken me a while to put all my photos together. Here are just a few that i took from my trip, i am thinking about uploading them all to some place, when i do i will drop the link as there are loads of architecture shots i took with the community here in mind. 


My tourist card, unfortunately i didn't get to keep it. 


Ryugyong Hotel, i have many photos of this building, unfortunately all from afar. 


The Juche Monument in all its glory. 


Some of the hundreds of pastel coloured socialist/communist blocks in Pyongyang.


More Skyline shots showing some of the development in Pyongyang


Even more skyline. The large building in the distance is the Yanggakdo International Hotel. We were originally meant to stay there but we were told it was closed. We did have some dinner in the revolving restaurant. It has a bowling alley and a casino in the basement. I also bought a 1.1L bottle of Czech Vodka for 14 euros. The hotel we stayed in also had a revolving restaurant. 


The Arch of Triumph at night, i did visit it the day before. I have never seen the one in Paris so i can't really compare. 


The Monument to the founding of the Workers' Party of Korea. 


The entrance arch to the Victorious Fatherland Liberation War Museum in Pyongyang. Unfortunately we couldn't take any images while inside. But i have some of the outside including the captured US military equipment. As follows 


USS Pueblo


Captured plane


One of the hundreds of images of the President and Supreme Leader as they were called. 


A statue of Kim Il Sung in the Grand People's Study House


A replica of the rocket that they had recently fired. 


I hope that it wasn't too many images. 

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I didn't really notice it while i was there but it was also very cold, below 0 degrees Celsius daily and i guess that would allow for smog despite the relatively small number of cars. Surprisingly while in Beijing it was fantastic, if not also very cold. I was worried with my asthma, but no notable difference in my breathing to where i live in the UK.   

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Couple weeks ago at Ft worth Botanic Gardens

Cardinal in Tree



Duck in Koi Pond




Cardinal on water fall



The Cherry Trees are in Bloom  at the Japanese Garden in  Ft Worth botanic Gardens








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canadian museum for human rights sunrise 4:30 in the morning was up all night.. doing bike jams (monthly bike ride with 300-1000 people with music beer and dance party at the end happens here and i do the dance party setups)









bike jams the line of bikes can be upwards of a mile long at peak kinda crazy suggest people orgnize bike jams in their cities get some sterios on the bkes and a small fm transmiter and ride its fun or come to winnipeg in august for it 



jazz fest 




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  • Original Poster
  • I'm guessing some time after 9?  Or very early morning.

    Here's something you don't see every day - a pair of Canadian National locomotives which made their way down to Tampa Florida last month.  I chased this one into the night, and it wound up stopping just outside of the port entrance, beyond which absolutely no photography is allowed.  Talk about luck!


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    Been such a busy few months with work and life! I have started playing SC4 again and have some new content to showcase in the coming weeks. 

    In the meantime, I was 30th on August 12th so my partner and I went to New York to celebrate. He proposed as while there....so double celebration :D

    Here's a few snaps

    Brooklyn Bridge

    Lower Manhattan

    Empire State Building & Midtown

    View from Top of the Rock

    9/11 Memorial

    Statue of Liberty

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    Roseville isn't quite known for a lot of things aside from a mini-golf course with a waterpark, some shopping, or the chance for trainspotting at the junction yard. One of it's hidden treasures is the types of cars you may see if you look close enough. This is a small selection of cars I have taken photos of with my phone.














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    Great pictures everyone! 

    I haven't gone anywhere special, all these pictures are within a couple miles of my house. I've got more pictures on my flicker if you're interested enough: https://www.flickr.com/photos/47757922@N06/

    Hope other people most more of their photography, this thread has slowed down too much. ;)










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    I am by no means a photographer but I do enjoy taking pictures on my travels. It's all on my phone camera so it's nothing impressive, the sights are though!


    view of Coit Tower- San Francisco


    The Palace of Fine Arts....and an unfortunate bystander - San Francisco




    Here's a random townhouse that I thought looked nice. It looked very Belle Epoque to me


    Downtown Dallas from Reunion Tower


    I'm going to Boston and New York City this summer so I hope to post some more pictures!

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    Norway is very pretty.  If I had the means I'd like to visit it someday.  I saw some scenery like that when I played Geoguesser.

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