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5 new buildings for SimCity 3000:

Mini-Mall (Kroger, Five Below, etc). - updated from HBMeeks New Billows Mini-Mall to current brands. The original had a Kmart and a Hollywood Video - one which barely exists and the other which does not anymore, so I replaced out logos.
Garvey Plaza 2017 - an updated version of the original default Garvey Plaza (which was actually a user created building) to 2017.
Clark Gas Station - midwestern gas station chain, a repaint of my original Shell station.
Jimmy John's - A repaint of Siyahamba's Subway building which was quite outdated
Exxon - An Exxon I made in 2002, no changes made

Both .bld and .dat files are available, like usual. Feel free to add images, @CorinaMarie

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    • By Raphaelscfan
      Hi, I'm fairly new to SimCity 3000. (I started out with SimCity 2000 back in the 1990s, then stopped playing it for a long time, then rediscovered it a while ago when I discovered Dosbox, and then switched to SimCity 3000 shortly ago. As you can see, I'm more into older games.)
      I'm currently playing SimCity 3000 Unlimited - to be precise, the version that's for sale on gog.com. Now, in my latest city, there was a long period when there was near constant high demand for residential, so I kept zoning more residential, and the population kept growing, but there was almost no demand for the other zones, so I created very little of those. Now with population steadily growing and commerce and industry stagnating, realistically you'd expect unemployment to skyrocket, but it staid consistently low. So my question is: How ist that possible? And is that normal in this game?
      Oh, and in the same city, at some point, the game stopped animating surface trains, and they never came back (although queries still show traffic on the railways). All the other traffic is still animated. Is there any way to fix that?
      Thank you in advance!
    • By chfzdn
      The SimCity 4 and 3000 community isn't decentralized anymore. I mean, there are just SC4Devotion and Simtropolis. SimCityPolska is dead. SFBT, well I don't know. City Builders will be ceased to exist in November. SC4ever and SC3000.com isn't active anymore (but still exists). Yes, I don't hate either sites but I'm worrying about unhealthy competition, something common in mono/duopoly. There was a case in 2009, a person called Constantina make trolls the SC4D's wiki.1 The user is banned from SC4D Wiki and Simtropolis. 1, 2 Dirk (I'm not sure the user is really @Dirktator or not) later edited pages about Simtropolis and he's banned from the Wiki.1 I don't know why he is banned and I don't know what happened when he's banned. But, maybe the relation between ST and SC4D in that year isn't quite well. If the community runs into problem, we risk into not exist. So, I came up with community decentralization, meaning we must build other sites to keeping our community exists. The sites should be active, otherwise it's just a formality and zero result given. If you have suggestions, critics or comments, feel free to give them below.
      1 http://www.wiki.sc4devotion.com/index.php?title=Special:IPBlockList
      2 http://www.wiki.sc4devotion.com/index.php?title=People_talk:Constantina
    • By Yellowfin
      Format: .bld Dimensions: 2x2 Intended zone type: Civic - Library Place into SimCity 3000 Unlimited/Buildings/ to install.
    • By Yellowfin
      Format: .bld Dimensions: 5x5 Intended zone type: Reward - Science Center Place into SimCity 3000 Unlimited/Buildings/ to install.
    • By chfzdn
      We have ideas for city simulation games but we don't have places to discuss and show off aside from forums. While this is working well, it can slows down consensus-based decision making. For instance, the SimCity 4's plugin redistribution problems remain unfixed completely due to lack of proper consensus among file exchanges. These problems are preventing the bigger challenges to be solved including the heavily-discussed better plugin downloading system.
      The Citysim Conference attempts to making the ideas into reality by grouping citysim community figures (game makers, modders etc) into one physical places. This year's Citysim Conf addresses open-source city simulators and SC4's plugin redistribution and downloading systems. For the place, we want to be accessible by everyone, especially Asian figures (who accounts for awesome mods). This will be decided by consensus. The time for the conf is around May 15, 2018. For who are asking for logo, preparations and other media, we want the figures who competent in the field to make it well (logo can be made by @Ganaram Inukshuk etc).
      Share your own replies (opinions included). Replies are respected. Thank you for your attention.

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