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All 25 Spaces Unlockable

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About This File

Expand your city even further! Instead of having nine tiles to play with, there are now a total of 25.


The last Milestone (13) adds the permission to buy 17 new areas instead of one (requires a game restart/reload).

Milestones 1-12 and prices are unchanged. 

Achievements are disabled when this mod is activated. 


Unzip into ..\Cities Skylines\Files\Mods.

Activate the mod in your game.


It’s worth noting that you may need a beefy PC to have all these unlocked areas running smoothly.


Created by: Šäaik Klyte on the Steam Workshop

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Have you been given permission to post this here?

Yes, and credit has been noted to the creator at the bottom of this posting.


Very interesting. Thank you! What system requirement would you recommend?

I'm not sure. It depends on your city and how many objects are being loaded. Play around with it and let us know. :)

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You need to make a subfolder with the name of the mod; looks like this: programfiles(x86)/cities skylines/files/mods/AllSpacesUnlockable.  You see here different mods from the game it self

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It does matter, posting work by others here without the original creator's permission is plagiarizing their work. 


Please refer to the STEX Code of Honor for further information. Consider this as an initial warning.



(Simtropolis Moderator)

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this listing says "last updated March 16." does that mean it is not compatible with game v 1.0.7c? i have updated my game but now all 25 spaces are no longer unlockable, so i think the mod needs updating too...

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Hooray! You made me pirate this game! (actually not...) The only reason I bought Cities skylines was because of this mod (Actually it's steam workshop), and Now I no longer need to anymore (but I still will!)!


Moderators: Read the bracket

Users: Ignore the bracket


(Please note that this is not actually true)

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Hi! I installed this mod and received the following error:

Reason code = Missing DLL: d3d9.dll Function: Direct3DCreate9

I've so far reinstalled my video drivers and directx and but the problem persists.  What else should I do?

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    • By RandyE
      This file includes a collection of novelty region maps for SC4.
      There are 4 regions in this package, each one is an 8-bit grayscale indexed bitmap, the 'Donut Mesa' and 'River Valley Delta' also include SC4M files which may be opened and installed using SC4 Mapper or Terraformer.
      Upon installing the region folders the regions will appear at the bottom of the list in-game as they are each named with a  leading 'z' in the 'region.ini' file.
      z Bridge Loop Plains
      z Donut Mesa
      z River Valley Delta
      z Tileset Metro
      Bridge Loop Plains
      A map specialized for connecting large tiles through bridges and tunnels on small tiles in-between.  This may correct the Eternal Commuter Bug, or it may just be a great map for building visual networks and large cities.
      Donut Mesa
      This is the original novelty map I made when I first studied map-making in SC4.  I began by drawing a 'config.bmp' in the shape of a donut and then enlarged it to grayscale map size, painting the elevations by hand in MS Paint.   This map now includes an SC4M version.
      At that time I wrote a tutorial on map-making which was included in the map package, but is now published on Simtropolis linked HERE:
      River Valley Delta
      Many major cities in the world throughout history are built on delta lands near the ocean.  Here's a blank one to start your own civilization.  The map was drawn and lightly contoured using MS Paint.
      Tileset Metro
      This map is similar to the map layout in SimCity 3000.  There is one central large tile with 4 large tiles on each side of the square.   I originally designed this map to demonstrate the 4 tile-sets in SC4.
      For a complete inventory of each tile-set see the 'SimCity 4 Building Index' HERE:
      The four tilesets are: Chicago 1890, New York 1940, Houston 1990, European Contemporary
      Indexed Grayscale Height-map
      This region folder includes a demo of the indexed grayscale heightmap showing the water and land heights rendered according to the indexed shade of gray used.   Also showing the best land heights for building bridges.
      The original demonstration can be found on Simtropolis linked HERE.  Also featured in the Simtopical section HERE
      SC4 Mapper
      The folder named SC4M contains files for the 'Donut Mesa' and 'River Valley Delta'.   These files were made using SC4 Mapper. 
      INSTALL instructions are in the readme.txt and html file in the zip package.
      Thanks to @CorinaMarie for some helpful critique, technical details and editing on this project.   For more discussion of methods of making maps see:  C.O.R.I.M.A.P.S. - A Tutorial for SimCity 4
      The grayscale height-map could be 8-bit and 256 shades of gray, but it must also be 'indexed' specifically as a grayscale image otherwise SC4 will simply render a flat region. 
      More of my novelty regions maps...
    • By TheMist123
      I'm experiencing a weird glitch where a dark blue rectangle appears on the bottom border of only the largest squares of any map I play. The bar only appears once I enter the large square, save, and exit back to the main map menu. If I don't save over, the blue bar won't appear. It doesn't matter if I change anything on the map, as long as a save over the existing map, then blue bar will appear.
      Any ideas what could be causing this? It really ruins the aesthetic!

    • By Urban Constanta
      This is a 7x7 large city tiles map.
      It's a heavily modified version of Cathlamet 
        by drunkapple. 
      What I modified:
      -created waterfronts suitable for marinas, boardwalks and beaches
      -created more beaches with random edges
      -added soem lakes
      -new buildable areas
      -huge premade seaport
      -direct ocean access
      -premade airport 
      -premade lakes for a huge central park
      -preamde terraces for interesting building areas
      -added a mesa, more mountains and steep hills
      -premade jetty for the protection of the seaport

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