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  1. Yuzhno-Kurilsk

    Good Job!
  2. All 25 Spaces Unlockable

    There is a problem with this mod, it limits the amount of roads you can make for originally allowed 9 tiles. I used Cimtographer after that I couldn't build anymore roads...   Picture: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6GeVAvsXYKJaVBMUlVPX05SSUE/view?usp=sharing
  3. Ottawa, Canada

    Lol, I noticed that after uploading the photo. I'm from Bangladesh currently I'm in summer vacation in Saudi Arabia with my family, But I live in Ottawa as a University student, in Carleton University...
  4. Turbine Interchange

    hey how did you make the tunnels?
  5. Ottawa, Canada

    You can create them using the map editor tool and terrain.party ... this map took me 3 days to make...
  6. Ottawa, Canada

    Version 1.0


    This is the Capital city of Canada, Ottawa. I made the map using terrain.party, It didn't come as perfectly as it should have, I had to do most of the layout within the grid, it may not be exactly the same, but i leave it up to you, if you think I made a mistake. I couldn't complete all the roads as i was limited with the highway tool only. Most of Ottawa actually fits in the 25 tile grid, some part of Gatineau also fits in. Farrhaven, Kanata, South keys and Orleans couldn't fit in the grid. the map is in exact measurement 18 km x 18 km each tile is 2 x 2 km. I have attached another photo showing the the grid I used on Terrain Party to make this map, you can use that photo to help you build the city perfectly or do as you wish. Installation: 1. Extract the file "OTTAWA.crp" 2. Paste it in "C:\Users\[you username]\AppData\Local\Colossal Order\Cities_Skylines\Maps" 3. Open the game 4. Go to Content Manager 5. Enable the OTTAWA map 6. Start new game Good Luck Senetors
  7. Cities Skylines How to Traffic v2 by drushkey

    I really liked your traffic manual, It's so similar to what i have seen in Toronto which visited couple of days ago... Im going to try the expressway and the collector in a new try of the game seeing the city of Toronto...