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  1. Saga of the Waxes

    Benedict: Thanks for the comment, I hope you like the new updates! The In-Between Times - Episode 2 (Year 9) TEMPLO PRETO: THE WAX RIDGE PROJECT Wax Ridge, the much vaunted and hyped double-city, continues to deliver on the promises of metropolis in Wax Superior. Wax Ridge South, the southern portion of the two-city tiles, is now complete with the transformation to high-density continuing at pace. The local entertainment district has flourished, with an Expo Center playing host to numerous high-end acts, and the proliferation of a local gambling industry under the guidance of the Lionheart Banking Group. Fears of runaway inflation in the region have begun to abate, as commercial and high-tech industry move into Wax Ridge South and bring with them a robust transport infrastructure, including a commercial port area, airship facilities, and a train station. The region has even begun to see the first international visitors, as tourists from other Wax regions with a curiosity for the new region make their way for weekend trips. The Was Ridge South Aerodrome - looking on to Main Street, with the Train Station and City Hall in the background. The Wax Ridge South commercial port - on a foggy morning. Governance of the new Wax Ridge city is to remain in the hands of Rio Preto's local chief executive, Villiers Moineau, until at least Year 16, when elections are to be held for a mayor of what is expected to be a large metropolitan area consisting of over half a million residents. The reason for this, says Moineau, is to establish an economic steady state and control the expansion of commercial activities to avoid financial instability. According to Moineau, the management of economies undergoing expansion in a transition state require the guiding hand of business, rather than government. It is a lesson he states should strike close to home for the residents of Wax Superior, in what is widely perceived to be a criticism of the populist politics that almost sank Fort Simian four years ago during it's rapid growth phase. Driving the high-tech boom expected to rival the local mining industry in years to come is the establishment of a local university in Wax Ridge South. Whilst the curriculum offered now is limited to business, metallurgy, and, oddly enough, high-energy physics, the establishment of a second campus in Wax Ridge North is expected to significantly expand the subjects offered. One of the many dormitories at The University of Wax Ridge. Wax Ridge South City Hall - Expected to be the focal point of regional politics in coming years. Already being called "the city of bridges", Wax Ridge South boasts an unusual use of suspension bridges to improve traffic flow around the city and add to it's mysterious allure. It is a motif that is encountered also with Wax Ridge North. According to Danish architect, Nils Borgen, the plan is to complement the existing suspension bridge network that characterises the connections between the Wax Ridge cities and Fort Simian, and to create a sense of grandiosity in relatively small city tile allotments. "There is a concept in Denmark called "kamelåså", which is hard to translate into English, but essentially, it describes beauty that springs forth from the curved, grandiose structures that we see in Wax Ridge South". One of the many 'extreme' bridges of Wax Ridge South. A view of the many bridge structures that are featured in Wax Ridge South. Tempus Labs are one of the newcomers to Wax Ridge South, adding value to the local economy in the form of integrated communications hardware. The nightlife of Wax Ridge South is quickly gaining a reputation as a hotspot, much to the chagrin of it's main entertainment competitor, Fort Simian. An airship lands in Wax Ridge South. A view of Wax Ridge South from the freeway. Rio Preto moves forward Oil, ore and coal have been discovered in a city title adjacent to Wax Hill, defying almost a decade of ongoing geological surveys that showed the area to be barren. "We are at a loss to explain the sudden appearance of the resources" says Villiers Moineau, who nonetheless has signaled that Rio Preto will submit an aggressive bid to expand their operations in the region. Industry insiders are, however, skeptical of the move. "There are two other city titles that Rio Preto has not been permitted to settle owing to their enormous presence in the region, I can't see that the same fears of a Rio monopoly calming in light of this new title, especially given the resources" says rival Anton Briggs, of the Briggs Resource Co. (BRC). Never before seen photographs of Wax Ridge North Construction of the Wax Ridge North infrastructure has almost completed, with a complicated and novel approach to road design being unveiled this week. Among the oddities are three-level highway avenues, complex bridge networks continuing the Wax Ridge South motif, and a maze of tunnels. On the topic of the massive infrastructure outlay, Villiers Moineau has claimed that "while Wax Ridge South has a number of tourist attractions, Wax Ridge North will be a tourist attraction in it's own right". Wax Ridge North. Transport infrastructure has featured as high priority in the Wax Ridge North construction phase. A view of the three level highway avenue in Wax Ridge North.
  2. Saga of the Waxes

    Benedict: Thanks for the comment, Part 2 will be out soon, just working on the plot. The "In-Between Times" should bridge the time gap between Part 1 and Part 2. CITY PROFILE: WAX HILL (Year 7) Today we take a look at the mining powerhouse that is driving explosive growth in Wax Superior: Wax Hill. The mining town has come along way in three years, culminating in the development of a scattered diaspora of townships among a plethora of heavy industry. Let's take a look at some of the niche townships that have developed. Fitters Grove Main street of Fitters Grove. On the site of the original small mining camp grew the chief township in the Wax Hill, Fitters Grove. In the early days of the mine, technical personnel bunked in this area, bathing in the faint distant glow of Fort Simian's lights. In a short period of time, the township density rapidly increased as workers flocked to the town to partake in the mining bonanza that had begun. Fitters grove is largely a low-wealth, compact residential area with a small commercial area to provide basic services such as groceries, bars, affordable restaurants and light entertainment including a small cinema. The township is most commonly bathed in high-visibility clothing, and populated largely by the technical and operations staff of the various mines, industrial support services, and smelters. Despite violence at the local bars being a common feature on weekend evening, there is a strong community presence with the local football team, the Grove Welders, drawing huge crowds each weekend. Fitters Grove - South side. Though not especially religious, the local community partake in events organised by the local worship service, including fund-raisers and children's events. The money raising efforts of the local congregation have been funneled into wider projects that have benefited all of Wax Hill, including a record drive that led to the construction of the local hospital. The mine shafts in the background are an ever present reminder that, for the residents of Fitters Grove, their real god is ore. Primary Production 1 Primary Production 1 - shown from the North side. Primary Production 1 is located close to the Metals and Trade HQs. It was here that the first copper smelters were built, and still provide the bulk of value-added exports for the region. A tight security presence is maintained here, covering both the Primary Production 1 and Corporate jurisdictions. The PP1 area security is largely a safety precaution; to ensure that only qualified personnel are permitted into the primary production area. Corporate Corporate Street, Wax Hill. The Corporate area covers the headquarters for Rio Preto's operations in Wax Hill, as well as several high-wealth residences for local executives and managers. On the topic of the proximity of such high value real estate to production areas, chief engineer Cole Bambert is not coy. "At the end of the day, we are here to mine, so the closer we are to the action, the better it is". Unlike most Rio Preto executives and managers, Bambert has eschewed the luxurious villas for a simple medium-wealth home with few possessions. "I'd like to say I spend my spare time exploring the countryside here, but to be honest, spare time implies time away from the mines, and I won't have that". Bambert's dedication to the mine and it's workers have helped bridge the divide between the Corporate and Operations worlds, and built the necessary value and attitude structures that have helped make the rapid escalation of Wax Hill operations smooth and trouble free. Jimble West Jimble. Jimble emerged as real estate from former industrial sites opened up for residential zoning, following increased needs for workers. Jimble is largely made up of young professionals, graduates, and administrative staff. Zoning is largely medium-wealth, with commercial areas for groceries, restaurants and entertainment mostly absent. Cole Bambert hails Jimble, and it's proximity to corporate and production areas, as ideally placed to facilitate the development of young technical professionals seeking to make their mark in the mining industry. Corporate Street - viewed from Jimble, with the Moineau Chateau in the foreground. Asada Asada - Looking on to the Corporate and Jimble areas. Asada, like Jimble, was opened up for residential zoning following further industrial relocation and demand for workers to man the mining and smelting production facilities. Asada is a low-wealth, low-density suburb populated largely by the ascendant class of superintendents, specialists, and low-level managers. Most striking of all is the commercial area of Asada, which services both Asada and Jimble with a range of affordable resutarants, a cinema, small bars, and simple shops. Asada locals like to spend their spare time shopping in Fort Simian and making use of the new entertainment district opening up in that city. Asada - Looking to the Bornite industrial area. The Bornite Industrial Area The Bornite Industrial Area - Providing supporting services to keep the mines and primary production running. The Bornite Industrial Area provides the primary services that keep the mines, smelters and community operating in Wax Hill. Services provided include power, water, wastewater treatment, garbage disposal and incineration, components and machinery, fabrication, and non-mining related industries, including the MacGregor Distillery. The area provides a vital function in the overall operation, and has begun to export services and goods to Fort Simian and the construction industry in the fledgling Wax Ridge project. HSE and Administration The Wax Hill Hospital - built with the support and funds of the entire community. Rio Preto regards it's commitment to health and safety as the number one priority, and as such has devoted an entire area to ensuring that operations remain safe and incident free. The hospital itself boasts a surgical center, diagnostic lab, and a preventative health unit that closely monitors the health and well being of everyone involved in the Wax Hill mining operation. The administration building, resembling a City Hall, houses the accounting, human resources and community relations departments.
  3. The Saga of Wax Superior: The In-Between Times

    The Saga of Wax Superior continues! For the next month or so, I will be posting "The In-Between Times" on the SimCity 2013 forum CJ section. This will cover the events between the end of Part 1 and the beginning of Part 2. Instead of creating a new journal entry for each of them here, I will simply update this entry with the link to the forum section. Here is the title image for "The In-Between Times". The In-Between times can be found at: Episode 1 - Posted Feb 18th, 2014. City Profile - Wax Hill - Posted Feb 22nd, 2014. Episode 2 - Posted March , 2014.
  4. Saga of the Waxes

    The In-Between Times - Episode 1 (Year 7) ORE PRICES HIT RECORD 13,000 SIMOLEONS! In a stunning acceleration of Rio Preto's fortunes, and the guidance of Villiers Moineau, the recently renamed Wax Hill (Previous: Simian Hill) mining project has entered the advanced production phase as global metals prices have skyrocketed. With coal and ore at almost 200% the value of their long-term averages, and alloy 20% up, the operation has much to celebrate. The news has been particularly well received by Moineau, following almost two years of stagnation in the metals prices. It has put the mine at the top of the Rio Preto food chain as it's biggest earner - and rumours that Preto is aggressively pursuing the remaining city titles, soon to be opened up, have boosted the share price into the stratosphere. Wax Hill by night - a sea of industry bathes the city in an ever-present glow. The local shopping scene in Wax Hill is unable to cope with the new riches flowing into the region. The benefits have not been entirely felt by Wax Hill and Rio Preto, however, as neighbouring city Fort Simian has embarked on am ambitious infrastructure plan with the flood of mine money. Workers in the mine are earning almost three times the median salary in Wax Universe, and with a mine camp that has in a matter of years become a mine metropolis, workers are desperate for an outlet. Local engineering manager Cole Bambert highlights the issue as "a totally crap situation for these guys to find themselves in". The flood of traffic and revellers has caused some social upheaval in Fort Simian, with increases in alcohol-related violent incidents. Local analyst Jerome Lightfoot has, in addition, warned of an inflation problem that is quickly creeping up on the region. "There is suddenly so much money chasing so few goods and services, it's completely unsustainable. Local mayor, Rick Green, disagrees, however. "It's obvious that getting rid of that awful Bevan government has been the best thing for this city. Under our leadership, city income has increased almost two fold. There's no crisis we're not prepared for, inflationary or otherwise". A pre-infrastructure shot of Fort Simian. The popularity of trades has jumped in line with the new riches flowing out of Wax Hill. Young Fort Simianites are flocking in droves to the mine face to make their fortune. Traffic problems have intensified as a steady stream of miners make use of Fort Simian's entertainment district. The increasing needs of the Wax Hill mine have bred local riches in Fort Simian, not only through commercial activities but also through the development of industrial support services. Despite the protestations of Fort Simian mayor Rick Green, Moineau sees the inflationary threat as very real. In response, he has accelerated the development of the Wax Ridge metropolis project, aiming to construct a two-tile twin city by the end of the decade. Already rapid progress is being made on the construction of Wax Ridge South, with North to follow. "This will be a world class metropolis" says Moineau, who believes the city will alleviate any inflationary threat the region faces. "It will take some of the pressure off Fort Simian, and in turn, provide new investment opportunities". Companies such as The Sizzle Group and Tempus Labs are already rumoured to be in negotiations for Wax Ridge real estate in the coming years. Wax Ridge South - The construction of two large towers (one commercial, one administrative) and a series of landmarks was commissioned by Moineau in the hope of encouraging rapid development of the commercial potential of the city. Wax Ridge South boasts the use of the latest in bridge and road layout techniques to minimise travel times across the city. Wax Ridge South makes use of expansive bridges to enhance the cityscape. "When working with such a small canvas, it is important to make use of all the available tools, to really simulate that city feel" says city architect Bjorn Fassberg. Fassberg has tried to overshadow the grand destiny of the city with grand buildings. "It's like seeing a child solve a complex puzzle, or writing a concerto" says Fassberg, "even though it seems small now, you can see what it will become". Wax Ridge South already boasts the only arena in the region, with a capacity of 10,000 for local sports games and large events. The view of Fort Simian over the hill from the outer suburbs of Wax Ridge South. Residents of Fort Simian are worried that the sheer scale of Wax Ridge may reduce the income they derive from commercial services catering to cashed up miners. Rick Green and Mike Baseball have recently called for an investigation into the taxation rules for industrial and commercial services registered in Wax Hill, in a move that some see as an attempt to squeeze as much from the Wax Hill riches as possible before Wax Ridge matures. The view of Wax Hill from one of the more luxurious locales in Wax Ridge South.
  5. Stories from Sector 5

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  6. The Saga of Wax Superior: Part 1, Episode 8

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  7. Saga of the Waxes

    Finally! http://community.simtropolis.com/journal/4560/entry-22478-the-saga-of-wax-superior-part-1-episode-8/ Episode 8, and the final episode in Part 1 of the Wax Superior saga. Part 2 will be out in the New Year!
  8. The Saga of Wax Superior: Part 1, Episode 8

    November, Year 5 Fort Simian Newsroom, 7 PM, November 11th. "I'm Jasper Pinrod and Welcome to our coverage of Election Night on this lovely, crispy November evening. The ballots are soon to be counted, so stay tuned. Our guests tonight include local analyst Jerome Lightfoot, and local businessmen Bruce Morrison and William MacGregor. We'll start with Jerome: What's in play in tonight's election?" "There's a lot at play for the markets tonight, Jasper. For one, business confidence will benefit from a return to normalcy after the events of the past year. The introduction of the Simian Hill, and now Ridge city titles was really a 'left field' development, particularly in light of the speed at which the settlements and mining operations set themselves up. Fort Simian businesses have felt a windfall from the increased custom, but-" William MacGregor interjected, "-Rick Green and his supporters have been the biggest threat to confidence in this place, with their constant fear mongering-" "Mr MacGregor, we'll get to you shortly." responded Jasper Pinrod, as he returned the floor to Lightfoot. "As I was saying, there is some feeling that Fort Simian failed to capitalise properly on the opportunities opened up by Simian Hill. The second major point in the markets is the turbulence generated in the local economy by the recent takeover of the city's finances by the Rio Preto mining company. The fear about this event seems to be subsiding, with the economic recovery now in full swing. However, there are still lingering fears about the side effects of this event, in particular, the property monopolisation and failure of the government to lower industrial taxes as they had promised." "Yes, but wasn't that a consequence of paying for the giant lizard disaster, Jerome?" Jasper suggested. "The disaster was, unfortunately, an economic externality that the economy as a whole could have dealt with, rather than being quarantined to the council budget. The general feeling in the market has been that lower taxes and a relaxation of the property development rules for the remaining Fort Simian land could have seen an economic upswing that brought in greater public wealth to repay the damages. Particularly in light of the increased demand coming from the Simian Hill mining camp, the population of which now exceeds our own by a factor of almost two. In this sense, the Blue party's proposal to drastically reduce commercial taxes would be favourable if it was met with a commensurate reduction in industrial taxes. The Red party's proposition for a phased reduction of industrial taxes itself won't be enough, although is a step in the right direction in stimulating the post-takeover Fort Simian." "Interesting. Bruce, what are your thoughts on the significance of this election?" "Well [chuckles], if the polls are anything to go by, this will be a clear rejection of the mismanagement of Bevan's Red party and an even clearer mandate to the Blue party to govern as per it's election promises. They are even willing to go ahead on promises Bevan made in the last election that she broke - the tourist area on Table Mount and new powers granted to the Industrial Trade Commission to smash the Owner's Group monopoly on low-wealth commercial and industrial development." A low rumble was felt in the news room, and the lights flickered on and off momentarily. Jasper looked around the room. "Everyone OK?" he said as the support staff nodded. "Ladies and gentleman we seem to have had a brief technical difficulty, our apologies. Now, Mr. MacGregor, you claim that the Blue party have been underhanded..." Downtown Fort Simian. Election Night in the 'Blue Party' district. The Newsroom is the second on the right. Simian Hill Metals HQ, Top Floor [GM Reserved], 5 AM, November 12th. "Madame, I trust the past few months have been kinder to you than those that preceded them were?" "Yes, you know they have." "Again, I must apologise for the actions of Monsieur Brand. He has been relocated to another Rio Preto operation in Wax Minor. It seems one cannot take for granted the competence of their subordinates these days." Gillian sipped on her MacGregor's Aged Whisky and nodded in approval as Villiers Moineau peered out of the window overlooking the Wax Superior woodlands. Moineau's fingers rubbed the base of his whisky glass as he pontificated. "Madame Maholm, now is the time for answers. Specifically, your great role in this vignette." "What's that?" Villiers disregarded the question, as he continued. "You were one of the only survivors of the initial, failed phase of the Wax Woods mining project. Brand was there too, but he disappeared before the incident. Do you remember what happened?" "Of course I do." "Tell me, then." "Well, there's not much to say really... we were working on the main shaft and that giant lizard appeared, wiped everything out, killed everyone and then disappeared in the garbage, just like Fort Simian." "Do you remember that individual that called himself Rex Wax?" "Oh yeah, 'the king'" she said sarcastically. "What about him?" "Nothing seemed odd about him?" "Everything seemed odd about it. But I haven't seen him since." "The people of that particular section of Old Wax call themselves Simulantians. They worship him as a God. And he was always followed by those black clad Omega Co. people. Did you ever see them?" "Briefly, after the disaster. But only when they were all leaving." "And how did they leave?" "Look, I don't want to go through all this again." "S'il vous plait madame, answer the question." "They disappeared, alright. They just went 'poof' and disappeared. Maybe that's not what really happened, but that's what I saw." "Right. Well, I believe you. I have worked with Rio Preto for a very long time, through all the regions of the Wax universe. Up until my time here in Wax Superior, all our projects had been plagued by these random disasters. Lizards, earthquakes, tornadoes, biological oddities, you name it. Once a single disaster appears, there is a crescendo that builds." Moineau said as he began moving his arms as though he was a conductor, moving a grand piece to it's explosive climax. "Then the disasters come more frequently, with greater intensity. They destroy more and seem to occur in places of great importance. They wipe whole cities out, not just mines. Then Rex and the Omega Co appear, and then disappear." "So you think they somehow caused all this?" "Madame, there is no reason why these disasters would appear with such great severity in the regions in which we operate. Our geological surveys uncover no seismic activity, yet earthquakes occur. We build mines over great deposits, that suddenly deplete and burst forth with Godzilla like city destroyers. Our surveys often show changing grades of metal in the ground before we have even begun mining. Whatever the cause, it is not natural, and it is linked to these gentlemen, of that I have no doubt." "And why tell me now?" "Because despite the apparent randomness of these events, I have made it a personal project of mine to find the reason for them. And I believe I am close, and if my projects are correct, today should be the day when the disasters begin their inexorable climb into the Wax Superior crescendo. You are the only other person that has witnessed, first hand and up close, the severity of these disasters and the men whom I believe are responsible. I want you to help me uncover this mystery." An alarm went off on the desk. "Now should be the time." and as Moineau finished off his whisky, a blistering wind picked up outside. The Metals HQ. Gillian stood up and looked outside, as a tornado began to form. "WE'VE GOT TO GET OUT OF HERE!" she exclaimed. Villiers looked back, unconcerned. "We will be fine here, madame. Of this I am sure. Fort Simian, on the other hand, has received worst overnight, their election marked by a spectacular earthquake." The Tornado of Simian Hill, Year 5. The Earthquake of Fort Simian, Year 5. End of the Line, November 12, 9 AM. Clare Bevan sat at breakfast, pondering the maelstrom of events that had led her to this point in time. Her former treasurer, Chris Bowandarrow, arrived at her table, carefully placing a newspaper on the far side of the table. "No need to show me, I can already guess what they've said." she said, with a despondent look on her face. "Clare, maybe it's for the best. We can beat them next time." "There won't be a next time for me I'm afraid." "What do you mean?" "The first houses are going up in Wax Ridge in the new year. I'm going to move to Wax Ridge. I can live in a town run by Rick Green." Chris Bowandarrow sighed, as he slumped down into a chair and re-read the headline: RICK GREEN AND BLUE PARTY WIN LANDSLIDE ELECTION VICTORY What does this mean for the future of Fort Simian?
  9. The Saga of Wax Superior: Part 1, Episode 1

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  10. The Saga of Wax Superior - Prologue 4, "Beginning of the Beginning"

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  11. Saga of the Waxes

    Episode 7 is up! http://community.simtropolis.com/journal/4560/entry-22454-the-saga-of-wax-superior-part-1-episode-7/ One more episode to go in Part 1 of The Saga of Wax Superior!
  12. The Saga of Wax Superior: Part 1, Episode 7

    August, Year 5 "The top breaking news story this hour: a large number of government ministers and Blue party junior shadow ministers have resigned en masse, citing moral discomfort with last months ratification of the Rio Preto Gift Consolidation Act, which brought into being a million dollar gift and exclusive ownership rights of Fort Simian's coal operations and deposits. The opposition attack, which has been relentless since their defeat in last years election, has stepped up in anticipation of a large number of by-elections. Ongoing protests to the Rio Preto deal and recent polling suggest that the Blue party will be left with a massive majority following the by-elections, slated for November. Meanwhile, the ongoing standoff between the Rio Preto backed Simian Hill and Fort Simian over the results of the police commission into the murder of Aaron Pyne, and a large car pileup in Simian Hill in June, continues to create friction between the newly joined antagonists. The results of a police commission, issued by the Red party government into the murder of Aaron Pyne, identified Rio Preto fitter Enrico Gutierrez as the individual responsible and has issued a request to Simian Hill authorities for his capture. Simian Hill authorities, led by Clayton Brand, have refused to handover the individual until compelling evidence of his guilt is made available. Brand has additionally responded that the individual in question would not be forthcoming until Fort Simian handed over journalist Moe Rackswell, linked to a major car pileup in Simian Hill in June of this year, and accused the Fort Simian police of abject hypocrisy in failing to cooperate in what they describe as a 'petty crime'. The Blue party has also weighed in on the quagmire, accusing the Red party government of incompetence and pledging to make the establishment of cordial relations with Simian Hill their first act of government should they be successful in the upcoming by-elections. They have promised..." Moe turned the radio off as he heard footsteps above him. The trapdoor above him opened, and some newspapers were tossed in. "If you wanna know the news, read this. Stop making so much noise, I'm being watched all the time now." Enrico Gutierrez closed the trap door, placing the mat over it and walked outside of the makeshift hut he was now living in at the Wax Ridge dredge site. Officially, he was being held in Simian Hill until evidence could be provided of his guilt to the Aaron Pyne murder. Rio Preto, having bought the title for the two city lands between Simian Hill and Fort Simian, declared these inaccessible to Fort Simian police. Despite the dubious legality of the declaration, Fort Simian police had stayed away, partly due to the growing civil disorder brewing in Fort Simian. Enrico looked out at the small camp that was beginning to grow misty as the sun set. He walked back inside his hut, and lay down on the mat with a book. He knew that the other workers would be preparing their dinner now, which gave him thirty minutes. "So when are you going to tell me what happened to Gillian? Where is she?" he whispered into the mat. "Did you really do it?" Rackswell responded. "Of course not!" he muttered, "I mean, I was there that night, but Gillian and I were followin' the lizard!" "Is that why Clayton Brand had you two brought to the Trade HQ?" "I'm not saying another word until you tell me about Gillian." "Look, I told you, after the accident I followed her to the port. It looked like she was trying to get out, on a global market ship, but the port authority alerted Brand to her presence. The cops showed up, and she was taken away with Brand in tow. That's all I know." "What happened after? Why didn't you continue to follow her?" "Listen, people were going crazy. People were hurt in that accident, not killed, but they were angry. I was going back to my car to sort out insurance and everything, and then, well, it was like a mob. I was afraid, so I ran." "And how'd you get here then? How'd you know I'd recognise you?" "I didn't. I just kept moving, trying to get out of Simian Hill. I was lost for a few days. I tried making my way to Fort Simian but came across you first. If I hadn't, I'd probably be in a Simian Hill jail right now." "Well, you probably should be by the sounds of it." "So what happens now, you're going to turn me in? We made a deal..." "Look, I've got no reason to make myself known to anyone either. These camp guys are here to help with the dredging, and probably to keep me here. I don't want to face a Fort Simian judge, or rot in a Fort Simian jail. Gillian told me how nuts you guys are and I believe her." "Well, I'm a journalist. I am interested in the truth. Why were you out here in the first place? I know you weren't here because of the accusation, unless someone tipped Rio Preto off a month in advance?" "No. Look, alright. That day, we went up to a big meeting room with that Clay Brand guy. Real cold character, y'know? He sat us down, went through all the photographs I took of the lizard, asked us questions, a-" "What kind of questions?" "I don't know, I don't remember. Anyway, he didn't ask me much, it was mostly Gillian. Everything was focused on Gillian. Yeah, that's right, he seemed to think that she'd seen all this before, asking her things like that. Then he told us that Villiers had personally ordered us to be kept out of both Simian Hill AND Fort Simian, and that was that. We'd keep our jobs, but at much lower pay, and we'd be stuck out doing the dirty dredging work. Real mean bastard. Told us we'd have to be out of his sight by the time Simian Ridge construction started. Now it's Wax Ridge. I don't really understand." "But why?" "Honestly, I don't know. And I don't know when we can get out of here. I'm sorry for the conditions of this place, it must smell awful down there. We're going to start being noticed, you're going to have to sneak out of here, tomorrow morning, while the crew does their pre-start checks and toolbox meetings." "Great. Maybe I should make a run for one of those global market ships." "Yeah, maybe you should. Oh, one more thing I just remembered." "What's that?" "I did overhear Clay saying something about an Omega Company. Something like, Villiers mentioned it, or he didn't know what it was, or something. Honestly I can't remember exactly what he said, but it seemed important." "Great, another mystery." Batten down the hatches Hu Tse emerged from the Table Mount tunnel, contemplating his future. In the past two months, his colleagues at the Owner's Group had one-by-one succumbed to Bruce Morrison's buy up of local properties. Or rather, they had succumbed to the threats and intimidation, that had become increasingly visible over the past two months. "Explains why there was no property bubble" Tse thought to himself, as many of his counterparts had been driven out of town and on to their backs. A few remaining stalwarts of the Owner's Group remained. As Tse drived on, a look of horror gripped his face. The last remaining Owner's Group properties were burning, and threatening to take the rest of the holdouts with them. The scene Tse was faced with upon exiting the Table Mount tunnel. Tse pulled up at a nearby factory and approached their security box. "I need to use your phone! There's a fire!" The security guard responded with only a bemused look. "It's urgent!" "Yes, I know, the fire department have been called" the guard responded. "It's all over our radio chatter" he said as he waved around a radio voice piece. "Well?!?! The fire department is practically within walking distance! They could WALK to the fire!" "Yes, but they have to drive. And there is a traffic jam at the front of the fire station. And as you know with the road rules here, they can't make the left turn to the fire. They will have to drive up main street and do a U-turn and come back, and then do another U-turn to be in position. They will only have right of way if there is no traffic on the roads, and as I just said, the roads are crammed with traffic. I'm afraid it will be a while before they can get to the fire." Tse, frustrated, returned to his car and drove to the fire. Another fire response thwarted by traffic. 'This idiot doesn't know what he's doing' "No wonder you aren't getting the grade, look at these cleaner cells you're using! Absolute rubbish!" Cole Bambert fired a salvo of vicious criticism at Clayton Brand as a group of tradesmen, engineers, labourers and technicians looked on bewildered. Never had they seen such behaviour, at least publically, foisted upon Brand. "Bambert, put a sock in it. We're here to talk power: and mainly, why we are using these old boiler designs". "Listen, leave the big boy engineering to me, and you can do your paperwork in the tower. Geez, you don't know what you're doing, do ya?" Brand remained cool under the hostile environment, but in the corner of his eye could see an audience captivated by Bambert's bravado and earnestness. "Just order the advanced coal generators and boilers. I'll cover the capital expense, Wax Ridge construction starts in a month and no one is going to want to live next to this monstrosity. Do it." As Brand walked away, he could hear Bambert saying "you don't get it!", with a brief silence, followed by howls of laughter from the technical crew. Incensed, he ripped open the door of his car and then slammed it shut, jamming the locking mechanism. His anger boiled, as he reflected on a string of interactions with Bambert that had been equally frustrating and embarrassing. The Simian Hill coal fired power plant, with it's Metals Overlord in the background. Exit strategy Tse swerved out on to the main road in time to see the fire leap from building to building, gutting the last remaining Owner's Group members. He could see the other holdouts trying desperately to attack the fire with simple water hoses, and failing as the flames grew more intense with each minute. Then something caught Tse's eye: A black limousine, parked on the opposite side of the road, with a driver and a passenger who instantly eyeballed him. He knew who they were: Morrison's thugs. Then his mind ran amok, swimming in dizzying eddies of anxiety. He wondered about his wife, and child, then he feared for them. Instantly, he accelerated across the median strip, forsaking the bizarre road rules of the city, and made his way down the dirt roads of the Old Town to his house. As he raced, the limousine remained stationary. Tse rounded the corner, passing the Idle Tacqueria, and approached his house. As he drew closer, he was dumbfounded, observing a "For Sale" sign at the front of his house. The Tse residence, "For Sale", apparently. He pulled up in time to see Bruce Morrison standing at his front door with a folder. His wife and child were on the front lawn, cowing and crying. He opened the car door and burst forth to confront Morrison. Before Tse could open his mouth, Morrison raised his finger. "Now Hu, fair is fair. I happened to be in the neighbourhood and your wife told me she'd be willing to sell for as low as 10,000 simoleons! Since it's apparently her name on the deed, I guess I won't be needing a signature from you. Except on this form." Morrison presented a second piece of paper. It was the deed to Tse's hotel group on main street, the last remaining piece of property that was in tact and not sold to The Sizzle Group. Then Tse remembered something. "Wait a minute, Rio already made their deal here, so why are you still interested in our property?" "An interesting question. Well, most people were more than happy to oblige, and are now renting back the place they sold at exhorbitant prices. But you, you just wouldn't bend, would you?" "So you're doing this out of spite?" "Your Owner's Group would have been a nice jewel in the new Sizzle Property Group. But now it's too late. Now I just want you, and your family, out of this town." Morrison's face went empty and blank, as though he was a robot. Tse's heart wrenched back and forth, failing to comprehend how such a situation could arise. Suddenly, the fear he felt multiplied, as though he was being torn apart by nervous forces. The sudden realisation that the threats and intimidation were, in the end, aimed at evicting him not only from his home but from Fort Simian altogether stung hard. Tse grabbed his wife and child, some loose belongings, and fled Fort Simian. What the hell, man Two men passed each other in the darkness of the Fort Simian Small Pond Park. They stopped, looked around, and one began to speak. "What the hell was that today?" asked Mike Baseball. "Just tying up the loose ends of our campaign" responded Morrison. "Look, we'll be in government soon. I can't have any of this coming back to us. If you still want to be in the winner's circle, then I don't need to know about whatever it is you've been doing for the past two months with that Owner's Group. Neither does anyone else." "Understood. But tell me one thing." "Yes?" "Why did some of your junior minister quit?" "We got some of them to vote for the Rio deal and then expelled them afterwards. They'll be looked after. The Red party went into such a spectacular meltdown that we didn't think it would go through. Now we'll have the money to expand, as per the agreement, which, by the way, you have abrogated." "So Bevan and her crew are finished?" "Dead in the water." "What about the reporter? and the Gutierrez kid?" "We don't know if the accusations are true. The police won't release anything to us, only the government. But we will get their evidence soon. In the meantime, Rackswell is out of our hair. Probably for good. The government claims they know where he is. And when we are the government, we will hand him over". Baseball held the next days newspaper, with the headline "BLUE PARTY VOWS TO END INTER-CITY RIFT WITH ACCUSED SWAP DEAL". The secret meeting place.
  13. -City Specializations - Would be nice to see a Media specialization, gas (plus natural gas resources), pharmaceuticals, and possibly a food/beverages industry (not necessarily farms, but food processing). -Fix bugs in CoT - There is a lot of unusual behaviour in the towers and the movement of agents in and out of the towers, and within and between the towers is not particularly intuitive (Examples echoed by others on this forum include people wanting work when there are available jobs in the city and within the same tower, wanting shopping when there is a shopping mall within the same tower, not accessing education/safety etc. in adjacent towers via SkyBridge, etc.). The sewage sanitizer doesn't produce much water (the same quantity of sewage leads to far more groundwater and water capacity with traditional sewage treatment), Omega Co. pods and pipelines don't work as they should (e.g. if I make a joint pipeline from one factory to a resource, and just hook the second factory pipeline up to the main one, only the original factory receives the resource, ie. the second factory has to have it's own dedicated pipeline to the resource). -One way roads and roundabouts. -Sale of utilities and services to other cities to show up in the budget ledger as a positive cashflow (green) for those that are not traffic dependent (e.g. power, water, sewage, etc.).
  14. The Saga of Wax Superior: Part 1, Episode 6

    Thanks Huston! Glad to know you're enjoying the story :) 
  15. Saga of the Waxes

    Episode 6 is good to go! http://community.simtropolis.com/journal/4560/entry-22377-the-saga-of-wax-superior-part-1-episode-6/ Only two more episodes to go in Part 1! Part 2 will follow in December, rounding out The Saga of Wax Superior and paving the way for The Saga of New Wax. Benedict: Thanks! Cinderwax and the Old Wax region feature throughout the Wax sagas (Wax Superior, New Wax, etc.) so I will periodically provide some asides about them here, while the main story progresses in the 'City Journal' section of the website (some of the entries are going to get very long, lots of pics, etc. in Part 2, probably not suitable for the forum by themselves).