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  1. I've seen Cleveland from the roller coasters at Cedar Point, about 60 miles away. It has to be an ultra clear day.
  2. Simtropolis Surpasses 500,000 Members

    Awesome! (I'm still active too!) Congrats, ST!
  3. Show us your Airport - Part 2

    You guys' taxiways and terminals make me so jealous. I just tried building an airport today, and it looks awful. I don't know if I didn't download a pack with some good terminals, but mine just looks like it was randomly thrown together by a drunken engineer. I would post screenshots, but it's just embarrassing.
  4. Did anyone find this strange message in SC4?

    I doubt it's anything. Aren't all the spoken words in the game in Simspeak? It's most likely just gibberish.
  5. Insider's Look: GlassBox Game Engine (Part 1)

    Oh, man. I'm going to need a new computer. And I'll keep my old computer so I can keep playing SC4 in case this game gets too insane.
  6. Ending a Highway

    I think you might be able to drag one-way roads there also. But I may be thinking of highway to avenue to one-way roads.
  7. Can you imagine walking around in your created city?

    Sometimes I imagine doing this. Or taking transportation around the city. My region has become a fantasy life for me. It's a place I want to live because I'd lived in crappy places for the past five years. Not anymore, though. Edit: By "not anymore," I mean I live in a great place now. I'd still live in my SimCity!
  8. I wish I knew that option was available before. I looked it up, and it's in the My Sim menu. It figures it'd be in the menu I seldom open. Thanks.
  9. I really don't like it when I try to build something or put roads down to flatten land, and a UDI thing remains in the way of the cursor. I can't click where I want without going into the UDI window. Annoying.
  10. I take a semi-realistic U.S. approach. I build a university and set up a college or two nearby. Universities have colleges within them (college of science, college of education, college of nursing, etc.), so I just do it like that, plop a couple of libraries nearby and pretend it's a huge university.
  11. Can't find it?... Ask here!

    Here you go, the ones made by jeronji on SC4D. I know this is a couple of months old, but where can you get all the paths to make that zoo more realistic? I downloaded the zoo, but it's just various exhibits and entrances. Where can I find paths to connect all the exhibits?
  12. What to Name My Citys?

    I wonder if I'm the only person who makes a different mayor for each city.
  13. What to Name My Citys?

    I've started getting my city names (and mayor names) from episodes of "The Simpsons." Ogdenville, Capital City, Hank Scorpio, etc. Or just go to Google Maps and randomly zoom in on places. Open a phonebook. Go to a news website and write down names of cities there. That's what I do when I've run out of ideas.
  14. Sparking power pole

    Ah. I've got the waste-to-energy plant with funding to zero to get rid of garbage for free. You know, that way to beat the system. Will the pole continue sparking and smoking with no effect, or will it eventually get destroyed?
  15. A power pole that's used to carry electricity across a river is sparking and smoking. I noticed the smoke when viewing it from far away, and when I zoomed in, I saw sparks. My city has enough power to cover its consumption, and I haven't gotten any messages or notices about power. Why is this happening? Is it bad? Can I fix it?