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  1. Introduce Yourself Here!

    Um I've been a member for a while but didn't start posting until today... Well I'm 18, 19 next month, I live in Portland, going to Portland State. I live on campus with a view of part of the city. I love architecture (design and concept not tech stuff) and urban planning/development. It's my major! I've always been interested in urban life and loved visits to the city (I used to live near Seattle so I liked going into town). Now I live downtown so whoooosh what a rush. I have a wonderful boyfriend that lives back home in Seattle that visits every so often. On his last visit I got him hooked on the game. Finally! YEAH
  2. NDEX Gouldwood Bank by DT and EB

    Another fav. I love the tiered design. Looks very New York to me.
  3. NDEX Diamond Financial Center

    One of my favs. You have done incredible work. Simply wonderful.
  4. Two International Finance Centre V1

    My fav skyscraper of all time.
  5. El piruli

    Gracias gracias gracias! Muy muy hermosa!