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  1. Can two way single tracks be used to create an express track? I can see that being very useful.
  2. I downloaded a gazillion metro trains off the workshop and none of them align up reasonably on the tracks in both directions - do you recall any off the top of your head?
  3. don't see a need for a two way one track metro, just seems like nonsense. at that point it's not even a metro system at that point any chance the island platform can be wider? it looks so tiny... if there is a way to make the wheels centered on the tracks properly both ways that'd be nice as well
  4. The one thing I would like to see is a 4 lane one way road WITH parking on both sides. Any chance of that being developed?
  5. This is interesting - if you create a blank map with boreal theme it does not show the northern lights at night. WTF?
  6. Is there a way to disable the northern lights that show up at night? I'm using the tropical theme on my map so this looks really weird and I'd like to get rid of it.
  7. It looks like once the northern light probably is set to not zero it gets applied permanently on to the map. Take one of the built in boreal based maps and change the team - the northern lights still persist. I think it's a bug but have no clue where to start troubleshooting. It could also be related to the longitude/latitude setting but I think that's governed by the map theme.
  8. I was told that the vertical offset can be fixed by lowering the pivot point - is that true? Is that something that can be done in Sketchup or do I need to use 3ds max? In terms of the horizontal offset here are some examples of a dummy model I am running on MOM http://i.imgur.com/wmqSBnm.jpg http://i.imgur.com/lcdnAdW.jpg Any guidelines on fixing the wheels? I am using Sketchup for this model and I'm using scale 27. It's off by a little bit but if I adjust only one side it centers the entire asset so it gets thrown off even more. Should I make the wheels much bigger to compensate?
  9. Map theme editor allows you to adjust the probability of seeing northern lights at night. I set it to zero so hopefully it disappears now.
  10. How do you create articulated buses in this game? It looks like there was a mod but the author is AWOL and hasn't been working since 1.6.
  11. Do you have any sizing guidelines on the alignment of the wheels? It's so frustrating to have it be OK in one direction and not the other, or the wheels being slightly off on both tracks. I'll upload some pics later tonight so you can see it as well. Do you know of any MOM trains that have perfect wheel alignment with the tracks?
  12. Interesting that you mentioned New Caledonia, I applied that map theme and that's when I saw the northern lights kick in. Could it be related?
  13. Is there a MOM train that has perfectly aligned wheels with the tracks in both directions? I don't think there's any MOM train out there where the wheels perfectly are on top of the rails going in both directions. Can the tracks be fixed as well?
  14. I have two issues with building metro assets. First is that the asset seems to be going too further down into the ground, leading to the wheels going through the rails. http://i.imgur.com/GyGQOCC.jpg How can I make sure that the wheels are properly placed? Do I need to artificially raise the height of the train asset in Sketchup (that is what I'm using)? Any other suggestions? Also, does anyone know what "passenger light" settings are for in the vehicle editor? How do I set the correct positions when there's no indicators of where the light sources are at?
  15. Where do I set this in Sketchup? Or do I have to import into 3ds max and fudge it there?
  17. Bear with me as I have no idea what I'm doing. I created a model in Sketchup and now am trying to import it into 3ds max for textures. Encountering several issues Any idea why some of the faces are appearing as black? Is there something wrong with the way it was drawn in Sketchup? How do I fix it? http://i.imgur.com/RSY3iO0.png Also I don't know how to properly handle the UV mapping and textures. I followed some of the instructions I found and it broke down everything by every little polygon, is it possible to group some of the sides together to make it easier to apply the textures? http://i.imgur.com/OBh0Mrt.png How do I export the faces onto an image file so I can draw the textures with the exact dimensions in Photoshop?
  18. Is there a way to get the unwrapped UVs aligned along the same line so they line up? Is there also an easy way to get the UVs to be the same size?
  19. i don't know man, that seems highly unlikely.
  20. I'm trying to create a train asset but it needs to have an "A" car and a "B" car due to this train having different window sizes and textures (lead/trailing cars are different than the ones in the middle). Does this mean I have to create two separate FBX files for each car type or do I model them in the same file? And how do you put the different car types together - in the vehicle editor in Cities Skylines?
  21. I found the mod you referenced. It was created by the guy that disappeared and BloodyPenguin had to recompile all of his mods. I think there's a different version of it called Extended Asset Editor that might work - I'll check it out when I make more progress. UV unwrapping is killing me atm...
  22. Ok so I think I'm making some progress. I'm in the process of drawing the seams and using the planar projection to build the UVW map manually. Looks like you can overlap the projections over one an another so I can reuse textures with ease. The thing I'm concerned about are the trucks for the train. I made it fairly complex with a lot of odd shapes and I might get burned here. Hopefully that's not the case
  23. I fixed the black faces issue. Turns out Sketchup had the faces reversed for some reason and now the model is importing correctly into 3ds max. I still am very confused on the UV unwrapping. It continues to break down every single polygon into a unique object like this http://i.imgur.com/OBh0Mrt.png I don't know what's wrong with my model, I dumped other train assets on the Steam Workshop and the UV unwrap works perfectly, properly grouping together polygons that are supposed to have the same texture. What am I missing? How do I group the polygons together so the UV unwrap works flawlessly?
  24. Why not fork the entire project? It's messy with a 2nd mod being a patch
  25. If I use the train converter mod will this work as a MOM metro station