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  1. Disaster Mods

    Nice! I like those ideas!
  2. Asilk's Mod Manager (AMM)

    Are you going to make this mod Mac-compatible?
  3. Hey guys, I had a couple ideas for any possible modifications for disaster related mods. (Assuming that you can mod disasters) Car crashes - Random car accidents that cause traffic until fixed. Purge - 12 hours of complete anarchy. Government buildings are immune. Every man for himself. Tsunami/Flooding - The city is flooded and infrastructure is damaged. Red Cross Relief expansion could provide help if you have the pack. Lighting/storms - Lightning strikes buildings, setting them ablaze. Homeless Uprising - All the homeless in the city gather around to terrorize the metropolis. Clown Uprising - Same as homeless, just scarier. These are just possible ideas, but it would be cool if someone could implement this. -Rac
  4. $%&^!, mods on a mac?

    Rollback in my case means turning all my avenues into unusable tunnels -.- Here is a link to my post on this:
  5. Unfortunately, David, it probably will need modifications to the game engine as I don't really see how it is possible to recalibrate the traffic and roads that are already present in SimCity without actually changing the 'hardcoded' data.
  6. $%&^!, mods on a mac?

    Yeah, you can have mods on a Mac. I have a Mac as well (though I would like a Windows) and I play my SimCity with numerous mods such as Extended Worker Data and reskins as well. You can also play with offline mods although I tend not to since I play a lot of multiplayer with my friends and the offline mods will rollback your city. Hope that helped!
  7. Tunnel Avenue Fail

    Yeah, I do still have the world that has them, but I don't really play it anymore since the avenues were rendered useless. I also think that this might be intentional by EA to make sure offline mods don't interfere with multiplayer. (As it seems that my offline mods somehow kept rolling me back. As soon as I took the offline mods, everything was back to normal.)
  8. Hey guys, My friend just thought about another possible mod idea. We were thinking, "Why should emergency vehicles have to wait in traffic?" So this leads us into the new idea. A mod that would allow emergency services to bypass traffic. The only real problem I could see is that there is no middle or side lane that they could use. "Glitching" their way through traffic would look awkward in my opinion. If that problem could be fixed, this could be very possible. Now I don't have any coding experience nor do I have the tools to code/learn how to. Anyway, that's just my two cents. -Rac
  9. So just earlier, EA's servers went offline for a moment and afterwards there was a small rollback. Now this rollback at first didn't seems like it did much… except for the fact that my avenues turned into tunnels. Yeaaaaah…. So I tried to disregard this and I tried to make more avenues, but the problem is that either the avenue doesn't connect or it won't build. My friends and I found this hilarious the first couple minutes, but I really can't do anything now. My dilemma now is, should I keep these avenue tunnels or try to fix it. I kind of don't want to get rid of them because I think that this is very rare. So yeah. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ UPDATE: I tried making a new city similar to this one and got rollbacked again. Guess what happened next. MORE TUNNELS! xD I love EA. *ahem* -Rac
  10. Hello, I was wondering if anyone could develop a mod that implements a toll system into SimCity 2013, maybe something similar to that of SimCity 4's? This is just an idea for a mod that anyone could develop upon. I would make it myself, but frankly I don't know how to. Thanks.