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  1. I do not like to see them naked, XD. Sure they are not perfectly slim. I do not want to take the route of the anguish of counting tris. I'm only just moved to create the buildings for fun and watch them come to life. I'm a pro artist and prefer to stay away for any obligation in this game modding environment.
  2. Working in an orderly manner, grouping elements and avoiding its intersection can maintain a similar number or equal to blender polycount. In any case the Sketch Up environment is more elegant, fun, easy and for this type of work I favour comfort.
  3. Working on a old european prison, suited for urban environments. Based slightly on 'La modelo' from Barcelona. Started with 40k tris but reduced details and block buildings to the current 18k for a 10x8 building.
  4. Delicate work. Well done as always¡¡
  5. Boformer, thanks for that and everything you create. My own quickly approach. But....this must be done every game session? Cause every time I load a save the quay textures are the vanilla ones. It is possible to duplicate quays to have different texture versions? like one for sunken assets with concrete plates and other with dirty leaking concrete for quays. To share that textures, everyone need to make use of mod tools or It will be a way to bake the textures?
  6. The colour correction changes alone can make the game a lot more elegant. Im particularly against the vanilla low density lvl 5 buildings, horrid looking with orange dominance. (I'm Ngon from workshop)
  7. Hi, (Im NGON in paradox and steam). I vote for textures. Changing the colour palette of certain vanilla buildings can do wonders.