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  1. Bugger, I'm too late for the rollback to win7. Weird, because I installed less than a month ago. Probably something to do with having win10 on two drives. So, now my only hope, short of installing origin, is to pray for the return of secdrv.sys.
  2. I would contact customer service I got a free copy on Origin with no problems. I've heard many people state much the same, whilst I personally wouldn't buy an Origin version or install Origin for that matter, I know plenty of people don't care or have it, so if there is a chance of getting a replacement free, it has to be better than paying. I dont have origin installed, hadn't heard of it before. I'll ask for a free download. And in the meantime roll back to win7 on my secondary drive - don't throw away old shows too zoon. Thanks to all for your advice!
  3. rsc204 wrote: I just visited the Origin site, and they say the digital copies are only provided for games from 2009 or later. Too bad for SC4...
  4. Boules Courts -Updated-

    Great, I'll plop one on every town square!
  5. Stare Mesto - "Old City"

    Wow Daan, looks amazing! I was wondering how you got the houses to line up to diagonal streets, I thought this was impossible in SC4. And where dis you get those wonderful timber-frame houses in the first place? Keep up the good work