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  1. I have 16 gigs 1600 ddr3, and this still happens.
  2. Royal Farms

  3. Fatherted's Nonfunctional Parking lots

    What mean "non functional"?
  4. And why there are no ready regions? What is the problem with that? They are not so big filesize, but that would be much easyer to just copy past and go, just god WHY so much struggle.
  5. It is impossible to make them work on my machine. No patches/fixes/methods help. I even installed win xp on vm, still - doesnt even bother to launch. And all maps are provided in sc4m. I am just unable to make any region, and i'm apathic. Im just tired of beating my head into wall of bad coding and incompatibility. Please, tell me there is a normal way to import map into sc4, without using these to pieces of programming? Any alternative programm, that actually works? Thanks.

  7. El NukePlant Props 2