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  1. The Signature Above Me

    lovin the link bar 9/10
  2. The Signature Above Me

    I'll give you a 6 out of 10, because as I was reading your avatar, I got distracted by the cat - and then couldn't be arse to read it all again!
  3. The Simtropolis Closet

    Well hey there all, I've just come across this thread and what a mighty interesting read through it has been. It's nice to know that there is such an active gay community within Simtropolis and I was wanting to know 'Can I join?'. Yes inbetween work, and everything else I do to while away the days, I sometimes find the time to be gay. I've been a bit dismayed by some of the things people have posted in this topic (I can only wonder what Ash has edited out! ) But it is nice to see how sensible and mature the majority of people have been while dealing with this subject. We are all aware how much prejudice, bigotry and malice that is still out there in the big wide world, and that many people have to tolerate it in every way, shape and form. Whether it is constant bullying from others at school, work or out in the general public - people who don't understand, fear - it is in human nature to do so. However unfortunate that is, we must still pericevere, many societies have now developed such an undertsanding and respect, even much so that 10 years ago, there was a massive difference in the attitudes shown toward gay people compared to today. I come from (as many other Britons and those who know the economic systemics of Great Britain) a small, hardened, ex-mining community in Yorkshire, where the greatest passion is rugby. I felt so alone when I was going through school, and it took me a long time to realise who I was, and even when I knew - I was still so scared of people knowing. Other people who came out at school were constantly mocked, and I stood sheepishly in the background and watched as it happened, not wanting to be like them. I was about 17 or 18 when I first started telling people, and everyone was so good about it. I have had no negative come back from it and it feels so good to be liberated in the way that I am - I'm out and I'm proud. Even people who I thought I would never tell, because of their views on homosexuality have been so supportive, I feel I have been one of the lucky ones. And you know what? It's not because of my sexuality - it's because I am <<name deleted>> - I am me, and thats who people want to know. Being gay is just something that comes with being me. And for all those people who think they can spot a gay person a mile off, who think that they're that good. Tell you something, I'm a tough cookie to spot. Hell, I'm a technician by day - a part time copper by night, and when I get time I'm in the Royal Air Force Reserve. Not very gay careers now are they. I go out and drink pints, I'm one of the lads - but I'm pround to be who I am. Wow, I've waffled on a bit there, but I just wanted to say my piece.
  4. Desktop.. Everyone has one of these!

    Because I recently had hard drive problems, I've had to start again.... Yay Family Guy!
  5. PEG Memorial Park Kit

    Excellent! Thanking you very much!
  6. PEG Memorial Park Kit

    Lishwitch, I too am currently having that problem. If you find it before I do, post the link up on here! Other than that, outstanding work yet again - nice to see a little "old skool" Pegasus work on the STEX, having missed it for so long.
  7. NDEX Cathedral of Saint Paul by Frogface

    Absolutely stunning - you should have left the upper "dirty" layer on from the London Smog of the 50s. The lawer floor has been cleaned up recently and it look rather odd in two-tone
  8. City of EDMONTON

    What an absolutely fantastic city! No wonder it won a Trixie. I've just sat and read through the whole thing and I am mightily impressed with what I have seen. I'll be sticking around a while with this one.
  9. SOMY Fishing Harbor 2

    Awesome, just what I need for developing my new bayside region!
  10. Digby - East Coast Region

    Yet again another outstanding update Paul! I'm glad to see that you've started using some mods in Digby, some mods aren't that bad a thing and in fact do some wonderful things for the game. Happy modding and I'll look forward to seeing another Digby update!
  11. alphabet in flowers

    The 'z' is the wrong way around
  12. Urban Housing Mod

    Brilliant mod, just what I've been wanting for that surburbia feel. Fantastic looking and wonderfully made.
  13. The Avatar Above Me

  14. Digby - East Coast Region

    Another fantastic update there. This CJ really just does keep going by leaps and bounds, what imagination and inspiration you have been to me in my city planning!