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  1. Hello everyone i have a problem Well I had installed in my game 48 mod that used to unite together without problems, and had over 400 assets everything was going well but install some assets and some mod Mod 1, Traffic ++ V2 2, New Roads For Network Extension 2 3, Fine Road Anarchy assets I do not think they give problems but it is eliminated. Also the mod but I have the same error since I install those mod e deleted all my mod and assts and delete all files and subscriptions to start again and I still have error. "A Mod caused an error [ModException] Details: System.Reflection.ReflectionTypeLoadException: The classes in the module can not be loaded. at (managed-to-native wrapper) System.Reflection.Assembly: GetTypes (bool) at System.Reflection.Assembly.GetExportedTypes () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>: 0 at ColossalFramework.Plugins.PluginManager + PluginInfo.GetInstances [IUserMod] () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>: 0 at OptionsMainPanel.AddUserMods () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>: 0 "" I do not know how to recover all my mod and assets but I wonder if they can help me with a mod list that is good? because I tried to aser my list and I always have this error erased all games subscriptions maps and started again and I still can not.
  2. Mod list problem

    I am making a list and delete all the other one for the same error
  3. Mod list problem

    I'm going to make a video of my problem
  4. Hello friends I have a problem and I know that here I will find the solution. I have created a subway station, everything is fine with the station I have problem with the LOD. In editor everything looks good, when I move the camera the LOD works looks and with the texture and everything, but to save the file and I see it in the game the LOD RUN BUT do not see the texture is seen in White. Mod LOD only has 500 Tris
  5. Problem with LOD

    Hello and thanks for the guide, if I have the name of the LOD wrong in the sense that I did not follow with a continuous route, by the way I do not work with "LOD" has to be "lod". In the subject of the model LOD I repair everything based on your advice and that of a friend, this is the result 94 tris. And in the program I am using vray for the uv manual difficult but there are we live https://skfb.ly/6sQ9D
  6. Problem with LOD

    So I need to "re" lod not LOD ?
  7. Problem with LOD

    I have to on the staying a little bit more about this because the mod lod did I make is only texture, how I can't reduce de tris. I am my work when I go out I can look and send it
  8. Hello friends I am creating a train station, but I have a problem. The train station is not functional. I'm replacing esista station I can not make it work, How can I make it work and what modito do I need. I also want to change the default entries that the original mod brings. How can I replace this? With this
  9. Hi, Thanks that was what I needed, pornto publish the mod, thanks again, I knew I could count on simtropolis.
  10. Apple trees Farm v1 4x4

    Version 1.0.0


    This is an active park farmland That Can be Placed anywhere. Now you can add a bit more variety to Their areas of crop farms. These work well Solidyne With mod. These cost nothing and give nothing. They are for decoration only. Original Mod: Soldyne
  11. Hi buddies, I created my first mod using SketchUp. Everything is fine till I put in the game, I had an error LOD_FBX is broken. everything in the game seems fine but ward off the camera, the mod will disappear. I forgot to color variation is not disabled.
  12. Yes, I did not like much, I'm looking for another way. maybe single color
  13. Farm Barn

    Version 1.0.0


    This model will appear in the part of farm work A barn is an agricultural building usually located on farms and used for various purposes. In the North American area, a barn refers to structures that house livestock, including cattle and horses, as well as equipment and fodder, and often grain. As a result, the term barn is often qualified e.g. tobacco barn, dairy barn, sheep barn, potato barn. In the British Isles, the term barn is restricted mainly to storage structures for unthreshed cereals and fodder, the terms byre or shippon being applied to cow shelters, whereas horses are kept in buildings known as stables. On the Continent, however, barns were often part of integrated structures known as byre-dwellings (or housebarns in US literature). In addition, barns may be used for equipment storage, as a covered workplace, and for activities such as threshing. https://sketchfab.com/models/88ae77044bf94368b04e13c60e3783db
  14. Hello, I want to say thanks for your help. I could do, my goal thanks to you. I have to work a little more on the colors for a better view in the future but I feel satisfied, to be my first mod. Remove the resolution mentioned by a smaller, lod and texture of a 128 x128 also remove the lighting and alpha texture. this was the result
  15. The problem I have with blender is I do not import files .fbx Thanks for the suggestion. That's what it's about learning. I will exchange for that recommendation. Asked if I change my texture to 1024 x 1024, lod.fbx texture, can be: 512 x 512 or 1024 x 512. The size of the model. It may be the same or a little smaller? To create the LOD.FBX. the size of the model is: 20.35m long x 28.47m high.
  16. I think the problem I'm having, I'm creating a LOD.fbx with the same size of the original model with the same texture but lowering of 2048x2048 to 128x128. ok, my first texture is created by 2048x2048 in photoshop is the one that applied to the original model using Sketshup, then change to 128x128. and I apply the same model, but the model does not change size. I think that's the problem with the texture and the other is the size of the mod that use the same in the LOD
  17. Thanks for the information I was carefully reading. finally this is my files or texture
  18. Broken assets: House Farm 4x4 v1.House Farm 4x4 v1_Data: LOD xys null House_Farm 4x4 v1.House_Farm 4x4 v1_Data: LOD xys null [BrokenAssetException] Details: No details
  19. I'm actually creating it, but do not really understand how it works LOD, In the game editor tool everything seems to work well